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Quest to find a hopeless reserve course

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“Looks like I lost again,” Komaeda said with a simple chuckle and shrug as Chiaki claimed victory. Despite her gripes with her classmate, one of the things she has to give to him is that he is a good sport accepting loss with a smile. In fact, it almost goes as far as him being a bad winner apologizing when he pulls it off claiming it was just luck. While she will admit that some of his wins are luck like a random glitch or ARG he is good at video games he catches on quickly and can most of the time put up a good fight.

“Another match?” He asked, having already picked Blanka, the one he had quickly chosen to be his main. “Yeah, I can go again,” Chiaki responded with a simple nod, picking Ken and starting. As the match began Komeda began to make small talk. “Nanami, can I ask you a question?” He almost seemed nervous. “Yeah go ahead.” She said calmly and methodically concentrating more on the game than the conversation at least at the moment.

“I was wondering if you could give me advice on how to make friends?” He said in a voice a bit of Komaeda's strange self-deprecating confidence faltering. “I guess I could but why?” Chiaki didn’t really mind but she doesn't understand why he would ask her, especially when they have classmates like Koizumi or Sonia who would be better at that kind of thing.

Komaeda was silent for a few seconds. He had gotten better at the game; they were about equal in health with herself a bit ahead. He seemed kinda confused but he still spoke up. “You're the obvious person to have claimed friendships with our entire class. The reason we united was because of you.” He reasoned giving a shrug to the fact Chiaki just knocked him out and claimed round 1.

Chiaki had never considered that position; she just played games and tried to balance their interest after she became the Rep. She tried to do her job but never anything that could be considered a special technique. That being said Komaeda asking something like this would be hard he is rarely asks anything of any of them in fact it’s more common for him to offer his service she would go even as far as to say she doesn't recall him ever asking for help even when straight up asked he would actually flat out deny help saying he isn’t worthy. With such a rare circumstance he must be desperate for the advice for some reason. Deciding to give Komaeda the benefit of the doubt she decided to help him but then the question comes what to tell him. Briefly considering trying to tell him to play games but deciding against it nat wanting him to come to the conclusion that it’s a part of her talent something she could see him saying.

“Huh looks like I got lucky,” Komeda said as Ken hit the ground, winning him round 2 and sending them into their first-round three. Quickly entering her game mode for the final round. Komaeda smiled, noticing her increased effort learned in preparing to give the ‘ultimate gamer’ his all. She quickly charged him only to be met by a jump attack. Not wanting to be rude she continued with the best advice her unconcentrated mind could muster.

“I just tried to understand everyone, let them play the games I love, then I participate in their talents or hobbies. It's a compromise but it’s always funner with other people… I think.” Chiaki liked to think the advice she gave was exactly what she wanted to express but she isn’t sure. “But what if their talents can’t work together in a nonprofessional setting?” He asked wincing at the end from the combo he had started to incur.

Chiaki had to take his words, she was a bit distracted. Komaeda had massively improved even though she was struggling against pace. “It doesn't necessarily have to be their talent, just any kind of hobby.” She explained started to get annoyed. It was almost as if the controls only worked half the time. “Okay let's say I have no way to tell them about their hobbies and I need to break the ice.” He said rather quickly trying to avoid her attacks.

“Food.” She answered immediately. “Food? Komaeda repeatedly seemed caught off guard with her immediate answer, something that was understandable as he didn’t have the context. “Iwatani Toru, the creator of Pac-Man made the game to appeal to the most people possible. He did this by making it about eating, everyone has to eat so it's the best basic bet, it’s chance but with your luck, it should work.”

Komaeda started to laugh. “Using my talent in advice to increase my chances, what an ingenious idea from the Ultimate Gamer!” Normally she would attempt to counter his compliments; he really did take his classmates' advice too well but as their fight was so close and she was in the game mode she decided to ignore it. Charging him she prepared to finish it they were both one hit from death and she entered punching range she struck pressing the button.

Chiaki then watched in slow motion as Ken didn’t move then Komaeda in a moment of clarity struck. As Ken hit the ground she felt the pressure she had been defeated, her reign of terror was over. Honestly, Chiaki didn’t care, she just wanted to be dramatic in her own head.

“How lucky, I'm sorry, thanks for the advice though.” Komaeda apologized, earning a pout from her. “You won, you shouldn’t be apologizing.” She said annoyed by the action. Komaeda simply shook his head. “Not that, I wanted to apologize because your punch button broke.''Quickly checking the button she realized he was right. “Oh.” She mumbled not really caring after all soda loved to fix her broken consoles and this isn’t the first time Komaedas luck broke one.


Gekkogahara Miaya had experience helping people except loss. It is her talent and for that reason, she had seen many different forms of acceptance despite this she has never seen someone have the reaction Komaeda Nagito had.

Within her time at Hope’s Peak, she never put much stock in luck, granted she never really paid attention she was too nervous but after her latest session with the Ultimate Lucky Patient, her perspective had changed. Miaya had known that Komaeda had no idea but she had never looked at it with the context of his talent nor had she known Komaeda was there to witness his parent's death.

Despite witnessing such a terrible thing at such a young age which would be enough to see her but to add to the situation he has coped by deciding that the entire event was good luck because it gave him his parent's fortune. While she doesn't believe it led him to attempt to destroy the gymnasium it has put her on the right track. While it is currently a theory she believes that similar events that include his luck has led him down the path of creating who he is.

With those theories in mind, she needs evidence seeing how Komaeda needs to be confronted with evidence then pushed to reveal anything that is what brought her to the one person who has had similar thoughts, the man who inspired her own theory. The Ultimate Therapist had grown used to the Ultimate Neurologist as she joined his project but the visit she was currently arriving at had more to do with their first meeting than anything else.

Arriving at his lab she readies herself; she knows Matsauda will help or at least give his insight. Making her way through the building she went through the halls that had grown only more familiar with every visit. Entering his office he was busy reading his comedy sketch manga. It was almost as if he didn’t notice her and wasn't ignoring her to get a few extra seconds with it she knows better now.

“I'm here Matsuda.” she quickly typed to get his ‘attention’. He looked kind of annoyed. “Okay why?” he spoke with a dry annoyed voice she has learned to be natural to him.

“I'm here to discuss Komaeda.” She typed with a tinge of guilt even though Matsuda was a medical officer and a professional she always felt bad breaking her confidentiality. With her comment, Matsuda entered Ultimate Neurologist mode. “I already told you the guy has some problem being covered up by the school, not much to say.” He shrugged.

Miaya saw that his paranoia about the school was something she wanted to talk to him about but she had yet to get to it and it was not relevant there were more important things to focus on. “Can you prove your theories?” She challenged him. He gave her a questioning glare. “Why do I need to prove them?” He counter asked as she had anticipated.

“I have come across some evidence to what you said but I need solid evidence if I want to prove anything.” Maiya had to get access to Komaeda's medical records just to make sure and Matsauda is her best chance or at least his paranoia makes him seem like a viable option.

He was silent for a few seconds but he managed to make it feel like minutes before he got an answer. “I will see what I can do but you're gonna have to wait a bit.”

With that answer she simply typed. “Thank you.”

Seiko was as steady as she could manage as she always tried to be when dealing with deadly chemicals but no matter how hard she tried she could never standstill. Despite this, she had managed to get still enough to be considered safe but if she were to be startled she could lose concentration; it was a problem in the past but with the advent of a Do not disturb unless you really need to but if you do be quiet. Singh had been a success.

As she was about to mix the concoction she heard the door of the lab swing open and the familiar voice of her at this point only friend Komaeda Nagito. “Kimura I have some great news!” He said more excited than she had ever heard him. Instead of the reaction Komaeda was expecting, Seiko panicked and accidentally tossed the vial.

Said vial flew through the and straight into Komaeda's mouth still open from his declaration which it went straight down. The Ultimate Lucky student then began to choke on the vial making struggled attempts to breathe. Kimura immediately started to panic. She hasn’t only subjected her only friend to an experimental fast-acting steroid but he was choking on the bottle. She couldn't help but question how it is even supposed to happen to a Lucky student.

Kimura’s panicking was interrupted by a scream in the hall. “Komaeda your choking!” Almost immediately as she heard this the source of the voice ran in another one of her lowerclassmen, a girl with purple unevenly cut hair. The girl quickly grabbed Komaeda from behind and started performing the Heimlich maneuver.

Seiko admittedly felt a bit stupid for not thinking of it especially with it being such a basic and known method to help the problem that being said the bottle unhinged and flew out of Komeda's mouth. As soon as it was gone he took a deep breath then spoke. “Tsumiki, you saved me.” His eyes sparkled with gratefulness as he began to sing her praises.

Seiko felt a light pressure on her chest that was surprisingly potent at causing her pain, quickly reducing why it wasn't hard. It was clearly a feeling of dread after all Komaeda had just consumed an experimental steroid. She quickly fought up the courage to speak up. “ Uh Komaeda I don’t mean to interrupt but?” Seiko was scared into silence by the Komeada turning his attention to the awkwardness she felt interrupting beat her out.

Komaeda simply smiled. “Kimura it's okay you're never interrupting me.” A phrase he had said a few times but she was still not sure of that despite his insistence. The other girl, Tsumiki, had a nervous look on her face even though the praise still looked nervous. Strengthening her resolve she continued. “The bottle you swallowed had an experimental steroid and I don’t know the side effects.”

Finishing the sentence Komaeda gave her a look that had a fusion of confusion and panic. “I'm fine, my muscles are kinda sore.” As he finished his sentence his body began to spasm. This time it was Tsumiki's turn to panic. “Wh-wh- What's happening?” She questions being scared by his shaking. Seiko quickly started to go through her medicine trying to find something. “The steroid is causing his muscles to spasm and grow.” As she finished she grabbed a vial and poured it down the ultimate lucky student's mouth.

After a few seconds, Komaeda went limp and fell to the ground. Tsumiki quickly sprung into action checking his vitals and making sure he was breathing. “The medicine numbs all nonessential muscles which stop the spasm.” She explained to her friend's classmate. Tsumiki had entered her talent mode, which was definitely a medical talent from her previous actions checking his vitals knowing the Heimlich maneuver and bandages wrapped around most of her limbs.

“When will it wear off?” She asked her shyness being replaced with a strong concentration. “A few hours we should move him to his room.” She suggested. Seiko immediately regretted what he had suggested. After all, if anyone were to see them carrying around a weak Komaeda who was already on thin ice the rumors could cause chaos.

Lucky for her Tsumiki didn’t agree with her suggestion. “I should just take him to the school hospital and keep an eye on him. If that's okay I'm sorry I didn’t mean to suggest your idea is bad we can do that if you want, I just I'm sorry!” Her initial rotational suggestion was consumed by a rant about how she didn’t mean to offend Seiko even though she didn’t want her own idea Tsumiki was now trying to approve of it.

The two proceeded to debate for about ten minutes about whose idea was worse before Seiko finally managed to convince Tsumiki to take Komaeda to the medical wing even after she agreed she then proceeded to apologize for arguing for another few minutes. After leaving she finally began to clean her lab when a thought came to her mind: what was the great news Komaeda had for her.