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Quest to find a hopeless reserve course

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Nagito needed to put more thought into this as he was under the school's watch. He knows they bugged his room. He found one while he was cleaning and it was assumed there were more, the fact of the matter is the school didn’t trust him. If they knew he wanted to track down Hinata no matter the motivation they would try to stop him.

With that concluded, he needed to be more strategic; he needed to find him without the school knowing and investigation would require stealth. Nagito was not without advantage while he was talentless he still had his luck and with its power the advantage was his. It had taken much from this world and now he can use it to help spread hope.

His fortune was honestly immense more than he could ever need so his mission at least had the funding. The next thing he needs to do is some basic cyberstalking. Most people have some kind of presence on the internet so he should be able to find some information on him. With his veteran's skill of finding hopes and learning about them.

With that decided he got to work grabbing his wallet and leaving for a nearby store to buy a new laptop then a restaurant to begin research. As he walked down the halls of the dorm the thought came to mind to ask Nanami about him but he’s not sure she supports this undertaking and he couldn’t risk her becoming curious. These thoughts were interrupted by a recently familiarized voice.

“You're going somewhere Komaeda?” the Ultimate spy Kamishiro asked, having been behind Nagito without him noticing.

Nagito shrugged. “I'm going out to eat.” Not a lie just isn’t the full truth either way easier to get away with than just lying.

“Really but isn’t Hanamura a classmate of yours that basically guarantees good food and high priority in line?” He said as if it was a question clearly suspicious of him but he should be he is the one who found me out.

“No one wants to see scum like me, especially after what I tried to pull.”

The spy in return just pulled a thing of sweet bread out from his endless bag and popped it into his mouth. “Wa oa en i ce vu ater.” He said chewing with his mouth open as he walked away.

Nagito was relieved if there was anyone who could stop him. It was the brilliant Ultimate Spy; he was just doing a less effective version of his talent. Either way, he needs to get out fast while he can play off an Ultimate who doesn't know him, his classmates know him too well to fall for it and their pity for him is too low.


A rather antisocial kid from the little I got, Nagito begrudgingly thought as he walked through the halls of the pharmacy lab making his way near his location. After his ‘Attack’ he got to stay but his bad luck did take itself out on an upperclassman. Kimura Seiko the Ultimate Pharmacist. While indirectly part of his plan the media had made her and her friends scapegoats of another controversy caused by his luck and their reputations were tarnished and even worse because of his luck her own friends blamed her for the whole thing ending their friendship.

All of this served to isolate Kimura and she has started to turn into a social recluse. The hopelessness of the situation hurt him but he knew a way of redemption. He has started to make a conscious effort to boost her motivation and attempt to get her to make new friends. “I feel bad for her having to deal with me as her main form of social interaction but at least I can be a stepping stone to turn her despair into hope.” He thought to himself as he arrived at her lab and slipped in.

She was hard at work as she always was spending most of the day dedicating herself to her talent and creating new hope. It was rather beautiful and when he first came here he would have just left her to her work but he knew better now Nanami's hope had become so powerful through her friendship with there other classmen friendship bred hope and friendship amongst Ultimates created an even greater hope. With this in mind, helping Kimura learn how to make friends will grow her hope so she can spread even more.

As the thought of spreading this kind of hope had him shutter with the warmth it brought him. Nagito was a cold person literally he felt cold all the time but when he saw hope spread it made him feel a beautiful comforting warmth. He can’t remember the warmth of loved ones but he can remember that it was his love. Nagito was not an idiot. He knows the others can’t understand that but there is no way for them to, the only thing he would get is pity which is a waste of time.

His hope stupor was distracted by the Ultimate Pharmacist herself who tapped him on the shoulder. “Are you okay?” She asked timidly, somewhat similar to his classmate Tsumiki but with less of a stutter. Nagito silently nodded. “I'm fine.” He said quickly before switching the conversation. “How’s the friendship-making pill?”

Kimura’s worry disappeared as she quickly became engrossed in explaining her research. “Oh well, it’s going well currently. I think a combination of Serotonin for the natural boost in confidence and happiness along with Oxytocin increases the ability to form social bonds. Though I have to be careful too much and It could make me fall in love.” She explained with a beautiful joy that only comes from an Ultimate explaining their talent.

“A drug that can force the brain to fall in love, your medicine is amazing and the fact that you have the power to do that is amazing,” Nagito said brightly. She flustered something that he had grown rather used to. Despite all of Kimura’s talent, she was so humble, it annoyed him that someone who can bring so much hope is stuck in such a position, to have him as the only other Ultimate who will be around her was rather disturbing.

From there the conversation turned into more casual talk Kimura talking about some of the medicines she had made which of course he loved to hear about. Nagito told her mostly of books he had read along with some more basic topics. It was no secret that Nagito was terrible at socializing but Kimura wasn’t too far behind so it went both ways.

While he enjoyed talking the small talk things had to pick up he had things he needed to do but he also needed to keep tabs. “Kimura, can I make a request?” He asked, trying to maintain his casualness.

She looked at him slightly flustered. “You know we're on thin ice. I'm not sure if I can make you anything, especially with the school's more intense monitoring of my resources.” She explained, seemingly somewhat disappointed. While Komaeda had no need for her talent he was still saddened at the reminder of the restrictions put on her and her ‘accomplices’ because of him.

“I don’t need medicine, it's just I'm going to be gone for the weekend at least and I would like to stay in contact,” Nagito said in his more negatory voice. “I just wanted to exchange phone numbers.”

“Oh ok.” She said trying to stay calm, flustered by the action for whatever reason. They exchanged numbers and Komaeda got ready to go. It was late and he needed to get ready. It was Friday tomorrow, the start of the weekend, a perfect chance to go home. Unmonitored, uncontrolled he can make actual plans and get the tools he needs to track down that Hopeless Reserve Course