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“Are you ready?” Kara asks, as she does every time they do this.

Lena, radiant in a shimmering black gown, smiles back, pressing a kiss to their joined hands.

“Let’s do this.”

Kara exits the limousine first, accepting the hand of the attendant as she steps onto the red carpet. For Lena, though, Kara turns back and offers her own hand, assisting her fiancee from the back seat.

With the smallest pause to twitch their skirts into obedience, they link hands and begin the long walk to the theater doors.

It’s wonderful in a way it never was, before Lena came into her life. They pose together and independently for the cameras, but never separate for long, always coming back together for their next few steps down the aisle.

Interspersed among the photographers are fans, waving and calling as much to Lena as they do to Kara. Lena approaches first, and Kara takes a moment to observe the gentle way Lena greets them, waiting for them to ask for autographs before reaching out to take the offered pen and paper. Ever gracious, Lena even poses with a few for selfies, quick and rushed yet flawless.

If Kara didn’t know better, she’d have said Lena was the old hand at this, not her.

Finally, Kara comes alongside Lena, meeting the fans as well. Mostly budding and young women, the energy here amongst the fans is a little less chaotic than the clicking cameras. There’s little chance for true conversation, as loud as it is, but no one shouts for a pose.

“You’re a natural,” Kara says in Lena’s ear.

Lena cocks a grin. “You say that every time, and every time I still don’t believe you.”

“She’s right!” One of the teenaged fans speaks up. “You look so comfortable out there. Like you belong there.”

Lena shoots the girl a playful glare, but the girl shrugs unapologetically. In the end, Lena kisses Kara’s cheek, interrupted by an excited squeal from their little pocket of calm. Kara looks over to see a dozen phones out, snapping away.

Instead of feeling intruded upon, Kara smiles. “Tag me in that. I want a copy of it.”

“Okay!” comes a dozen agreeable calls.

As they move on, Kara lingers by Lena’s side. There’s better places to have a conversation, but Kara finds herself leaning in again.

“Let’s go early.”

Lena gives her a strange look. “Tonight? But you were so excited–”

Kara shakes her head. “Greece.”

Her next film was an epic of godly proportions, filming on location around Greece and Rome. Filming starts in two weeks, and Lena always comes with her, now, but Kara suddenly feels like she might burst if she doesn’t have a photo of Lena in front of the Parthenon as soon as possible.

As if on cue, Lena’s entire face lights up. “Yeah?”

Kara nods. Maybe she can convince Alex to come later, giving them some time to themselves before filming started and Lena is left to her own devices.

“Okay. Let’s do it.”

Once upon a time, Lena told Kara she never had the urge to travel, citing that it was never about the destination, but the person you travel with. Kara feels amazement still that she is the somehow the one Lena travels with.

Now, Lena doesn’t just sell travel books: she writes them. Every time filming takes them somewhere new, she somehow finds the best places to find local food and culture, able to make friends across the language barrier. Now, she puts her discoveries in travel books of her own to sell and share.

“I can’t wait to marry you,” Kara says, sneaking another kiss.

Lena lifts her hand to Kara’s cheek, keeping her in place to press a kiss of her own to Kara’s lips.

“I love you too.”