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candy, she's sweet like candy in my veins

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Max still didn't understand how El said yes.


When she asked her to the dance a while ago, she said yes, and it had her floored, she couldn't believe it. But here she was, driving to where El lived to pick her up and drive her to the dance.


Max's heart was beating in her ears, but she tried to drown out her thoughts, turning up the radio louder. The whole situation seemed like one big high school cliche, and she wished she could skip it, but sadly, you couldn't skip real life.


Even if she really wanted. Tapping her thumbs to the beat of the current song as she drove, it was like her nerves were at ease, somewhat, and she could breathe more easily. That was until she pulled up at El's street. Taking in a deep breath, Max rolled down the window, giving El a wide smile. "Told you I wouldn't be late!" She had called out, the smile only managing to widen even more if that was possible, "I never break a promise,"


El chuckled lightly and went up to her window, looking into her bright blue eyes, "And I said I believed you, didn't I?" she had teased back.


The playful banter between the two has been happening ever since their junior year when they were partners for a project, and how it makes her heart swell. God. She needed to get a grip on her feelings, but so Max rolled her eyes as a response, before she had nudged her head over to the side. "Hop in your chariot, princess," El rolls her eyes at the nickname but makes her way over to the front seat. And their off the second her seatbelt clicks.


Driving to the school is mostly silent except for the music playing and Max's thumbs being tapped against the wheel once more. Her mind drifts to kissing her, to kissing her at the slow dance, and her cheeks flush pink. Wouldn't that be a fun way to come out to the whole school, Max thinks, and she stifles a chuckle at the idea.


It causes El to look at her and raise an eyebrow which Max brushes off with a smile. Her heartbeat slows a bit, and she's focused, so she feels a bit better now that her heart isn't beating frantically. Songs change, the drive gets shorter, and Max jokes about changing the radio channel once or twice because of how much the songs suck, but they're almost there, almost to the dance, and Max's tapping gets harder.


Damn, she just can't stop thinking about kissing her.


Another song plays, and the smile on Max's face fades, they slowly pull into a parking spot as Max sighs. As the long drive is over, the dance is about to happen the second she walks in through the school doors.


But something inside of her, it's probably her gut, is telling her to do something. Maybe it's the adrenaline rush finally kicking in, or maybe she's crazy and needs to stop thinking about this.


However, she just needs to do it. So she turns to El with a smile, and El smiles back slowly, she removes her hands from the steering wheel slowly, their sweaty, Max takes in a deep breath, and moves to kiss her. Instantly Max breaks away, she's panicked, confused, and scared, kt's like she doesn't know what to do. And even though El's cheeks are red, and her eyes are wide, she still wraps her arms around her neck and kisses her back, and holy shit.


It's just like fireworks.