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Quest to find a hopeless reserve course

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“So when did the idea you were trash come about?” Usami asked as Nagito sat there silently admiring his therapists despite the fact she was wasting her time trying to help him instead of someone more important but he couldn't shake her from her efforts.

He really didn’t want to answer she really didn't need to be here but as much as he doesn't want her to try he can’t lie to an Ultimate and even if he could he’s not smart enough, she could tell if he tried. “I concluded myself: what's the purpose of people who don’t make the world a better place? They might be the majority but no one really cares when they die. I'm just a part of that majority or at least above it by such a minuscule amount it doesn't matter.”

As he gave his reasons Miss Gekkogahara typed it down and asked more questions with the help of Usami but when it came down to it even her immense talents can’t change reality he can’t be fixed it was just a fact of life trash is trash. “Okay Komaeda I think that's good for today you can go now.”

Hearing that from her he got up and left. At least he was glad to leave with him gone, she could spread hope and not waste her time on him. Out of the entire situation that was the worst part, well that and the stairs. He could deal with the surveillance, The bugs, The constant searches, even the removal of all his bombs and bomb-making material but he hated the way his fellow students looked at him. Some looked at him like he was a threat as if he could hurt one of the hopes of the world or even worse like he needed help with pity and sympathy. Komaeda knew one thing: people who pitied him have never ended up well.

Leaving the therapy facility (Which was a repurposed part of the Neurology lab.) He noticed one of his classmates waiting for him. Nanami the class rep leaned against the wall of the Lab in deep concentration clearly completely dedicated to her game. While he would normally leave her to her game not wanting to interrupt her but she would get mad at that kind of thing so he instead decided to wait for her to finish.

After about twenty minutes she decided to check for him. (Probably realizing she had been there for a while.) “Oh, you're out?” She asked which Komeda responded with a simple nod. She accepted his answer and the two began to make their way back to the dorms together.

Since his attempted ‘Act of terrorism’ stopped thanks to the amazing talent of the Ultimate Spy Kamishiro Yuto which is what led to all of this Nanami seems to blame herself for his action. Despite his attempts to tell her it’s not her fault she believes as a class rep she should have seen it coming and thus she has taken up keeping an eye on him so she would occasionally wait for him after his therapy.

“So how was therapy?” She asked with a sterner voice than usual, more Kozumi than Nanami. He knows she just wants him to ‘Get help’. There was no helping someone like him which she can’t get. He loved the Hope she exhibited, she is the Hope of their class, but it annoyed him how misguided her Hope could be.

“It was fine, I'm still a bit upset that she is wasting her time with me,” the Hopeless boy said with a shrug which was met by Nanami puffing out her cheeks. "You're not worthless, you deserve help.” She said calmly.

Nagito had a bit of talent when compared to a hope of the world like Nanami. It was nothing but when compared to your everyday person he was still talented and on top of that, he knew the abilities of the world's hopes. Knowing this information he came to a simple conclusion: Nanami had no intention of giving up any time soon and with the patience required to become the Ultimate Gamer she spends a ridiculous amount of time grinding in multiple games at once there's not much he could do but in the same vain he can’t ignore her so he decides to listen as he walks with her until she finishes her rant.

As they made their way through the truly massive campus of Hope’s Peak they descended into silence. Nagito just enjoyed being around such Hopeful individuals, let alone someone with Hope as strong as Nanami’s so he really didn’t need to speak. Nanami on the other hand enjoyed the silence or was at least neutral to it so the two walking in silence was somewhat normal. Nagito couldn’t help but notice a slight change in his classmates demeanor as they passed the central fountain; she seemed a bit sad. Quickly Nagito felt extreme discomfort across his entire body, his curiosity overwhelming him.

“Hey Nanami, is there something wrong? You seem a bit off.” He asked nervously who knows what kind of powerful Despair could render the class Hope upset. She looked up at him with confusion before changing to a weak smile. “It’s nothing, just a friend who hasn’t been staying in contact.” She answered with sincerity. This did its job to feed his curiosity but failed to remove how uncomfortable he felt seeing her like this. He had to continue if this friend's lack of contact is causing things he needs to know who it is.

“Who is this mystery friend?” Nagito tried to mask his more serious intentions with a more plain curious tone though he is sure she can see past it. She has a history of taking pity on him and with his Luck, it would pull through here. Nanami the ever kind gave him pity and revealed the mystery man. “He’s a reserved course named Hinata Hajime. We used to meet here but a few weeks ago he said some weird stuff and I haven’t seen him since.” She admitted to her Lucky classmate.

Nagito went silent and stayed that way until he made it back to his room only speaking to wish his classmate a good night. For a reserve course to cause her any kind of despair was unforgivable; he could almost feel himself shaking from anger. Yet Nanami the classes hoped to see him. It was an undeniable fact he couldn’t understand why but she is smarter than him so it’s probably beyond his comprehension.

Then a thought crossed Nagito's mind that if Nanami’s friend would return the Hope would be overwhelming. With that kind of hope, she wouldn't notice for a while which might be enough time. Having such kind people who are willing to pretend they care about trash like him is a kind of Luck that demands balancing. He knows that, he also knows who the only person left to face his Luck is, then they won’t get in the way of his luck by accident. At that moment it was decided “Hinata Hajime I will find you and make you pay for causing Nanami's Despair then you will help me cause her less!”


Miaya sat back at her desk looking at the notes she had taken that session. When Headmaster Kirigiri contacted her for this job she didn’t know what she was getting into not to say she wasn’t up for it she wants to help Komaeda but he doesn't make it easy believing himself undeserving of her help on top of that he seems to have developed a philosophy to back up those opinions.

From the rather small amount of information she was able to get from their interactions, he seems to have attempted the attack based on a want to help his classmates. An extremely misguided attempt to help them which clearly proves he needs help. Starting to organize the notes into the greater Komaeda Nagito file she has had to make just to try to help the kid. It seems that someone like him should have shown evidence of his problems way earlier which could suggest some form of neglect. His file suggests these things: having no family and enough money to support himself indefinitely has allowed him to get away with his problems.

Despite his supposed loyalty to his classmates he doesn't seem to be friends with any of them. The closest he seems to be with any of them is the class representative Nanami Chiaki who he says pities him enough to keep him around. Miaya is not a fool; she can tell that her patient has a massive inferiority complex and is biased against himself. Unfortunately, there is not much she can do.

As it currently stands her best bet is to try to get him to recognize his problems and fix them on his own. It was normal procedure on a resistant client. Finishing her organizing she couldn't help but sigh. With someone so difficult is that really all she can do. Silently thinking it over an idea came to her. Perhaps she could use the insight of the ultimate neurologist Matsuda Yasuke. He could potentially give insight into his classmate.