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Three Dots

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There were many things that separated Miranda and Andy. Their status, their wealth, their interests, their backgrounds. But what seemed to separate them most of all was their age. Not to the point where there was a problem. But to the point that Miranda had to get used to some...changes in how she interacted with Andy.


Miranda squinted down at the tiny screen of her phone, first through her glasses, then over them. Neither view seemed to make much of a difference. 


"Why do millennials like texting so much," Miranda muttered. "Whatever happened to talking on the phone? Or sending an email? I have a perfectly good computer right here." She gestured towards the laptop on her desk. Even that screen was small enough to give her trouble at times, but at least it wasn't the size of her hand. 


Miranda didn't hate texting she actually found it to be a very convenient form of communication. It was nice to be able to shoot off a quick message to her assistants or her daughters. But she only ever sent a few words. A sentence or two at most. 


Andrea wanted to have entire conversations over text. And she wanted to do it all day. She said good morning when she woke up then she didn't stop sending messages until she said goodnight when she went to sleep. And unlike a normal conversation that required two people to maintain it, Andrea was perfectly fine taking to herself until Miranda found the time and will to reply. 


"I know you're a busy woman," she'd said when a soft smile when Miranda asked about it. "You'll see it eventually and respond when you can. That's why I prefer texting. I want to talk to you but I don't want to take up too much of your time." She'd taken Miranda's hand and kissed her on the cheek. " I'm not gonna be like those other assholes who don't realize your world couldn't revolve around them. But I still want a little piece of you. Even if it's just an emoji."


At the time she'd scoffed and asserted that she'd never use emojis. She could communicate her thoughts without resorting to smiley faces, thank you very much. But really it had just been a front to cover up how Andrea's statements made her heart flutter. But judging by how Andrea simply apologized and gave her most tender look, Miranda hadn't managed to hide how she felt. 


So, texting it was. 


Miranda tapped on the thread simply labeled A. She had to scroll up a bit to catch up on the messages she'd missed. 


A: Morning, sweetheart! Hope you have a good day!


A: Uggghh I hate my job. Writing is hard. 


A: Can I come work for you again? Say the word and I'll be there with your coffee. 


A: Okay I take it back I like my coworkers much better here. We're gonna go out for drinks after work. So if you deign to respond and I'm a little slow returning it then it's cause I'm out getting shit faced


A: Lol jk no shit faced for me. Maybe fart faced tho lol


Miranda curled her lip. Honestly, the things that girl said sometimes. At least her messages were comprehensible. Miranda really didn't think she could do this if Andrea texted in the same shorthand her daughters used. 


A: I think I'm gonna go home real quick and change. Wear that new dress I got the other day. Did I ever show you?


The last message came twenty-seven minutes ago. Andrea was probably home by now. Miranda began to type.


M: Show me the dress. 


Almost immediately a response came. 


A: Sweetheart!


A: How was your day? Probably busy, huh?


Miranda leaned back in her chair with a heavy sigh. 


M: Terribly. It's only eight but it feels like ten. I wish it actually was ten. I could collect the book and go home. 


A: You're still at the office?


M: Unfortunately, yes. 


A: Why?


Miranda bit her lip. Usually this would be the start of an argument. Of a plea for more of her time. What could she possibly need to be at the office so late for? It was just a magazine about clothes. Miranda could already feel herself bristling, becoming defensive. But Andrea said she'd be better than that so maybe Miranda could be better, too. Maybe she could be vulnerable.


M: The girls are with their father this week and they took Patricia with them. I've never been a big fan of an empty house. 


Miranda took a breath and waited as those three dots popped up. Waited for the mocking, waited for the pity, waited for the-.


A: Aw, I know what you mean. Feels like you're the only person in the world but like not in a good way lol. Do you want me to come over? Or maybe you could come out with me tonight?


Understanding. Waited for the compassion. Waited for the perfect response. Miranda smiled down at her screen. 


M: No, darling, I think I'm a bit too old for bar hopping with twenty-something's. But thank you for the offer. And we decided that you would only spend the weekend with me. I need sleep during the week.


A: I'll be good! I promise!


M: I'm sure you would, dearest. But who's to say I would be?


Miranda watched the three dots appear and disappear with a satisfied smirk. Andrea was always so easy to fluster. Miranda could imagine her now, peeking out at her phone from behind fingers and blushing down her neck. Absolutely adorable. 


A: You said you wanted to see my dress?


Miranda chuckled. Another win in her column. 


M: Yes, I would. 


Miranda waited a few moments to see if Andrea's response would be immediate, then set the phone down when it became apparent that she would need time to take the perfect photo. It took them both a while to feel comfortable sending pictures. Miranda because of her concerns over privacy and Andrea because of her tendency to compare herself to the models in the photo shoots she used to be privy to. With time and talking they were able to get through some of those insecurities, but Miranda still didn't take selfies often and Andrea still took ten minutes and twenty tries taking hers.


Miranda was able to work through a few emails and edits before her phone buzzed. She picked it up and unlocked her, her heart skipping when she saw the photo.


Andrea was in her room, facing a full length mirror. It showed the entirety of the dress and Miranda's eyes devoured every pixel. It was light and airy, shorter in the front than it was in the back. It seemed to be a light turquoise, with pink flowers still attached to their stems all over it. It had spaghetti straps that left Andreas shoulders exposed and the neckline rested rather low on her sternum. Miranda began to type a message requesting a photo of the back before being interrupted by that very photo. 


Miranda bit back a moan. The straps connected in the middle of her back, leading to two lace sections that zipped and held the dress together. They left the majority of Andrea's back exposed, including right above her ass. It was a perfect dress for a summer evening. It was also very arousing. 


M: I definitely would not be able to behave myself tonight if that's what you wore to my house.


A: Really?


M: Really. But you'll have to wear it at some point. I would love to get my hands on you while you were wearing that. 


A: Would you? And why would that be, baby?


Miranda took a sharp breath. She didn't care much for pet names. She allowed Andrea sweetheart and herself darling because it didn't seem right to outlaw them completely. But one she absolutely detested was baby. It, for obvious reasons, felt infantilizing and it brought up a lot of bad memories of men who thought they had a right to her and her time. She hated being called baby. But Andrea had a certain way of saying. A certain tone with a certain look and maybe a certain touch. When she called Miranda baby it meant something completely different. And usually it meant that she was in the mood. 


M: Having such easy access to your skin would have quite the effect on me, darling. Your neck, your chest, your shoulders, your back. I certainly wouldn't be able to control myself


A: Hm so I definitely shouldn't wear that dress out on a date night is what you are saying? 


M: Not unless you want to get fucked in the car before we even get where we're going. 


Miranda watched as the three dots appeared and disappeared again. 


A: And if I do? 


Miranda swallowed. She'd heard of this. Of sexting. Messages detailing your desires, usually accompanied by pictures. She'd read an article about it once. Apparently it was very popular among the younger generations. Miranda and Andrea shared the occasional bawdy or raunchy message, but they'd never done something so...explicit. Miranda didn't even think she'd know how. 


She looked at the picture Andrea sent again, noticing this time that she was right earlier. Andrea was blushing. Miranda loved chasing that blush down her neck to her chest and then down lower. Miranda shifted in her chair and licked her lips. Maybe she could give this a try. Maybe it could be just the distracting she was looking for.


M: Then we won't even make it out of the driveway.


She stared at her phone anxiously. Was that a good response? Was it enough? Or maybe too much? She watched the three dots with bated breath. 


A: We'll get to where we are going eventually.  


Miranda raised an eyebrow. Well. That was rather...disappointing. Perhaps she'd read the situation wrong. Perhaps Andrea wasn't the type to trade dirty messages. 


A: Besides, maybe I want you worked up when we get in the car. Maybe I want to slide over and straddle you in your seat. Maybe I want to hike up my dress over my hips. Maybe I want to ride your strap in the back seat of the car in your driveway.  


Perhaps she needed to wrap things up in the office so she could have this conversation in private. 


Miranda rushed to shut down her computer and organize her desk, all the while trying to come up with a decent response. 


M: If you want to ride my cock then I'll unzip my pants and hold myself steady so you can slide right on.


Miranda tapped the side of her phone with her thumb. She could do better than that. 


M: And for you to ride me in that dress. Being able to feel the skin of your back, to leave a trail of marks with my nails, to lean forward and leave kisses on your neck and your chest. So much of your body so beautifully accessible.


She put her phone to sleep, satisfied with her response. She walked out of her office, too focused on what her next text should be to care much that her assistant stood up so quickly she nearly fell out of her chair. "Coat and bag, now. I'm going home." 


She wasn't sure what the new girl's name was, but she did know it started with a D. She remembered it reminding her of the word deer and a deer in headlights seemed to be this girl's perpetual expression. 


"B-but I thought you wanted to stay until the book came."


Miranda didn't even bother to dignify that with a response, simply staring Deer In Headlights down until she scurried off to do what she was told. Miranda looked back at her phone.


A: Oh fuck I just realized that you could rake your nails down my back and anywhere we go afterwards everyone would be able to see them. 


Miranda sucked in a breath. That enticing thought. A very enticing thought. 


M: Good. I won't hold back, darling. I don't care where we're going or who's going to see the marks on your body. I want them to see the bites on your neck and scratches on your back. I want them to see the wrinkles on your dress and the blush on your cheeks and know that I fucked you before we got there. That I just couldn't wait until the night was over. That if it were up to me we would've never left the house in the first place. 


A: I want them to see, baby. I want to be out at dinner and to see the knowing looks. The disapproving looks. I want them to know that I've just been fucked


This girl was going to be the death of her. 




Miranda looked up to see Deer In Headlights holding her jacket and purse out to her like she was afraid Miranda was gonna reach out and take her whole hand. "Did you call Roy and tell him that I was ready?"


Her expression went from Deer In Headlights to Deer In Floodlights. "Uh, n-no, you didn't tell me to." 


Miranda took her things and rolled her eyes. "I suppose it would be too much to expect you to think for yourself. Call Roy and tell him to be downstairs immediately." She stormed towards the elevator, navigating through the office perfectly even with her eyes glued to her phone. There weren't many people left in the building and those who were knew better than to get in her way. She called for the elevator, pressing send on her message just as the doors opened.


M: Do you think they know that I'm going to fuck you again? Can they tell by the look on my face that I'm deciding if I want to take you in a bathroom stall or take you home or have you in the car again or stop at a hotel down the street? Do you think they can see my cock straining against my pants? Do you think they know that I'm just as wanton and desperate as you?  


Andrea's reply came in just as Miranda was sliding into the car. 


A: God I hope they can I hope that they can see how badly I want you to lead me into the bathroom and push me onto my knees, just by the way I lick my lips. By the way my hands tighten on the edge of the table and I shift in my chair everytime you look at me


M: Can you tell how badly I want to do that, darling? Can you tell what I'm thinking? Can you tell by the way I stare at your neck? The way I stroke the back of your hand with my thumb? How I can't look away when your tongue escapes your mouth? 


A: I love the way that you make me feel when you look at me like that. 


M: Yeah? What if that was all I did for the rest of the night? What if I dragged you to the bathroom and you were expecting me to pull your skirt up and bend you over but instead I pressed you up against the wall and just looked at you. I'll pin your wrists above you with one hand and wrap the other around your neck. You'll expect a kiss or a though between your legs or for my hand to tighten around your throat or something. Anything. But instead I'll do nothing but stare down at you and you'll be able to see all of the filthy thoughts going through my head. And once I've had my fill I'll let you go and leave you against the wall.  


Miranda sat back, more than satisfied with her respon-.




A "though" between her legs?


That was supposed to be thigh! 


Miranda covered her face with her hands. Why didn't she proofread? Andrea was probably laughing at her. The mood was probably dead because of her mistake. Miranda sat in despair, wondering where it all went wrong and wishing she'd never asked to see that stupid dress in the first place. When her phone buzzed she picked it up, expecting a litany of laughing emojis and possibly even a meme. 


A: Fuck it would be absolute torture in the best way. I'll whine when I realize that's all you're going to do. I'll push out, trying to press myself against you somehow. My heart will be racing and my pussy will ache for your touch. And when you leave me I'll have to take a few minutes to try and calm myself before finally following you back out. 


Oh. It was as if Andrea didn't even notice the typo. Perhaps she didn't. Perhaps she was too wrapped up in this fantasy they were creating. This fantasy where they were bold enough to do these kinds of things in public without giving a fuck what anyone else thought. Miranda licked her lips and started typing.


M: I won't smile when you come back to the table. I won't say anything, either. I'll just give you the same look. And I'll give it to you for the entirety of dinner. Everything you say and do will be met with silence and tension. 


A: That will only make me ache for you more. It will be a quiet dinner in that case. I won't say anything, but I'll give you flirtatious looks.  A gentle bite to my lower lip, my tongue slipping out to wet it. My heel running along the inside of your calf underneath the table. 




A: How else am I supposed to get a rise out of you when you've decided not to talk? 


M: That's what you want? A rise out of me? 


A: What I want is to see how far I can tease you until you break and finally take me somewhere to give me exactly what I deserve. Punishment or reward .


M: I'll sit in silence as your foot strokes my leg and you tongue wets your lips. I'll squirm slightly in my chair as I imagine those lips wrapped around my cock. My hands will itch to grasp at your hips, to grip hard enough to bruise. I'll make it to the end of dinner, my hand shaking only a little bit as I pay our waiter.


"Ms. Priestly? Are you okay?"


Miranda looked up from her phone. She wasn't sure when she'd gotten home or how long Roy had been holding the door open for her. She tried to fight back a blush and cleared her throat. "I'm fine. It's just work."


Roy nodded. "Right. Try to get some rest tonight, Miranda." 


Normally a comment like that would earn him a for addressing her so personally, but she felt her phone buzz in her hand and her heart jumped in response. She had to get inside and see what Andrea said. "Yes, Roy, I will try. You do the same. I'll see you in the morning." Miranda slid out of the car and walked quickly towards her door, fumbling with her keys. Images flashed through her mind of bringing Andrea home, not even waiting for Roy to pull away before pressing her to the door and ravishing her right against the door on her porch. 


Miranda entered her house and for once she didn't notice the quiet emptiness. She was too busy staring at her screen. She left her jacket, purse and shoes on the floor near the stairway. Miranda made her way up to her bedroom, her eyes flying across the screen. 


A: While you wait for the waiter I'll excuse myself to the bathroom. But I'll only be gone for a minute. And when I come back I'll stop next to your chair and lean down, planting a soft kiss to your cheek as I slip my balled up panties into your hand before sitting back down in my sit.  


Miranda's eyes glanced right over the typo, one hand tapping out a response while the other worked on getting her out of her clothes. 


M: I'll stand up, take your hand in mine and lead you out of the building and to our car. When we're both finally inside I'll unzip my pants and pull out my throbbing cock. I'll be able to see the hunger in your eyes. Is this what you've wanted all night, darling? 


A: Of course it's what I've wanted. It's what I've wanted since the moment we stepped out the front door of the house. 


M: I'll take your panties out of my pocket and wrap them around my cock. I'll stroke myself slowly, throwing my head back and moaning. It feels so good to be touched after going so long aching and wanting. And I know it would feel so much better if it was your hand instead of my own. If it was your mouth or your pussy.    


Miranda laid in bed, shifting slightly to get comfortable. Every movement highlighted the wetness between her thighs. Miranda was actually surprised. She hadn't noticed how much these messages were affecting her. They were stimulating, titillating, arousing. The scenario they were creating was exciting and deliciously vulgar. Miranda couldn't help but slide a hand between her thighs, her finger idly playing with her clit. 


A: I'll groan softly and reach out, laying my hand against your arm. Let me help you, baby.  


M: Not yet, darling. I already fucked you in the car once today. I'll unwrap your panties from around my cock and stuff them into your mouth. I know that if I let you keep talking, if I let you beg, then I won't be able to hold out. I'll lean my seat back and let you ride me all over again. But I want something different. I want to take a little more time with you. 


A: I'll groan around them, the taste of us on them making me ache even more. My hand on your arm tightening slightly, my eyes pleading with you for something. Anything. 


M: I'll thread my fingers through your hair and pull just hard enough for it to hurt. I'll hold your head still and lean forward to place a kiss on your cheek to match the one you gave me inside. I know, darling. You've been such a good girl for me. Keep being good for just a little bit longer


A: I'll let out a muffled gasp and instinctively try to nod my head, but I won't be able to. And that will make me groan again.  


M: The trip home will be tense. My hand will go from being in your hair to tracing down your neck to your arm to your thigh and everywhere else I can reach. My cock will be out during the entire ride, rock hard and pulsing for you. Eager to finally sink itself into your warmth and wetness. 


A: It will take every ounce of willpower in me to keep from reaching out for you during the ride home. 


M: It won't be a long ride. Before you know it we'll be in our driveway in the same spot where I fucked you earlier. Where I'm sure you'd love me to fuck you again. 


M: God yes 


Miranda started to do just that, starting a message where she allows Andrea to climb into her lap and have her way, but she thought back to when she first got home. To her desire to have Andrea right there in view of the whole neighborhood. 


M: But not this time. This time I'll get out of the car with my cock still stiff and exposed and lead you up the sidewalk to my door with your panties still in your mouth. You'll reach for your keys but I'll grab your wrist. I'll turn you around and pin you to the door. I don't want to wait for a second longer baby. I want to fuck you right here on the front porch. It's late and dark. No one will see us and even if they do I don't mind. I don't mind our neighbors knowing I have a horny slut that will spread her legs for me whenever I want. 


Miranda waited in tense silence, her own pleasure forgotten for the moment. Perhaps she was pushing too far. 


A: Oh fuck 


God, it was too far. It was too much. Miranda started typing with trembling hands, scrambling to save what was left of the night. 


M: I'll open the door and fuck you on the other side of it if you want.


But Miranda couldn't quite let go of her fantasy. She couldn't help but push just a little bit more.


M: But I'd be lying if I said I didn't want you right here and right now. 


A: Here


A: Please, baby 


Miranda groaned. Her hips lifted without her permission and her hand started working between her legs again. Her mind became cloudy and if asked later what she wrote she wouldn't be able to recall completely.


M: I'll pull your skirt up around your waist, grab one of your legs and pull it up to my hip. You're already so wet and I'm already so hard we've waited for so long I can't wait anymore. My cock will sink inside of you all at once, every inch of me buried in your cunt in one stroke. I'll muffle my moan against your neck, your own sounds muffled by the panties still in your mouth. My hips will slam against yours immediately. I'm too far gone to take anything slow or to build you up. I know that you're ready. I am too. I'm ready to fuck you hard and fast and make you cum right here on my porch. 


A: I'll reach out, wrapping my arms around your neck and digging my nails into the backs of your shoulders. I'll hook my leg around your waist and arch my hips into you. Trying to take you even deeper. I'll reach up briefly to yank the panties from my mouth and drop to the ground. My lips immediately finding yours in a rough, frantic kiss.  


M: I'll moan into your mouth, your tongue sliding against mine. My hands will go to your thighs, gripping your legs as our hips work against each other. 


A: Jesus Christ baby, I'm not going to last long with you fucking me like this 


M: My cock will stretch your pussy out so good, forcing itself deep inside of you again and again. My groans will be getting louder as my cock pulses inside of you. My teeth will latch against your shoulder, trying to keep myself from being too loud. Even your skin tastes amazing. I know you can't last babydoll. Whores never can. 


A: Let them hear, baby. I want them to. When you cum in me I want them to know. I want them to know that we couldn't last long enough to get inside. 


M: Lucky for you I don't want you to last. I want you to cum all over my dick. I want to feel you tighten around my cock. I want you to moan my name into the night so all the neighbors know who you belong to. God, darling, if you do that, if you're a good slut for me then I'll give you what you want. I'll press my hips forward and cum so deep inside of you that you'll be dripping all night.


A: God, baby. Whatever you want. Anything for you. 


M: I'll wrap my hand around your throat, squeezing just slightly as I bring my mouth to your ear. I want you to cum for me, I'll pant against your ear. I want to feel you cum, princess.


A few minutes passed with no response. Miranda watched her phone through half lidded eyes. She was panting and her grip on her phone was as tight as the rest of her body felt. She was trembling, so close and yet so far from the end she was after. She needed Andrea to help her get there. It sometimes took Andrea a little while to put her thoughts together, but Miranda always found comfort in watching those three dots come and go. But they weren't there. Her phone was blank and Andrea's silence was deafening. 


Miranda must have done something wrong. Must have said something wrong. She had to apologize. Miranda started to type out a message, but before she could finish it her screen changed. 


Incoming Call



Miranda froze. Had she done so badly that it warranted a call? A few moments passed as she stared at the phone. She considered not picking up, but she knew that would only make things worse. She took a deep breath. "Hello?"


Silence. Then breathing. Then a moan. " Baby."


Miranda's breath hitched. "Yes, darling?"


Another moan. "Call me princess. Please, I need to hear you say it."


Miranda licked her lips. She hadn't meant to use the pet name. She just typed it and it felt right. And apparently it felt right to Andrea, too. But it was one thing to type it out and another thing completely to say it aloud. "Princess," Miranda said quietly. 


Andrea whined. "No, baby, like you said in your message. Tell me to cum for you." Miranda could hear the sound of fabric rustling and bedsprings straining just barely under Andrea's pants and pleas. "God, I want to cum for you so bad. Please, baby. I need you."


Miranda moaned. How could she say no to that? She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. This was still part of their fantasy. There weren't any dots for Miranda to watch flash but now she had something even better. She had Andrea's breath in her ear. She had her moans. She had her . And that was all she wanted. 


Miranda licked her lip. "You want to cum for me, princess?"


The sound Andrea let out was positively sinful . " Yes , baby. I want to cum for you so bad."


Miranda turned her speaker on, placing her phone on the pillow next to her. She was going to need two hands for this. "Tell me what you're doing, darling." Miranda turned on her side to reach for her bedside drawer.


Andrea's voice was shaky and so, so, desperate. "I'm using my vibrator. It's...fuck, it's against my clit." 


Miranda hummed, laying on her back again. "What a coincidence. So am I." She pressed a button to turn it on, then pressed it a few more times to strengthen the vibrations. She didn't need to start slow this time. She spread her legs and pressed it against herself, throwing her head back and letting out a moan. "It feels so good, doesn't it, princess?"


Andrea responded with a moan of her own. "Yes, baby. Feels so good. You feel so good. Nobody else can fuck me like you do. No one else can make me feel like this."


Miranda's hips lifted without her permission, rolling against the toy between her legs. "Darling…," Miranda panted, trying to find a way to articulate just how arousing she was finding this whole situation. But for once her vocabulary failed her. "Fuck. Fuck, princess I'm so close."


She could hear Andrea's breath growing heavier and faster. "Me too, baby. Me too. Cum with me? Please? I need you. God, baby, I-. Baby I'm gonna cum for you. I'm right there."


Miranda was suddenly there, too. She screwed her eyes shut tight, her entire body strung taut. "Cum for me, princess," she said in a voice she didn't recognize. "Cum all over my cock."


" Baby!" 


The came one right after the other, and for a few moments their call was nothing but moans, then it was nothing but whimpers, until finally they were able to just breathe again. They stayed that way for awhile, their eyes closed and their bodies calming down. It was Miranda who spoke first. 


She cleared her throat delicately. "Was all of that...satisfactory?"


Andrea chuckled. "Extremely satisfactory, sweetheart. I am very, very satisfied."


Andrea wasn't there so Miranda allowed herself to blush. "Good. I'm glad." She cleared her throat again, turning off her vibrator and looking at the sheen she left on its surface. "I was also satisfied."


Andrea chuckled again. "Mhm. I could tell. You sounded beautiful."


Miranda pulled the blanket over her body, as if that could shield her from the post-coital embarrassment she was feeling. "Thank you, darling. I enjoyed hearing you as well." A few moments of silence passed and she heard what sounded like Andrea settling down. "Are you still going out with your friends?"


"Nah, it's way too late for that." As if to punctuate her point she yawned. "I'm just gonna go to sleep."


"What?" Miranda brought the phone to her face. Sure enough it was nearly midnight. "Dear lord, when did it get so late? We've been texting for almost four hours?"


This time Andy's chuckle was cut off by another yawn. "Time flies when you're having fun, sweetheart."


"Yes, I suppose it does." Miranda laid down, facing where her phone was on her pillow. "Well, I suppose we should hang up and go to sleep now." It wasn't necessarily what she wanted to do. She knew that as soon as she hung up the walls of her room would start closing in again and she'd be unable to anything but think of the silence.


Andrea was quiet for a moment. Then, in a small voice, "I'm not opposed to going to sleep. But maybe...we don't have to hang up? I don't want you to be alone."


How did this girl manage to say just the right thing to turn Miranda into mush?


"Okay, darling," Miranda said, a tear tracking down her face. "We don't have to hang up." 


Miranda closed her eyes. She tried her hardest to fall asleep, but the minutes of silence were too much. She was just getting ready to resign herself to another night on the couch in front of the television when she heard it. 


A very quiet but very definitive snore. 


Miranda smiled and chuckled. Andrea swore up and down that she didn't snore. But Miranda knew better. It never really bothered her, but that night it was her lullaby. It was almost as if Andrea was there. Miranda fell asleep with a smile on her face.