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Quest to find a hopeless reserve course

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It was a beautiful sunny day in class 77B class had just let out and all fifteen of them were gathered in their warm classroom to discuss plans amongst them after all they were all friends. “So what should we do today?” Saionji asked enthusiastically about the possibilities. After her question, a few answers flew out. Kuzuryu suggested they go out to a shop to hang out, Nidai suggested they go to a gym and work out together, Hanamura suggested they should just hang out at school and let him cook. But it was Mioda’s suggestion to go to the beach that won out.

“One with an arcade?” Nanami asked to earn a chuckle from their entire class as that could be done, heck they could rent an entire arcade out heck the entire beach if needed. “Why not have me get some cooking material for us so I could buy some nice things,” Hanamura suggested. Tanaka spoke up next with his own suggestion. “With a boat, we could attract creatures of the deep to feast upon!” this was met by Soda who with a chuckle exclaimed. “Why settle with a boat? We could buy a yacht. I always wanted to modify one.” Soda earning agreement from the entire class. As they got ready to leave, Nanami asked one last question. “Can I bring Hinata? He would love to come.” Of course, her comment was met with collective agreement by the class as they loved the Hopeless Reserve Courses presence.

As they left there fourteen seats were left empty with joining the only empty seat in the room the cold boring despairing seat honestly none of them liked to be near it something seems off about it like the phantom of something that once was something wrong something Despairing it was best to ignore it thinking about it was a waste of time it just made them feel off perhaps it was guilt or pity, either way, the seat was best ignored just like the one who once sat in the seat the Useless, pathetic unwanted piece of trash that once sat there the one they had all forgotten about was gone now to all even the one who once sat there it was a good thing.


‘What a dream’ was all Nagito could think, eyes shot open. He could feel his body shaking from excitement at the beautiful events that had just transpired. The Hope of what could be what will be was just too much to miss that being said despite the warm beauty and his multiple heavy blankets he was cold. Taking this as a sign he got up to continue to work to the bright future he had envisioned. In all honesty, Nagito being cold was no surprise that he was cold. The Reserve course was a cold place. The walls were thin and there was no central heating or cooling. Simply put the place was very cheaply made and it being winter the cold only made sense.

Quickly getting out of his bed he made his way to the mirror he had set up to ensure his disguise was still together. He just needed hazel eye contacts and glasses and he would be ready. Once that was done he checked the time it was about 3:30am. “A decent time to set up another.” He thought as he went to a storage box and retrieved a camera. The reserved course had no security whether it be guards, cameras, or locks. With that Nagiot had found a simple way to find his target simply taking up time to set up a camera in the halls and watching recordings of the major parts of hallway traffic in the main school and the dorms each day with his luck Hinata would eventually be revealed. The plan was almost perfect or at least better than anyone else in the building could come up with. There was only one flaw.

Deciding to get some coffee, Nagito slipped the camera into a backpack he used to carry his books and made his way out of his room and down the hall. Quickly arriving at the study office at the location of the coffee machine he was greeted with about 40 of his ‘Fellow’ reserve course students. Some had stayed up all night and others were just woken up like him but they all had one thing in common. They were preparing for the next day of school honestly if their hard work wasn’t Hopeless he would respect it. He quickly made his way to the coffee machine. The large contraption wasn’t anything like a normal coffee machine, it was a masterpiece commissioned by the school for the Ultimate Mechanic. It stored an almost endless amount of the cupped lightning as the other reserve course called it.

After getting his coffee and a salt packet to add to it he made his way toward the table so as not to look suspicious. After a few seconds, he finds a spout the place was pretty open; each reserve course study office can hold a hundred students so the room was a bit under half capacity. Once he was down he slipped out another one of his tools, his notebook, while for all extensive purposes it was his study notebook he had taken to hiding maps of places of interest in it. Quickly looking through he found a few places he had yet to set cameras, unfortunately getting cameras up was hard with the building being so complicated as reserve courses were up at all times of night either cleaning, studying, or getting up to study. In fact, thanks to his ‘Talent’, hiding at all is hard; he can't even get soda from the machine without them falling out.

As he looked at the map noting the places that were in view and which ones needed to be put under his surveillance he heard someone sit across from him. “Good morning Tochi.” He greeted the false reserve course before getting to his studies. The student who sat across from him, Oki Meishu, was a rather bearly reserve course with shortish brown hair though quiet and more focused on his studies. He was a member of the high heads, a group of the thirty most intelligent reserve courses all of which hold perfect grades. After all, with the difficult test needed to get here perfect is something nice to have. While he wouldn't consider grading a good way to tell intelligence and there nothing compared to the Ultimates he did respect the High Heads as the reserve courses Hope after all if any reserve course is gonna get chosen as Talented it would be one of them.

“Good morning Oki.” He greeted back those who are members of the same cleaning regiment so his skill for cleaning has saved the High Head a good bit of time that is needed for his position. That being said he had to go, he had chosen his place and it’s not like there are many conversations to be had. Oki was studying and couldn’t be distracted so he simply got up making the excuse of the bathroom before leaving. After navigating the maze of ambitionless Despair he found what he was looking for in the west wing. From there he placed his camera and left. The process is surprisingly simple. The reserving course had no security so all he had to do was look out for wandering reserve courses.

With that camera set up, he made his way back to the study room and took his seat back. With his Power studying wasn't needed but he preferred to stay incognito so he didn’t want to look out of the ordinary because of his luck so he studied to explain the good grades his luck guaranteed him. There was also the fact that the coffee was really good and was basically needed to get through the days at the course, so kind of the school to give them the drugs they need to survive the harsh conditions they subject them to. Arriving in his seat and greeting Oki again he began to study, subjected to the beautiful salted goodness. Unit 731 is honestly a black spot on the history of his nation even with his trash mind and morals he knew human experimentation was wrong it brings nothing but Despair even the Hope it creates most of the time fails to shake the Despair that made it possible and thus ends up tainted it truly was a messed up thing he was glad the government went in another direction from that and now focused on Hope.


The moment Nagito entered the door he shut it quickly and locked it. He rushed over to his laptop quickly entering the files to access the video. While watching the full recording on the cameras throughout the day was something he couldn’t do himself even if he did it at higher speeds so instead, he just watched during times of major travel. From what he can tell Hinata despite being the friend of an Ultimate seems kinda boring nowhere near as boring as the character he plays but still boring enough to use the most common hallways so all he has to do is watch during points in which the area is most populated and with his Luck, he should be able to spot him out and once he finds a pattern he will track him down.

In all honesty, the situation was kinda frustrating for Nagito despite his best effort he couldn't find him. He adds a camera every single day but he can’t find him even with his Luck it was almost as if he wasn’t- Nagito immediately started shaking his head there was no way Hinata isn’t here the only way he couldn’t be his if he was expelled for bad grades and there is just no way someone picked to be a companion of an Ultimate could be dumb enough to loose here. There was the possibility he saw himself as unworthy and left the school though if that happened it would make his job harder as he would have to leave and track his home down which might require stealing school files.

Nagito might have to consider different strategies. It was a fact that at least needed to be considered. The current plan isn’t working and he has been here for two weeks now and nothing. He had to find Hinata quickly he was limited on time it was only a matter of time before Yukizome started to get suspicious especially with previous incidents he could easily be considered a threat to her students by accident and if she really tires he can’t really say he will be able to make it out unharmed. There was also the fact that a certain someone was waiting outside of the reserve course every day, her Despair slowly growing basically taunting him in his inability to stop it while he didn’t mind it too much, it was motivation it is also frustrating that he can’t help her.

Then there was that in a worst-case scenario he might only have a few months to succeed if the fact that Nagito was slowly dying wasn’t something he had forgotten, it was just irrelevant that is until he obtained the mission he needed to succeed in. He will have to try more radical action he might have to ask around which could blow his cover or going door to door asking both would expose him but if it meant success then he would have to go through with it. If that failed then he would have no other choice. Nagito found himself hesitating at the thought but this Hope he could make Needs to make was worth it. If he must, if all else fails he will just have to break into Hopes Peaks archive and see what the academy has on the missing reserve course.