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Quest to find a hopeless reserve course

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Komaeda Nagito was a fool stupid insignificant fool who can’t do anything right or at least that's how he felt. Despite changing his appearance he didn’t change his scent he wanted to hide from the Ultimates and he failed at that for whatever reason his class decided to track him down he would have been easily found by Tanaka or Owari could definitely pull it off and even if they weren’t there to worry about Miss Yikisome probably has some way to use it. The only reason he doesn't panic further is the fact that this was his Luck helping him.

The person who found him was Kimura someone who has very few friends and one of the students he has a positive relationship with so he might be able to talk her into not telling he had promised to tell her everything at a planned meeting for later which he was currently getting ready for it will be his first time being himself in a few weeks so it was strange but he had something else to consider. Was being found Good Luck because he can fix a flaw or was it Bad Luck because he was found he really needs to know this for his previous actions.

This really determined what actions he needed to take next. If it was Good he could be in trouble as there was no Bad before so it could be an effect of his attempts to suppress his Luck though he has tried before he has never succeeded like this there could be side effects he dosn;t know of. Then on the other end, it was Hopefully Bad Luck and convincing her will be good luck to maintain things that would be for the best. No matter what he knew one thing good Luck or bad after this meeting he was going to buy as much perfume as possible and bathe in it smell will never be used against him again.

He exited the room into the hall of the apartment his alternate self lived in served as a good base. Kimura had picked the restaurant, apparently, it was her old friend's favorite hang out. With that in mind, he was almost excited to see where the Ultimate Pharmacist, Blacksmith, and Confectinist would hang out. With that in mind, he left the building and began to make his way to their meeting place slightly more excited than and Hopeful with his mission at so much risk.


When Nagito arrived she was already there. This restaurant was one of the few that she could eat at that she liked so it was an obvious place to meet up. In fact, when it comes to getting here friends this was actually priceless information. Taking a seat across from her. She had a look of skepticism on her face or at least her eyes looked that way she was still wearing her mask. “So why were you a Reserve Course?” It was a fair question but how she spoke inspired a gut fear in him just like any Ultimate she can inspire terror in those they see as a threat to their Hope. In such a position he couldn’t lie he was too dumb to lie to an Ultimate so he had to Hope she was inspired by the Hope he wanted to create to stay silent.

“I'm trying to track down a specific reserve course.” He admitted earning an even more skeptical look, probably questioning his intentions which were fair. He was a disgrace worth suspecting especially after the trouble his work for Hope has caused her in the past. “Okay, why?” Kimura was slightly more open which was good. It created Hope he could succeed and that Hope empowered Nagito he could feel his confidence grow emboldened in his words. “He’s a friend of one of my classmates. He's gone missing and she’s sad he’s gone.” He said with the casualty helping a classmate find a missing friend deserved.

Kimura is silent as a waitress brings them their drinks; she begins to stir the straw deep in thought having removed her mask. She was most likely examining his truth and making sure it’s not a lie. Eventually, she spoke. “But I thought you hated Reserve Course. Why look for one?” It was a good question, one that he had asked himself before but there was an answer. “I trust her enough if she wants him as a friend. What right does garbage like me have to tell her no? The only thing I can do is help her not Despair so I will find him so she can be happy.” She silently took in what he said not to say he wasn't done, he still had a greater motive. “I also have another reason, I believe that if the two are back together then it will create a Great Hope that can block out any Despair.”

The final part sent her deeper into her silence in fact at this point she started to look uncountable. Of course, he would say something to make her uncomfortable only trash like him could manage to ruin it at the last minute. After a long awkward silence that lasted way too long for comfort, she spoke. “I get it.” She said quietly, still sounding in deep thought. “You really want to find him don’t you?” She asked, leaving her deep thoughts. His question was a syringe one to ask but held a simple answer, the only answer. “More than anything.” He said with complete… sincerity.

“Okay if that's the case then mind telling me what you have been up to?” With Luck, at that moment their food arrived and Nagito jumped right in with stories of searching, cleaning, and studying that had been the past few weeks of his life. About the reserved course who had become friends with his persona. Despite it being far below her Kimura seemed legitimately invested in his quest which made him feel weightless for some reason from reading he could tell it was a form of joy but not one like the warmth of Hope he couldn't quite tell and at the moment it didn’t matter all that really did matter was that an Ultimate was happy with his quest after all if it made Kimura have that engaged spark in her eye then how would his classmates feel when he completes it.


Seiko had a lot to take in. She had to admit that she was never very experienced in friendship that wasn’t following orders so this was kinda new. Komaeda was looking for a missing Reserve Course to make a friend happy even if he doesn't like Reserve Course. Why would he do this? She could think of a reason why he could and the thought of it made her blood boil. To put this much effort into something he doesn't want to do but doing it anyway because a friend asked sounds a lot like being used and as someone who knew something about the subject she could say not her friend. Granted her anger was halted by a thick wall of the reason her Talent has provided her with. Seiko needed to ask first just to be sure.

Komaeda's face held a blank smile as she asked before responding. “No, she doesn't even know I'm doing it, it’s going to be a surprise.” He said, extending his index finger. This served to calm her down. He’s doing this just to make her happy, nothing else is what friendship is about. If that's the case her friendship with Ando was doomed from the start after all she can’t do the one thing to make her happy and instead tried to make up for it. She willingly became a tool that was her mistake there has to be limitations. Seiko had already known this but seeing it in action was great. Not to mention the effort he’s putting in to help her was impressive. He really thought this out. In fact, there was only one thing she could think to do. “Hey, Komaeda if you ever need help… in finding him and you need something I can do I would be glad to help.” Especially if it would make Komaeda happy.

Komaeda opened his mouth to respond; he was interrupted by a familiar voice. “Hey traitor, whatcha doing here?” Seiko couldn’t help but freeze up and in a quick panic threw her mask back on as she turned to meet her approaching classmates who had already gotten Komaeda's attention. Ruruka Ando and her boyfriend Izayoi Sonosuke. Deciding she had to respond she tried to force out an answer. “This is one of the only places I can safely eat that isn’t too expensive.” Despite hoping to have said it more matter of factly it came off as more of a choke. Ando responded with confidence “Oh yeah and taking The Ultimate Failed Terrorist out on a date? Let me guess if he wants chemical weapons next time?” Seiko didn’t respond. She was frozen, years of bending to her will made standing up rather difficult.

“You know you shouldn’t be so hard on Kimura,” Komaeda spoke as calmly as ever, in fact he actually looked even more calm than usual. This earned the attention of her former friends. Noticing the gained attention and it seeming to be what he desires from his statement he continues. “She is no traitor you were all pawns in my scheme to cancel the exams granted, not by design you just caught up in my Luck.” He explained calmly. Ando got a look in her eye, something The Ultimate pharmacist had seen before. If there was one thing that Ando was good at it was probably making sweets but if there was a second it was making you feel like crap.

“Oh yeah, like I'm gonna believe a useless talent like luck was behind this. I get you wanna defend you guys on a date and you wanna try and look good but with the perfect boyfriend around there's not much you can do.” Seiko tried to correct her and explain that Komaeda and her were just friends, but at this point, the awkward level had long passed too much to speak. Lucky for her Komaeda seemed ready to speak. “You're mistaken trash like me nowhere near worthy to date a Hope like her.” He said putting his arms up defensively. Seiko felt bad on this one. He was just sitting there degrading himself in front of her and she isn’t doing anything about it. What kind of friend is she? While frustration boiled in Seikos's chest Ando gave a blank stare of disinterest. “Don’t be so down on yourself Traitor and Trash I think you belong together.” She said with a sweet smile and a tone that came off as encouraging for what she was saying.

Komaeda’s smile stayed normal and bright but the look in his eyes darkened. It was actually kind of intimidating. “Oh please don’t even put Hope like her in the same category as someone like me. Kimura’s Hope shines brighter than even you.” He said Kimura couldn't help but notice Izayoi flinching a little, normally a precursor to an attack. Ando went silent before she reached into her bag. “I’ll show you a bright hope.” She mumbled before pulling out a candy. “Here, try this.” Finally, she could feel that she could speak and just in time. “Wait Ando carries passion candy on her!” Unfortunately, as she said this Komaeda had already put it into his mouth and began to chew.

Time slowed down as she could hear a crash behind her like glass shattering the glass bottle and proceeded to hit Komaeda in the back of the head. Seiko could only watch mortified as the half-chewed-up candy flew out of his mouth onto Ando’s face. As it made contact she was still for a second before she started to spasm. While she could deduce that the poison was potent enough to activate by touch but had somehow not made contact with Komaeda but that was not the end as Izayoi reacted next. Throwing a kunai towards him. At this point, Seiko had pulled out her experimental steroid and was fiddling with the lid. Lucky for them Komaeda’s chair broke right before the kunai hit, allowing him to dodge it. Then the end of the onslaught of lucky events ended with a chandelier landing on Izayoi. Seiko could only stare at the scene before her, that is until Komaeda himself. “Kimura, I think we should leave.” With a silent nod, they left the building.


Chisa arrived at the building quickly and she knew it was already. The Hopes Peak Steering Committee met rather commonly; it was their job to help run the Talent development of the school and for that reason held much influence in fact other than the Headmaster they were the most powerful force in the school. That being said Chisa never thought they could take responsibility from the Headmaster if this is the precedent it suggests that the Committee has more power than they had previously thought and at the current moment they were the ones who left one of her students for dead so they were firmly on her bad side.

Much to her surprise getting into the meeting was easy and turns out the Committee was surprisingly lax on if you are requesting a conference. Entering the room she was met with a beautiful marble room with pillars that rose high to the ceiling. It looked like a place gods would sit. Making her way to the center of the room she was met with the four who were sitting in seats in the towers over her. It honestly comes off as very egotistical not that she would ever admit it to their faces of course. The Steering Committee consisted of four members Toshi Senso, Sugoi Gyakusatsu, Kusatta Shido, and Menba Kako. Despite them being different men the complete staff meeting told her they had a tendency to speak as one voice most of the time through Toshi as he was the oldest of the group and thus was generally considered the leader.

As expected after some whispering the leader of the Committee spoke. “Instructor, why exactly have you requested we meet with you today?” His voice was monotone and cold but held inpatients to it that was confusing seeing how they exempted her from meeting with them today she didn’t even have to force her way in. (Which she was going to do if they didn’t let her in.) Not forgetting why she was here she spoke. “I have been informed that the Steering Committee is in charge of Komaeda Nagito's health. Is this correct?” Even if Chisa is angry she kept control of her voice in political negation mode you need to stay calm and get all of the facts you can or at least that's what Kyoske says. If she played her cards right she might be able to convince them to get him the help he needs to the extent he needs it.

After whispering amongst themselves Toshi spoke. “That is indeed correct.” Conformed was all she could think before she construed. “Then you know of his conditions?” This seems to have caught them off guard seeing as they twitched under the question. “We are aware of his condition as well as the specifics of his situation is why the steering committee decided to take direct control of his health.”

“Then you can help him?” They silenced her question before without whispering Toshi spoke. “There is little to no need to help him.” Chisa felt small but if anger rose but she quickly put it down there was no need to get mad. Though it did raise a question that needed to be answered. “What do you mean by there is little need?” This seemed to put the Committee back into their whispering council discussion. This one was longer than usual which normally only lasted about thirty seconds. This conversation lasted over a minute before he finally spoke.

“The Steering Committee fully believes in the Ultimate Lucky Students' ability to overcome his condition.” He said with the other three members nodding in agreement. Chisa was silent; she actually didn’t know what to say to them after fighting her anger from rising a second time. “Are you saying you want him to survive his terminal illness through luck?” Admittedly It sounded even stupider when she asked out loud but that spoke more about them than her.

Her tone seemed to have come off as harsher than she was wanting to show as for the first time she had ever seen the heads of Talent development one of them spoke independently of the committee. Menba Kako was the second youngest of the Committee and was the tallest; his voice was gruff, deep, and dark. “If he can’t survive this then he doesn't deserve his trash Talent.” He was very clearly irritated by her questioning, not that she intended to stop. In fact, this just pushed her harder. They are literally sitting around while it gets worse. What's the point of that? If anything, him going to an academy that has the world up and coming medical practice and connections to past ones was good luck.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Toshi. “I can understand your worry but we have complete confidence in your students Talent to overcome this. If his past says anything he still has many years to live.” There could have been more after that but sounded done and she was too busy storming out. It was clear that there was no getting help there which she kinda expected but it was still sad to see it as the result. At the moment it stopped mattering she will just have to find Komaeda on her own lucky for her the school has his information and her best friends are a boxer and have a law degree restrictively.