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Quest to find a hopeless reserve course

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It was near the end of the day only a few minutes left Nagito sat in his assigned seat pretending to listen to Yukizome as she explained some complex equation. He knows Yukizome is someone he should listen to and try to learn from but he found there was little reason to. Luck, while not a talent, was powerful and he knew for a fact it would either give him top marks or force him to fail especially with his teacher's love of multiple-choice and even if he wanted to he struggled to ignore the stairs that did a good job to distract him.

He knows they're staring at him almost in shifts. He couldn’t blame them, heck he was used to it for slightly different reasons but still worked nonetheless. First, there was Nidai and Kuzuryu who sat in the back behind him and at a right angle behind him. Koizumi sit’s right next to him and sneaks him a glance then finally while he hasn’t caught her he can feel Pekoyama glaring at him.

He didn’t blame them, he is a threat even if he didn’t want to be and the Ultimates should have a sense of self-preservation. “And that will wrap it up for today's class. Have a great weekend.” She said with the same enthusiasm used to unite our class in the first place.

Silently Nagito began to pack up. Most of the time he would hang around the rest of the class letting them make plans for what they wanted to do, most of the time they would let him join but his actions had cost him that pity. Add on the fact that the fact of theft was clearly uncomfortable around him and he had decided to make it a habit to leave early despite Nanami’s protest.

He appreciated the Ultimate Gamer’s pity he really did and he can understand her want to keep the class together, of course with luck like his he would become an affront to her success. As he packed his last final book the aforementioned Ultimate approached him.

“Komaeda, we're going to an arcade tomorrow you coming along right?” She said with the authoritative voice that she used when she had a clear set answer it wasn’t threatening like Yukizome but had a natural charisma to it developed since she became the class rep.

He normally couldn’t have said no literally what right does he have to tell an ultimate no but with his recent quest and his return home he had no time. “I'm sorry Nanami I can’t this weekend.” He said before he quickly explained out of lacking a rebuttal or his fear of disappointing an Ultimate.

“After recent events, I have to return to my home for the weekend.” Nagito said this with the light smile he wore most of the time his ‘Natural look’. This seemed to have worked changing her demeanor to something more positive. Though it was such a small change from neutral it was a bit difficult to tell.

“Ok good luck with that,” she responded simply Nagito having finished packing Quickly made his way to the door before finishing the brief exchange. “I always do.” With that he slipped out the door leaving his classmates to plan without his interruption, quickly beginning to make his way towards Gekkogahara’s office for that day’s session.

He couldn't help but find himself confused. Despite all of his actions Nanami still wanted him around. It was confusing how could pity be so strong it should have run out by now like the others. Yukizome was responsible for him so he could understand there but with his classmate, it didn’t make sense it was almost as if there was more to pity her opinion on their relationship was different than he had interpreted like her actions were not out of pity but from something else.

Nagito quickly shook off those thoughts of how foolish he could be to think an Ultimate could even consider it, such a thought made the Lucky student feel disgusted by himself. “Nanami was acting that way because she of her Hope nothing more,” Nagito mumbles to himself. It was the only option after all if it wasn’t that and her pity must have run out that can only mean she considered him a friend.


The past month has been a chaotic time in Chiaki’s life. First, her friend Kuzuryu’s little sister gets murdered by some unknown pervert, then Koizumi, another one of her best friends from middle school also ends up dead. With that striking the class Hinata, a friend from the reserved course goes silent which is worrying her. Finally, midterms tests were coming up and our class was in mourning or trying to help someone in mourning. My most distant friend decided to help by getting the exams canceled via bomb scare. Once his threat wasn’t taken he tried to do it.

With that all having gone down in one week earlier that month everything was kind of difficult to keep up with. Kuzuryu and Koizumi have taken a step back which she can’t blame them for and Komaeda has started to see a therapist which she has tried to be supportive of despite his constant attempts to explain why he doesn't deserve help. (Which she can’t understand.) He has also taken a step back. She was glad to see he was going home. Maybe his family wants to have a talk about that.

“You think his parents are gonna make him drop out.” she heard soda say behind her though it wasn’t clear who he was asking she decided to answer.

“Probably not.” She said with the normal cold, nonchalant voice that was natural to her.

“Really why not,” he asked in a tone showing overwhelming disappointment. While she had to talk to him about wanting one of our friends to drop out later for now an explanation.

“Well even if they did Komaeda’s Luck would do something to ensure they don’t …. I think.” She explained which he seemed to have accepted with only a little pout.

“To be honest I think it’s best if he stays here.” They heard Pekoyama speak up. “He is a threat but at least we know he’s getting help.” She explained.

Kozumi gave her tosense next. “Maybe but if he doesn't need to be here for help he could potentially get it somewhere else and we could just check on him?” she asked which sounded more like a suggestion but once again she decided to ignore it.

Poekoyama shook her head. “He is too cunning. He planned his entire plot without any of us knowing, he doesn't seem to want help and if the school doesn't force him directly he wouldn’t go even if we kept tabs on him I think he could deceive us.”

“How did you know Komaeda didn’t want help?” Chiaki asked caught off guard that the ultimate swordswomen knew a fact that Komaeda seemed to have only confided in her, he essentially won’t talk about his therapy unless pressure instead of cracking after being asked. This was strange behavior for him.

“.....” The ultimate swordswoman was silent before Kuzuryu spoke up. “Look, the fact is we're probably all safer if that psychopath is within stopping range even if we want him gone.” He said annoyed by the conversation before storming out.

That quickly ended the conversation on Komaeda. Chiaki could tell that her class had grown colder to their Egoless friend which was a bit frustrating to her, Chiaki thinks supporting him and the fact that he is getting help would be best. That being said, she will respect their wishes for now. Deciding to change the subject naturally to forming plans with the class for Sunday.


Miaya braced herself as she got ready to enter. While Usami does help the Therapist with her social issues she still got nervous even around someone like Matsuda who she could relate to. Most seemed to see the Ultimate Neurologist as a cold dry man but he also wanted above all else to help a feeling she could relate to. It's the reason she wants his help with her current patient.

Entering the room she was met with the man in question reading a manga sporting his unprofessional attire. “So you wanna talk about Komaeda?” He said lowering his manga and turning his attention to her.

Quickly typing Usami answered. “Yes, I would like to talk about my current patient.” She answered moving a bit closer so she wanted to stand in the doorway to continue the conversation. Matsuada sighed, rubbing his eyes. “Okay, what do you need?”

Miaya sighed she knows this needs to be done but she doesn't like to pry swallowing how uncomfortable this made her feel. “Komaeda has some issues that worry me.” She began Matsuada despite his demeanor sitting there silently and listening to her observations.

“Aside from his mental problems that include a disturbing lack of empathy and a radical cult-like devotion to his own hope ideology he also has a rather sickly body, figure and noticeably unnatural hair color and noticeable lack of social cues that make me think that there is something more wrong with him.” As she explained this Matsuda silently listened, nodding his head along to her observations.

“So because you want to check his records you want me to break the law and give you illegal access to his medical records.” He asked with the classically annoyed tone she had grown through their few interactions to believe was normal to him.

Miaya knows it's illegal but she suspects that if there is something wrong Komaeda won’t get help seeing how their sessions usually go. “If I am correct he's essentially committing suicide I refuse to let him.” She typed with greater intensity than usual.

There were many reactions to her intense typing, one she was not expecting was for the Ultimate Neurologist to let out a dry chuckle. “You know you can’t make Usami sound serious no matter how intense you type right?” His question did slow her steam a bit but she was still resolute.

“Fine you win, I'll check.” He said quickly, pulling out his laptop. As he typed, he began to explain himself. “Physically I have made similar observations which combine that with abnormally weak stamina. I suspect that he either has some kind of weakened immune system maybe- .” As he explained he suddenly went silent.

Quickly the Former Ultimate Therapist typed. “What's wrong?” He quickly turned the laptop. “Nothing.” He responded as she looked at the screen, seeing Komaeda’s medical records completely blank.