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Quest to find a hopeless reserve course

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Nagito Komaeda was the Ultimate Lucky Student, not a glamorous position but more than he deserved that being said at this moment his luck made him feel such a beautiful warm Hope. Yes, he almost choked and his arms were sore from the steroid but the gain was far more. Of all people, Tsumiki was the best. Both she and Kimura were quiet, shy, and like to help people even having talents meant for healing.

It was a fact he couldn't believe. He never thought of Tsumiki, she was a perfect person to become Kimura's friend. All that was needed was to have the two interact when they saved him. He just needed a more casual setting and with Nanami’s advice Nagito knew what he had to do and in all honesty, he had already started. Tsumiki was very kind despite the invitation coming from him she still accepted. All he had to do was invite Kimura to them. He was just taking them out to dinner to thank them but in reality, he is setting up all they have to do to get along.

He was struggling not to laugh from the excitement. The Hope was going to be so beautiful and it was all thanks to his Luck. Despite his effort not to laugh he still released a few giggles. Lucky for him no one in the hall might look suspicious and once again lucky for him. He was relatively close to his room so slipping in was no problem. As soon as he made it in he couldn’t stop himself.

The laughter was nothing super special after all this hope was only beautiful because of Kimura’s condition and the fact that it was his Luck that allowed it. Then after only about ten seconds of laughter, he was on his phone texting Kimura convincing her it was no big problem. Unfortunately, his bad luck had taken effect on him. His sore muscles were starting to hurt combined with his already low stamina. Nagito knew there wasn’t much left for him to do today or even early tomorrow for that matter he might have to miss class.


The class had just let out, not that it mattered much at the moment. Life has not been the best for Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu in fact it would best be described as fucked. His little sister gets murdered over at least from what he can tell was crazy paranoia. Just thinking about Natsumi made his heartache so bad he could barely stand it. The only solace he got is that he got the bitch who did it back. Unfortunately, she was one of his classmates, Mahiru Koizumi, best friend. At first, he had no intention of killing the bitch he was going to have her put away (Which he wouldn’t normally do but he respects Koizumi enough to do that for her.) Granted he showed up armed, he didn't even know for a fact but he just wanted to ask her some questions but the psycho bitch went crazy and started ranting about saving Koizumi and charged him, and well what's done is done.

With all of that crazy shit things only ranked up after that psychopath Komaeda tried to bomb the gym because he thought we were too sad to show off our talents which in any week he did not have to deal with Psycho bitch would have been the stupidest thing he had heard said week. Then the school decides to let him get away with it as long as he gets ‘therapeutic help.’ Since then the entire class has felt very uncomfortable around him except Nanami who seems to either want to forgive him or blames herself he really can’t tell.

While he’s all for keeping Komaeda in stopping distance and he can understand being friends with psychotic people there's no problem there. The problem is that she seems to legitimately think the rest of this class are his friends which is plainly not true even before his bomb scare he was still weird as fuck the fact that he is insane hasn’t done him any favors but he knows if he tells Nanami this it would just make her more determined to make us his friends. Knowing this the only thing there is to do is wait until she eventually realizes there is no hope for him and when she does he and the rest of them will have to be there to watch he wishes there is another way but she is too hard-headed to stop there's nothing else he can do.

Okay if he wanted to get technical Peko could take him out but that's not really an option, in fact, Peko was frustrating him in her own right. She knew Natsumi heck she was just as much of an older sibling as he is yet she has shown no reaction well once again that wasn't exactly right she did have a reaction it just wasn’t mourning it was well following him around. He could see why his sister's death made her paranoid or at least he tried to see as best as he can but can’t she see that he needs a shoulder to cry on not a sword. Kuzuryu’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Koizumi scolding immediately followed by Tsumiki yelling “I'm sorry.”

Looking over to the scene Koizumi was beginning to lecture Tsumiki with that nagging look she had a tendency to get. “Why would you expect anything from him, he’s insane.” Tsumiki just collapsed further. “I'm sorry b-but he seemed so sincere I did help Kimura save his life.” Immediately that was the most backbone the nurse had ever shown of course it was to avoid another awkward situation.

“I mean if the place has good food and he’s inviting you for free why not accept.” Midoda threw in supporting the nurse. Though she was immediately targeted by Koizumi. “She was invited by a psychopath, he wanted to blow up the gym who knows what he is planning!” This immediately told Fuyuhiko what the subject of their conversation is about, but it also probably told the entire class about the said conversation. Looking around it seemed the only members of their class who were not either participating or listening in were Komaeda who wasn't here and Nanami which must have been a blessing seeing how she is in denial about the subject.

Koizumi getting the entire class's attention seemed to have slowed her down as she sat down, probably feeling awkward. An awkward silence proceeded which Soda broke before it could get too awkward. “Uh so um what's happening.” He said wanting the context.. Koizumi looked annoyed but proceeded to explain the situation while Tsumiki seemed to sink further.

Apparently one of the upperclassmen Kimura Seiko and Tsumiki saved Komaeda after he accidentally drank an experimental steroid and they saved him so he’s inviting them to a restaurant that even he had to admit was high-end something dad would take them out to. Honestly, it was one of the most slice-of-life anime-like things he had ever heard if the slice of life included a creepy psycho like Komaeda. “Why would you even accept anything from him?” He had to ask why she would accept any thanks from Komaeda. He would have half a mind to let the psycho choke.

“Well, I uh…” Before Tsumiki could continue, Owari interrupted. “Hey, the most important questions first Kuzuryu. So you sayin saving Komaeda’s life equals a free meal at a good restaurant?” Tsumiki silently nodded. Nidai spoke next. “So we need to make a team effort and find a way we can all save Komaeda’s life so we all get a free meal!” He said as if he had solved a difficult math equation.

Before either he or Koizumi could speak up to bring the conversation back on track, Hanamura threw his hat into the ring. “First no matter what restaurant he takes you to I guarantee you I can make it better and second can we focus on something actually important.” About fucking time Fuyuhiko thought before Hanamura continued. “Komaeda managed to successfully take two girls out at once, a feat few can achieve.” The class went silent and Fuyuhiko decided to take advantage of this.

“First shut the fuck up Hanamura I don’t want to think about that and secondly Tsumiki you didn’t answer my question?” This managed to get her attention as she went to answer. “I-I just, I'm just it’s I'm sorry I just didn’t want him to hate me,” she said with a normal amount of struggling. Fuyuhiko had assumed it would be something like that because Tsumiki was a bit of a nervous wreck, being pressured by Komaeda of all people. Unfortunately, before he could finish this little debate by just telling her Komaeda wouldn't hate her he was interrupted again.

“Really you're scared Komaeda is gonna be mad he’s probably the easiest person to get stuff past like he even let me fight him once granted I didn’t know he could control trucks,” Owari said somewhat supporting Fuyuhiko’s but then Tanaka spoke up. “Indeed The master of Luck's Truckmancy is one of his most deadly abilities. “Huh, we agree on something.” Soda added. At this point, the Ultimate Yakuza was getting ready to redirect the conversation someone else spoke up.


“Hey, we're in the middle of an important conversation here. We don't need to discuss Komaeda’s weird use of trucks. Kuzuryu you were about to say something” Koizumi spoke up, sending them all into. Fuyuhiko smirked, they might not get along but it’s good to see them work together. As he opened up his mouth to speak he was interrupted again this time by someone joining the conversation.

“Hey hey,” Nanami said casually this garnered the attention of the entire class was diverted to their Rep who was now joining the conversation. Unfortunately, before anyone could speak Tsumiki seemingly built up the courage to speak out. “Komaeda has invited me and one of the upperclassmen to have dinner because we helped him out and the place is really nice so I thought I should wear something nice but what if they don’t wear something nice it would make them look awkward if they don’t but if I wear something nice and they do it would make me look disrespectful and I just don’t want them to hate me!”

Other than the loud cry at the end there was no stutter which was honestly impressive he would almost be tempted to congratulate her if she hadn’t just basically told him that whether or not to go at all wasn’t even on her radar. In fact, he was feeling slightly frustrated he felt anger rush through him in fact it was so much he could feel it clouding his thoughts.

Once it was all set and done all Fuyuhiko could do was watch as Nanami responded, his own frustration had grown to the point he couldn't think of the words to say. “Oh, did you try asking him?” She asked Tsumiki, nervously shaking her head side to side. Nanami gave a sincere smile that served to only make him angrier as he still couldn’t move.

“Bu-Bu-Bu-Bu But what if he already expects me to know and he’s mad I don’t already know?” Tsumiki asked. It was not secret that Tsumiki has issues feeling comfortable around people but with Nanami’s similar lack of social interaction before this year, they held that in common making Nanami one of the few people who can get through to Tsumiki. Normally he sees this as a good thing but at the moment it was proving to be a nuisance as she was sending his friend right into Komaeda's arms and he couldn't speak.

“Even if Komaeda had expected you to already know he wouldn’t be mad, he's your friend,” Nanami answered, lied, though it seems to have convinced Tsumiki. As she looked at the clock she slightly panicked saying she had to go and rushed out. To be fair, Fuyuhiko got up himself. He was getting so angry he needed to go cool off. As he was leaving he heard Nanami talking to Soda.

“Hey, could you fix my Game Girl one of the buttons broke?”


Tsumki would be lying if she said she wasn't nervous but to be fair it would be a lie to say she ever wasn’t at least not when she wasn’t alone or utilizing her talent. It's not like she liked it but anytime she tried to speak up a voice in the back of her head always told her not to speak no one needs to hear. Then to add to that, as long as she didn’t bring attention to herself no one would be mad at her, sure they might not like her but it’s better than having people hate her, people could be so violent to people they hate.

Luckily she would be fine after all this was just a meeting between friends and Kimura. She shouldn't think that Komaeda and Kimura could be friends? He could have been going to visit her when it happened? What if he was going to ask her out but her interrupting made her a third wheel. What if he was mad and this is some kind of trap?

“Tsumki needed to calm herself, she was at the meeting point that Komaeda had told her to go to. She just needed to trust Nanami the Gamer was able to get the nurse out of all her classmates at least so far she was the only one who could understand her socializing issue so if she said Komaeda and her were friends she would trust her. After a few minutes, a limousine pulled up to her as the window rolled down and the driver asked. “Tsumiki Mikan?” After answering he revealed that Komaeda had rented limousines for them which seemed a bit expensive but as she knew nothing of the Ultimate Lucky student's wealth she decided not to question it.

The drive was probably thirty minutes it felt like thirty hours as she made her way towards the restaurant she kept feeling like she was forgetting something which was a feeling she was used to but she still found herself checking to try and find something she was wearing everything and the dress she picked was well it was her most expensive so even if it looks bad it was objectively though she hopes they don’t hate it. By the time she arrived, she was sure she had not forgotten anything; she even brought her own money just in case.

It was a rather quick succession as Tsumiki Mikan, Kimura Seiko, and, Komaeda Nagito had reserved seats in a private section which was a rather pleasant surprise. One of the things that made this situation so scary was the fact there would be other people but it seems Komaeda had already prepared for that. Taking her seat she waited, having been the first to arrive a few minutes later Kimura was guided to the table.

Sitting there the two of them in silence, well it was awkward which was kinda frustrating seeing how she already had 5000 different topics to talk about but she couldn’t think about any of them and while she could always read faces well Kimuras always wear a mask even in her current outfit. It was so frustrating she could feel herself start to tear up.

Kimura seemed to panic at this. “Are you okay, are you in pain, is it emotional or physical?” She asked quickly, starting to go through vials in a side handbag she had on her. She was truly kind. “I'm sorry I'm fine, I just get nervous.” Kimura looked down before speaking next. “I get that this is kinda awkward isn’t it?” Tsumiki nodded, not wanting to say something wrong. The two of them really didn't know each other so without Komaeda as a neutral friend she didn’t think she could muster the strength to hold a conversation.

“Sorry I'm late, I had some unlucky inconveniences,” Komaeda said as he arrived at the table. “Now let's eat,” Komaeda said as he beckoned the waiter over.