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Quest to find a hopeless reserve course

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Miaya had debated whether or not she should do this for a bit and Matsuda had told her it was a bad idea but well his source was pretty comprehensive so if it said he has no legal guardian then combine that with the school telling her to report to them instead of a guardian if anything comes up it likely means Komaeda has no family to contact or if there is she has no way to contact them. With that said Miaya needed to tell someone of his condition; it's something that needs to be looked after and observed. While Komaeda hasn’t told anyone and thus it would be normal procedure to follow their wishes because of his Frontotemporal Dementia any he is debatably considered not mentally fit for such a thing. ‘Though for his case, there probably isn’t a legal precedent.’ She has decided once again to make an exception which at this point is Komaeda’s proven good at receiving from her.

With that decided she patiently waited as the one adult Komaeda seems to have a positive relationship with arrived. “You called me?” Yukizome, Komaeda Nagito's teacher, entered the room. Miaya has had only a few interactions with the teacher; they only ever talked once setting her up to contact in case of emergency. (Which you could call this.) Judging by her face Yukizome had already looked concerned, which is to be expected after all what good reason would Miaya have to call a meeting especially with his current status having missed the last few days?

“Yes, Miss Yukizome, please take a seat. We need to talk.” She typed using a calm tone for Usami. Despite their few interactions, it was easy to guess the kind of person Yukizome was that she would not take this well. Yukizome took the seat and maintained a calm smile. “I can only assume you called me here about Komaeda?” She guessed correctly no matter how little it counted seeing as there was no other reason for her to be there. Miaya nodded, flexing her fingers ready to type when she was interpreted by the former.

“I'm sorry for his recent absence. I don't know where he is but rest assured I'll find him." She spoke with so much enthusiasm she looked almost as if she was gonna jump out of her seat. Luckily before she could Usami managed to get something out. “Wait!” This seemingly halted her advance at least long enough for Usami to continue. “While I do agree that finding Komaeda is important, there is some information that has come to light that I feel you need to know." Yukizome’s concern was visible as she stilled in her seat silently awaiting the news. Taking a deep breath to try and release the tension from her body before beginning.

“Yukizome as you know Komaeda has multiple issues; he has developed a radical obsession with hope and a complete disdain of himself.” She nodded along which was good Miaya always found when presenting hard news starting with what they already know is best. “Also you might have noticed his body's own physical weakness.” She said hoping to slightly skew to what she was saying through this just earned a slightly confused look from her patient's teacher. “Now that you mention it he does look kinda sickly huh I kinda just assumed he always looked like that.” She admitted her thoughts already putting some dots together meaning now was the moment.

“Well this is because Komaeda has a condition-” This earned a look at the teacher signaling her to continue. “It has only just come to light that Komaeda has been previously diagnosed with Stage three Lymphoma.” As expected (At least from what Komaeda said.) This completely got the attention of the teacher. She was silent, she seemed confused or she was still processing the information leaving a silence. They grew more awkward by the second until finally, she broke it. “Is that where he is, he’s just getting help?” there was pain in her voice. It was well covered up but as the former Ultimate Therapist, she could read it, and unfortunately, it didn't get better.

Miaya typed slowly knowing at this point she needed to get everything right. “I don’t know where Komaeda is currently but I can say there is little point to getting help for his medical report. It's already terminal; he only has a few months left.” Miaya was taking full advantage of Usami's sad news voice functions. After another long silence though shorter than the last. Yukizome spoke. “I’ve looked at the medical records the school has provided for my students. Why wasn’t it there?” Yukizome’s demeanor which normally came off warm and kind was now cold and stoic. It was honestly intimating.

“Komaeda’s school medical records held no recordings of any kind. I could only find out about his condition thanks to extra digging into hospital records.” She explained tentatively wanting to make sure there are no misunderstandings. Yukizome stayed silent, presumably contemplating what to say next. “Okay, can I ask when he was diagnosed?” She asked presumably stringing some thought trains together. “At about the beginning of the school year.” She typed, waiting to see what comes next.

“So please explain this.” She said with a newfound skepticism that was probably denial. “You said you had to dig for this but if he did while I could see Komaeda keeping it a secret what about his parents wouldn’t let that happen.” Miaya could take the skepticism it was to be expected really people didn’t like bad news and neither did she it was the hardest part of the job, how much she wished she could help Komaeda, get rid of his tendencies, and let him have a happy life but she wouldn't it was an unfortunate part of the job the worst part about jobs where you help people is when you can’t help them.

“When it comes to parents, Komaeda is his own legal guardian.” This froze the teacher allowing her to continue. “It was a loophole no one thought someone could explain but he pulled it off and because his own guardian at six legal buffs online talked about it online at the time but from what I can tell it was just luck.” This sent the teacher into a panic for a second before she shrunk back into a more somber form. “If that's the case how could you tell me you need his permission if not it breaks confidentiality?” She asked a legitimate question. It was a sad fact that Komaeda wasn’t in the right mind to make those decisions.

“Good question while normally that would be the case there's a difference now Komaeda on top of his Lymphoma has also developed Frontotemporal dementia,” Miaya explained earning a questioning. “Frontotemporal dementia?” She said more as a question meaning more explanation was needed. “It is the earliest case I have ever seen. It can cause things like Increasingly Inappropriate social behavior, Loss of judgment and ambition and a loss of empathy.” Miaya admitted it hurt to watch as she explained the symptoms Yukizome slowly started to compare them to Komaeda how well it lines up.

Yukizome after yet another long silence just stood up. “I'm sorry but I have to go, there's something I have to do.” Then without even giving a response she left which was understandable Miaya could tell from her tone this fact hurt her which was expected in fact despite how much it hurt to admit it but she wanted it to with the current situation she needs more eyes on Komaeda and this is simply the best way she will do what she can to help her patient and if this was apart of that so be it.

Chisa didn’t know what to think he mind was almost blank Gekkogahara has no reason to lie and she has no reason not to trust her in fact it makes sense Komaeda lacking empathy like his belief in Hope makes sense as sad as it was to admit and no matter how much she wishes she could deny it the fact of the matter was it was probably true. The entire situation had the Teacher overwhelmed. Out of all of her students, she found him the most troubled especially after the gym fiasco he put way too much stock in talent, and while she can find his willingness to do something like that to help his classmates admirably the fact of his condition made it feel more bitter as she could feel herself tear up.

The more she thought about it the more unfair it was for someone to die this young to be terminal, unsavable to for some reason she cannot comprehend to not tell anyone about it even though his class has the Ultimate Nurse, someone who might at least be able to prolong his life or heck, there's so many medical Ultimate who would most likely love to help or classmates who would go out of there a way to at least try to help him. With so many options to try to save himself and despite it his construed silence, it raised a question. Does he hate himself? Does he want to, to just die? To leave this world and all of them without even having known he was dying is it a part of his strange Hope philosophy? The entire situation was getting too overwhelming she needed to get this talk to someone as by this point her tearing had turned into a full-on crying. It was honestly lucky that this meeting was later as if it was later in the day and she had to see her students after just finding this out she doesn't even know what she would have done.


When it came to finding someone to talk to, the options were obvious to her; it was either Munakata or Sakakura, both had their advantages. Out of her two options, Sakakura was the easy choice, she would have to call Munakata, and while she definitely trusted him she also got cold feet opening up around him sometimes so Sakakura who was on campus and was just as open to listening to her was the obvious choice. Tracking him down wasn't hard, it wasn't even mandatory, just a quick text saying they needed to talk was all it took. Chisa quickly made her way to their meeting place even back when they were just students the three of them would meet there and it was just as hard to find now as it was back then in fact with the new building it was probably even harder.

From there all she had to do was wait she knew he was preparing for the night shift and getting ready to be off and it was kind of selfish to call him now when she could have waited but well these thoughts were coming now not ten minutes ago so they would both have to deal with it she knew Sakakura and if she sent a text saying it was fine and he should finish his shift he would just quicken his pace to see what’s wrong. The former Ultimate Boxer had his flaws, he was quick to anger and she thinks he might be insecure about something though she doesn't know what. Nonetheless deep down he’s a good guy who just wants to help people especially his friends.

Thoughts of her best friends and their time together whether professional or casual served to calm her a bit before Sakakura himself showed up and the fact of her current reality snapped back. “Hey, Yukizome, are you okay?” He said filled with a concern that is rare for him to show. Despite the situation, she couldn’t help but smile at him as she always tried to do but as she did she accidentally let out a sniffle reaffirmed her current mental state which she doubts needed it he could probably tell she’s been crying. “Not particularly,'' she answered honestly, earning an even more concerned look. “Wanna talk about it.” She smiled at the gesture Sakakura never was good at this kind of thing but she knew that his effort was enough just talking to someone about it was enough.

So she let it out everything Komaeda’s condition his tardiness in class his limited time left on this earth the fact that she didn’t know if he wasn’t asking for help out of self-hatred, nihilism in the face of death maybe just can’t think to get help because his condition or because he is his own guardian maybe he has grown a self-dependence pride thing and doesn't think he needs help. Yukizome felt herself fall deeper and deeper into the pit that had been forming in her stomach as she let out her frustrations to the head of security who quickly found himself sitting next to her patting her on the back trying to comfort her, eventually after letting everything else drained the final part that shot but was the weight that held these issues in the recesses of her mind she finally admitted. “I just- I don't know what to do?!”

To his credit, despite his hot-headedness, he just listened, took in every word she had to say, and processed it which just so happened to be something that he was pretty good at so she got a response rather quickly. “That well I feel sorry for the kid.” He was clearly lost in his own right. “Look we both know I'm not the best with this deep emotion thing, in fact, I would say out of the three of us you’re the expert but.” He went silent for a moment in quick contemplation. “You said he’s missing right?” She nodded curiously to where he was going. “Listen I have to go finish my shift can’t have them getting suspicious but I’ll put the security on standby. If he is spotted, I will let you know.” It was a kind gesture but not what she needed though she thanked him anyway.

After that, he got ready to leave their little secret area before turning around. “You should talk to Munakata. He would probably be better with this kind of thing.” He was right but she didn't want to interrupt his work. She was a bit more passive to interrupt Sakakura. After all he had little passion for his job, it was a means to their greater goal, Mukakata as headmaster. Munakata needed to work hard to help achieve that goal though so talking to him was probably not a good idea even if she knew he would probably talk to her it would just be wasting his time. Right after her thought ended he spoke again. “I know you don’t want to interrupt his work but I can say for a fact he would want you to talk to him besides if the situation was reversed you would be the first person he would go to.”

A few minutes after he left Chisa found herself staring down at her phone hesitantly flipping through her contacts as she arrived at his and even for a few minutes after that she finally hesitantly clicked the context and her phone began to ring. Munakata was always quick to his phone and he proved that again here. “Yukizome?” He answered curiously to this call but still casual as she normally called at dusk and even though it was a bit after that it probably wasn't out of the ordinary.

“Hey, Munakata.” She began despite her attempt to sound normal. She couldn’t help but release a choke because of course, she can’t control herself now. “Are you okay?” He asked, sounding more concerned now than before for obvious reasons. With a sigh, she lets it out, catching him up on the situation in a slightly calmer and less rambly than the previous time. Despite it being the third time she heard it and the send it was herself explaining it was still just as painful and confusing as it was the first time.

“You really do care about those kids don’t you?” He asked coldly. She did despite the fact this started off as just helping him but well she couldn't help it she felt like they needed help and this situation has done nothing but proves that. Even if it’s a risk to the mission she doesn't care she needs to do something.

“That's good.” Munakata interrupted her thoughts, sounding warmer this time and catching her off guard. “Did you think I didn’t expect you to grow attached, come on Yukizome? If I can’t tell how my friends are feeling, what makes you think I could become a student council president let alone the former ultimate?” Yukizome actually didn’t know what he was thinking there but emancipating her caring about her students seems realistic.

“I didn’t, well I thought you wanted, well the mission and no distractions.” It was the only thing she could think to say in her currently mentally exhausted state. “It’s in your nature to care. I wouldn't expect anything else from you. It's why the only advice I can give you is that which you already should have thought of. Even if Komaeda didn’t want you to know it doesn't matter, you know now and the only thing you can do is take advantage of that. If he only has a few months left the only thing you can do is make those final months worth it. hen we were in school you would say that those years would be the best of your life so help make these his.” He finished his speech with all the grace and beauty his speeches seemed to always hold.

“Your right Kyosuke all I can do is ensure that these months are the best of his life.” And if she can find a way to keep him around for as long as possible it didn’t matter she would do everything in her power to help Komaeda and that starts with finding him he’ll return to campus eventually but until then perhaps she should talk to the headmaster about those blank records and see what the school can do for help but even that is in the future, for now, to have Munakata in sensitive comfort mode was rare and she was gonna take all advantage of it after all of today’s emotional strain she needs a break.