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Quest to find a hopeless reserve course

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Next semester, that's when he can enter. Assuming he is let in but Nagito was confident he could pass the test. He was going to go missing. Which could be a problem but he had come up with a solution. By spending more time with them he can make them tired of him so when he goes missing they’ll just be glad to be rid of Nagito so he won’t have to deal with them searching.

“Your turn.” He heard getting his attention he noticed that Nanami just managed to take a mass sleuth of his pieces prisoner. Quickly turning off his future plans to create his Hope he returned to the game at hand. Sonia has recently decided she wanted to learn Go so Nanami decided out of the three students besides her despite the fact Nidai and Mitarai are better than him she decided to play him quickly deciding to play it off to as making things easier for Sonia to learn as he began to put his full effort into his turn.

The match didn’t last much longer as despite her love of video games Nanami Chiaki was the Ultimate Gamer, not just video games. “Pass.” Nagito ended the match and after a quick point count, 58/303 Nanami won definitively. “A spectacular performance from the Ultimate Gamer I didn’t even stand a chance,” Nagito spoke in the sweet voice that he always gave Ultimates when they won.

Nanami gave him a look that was normally used when he sang her praises; her humbleness is truly great. “You know Komaeda if you used the set advantages the weaker position offers for fairer matches you would probably do better against me.” She said in a reminding way that seemed almost scripted. Nagito just nodded accepting her advice despite the fact he will never take an advantage over an Ultimate no matter how worse it makes it on him.

Sonia decided to speak up at this point. “So the game comes with its own costume balance for weaker players?” She asked with the intuitiveness Nagito had learned to be natural of the Ultimate Princess.

Nanami nodded. “In the game, you can have a set number pierced in your favor depending on how much better your opponent is.” She explained to the best of her abilities. Go is a complex game and while he has no doubt an Ultimate can learn, it is a fact it’s easier to learn if you start young. He can remember when he was seven coming across the stones for the first time noticing the resemblance of black and white, yin and yang, good and evil, and of course Hope and Despair. He almost shudders at the symbolism.

Fighting off the temptation he started to listen to the conversation as the Curious Princess flurry of questions came to an end with her final question though it was more of an observation. “The game seems to be more centered around territory and prisoners rather than capturing a monarch unlike in chess where that serves as the main focus.” She stated her observation.

As their conversation turned to the differences between the two games and the reasons for that a conversation that was more anthropology than gaming or princessing though he enjoyed it nonetheless though looking at the time he quickly realized he was about to be late to his therapy session. Quickly excusing himself he left.

He threw the game, While Komaeda won’t say it but he is around the same skill level as Nidai and Mitarai, he just refuses to take the advantages against her as they do. That being said, insistence on a fair fight seeing the alternative as cheating which he “refuses to do to an ultimate.” is understandable even if Chiaki finds his bias annoying but that isn’t the case.

Komaeda lost by a ridiculous amount more than he usually does. He could just be off his game today but his recent actions make her a bit worried. “What if he’s planning something he’s already on thin ice she doesn't want him to get in trouble and expelled.” Since Hinata stopped talking to her she had become noticeably more protective of her friendships even if it was just a few short weeks ago something about his disappearance worried her especially with his final words to her He’ll see me again to just seem like a goodbye.

Releasing she had entered a tangent she decided to leave it. “Even if for some reason he can’t see her he said he’ll see me again and I believe him” She ended it and decided to focus on more positive things for the first time since the chaotic last few weeks began. The entire class is going to meet up. They all agreed to go to the mall. While there was some concern about bringing Komaeda but her determination for an untied class gave her the Charisma boost she needed, it was coming up as soon as Komaeda left his therapy and she needed to get some more games for the trip. (And some money for games might be nice.)


The weekend had been good enough Miaya as she had learned of her associate Matsuda's new therapy plan which with a silver tongue she never suspected he had but as the idea of suppressing traumatic memories than using therapy to prepare the mind for it lessening the blow was an idea she had no qualms behind despite his rather negative opinions of the school.

Another thing she accomplished was a newly developed plan for her patient. As a therapist, her job is to help people cope with the past while she knows of her patient's lack of parents there was still a little amount of information. Komaeda was very unwilling to explain his past; she had little choice but to do some research on the aforementioned parents and through their death which she believes should be a good talking point of their sessions.

That being said she also has other intentions she would like to confront him on his supposedly blank medical record. With her session planned out, she patiently waited for her patent. It was strange he was late, which was unusual for him. Before she could start to question if he had ditched he turned up.

“I'm sorry I was late Miss Gekkogahara. I was helping Nanami teach a game to Sonia.” He spoke with a sincerity that she could believe at least combined with his track record of not lying. There might have been some hope as she had previously suggested he spend more time with his classmates making this the closest thing they have had to a breakthrough.

“It’s fine, Komaeda just take a seat, we have something very important to talk about,” Usami said as she began their conversation. Up to this point, the conversations have held a similar format. She asks him a question he either answers or parries with how useless it is to even try to help him and she could help other people more effectively.

Taking this in mind the next few sessions were the time she needed to put a crack into his shell and try to reach him despite his refusal of help. Quickly typing Usami began. “Okay, Komaeda firstly I would like to ask you something?” To the question, he kept a silent blank silent waiting to look waiting for the question. Even with Usami’s help she still feels nervous asking her questions especially when it’s personal. Sucking down her nerve she typed to start. “When I checked the medical record provided by the school it was blank, not even recording our sessions did you know about this.”

Komaeda flashed the not worth it smile and replied. “It’s probably just bad luck, my luck is terrible,” Komaeda answering with mention of his talent was interesting. It might have been a deflection but she would drop it, for now, there were bigger fish to fry. “Next Komaeda I wanted to talk to you about your parents and what you think of their deaths.”


The class has mostly split up Sonia and Tanaka and Soda had split up to get the parts for an animal gate soda intended to build for Tanaka. While he doesn't know it for a fact he is pretty sure Soda wants to use the opportunity to show his skill to Sonia who he has a clear crush on.

Mioda, Saionji, and Tsumiki have taken Koizumi to a Tech store most likely to look at cameras. Koizumi was still in mourning over her friend's death, a Despair she had yet to overcome. Nidai, Owari, and Mitarai all went with Hanamura to criticize the mall restaurants.

Kuzuryu went to get them all ‘Yakuza Discounts.’ which just proves the kind heart he had thought. Then there was Pekoyama. Unfortunately, Chiaki had lost track of the Ultimate Swordswoman but he wasn’t worried she could definitely take care of herself. Chiaki herself had been brought there by Komaeda. The store was a tech store that had all kinds of laptops and computer parts.

“I was here buying a new laptop the other day and I found something you might like.” He explained as he started to lead her through the store. She was curious to find what he had found. As they reached the back of the store she saw it. Her eyes sparkled at the sight of the box upon box of Arcade cabinets.

“Yeah, you always said you liked classic arcade games and while you could get a ROM I thought you would like them.” He spoke with the same kind of tone he normally stuck to. Not that the tone isn’t appropriate, just the aesthetic of her own arcade machines, maybe even making an arcade room recreating a retro arcade.

Quickly making their way over to the price tags she looked and saw the price. 55000 Yen. She suddenly sank; she only had about 33000 Yen. She wouldn't be able to afford it. This was a circumstance she is experienced with this gaming was expansive she would just have to deal with. As Chiaki moped over the loss, she barely noticed Komaeda approaching one of the games.

“Streetfighter 2 is a good one don’t you think?” He said not looking at her but focused on the game. “It is considered by most the derivative fighter and its arcade is considered by most it's best though I think the other ports aren’t as bad as people like to say.” Chiaki continued with his tangent as Komaeda movies looked at the price. He then interrupted the gamers' rant about her first experience with street fighter 2 on her old ZX spectrum and how she found it charming.

“A bit expensive do you want it?” Chiaki just silently nodded as she did, Komaeda proceeded to grab the box of street fighter 2 and started to lift it. Well more attempts than actually succeed. For a split second, she couldn’t comprehend it before it kicked in. “He wants to buy it for me, no, that's just hopeful thinking he probably doesn't know I can’t afford it.” With that in mind, she tried to inform him.

“Komaeda I can’t afford this.” She spoke slightly embarrassed about the misunderstanding, unfortunately, the comment only earned a look of confusion from Komaeda before he shot another question. “You want to split it?” Chiaki's eyes sparkled as her breathing deepened. “Really … you can afford that?” Chiaki knew Komaeda was the kind of person to willingly spend more than he can to help her and she didn’t want that.

Komaeda simply nodded “Don’t worry, my luck has left the financial situation rather comfortable.” The gamer didn’t know if it was Komaeda's special brand of charisma or just the fact that she wanted the game but she simply accepted. “If you want to split it we can but if we do then it’s half yours too.” She commented making her way over to the game to pick it up.

“There is no need Nanami. If it inspires your hope then I don’t need it, the money is already well spent.” Komaeda is difficult to work with especially when it comes to this but she had recently thought of something, time to see if her new tactic is as effective as she hopes. “Komaeda, wouldn't it inspire more hope if two ultimate's shared it?”

Komaeda was silent at her question thinking it over before responding. “Maybe but if that's the case you should split with another one maybe Sonia or perhaps Tsumiki.” As Komeda began to argue with himself over who she should split the game with, she interrupted him. “Komaeda if I'm spending money on it should be mine?” She phrased it as a question to which he nodded allowing her to continue. “Then seeing how you also spending money on it, it should also be yours. While I have no problem sharing, it is ours.”

To Chiaki's surprise, Komaedas' response was not a self-deprecating argument but instead, he began to mope mumbling “If you say so?” Normally she would attempt to lift him out of the surprisingly sad stupor but she decided to ignore it besides they had a box to try to pick up. Working together Chiaki and Komaeda began to try and lift the box.