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Quest to find a hopeless reserve course

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“Home sweet home.” Nagito shivered as he approached the poor excuse of a giant shack he called home. It’s not like the place isn’t nice after all his luck gave it to him but the Despair that rained off the place was unbearable to him. Entering the frigid house he quickly made his way to his computer room.

The contraption was specially made to withstand his luck, custom coolers to prevent overheating wires specially made to avoid malfunctions (Specifically fires.). Getting on it he turned it on along with the most expensive VPN he could find. It was made by a young prodigy. She did a good job, it might be worthy of the Ultimate title or at least she will make his prediction list for the next year. From there, his plan began.

The plan is simple if tough to pull off. If Hinata was inside the reserved course all he has to do is go and find him. Unfortunately, thanks to the incident he is kinda well known and wouldn’t be allowed into the course. Not just is he an Ultimate but he is under security for his mental instability. For these reasons, he needs to stop being the Ultimate Lucky Student Komaeda Nagito.

Buying a new identity is surprisingly easy and affordable then again he can only assume that the people who want to cease to be are often poor and untalented. That being said, buying one that can then pass Hope's peak background check is a bit more problematic but he had to have Hope that he could after all if there are two things he believes in it’s the good of Hope and the power of his luck.

With the new identity out of the way, he will need to become his new self with some quick purchases he could begin renting an apartment to be his fake home and some hair dye, glasses should cover up his face perhaps some contacts to change his eye color and one of those voice-changing bow ties detectives use. Once he is in, it will be as simple as tracking Hinata down and finding out why he isn’t talking to Nanami. Nagito’s current theory is that he has realized that he doesn't deserve to be her friend. While it is noble and definitely shows that he is smarter than the average talentless reserve course but if Nanami wanted to be a friend that was a given.

There were a few potential flaws while Nagito was sure he could fool the school and even reserved course even his classmates would struggle to notice after all he is nowhere near worth remembering enough to remember him. The key problem was Kamishiro as the ultimate spy noticing another spy is in his skill set, unlike other students who have nothing to do with disguises. Keeping this in mind he needs to stay in crowded areas to avoid him.

Nagito shuddered at the thought that there was one thing that made him uncomfortable: crowded places and loud noises, two things a crowd creates. “The things I do for Hope.” He said to himself as an identity caught his eyes. “Tochi Yakunitatanai, perfect,” he mumbled as he purchased the identity.



It was blank, well not completely blank the normal stuff date of birth but anything suggesting her theories happened to be absent not medical conditions but details of mental health that should have been there wasn't like the fact he is seeing a therapist is absent. Turning to Matsuda she was admittedly confused, a record could be blank and the fact that he sees her is recent so perhaps it was entangled in administration though it sounded unlikely epically for a lucky student.

Matsuda quickly decided to put an end to that possibility. “Those records are from the school. They are very protective of the Ultimate students' health; there's no way they could make a mistake like this.” His tone was more serious focused. Hearing someone so laid back talking like this was a bit unsettling it put her on edge.

If the file was blank then the school is very thorough and it comes up blank then that leaves an obvious conclusion but that makes little sense. “Why would the school want to keep his file blank the only people who can see it are employees of the school itself and Ultimates with medical talents like you and-” At that moment it snapped the school didn’t want Tsumiki to see it and by extinction his class but it doesn't explain why.

Matsuda crossed his arms and started to slowly shake his head. “There is only one reason this school does anything so the question we need to ask is how does Komaeda’s talent relate to his medical record?”

To Miaya the question didn't make sense. Why would the school change his record? His talent was luck; it has nothing to do with medical practice. “What do you mean?” She was curious about the Neurologist's thought process.

He looked a bit annoyed at the prospect of having to restate and his tone reflected this but he did it anyway. “He is Ultimate luck, not Ultimate good luck, it's all about probability so he can have bad luck. So if he were to get some kind of super-rare condition that should render him incapable of attending classes and his good luck let him somehow do so, they could have wiped his record to make sure someone like me or Tsumiki couldn't find out and ruin the experiment.”

Miaya was silent, the suggestion of a coverup by the school should have been impossible but if Matsuda's theory was correct then it did make sense but if so it doesn't explain why the school would do this. “What you suggested is highly illegal. I don’t see the school going through with this.” As she heard the sweet voice of Monomi saying this she started to agree perhaps a more serious talking option would be a good idea.

Matsuda, whose patience seemed to be running thin, shrugged. “Hope's peak official goal is the development and research of talent. You can’t improve luck.” He said it was slightly colder than usual and more condescending. “The school has already done some shady shit why else would they need my Memory Modification techniques?” There was more noticeable venom in that statement.

That final comment specifically caught her attention. “Memory manipulation?” she typed wanting more context. The Ultimate Neurologist's eyes widened flashing with fear, mouth dropping open suggesting to her that he did not mean to say that.


“You never know how much you care about something until you lose it.” A quote no one really knows where it came from and is a bit cliche but to Seiko, it fits the situation of her current life. She lost the only two friends she ever had. She knows Ando was just using her but it didn’t change the fact that Seiko missed her former friend. Heck, she missed Izayoi’s super defensive behavior pulling weapons on anyone who would go as far as to surprise Ando.

The quote even held true to the guy who indirectly ended her first friendship. Komaeda Nagito had gone from a lower classman to her only friend in just a few weeks. To most of the school, he is the psycho who tried to blow up the gym for a time. That's what he was to her. In fact, it was even worse, his plan was to take her friends and humiliate her. Seiko would go as far again as to say she hated him but then one day he turned up to her lab and begged not for forgiveness but to be allowed to be a servant.

It was pitiable but if he made the offer to Ando she would accept and what she could accomplish with Komaeda as a servant would be genuinely terrifying so Kimura decided to talk to him and by the end of the conversation, he swore to help her make friends. That is the setup for the current action of creating a friendship drug to increase her own sociability. She isn't sure if she needs to make it after all Komaeda is her friend but he is insistent she makes other friends so she has decided to make the drug a just in case.

Either way with him gone for the weekend she kinda misses him. Normally he visited daily he would even bring them food on occasion apparently he is really bad at cooking but she isn't completely sure about that after all he really likes to downplay something she is really knowledgeable on and she wants him to stop. There is no way the guy who made the entire super complex bomb the gym plan just to help his classmates is an idiot despite his own insistence.

Pulling out her phone she questioned whether to call because she didn’t want to bother him but humans were naturally social creatures and Komaeda has been a major help to her in that category so she kinda wanted to thank him. After a few seconds, she put her phone away and sighed mumbling to herself “It’s just the weekend.” Before continuing with her work. A modified version of her steroid was proving to have a bit more of a beastial effect but it is seeming to be more of a benefit.


While the entire premises was Despair filled it did not resonate from his house at the center no the Komaeda family graveyard was the source. His father started it after buying the house wanting the family to be buried together in a more western method instead of traditional cremation. Despite making it when Nagito was a few months old it had sense filled up with every other Komaeda.

Safe to say the Despair of his entire family was in this one place. It is where he was made, molded. He lived in the house but only the despair of this graveyard could be his home for that he hated the place. Despite hating this place it was rare for him to have built up the nerve to actually visit and with this potentially being his last chance he had to just to see them one last time.

As Nagito approached he felt his entire body start to shiver from the cold natural to the graveyard. Not willing to quit so easily he hugged himself to keep warm as he continued. There it was right next to each other.

Komaeda spoke in a raspy voice. “Hey Mom, Dad, it's been a while since I've been busy with school.” He began trying to sound casual; he knows they would have wanted that. “I haven't made any friends. Thankfully one of the good things about the academy is that the Ultimates know they are too good for me so I don’t have to worry about them trying at least not as hard and when they do I'm so inferior they give up.”

Not wanting to give them that rant again he decided to change the conversation to his classmates. “First there is Kuzuryu, yeah the yakuza he is strong-willed but he has a good heart that is truly kind.”

“Then Soda the Ultimate mechanic who can build almost anything though my luck likes to hurt him which is unfortunate I kinda wanted him to help me improve my explosives but when I get close he gets paranoid and thanks to that my chances have dropped to zero now.”

He then continued. How Tsumiki’s shy kindness even to him, Mioda’s positively and passion for her music despite how loud it is, Tanaka’s power and pride and ensured world domination in the future, Sonia a literal princess who even pities him enough to call him friend, Nidai’s a man with a heart just as strong as Kuzuryu but he uses it to encourage, Owari someone who keeps everything exciting and just goes with the flow, Hanamura who has given him food so good even the best he has eaten before doesn't compare, Pekoyama who serves as a cold protector always on guard to defend any member of the class, Saionji who despite her worse traits can bring true beauty to the world through her art, Koizumi a person with compassion that helps bind the group together, Mitarai a quiet kid who really doesn't like to show his talent and tries to hide himself but he knows that deep down he is good.

“The class representative Ultimate gamer Nanami, Out of the entire class she has the greatest Hope. It shines so brightly it is almost unbelievable. Despite everything, I think she actually wants to be my friend.” After saying this Nagito got caught on a thought before continuing. “Don’t worry I'm not going to make the same mistake again but it just shows the power of her Hope.” He quickly decided to use this as a segway to why he was here.

“Though her Hope is the reason I'm here I found a way to make her Hope glow even brighter.” Just the idea makes him shiver in delight having all his Despair all the Despair his luck has created finally gone. It was amazing even here her Hope was strong enough to make him want to bask in its warmth. “I Hope I can serve as the stepping stone needed to end the Despair I have brought and turn it all into Hope.” He mumbled to himself before turning around to leave.

“I miss you, see you soon. He said louder but barely above a whisper. Before leaving.