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Quest to find a hopeless reserve course

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Chisa had thought about it and she almost didn't but she just can't ignore the chance. Komaeda’s luck could be ridiculous in both directions so if he really did get ridiculously unlucky then doing this, she may not be able to save him but it could help him and that alone made it worth it. There is the possibility they know and don’t care and if that is the reality going through with this is still something she would like to do mainly to know why? Hope’s Peak is a school that cultivates Talent so why would they let one of them die? It didn't make sense even if they were rotten, why ignore talent.

These thoughts and many more were rushing through Chisa’s head as she wandered in the campus in the twilight of the late day slowly approaching the office of Kirigiri Jin the HeadMaster of Hope’s Peak Academy and the man she was trying to usurp. So in all, she must have a high opinion of the man. Sarcasm aside, this meeting was business. She might have come here to help Munakata eventually lead this school. That doesn't change the fact that she had grown to care for her students, even her most troubled student just thinking that hurts under the new context. She needs to know whether the school knew she just needed to and this meeting will tell her after all he leads this school he should know everything.

Arriving at the elevator to his office only a few minutes before she enters the scheduled meeting. Entering she thought about how to begin her conversation. Should she be direct or just lead into it or should she be coy, make small talk or perhaps she should just explode and let her frustration out. She knew that idea was bad, but she needed to let the thought pass lest it builds up into something worse later. Upon reaching the top and entering the hallway straight to his office she had made her choice and with a mask of complete confidence. She held her papers tight upon knowing his condition, getting copies of his papers proved surprisingly easy with a few favors just another reason they should have been able to know. Once she reached the door she took a deep breath and went in.

The office was no new sight she had been here when she got her job and right before she met her class and again when she had to try and defend Komaeda’s actions which might not have been completely his fault if the school really left a rich orphan who has a brain disorder that causes a loss of empathy and a radical twisted ideology to his own devices might serve as a kind of neglect. Either way, to be back in this room was definitely a mix of emotions mainly negative with the context of the upcoming conversation in her head.

“Miss Yukizome, might I ask why you called for this meeting? I don't mind meeting with my teachers but I am a busy man.” The Headmaster spoke with a humorous tone but not enough to mistake that he was serious. Chisa hadn’t even noticed that she was in sight for as long as she was and quickly decided to speak. “Oh yes, well Headmaster I have a question I need to ask you?” His eyes flashed with curiosity that something she had learned was natural to him from her own time in the academy from what she had heard. It's a family thing but it served as a go-ahead to continue. She quickly placed the papers in front of him. “Did you know about this?” Chisa was good at hiding her emotions. It was actually a part of her Talent to be able to not show distaste when working for a boss you don’t like but she couldn't help but show some aggression in her words just to show how messed up the situation is if she couldn’t hide her anger.

Headmaster Kirigiri looked over the papers when shock flashed into his eyes he quickly looked up to her then back to the papers. After going through them he finally spoke. “So you found out about that?” It wasn’t much but for Chisa those five words spoke essays about crimes and neglect but most of all in an admission of guilt. She could feel anger bubbling up in her chest. How rotten could this school be, leaving one of its own students to die isn't even trying to help him? It was frustrating and terrible. “So you knew. You Knew And Did Nothing!” she raised her voice as she could feel the pit in her chest start to grow again. The school expected her to teach a dying student without even telling her he was dying what was wrong with this school.

The headmaster's eyes were serious now any kind of lightheartedness was gone now replaced with a serious analytical stare. “I can understand why you are angry but you must understand that I have done all I can for him but I can’t help him.” His excuses only served to anger her further. “What do you mean you've done all you can? One of my students is dying, he has been since I met him, you knew and didn’t tell me what you think I wasn’t gonna find out? What was gonna happen after he died? You don’t think one of my students just dropping dead suddenly wouldn’t cause any suspicion?” The entire situation was stupid why wouldn’t they help him this school has the best technology all over including medical and he has the Ultimate Nurse as a classmate. Heck, this seems like the perfect opportunity to have ultimates take a crack at curing cancer. While Komaeda has some blame he also has a brain disorder.

“It’s not in my power!” He said with a clear frustration just loud enough to overpower her and with an authority that made her go silent but not enough to be considered yelling. This caught her off guard. What does that even mean? The Headmaster doesn't have control of the situation. “Okay, you're listening, good.” His tone was still strict sounding but not as loud. “ Normally students' health and safety are in my hands but The Hope’s Peak Steering Committee has voted to take personal control of Komaeda’s health and safety. I have been barred from even talking about his health. In fact, going this far could lose me my job, and if that were to occur the Committee would just expel him and remove the Ultimate Lucky Student Position as a whole.” He spoke cold, clear, and precise almost like- no not close enough to think.

Chisa was silent, brooding in a combination of things it was hard to make her feel bitter at least she likes to think it was but it was also clear that threatening her students made her that way. “So the Steering Committee are the ones who can get him help?” Before he could answer she was leaving the room. The Headmaster was yelling something but at the moment she couldn’t tell or care that every part of her mind was on the Steering Committee how to get into their meeting, what to say, how to say it without losing her job. All are needed for what comes next after all the steering committee met every day around this time.


Seiko was in her lab she had multiple projects she was working on, her steroids the data she had gotten on the new stimulant that she created she was curious about that one, there was her olfaction brain divider it was just confirmed as a success so it was of use, The social drug was also almost ready then there was always her cellular accelerator while still in beta phases once again it will change medical science forever the drug can increase the rate of cell reproduction making the healing of wounds hyper-accelerated allowing even the worst wounds to scab in seconds. All were worthy uses of her time but none seemed to interest her at the moment there was something on her mind; it was a primal feeling something all of her kind must deal with. Kimura Seiko was feeling lonely.

Not to say the feeling was new; she had felt it before it was more than just the normal loneliness someone who had always heavily lacked in the friendship department was used to. It was a hole something was missing, granted she also knew what it was her only friend Komaeda Nagito used to visit her almost every day. Sometimes he would make small talk he loved to hear about her projects or to try to inspire her to come out of her shell. He was here all the time. That being said he left during winter break and had yet to return. He hadn't even answered his phone which had started to worry her. He had a tendency to plan and plot and with all this time she got the feeling he was planning something big.

No matter what he was doing it didn’t matter as it was already sinking into her mind and with each day it sunk deeper the possibilities and the chances if he was planning something what if he got himself expelled then he would never visit her again. The idea then scared her she was so happy to have gotten any kind of friend even if said friend's stupid plotting is what cost her their friendship. Just the thought of Ando made her mad at the moment how dare she blame her for that incident even if it was Komaeda's luck and really no one fault the fact that her own best friend passed the blame onto her was infuriating.

The thought of her former best friend had steeled her and she would find her Lucky friend. At least if her theory was correct, and he was on campus plotting something. Seiko quickly grabbed her olfaction brain divider and took the pill. In a second she could smell it like she had some kind of sixth sense even if it only was an enhanced smell, her brain dividing the sense, one memorizing it and the other tracking it. It was good she had tested it around him before he was already memorized and ready to be tracked and what she can tell he’s close, probably on campus.


Leaving her lab tracking him was as simple as following him really no problem for her she quickly leaves her lab going onto the main campus as his smell gets stronger signifying that he is closer to a disconcerting amount of ruble started to appear which was worrying as she knew her friend was quite the connoisseur of explosives she once got him into a rant about explosives and he went for an hour. Safe t say he likes his bombs and as the rubble-built up it looked more and more like an explosion. Seiko started to find herself shaking as the rubble-built up higher. ‘What could have caused it?’ As she made her way into the center of the rubble, the smell hit its most intense and focused on an individual. A reserve course student in the center carrying a cart with a massive almost comedic amount of rubble on it. The sight was so strange she almost failed to notice the familiar scent emanating off him. In fact, by the time she finally managed to get any word out of her mouth he had already lived with her and was staring looking slightly panicked. “Komaeda?”