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Quest to find a hopeless reserve course

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The massive High school towers over all the other buildings in the bustling urban area. It was almost as if the school stood at the center of the entire world. Hope's Peak Academy It brings in top students from every field imaginable a government-funded school of Hope. They say if you manage to graduate you’ll be set for life. With hundreds of years of tradition, it sends the cream of the crop into the workforce every year. It was built to raise Hope in the nation's future which makes Hope's peak the perfect name.

There are two things you need to attend this school: One you must be attending high school. Two you have to be the very best at what you do at least if you want to attend the main course but for him, he paid and tested his way into the reserved course. To attend the main course you can’t just enroll here. The only way in is if you’re scouted by the school itself and standing there at the gate if the Ultimate school filled with the Ultimate students was me.

Before entering Komaeda decided to rehearse with himself one last time for his new self. His name is Tochi Yakunitatanai. I am nothing but a Despairingly average high school student. Boring on the outside, boring on the inside. Nothing going for him when it comes to grades, special abilities, even personality. He has hobbies and things he likes to do but no Talent. If you were to ask him what his favorite song, movie, or TV show was he would just go for what is currently popular. Even amongst the boring he is painfully boring he can’t even call himself an ‘everyday hero’ type it’s just who he is. Though if he does have one good point it would be he knows when to stay silent.

Honestly standing here being a new student for the second time he still can’t believe he was able to survive this place. It was overwhelming like the school was trying to swallow him whole at first. But that only made sense he could only assume that was how anyone without a Talent felt regardless he had to continue on there was someone he needed to find another member of the reserve course who through their actions even if they did not intend it brought his classes Hope Despair and that could not be allowed to occur. With that Yakunitatanai made his way to his first day as a reserve course.


Komaeda was missing or at least he left Hope's Peak at the start of the year and has yet to return. Someone more paranoid might see this as him plotting something clearly has skill in it but she was more worried last time they met he finally opened up. It might have been to avoid talking about his parents but he revealed his previous kidnapping and the effects it had on him, a fear of tightly confined spaces and being bound but he might have tried to flee from his help his previous attempts to deny help suggest this could be a final attempt to get her to stop by leaving.


Despite that and his absence, there was still a chance to help Matsuada who had gotten Komaeda's uncensored medical records. If their theory is correct he might have some form of mental illness that they can try to treat or at least help him get around.

With their recent partnership, she has actually entered his office to help a lot so his office at this point becomes a daily visit especially with her current setup working within Hope's Peak. Entering the office she was surprised to see him not reading his book. He was just waiting for her which he has never done before. “I got the records.” He said he was cold but without irritation or sarcasm which was strange for him. Desl this she hesitantly took the records.

Taking the document was heavier than she was expecting. opening them up she was met with a large number of documents the first one was a list of doctors which seemed to be a record of his his previous doctor's page after page it would name a doctor and some tragedy that befell them whether it be death, injury or scandal they were all career ending then after flipping through some twelve or thirteen she arrived on a medical report. Frontotemporal Dementia is the earliest case she's ever seen. It might be ever at all but he was diagnosed months ago such a condition would obviously explain his condition but the question remains why would the school hide this.

As she went to close the document she was interrupted by Matsuada speaking in the same serious manner from before. “Not yet there's still one page left.” He was somber about what was on the final page. With slight hesitation, Miaya moved to the last page. There it was, Lymphoma only a few months to live. Miaya didn’t know what to think at first then it snapped. Of course, he doesn't think he needs help, he won't live long enough for it to matter and all of his previous doctors have been hurt; he's just trying to look out for her. Even his radical action makes sense. If he thinks he doesn't have much time left then why not bring 'hope' with what time you have left.

She looked up to Matsauda, which is why he’s somber. He is sad to hear this news. “I have to start helping him deal with his own death.” She typed using her newly made Sad Function to make Usami sound sad. Matsuda nodded, “You're gonna have to have him come in here for some sessions with me.” He said as if he was acknowledging his own comment as a fact. Which caused her a bit of confusion. “You want to help?” She typed slightly tilting her head as she was confused by him saying that.

He looked her in the eyes. He looked not just somber but sad with a sympathy she didn't know the teen had. “Not really I don’t like messing with the school but he’s sick and I'm a doctor and doctors are supposed to help people.” He said it was a life philosophy. It was never something she had seen from him. At that moment Miaya had made a decision despite the shady side of his research. Matsuda Yasuke was a good person who truly did want to help people.

Looking up at Matsuda she had many questions and thoughts in her mind but there was one she wanted answered now. “Those documents, they go beyond what you could just get as a doctor, how did you even get them?” She typed legitimately curious. He simply shrugged. “My best friend is a Fashionista.” He said almost as if that answer blatantly explained itself. “That doesn't make sense.” She said out loud. She froze up after saying that not meaning to have said that out loud. Matsuda once again shrugged, “That's what she tells me when I ask.”


When Komaeda first joined the reserve course he was curious what it would be like and to be honest it’s just a normal high school but worse. The classes were super-advanced, easily college level. which would be hard enough if the teachers cared a single bit but it just wasn't the case in fact the place was so sad and dreary he would bet even some of his classes' greatest Hopes might flinch in the face of its Despair it really made him appreciate Miss Yukizome she put so much effort to make sure her students understand the her lessons it almost makes him feel bad for passing on pure Luck. Despite his tangent, he already had multiple essays projects both group and not together with altogether about 90 pages of books to read; some textbooks and others are for literature classes which he has already read. How lucky.

The students of the course were not exactly the most Hopeful most of the class just sat around in Hopelessness all Despairing over the fact there not talented, to be honest, he hated it they all just sit there wanting to be talented slowly growing to resent their Main course superiors Komaeda has even considered this might be the reason for his targets missing his fellow reserve course forced them to abandon their friendship under some threat. He is glad he can say his real class would never do this trying to use social pressure to end friendships granted it could be said that was because any attempt would be stomped out by Nanami’s Hope.

While he would love to think of his classes Hope at the current moment he had to do his homework if any grades drop below a C you will be expelled on the spot on top of that the immediately after school you ate met with mandatory volunteer work which was his personal favorite part of the day and what he thinks will be his favorite overall outside of finding Hinata. At Hope's Peak, it is expected that the reserve course does manual and janitorial work. For example, today he cleaned up the damage caused by one of Tanaka's mighty beasts rampaging. It might be a new one; the damage seems a bit out of control. Nonetheless, the school has basically got Janitors who pay to work kinda making the reserve course a scam but if it's for Hope he doesn't care.

Either way, his knack for cleaning was massively useful as he was able to blow through the mess in no time before going to the academy he already had experience cleaning messes made by his luck but through learning Yukizome's Ultimate methods which she showed him and his classmates how to clean improving his skills it essentially made cleaning no problem so cleaning up the mess only took about thirty minutes which is apparently pretty fast. In fact, his clean team actually invited him out to eat and study with them which he assumes is a thank you which he has graciously accepted after all he is in a foreign environment he needs information, and who knows what information about his target could slip.

As he approached the reserve course gates he saw a sight that stole his gaze. Right there next to the gate was the Ultimate Gamer herself waiting outside the gate on her game. It didn't take much thought to determine what she was doing; it was actually blatantly obvious. He could read the Despair off her; it was slight but it was there. Komaeda knew she wanted her friend back but he never would have imagined it could bring any kind of Despair out of her at least any he could sense even the slight amount that was being released now. It sickened him in fact it took all of his willpower not to immediately approach her and try to cheer her up and it got worse the closer he got. As expected he walked past her without her noticing him in his disguise that being said by the time he passed his fist were clenched. He could only think of one thing: he would find Hinata Hajime and drag him back to Namai and create a Hope that will blind all to any Despair even if it kills him.


Hinata wasn’t there Chiaki didn't know what she would expect but after their last conversation, he sounded like he wouldn't be back for a while but why? Chiaki was feeling many things at the moment but mainly frustration. She's still learning to respond to people, she still struggles with emotions, specifically more subtle ones so she failed to see the conflict he was obviously feeling at the time even now she could only tell after going back and reexamining the final conversation what must have been a hundred times. She just wishes she could know what he was conflicted about. What could it have been? Could she have done something to help him? To add flame to that Hinata was her first and closest friend in fact she would go as far as to say that his initial friendship is what gave her the confidence and experience needed to befriend the rest of her class.

So it was safe to say Chiaki wanted to find him and with her game on full batteries she could waited outside the building all night, an all night gaming session was nothing to her heck she can recall going for a week straight once but that couldn't happen at the moment she had other things she needed to do. It was to start off a new semester and the class had decided to celebrate it with a tournament on their new Street Fighter 2 Komaeda and herself bought. Not to say they were all here the guy who helped her buy the game Komaeda was missing granted after getting a bit too much out of him they might be awkward at the moment she really can’t tell and if there is anyone else in their class who can’t either it’s him she thinks. He seemed fine at the new year's party but she could have not noticed something. After that he left and had yet to return even though he said he was just going to get a package he was starting to worry her, she didn’t need two missing friends.

That being said while she was waiting outside the reserve course she felt his presence like she did when he approached while she was playing which is something she can do for all of her friends it was how she was gonna spot Hinata but feeling Komaeda when he wasn't there was strange and could be interpreted as a bad omen though she decided not to think that way. Chiaki was one who would rather stay positive she quickly decided to just call him later he should be fine he has ultimate luck so he should be fine in fact when he returns she might take him with her to the reserve course with his luck finding Hinata should be easy in fact it might work out after all the only person she ever met who puts more stock in talent than Hinata is Komaeda so the two might hit it off. With that positive thought in her head Chiaki was invigorated and excited. After all, tonight would be a fun session with most of her friends and when Komaeda finally returns he can help her find her missing friends. In the name of Komaeda all seems to be Hopeful.