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Quest to find a hopeless reserve course

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Chiaki didn't really have a bad relationship with her parents, they were just always working so returning for New years wasn’t really needed. With that being said she was a bit curious about her classmates who were also staying for New years. Despite it being considered the most important holiday and normally spent with family.

Looking over to her classmates who were still there. Most had left sometime after their personal Christmas celebration which couldn’t be celebrated on the day because of something involving Novoselic tradition she wasn’t really sure about but it made sense. The only people left are herself, Mitarai, Komaeda, and Tsumiki. After a brief second, she decided against asking, deciding it was probably personal. Deciding on that thought she nodded and readied to return to her game when suddenly Komaeda spoke up.

“New year is tomorrow and about a quarter of our class is still here. Do you guys live nearby?” He questioned not noticing how personal that question was. This earned the attention of herself along with their two remaining classmates. Surprisingly Mitarai spoke up first. “As an animator, I have little time for most celebrations. Returning home is simply too much for my deadlines.” It was so quick and clear it was almost as if it was rehearsed which might have just been him getting asked is a common occurrence.

“Dedicating yourself to your talent fair,” Komaeda answered. ‘Well if he asks.’ Nanami decided to speak up. “My parents both work really long hours so I never really never spent much time with them even during holidays even if I did go home I would end up just gaming all day while they worked and by the time they got home they would be too tired to do anything and they would feel bad.” Also, it seems there are quite a few of her classmates with whom she can have a new year.

After about thirty seconds of silence, Tsumiki surprisingly spoke up as she doesn't speak up often. “My mom never really liked to celebrate holidays and when she did she would be with.... other people... so I just stayed in my room.” She seemed nervous to admit this but Chiaki was glad she did, maybe with it being so few of them and Komaeda and her recent hangout session she felt comfortable enough to speak either way it just reinforced her desire to celebrate the new year together.

“So sorry that would happen to you Tsumiki no Ultimate deserves to have any holidays spent alone,” Komaeda said, sounding more somber than usual. They all silently nodded, all seeming to solemnly agree. Chiaki decided to spring her idea. “Well, why don’t we just have new years together?” She asked seemingly earning a confused reaction from Mitarai and Tsumiki. Their look wasn’t positive or negative, it was just shocked.

The silence was interrupted by Komaeda clapping. “Ultimates spending new years together to overcome the Despair of loneliness, a genius idea only expected of our class representative.” He was clearly happy with the idea as he immediately started to fumble into his pocket, quickly pulling out a checkbook and writing in it then throwing it out onto the table. A literal blank check. “I don’t have the resources of some of our classmates but for this small celebration I'm sure I can get us anything we would want.” He said with his usual confidence.

Chiaki knows Komaeda has money she doesn't know exactly how much but with the christmas presents he got her and and there other classmates after all a Golden Copy of Nintendo World Championship doesn't come cheap in fact it’s probably the most expensive thing she owns now and that is just her he really went out of his way it kinda makes her feel bad she just made everyone a Christmas card it was hand-drawn and all of that she even added pictures but it just felt inadequate. (Especially with her handwriting) Even though everyone seemed to have liked it, Komaeda even called it the best present he ever got. Then again everyone else just got him giftcards which might actually make hers the best he got.

Train of thought was interrupted by Mitarai. “Komaeda” Mitarai spoke without nervousness; he almost seemed like someone else. “seeing how we told you our reasons for being here, shouldn't you tell us your reason for staying at Hope's Peak?” Komaeda's reason for being here Chiaki didn’t think of it in fact other than the one time he went back home a few weeks ago he never really brought up his home life or his past at all for that matter.

Komaeda threw up his arms almost defensively while he almost looked like he was gonna laugh. “Oh it’s really nothing worth bringing up, it's not worth your time to even hear.” Which was a very bad excuse of course his reason matters and hearing it is completely worth their time. “Komaeda, you know it’s not fair for us to tell you ours and not tell us yours,” Chiaki said, slightly puffing her cheeks annoyed at the self-deprecation which always annoys her.

“I'm sorry I didn't mean to take sensitive information but It’s no big deal you would just, it would be better if you didn’t know.” He sounded a bit more desperate which did slightly make her feel bad but, even more, she was concerned was he trying to hide something normally she would take that as a reason to back off but with Komaeda it was different he will never tried to hide anything the only time she can think of he went on to try and blow up the gym so it was kind of concerning. “Komaeda no offense but last time you tried to hide something it led to you trying to blow up the gym while there were reporters there. I know you don’t think much of yourself but we're all here for our own reasons so I'm sure you can tell us why you aren't spending New Years with your family.” She sounded a bit nangerier then she was intending his previous desperation spiking before sinking into somber cold silence.

Mitarai spoke up again to an extent it almost seems like a different side to him. “Komaeda, we gave you our reasons. It is only respectful for you to do so as well. I legitimately don’t think this is out of malicious intent, none of us do but seeing as you initiated this conversation so you should be ready to answer the same question.” He spoke almost as if he was an adult talking to a child . It seemed that they had defeated Komaeda.

Komaeda was silent, in fact, his posture changed. His hair had almost started to droop a bit. She couldn’t make out his eyes and he was silent at least for a few seconds before he finally spoke. “It’s really no big deal but if you really want to know well I can’t say no to Ultimates. I'm here because I have no family left to celebrate with.” He said with a shrug Chiaki was silent, he sounded different, more somber than was usual for him in fact that might have not been definitely the most negative she had ever heard her friend who was normally always smiling ever sound.

Komaeda stood up. “I have to go. I have some packages coming to my house after new year's. I need to go see if they are in.” He said positivity had returned as he silently and swiftly left the room. After that, they all were silent because of the revelation of their friends lacking a family. Despite the vagueness of the comment it was clearly something that troubles him. Chiaki returned to her game feeling a slight tinge of guilt for helping to pressure that kind of information out of a friend while she still wanted to have a party. She decided to talk about it later.


Secrets it’s something everyone has, like crushes or whether or not you are a serial killer then some families have secrets like a family treasure you can’t let anyone know you have or the fact that a member of your family is a serial killer. Generally, Sonia Nevermind found that the more successful a family is the more secrets they have; she considers it a consequence of success. Amongst the secrets that the Nevermind family had none was more of a secret than their spot on the Global Control Council.

The Council is one of the most powerful institutions the world had to offer purposely manipulating world events to the benefit of its members in fact the reason an absolute monarchy like her own Novoselic could last so long even through the strife that brought down most monarchies was because of this council it was the reasons the Princes and Princesses of her homeland were held to such a standard they had to be amongst the best in the world, they needed to keep her position.

With that said she was proud to hold this position not just had she achieved the standard that was set for her she had surpased it to such an extent that her father made the decision to have her attend the meeting of the council instead of him. So when she wasn’t a normal high school girl hanging out with her friends in Japan's top high school she was home helping run the world from behind the scenes in what equated to the Illuminati which might be why she desires to be normal while with her friends but at the moment she couldn’t be normal she as she stood before there meeting place in the Vatican this time she had to be the prodigy, the perfect princess her people deserved and so she would be and the next six months of world events will be planned with her help. WIth that princess, Sonia’s second meeting amongst the Global Control Council began.


Safe to say getting a group of the smartest and most influential people in the world in one room gets intense especially how most of them has their own goals and some contradict it can be overwhelming granted she could not afford that at least not during these meetings so she held her own and for that her people would be safe for another day.

Despite being exhausted she didn’t fail to notice the approach of another council member, not just any member, the only member of the council who was younger than her. Togami Byakuya the Heir to the Togami empire which deserved its name despite his age he was debatably the most powerful on the council so his approach was either in good faith or in bad if the ladder is the case then…. Sonia decided she would rather be hopeful not making enemies with other council members is one of her family's secrets to maintaining.

“Good evening Princess Nevermind.” He said coldly as he spoke in the meeting which wasn’t exactly a good sign but wasn’t bad either. He could just talk like that. “Good evening Mr. Togami,” She said, giving him a nod of acknowledgement which seemed to be the correct action as he continued. “You attend Hope's Peak Academy?” He said almost as if it was a demand a part of her felt compelled to answer, to be honest, she was always curious what that felt like.

“Yes, I am in attendance. It is a wonderful place. Why do you intend to get in?” She was curious about her question. There was no doubt that he could make it in if he wanted. The Togami heir crossed his arms and wore a smirk that rained confidence that even rivaled the Lord of Ice. “I might still haven't decided on that but I did not come here for your opinions. In actuality, I wish to ask you about one of your classmates?”

Since Sonia Nevermind was a little girl she was raised to be the perfect leader military, politics, charisma all things she needed to master multiple languages the ability to read people and to stop herself from being read in fact her master of the skill was something she was proud of but at that moment having her personal life her friends even mentioned by a member of the council it took all of her restraint to stop her mask from twitching.

“One of my classmates?” it was about all she could muster. Togami started to look more serious. “Yes I try to keep track of potential threats on all levels and as the richest teenager in Japan, I try to keep track of at least the top ten and it just so happens number two is in your class.” He said for a fact he was still in complete negation mode. Quickly Sonia deduced he was talking about Kuzuryu as other than her he was undeniably the most powerful in her class but he was her friend and she would never betray a friend even to a member of the council.

“I'm sorry Togami but I consider Kuzuryu a personal friend so I'm not one to be privy to this information.” she remained cold at least to the extent that was expected of her when she was talking to members of the council. Togami was silent for a second before his previous smirk overtook his face. “I have no care for a pathetic chipmunk like him. His family might hold some small influence but he is no threat. No one I desire to learn about has a chance of actually being a threat.” She didn’t show it but she was caught off guard to be honest while it is true Kuzuryu is a little threat to him she can’t think of. He looked at her at this point looking a bit annoyed.

“Do you even pay attention to your classmates? You don’t even know which one has the most money.” He gave her the briefest of seconds to speak but as she was without words he construed. “Fine, I will educate you though if you want to stay around in this world then I have to suggest you pay more attention. The richest member of your class is the serial killer Komaeda Nagito.”

Sonia was silent for a second before uttering a single word. “What?” The Lord of Luck her classes' oddball extremist of hope was a serial killer to be honest if you told most of her class they would buy it but if there's one thing the Princess of Novoselic was an expert on the art of serial killing she is sure she would have noticed. “You must be mistaken, Komaeda might be a lot of things but-.” Before she could finish, Togami interrupted.


“Komaeda Nagito has built a fortune of peoples will’s for example. May fourteenth, 2003 a plane crash over the Atlantic, Greater Atlantic flight 444 went down over the Atlantic. With it, the only adult members of the Espance and Komaeda families died leaving the vast wealth of that family to its only remaining descendant.” As he said this he slipped her a document confirming what he said.

‘It was impossible’ Komaea was that rich. Her family was richer but still, a Billion Euros is a lot of money especially to someone his age but even then. “Even if this is true you can’t say he is a Serial killer he was only six when-” Once again Togami interrupted. “Since he was born his entire family died off until he was the only one left to have the money. I don't put my stock in Luck to do that for him.” With that, he turned away.

“You can stay ignorant if you want but it will be your death.” As he left she just stared while she didn't believe Komaeda was a serial killer but unless the paper Togami gave her is forged which is unlikely as he has no reason to though she will check there was one question this situation raised. ‘Doesn’t Komaeda say he has good luck?’