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The Right Person

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Terese Willis had never been a bath person.


She’d tried it from time to time but always got bored after a few minutes. She couldn’t comprehend how people could ‘relax’ in a tub of lukewarm water and skin exfoliation. Nor did the businesswoman understand why some willingly chose it as an office space … was there a brand of waterproof paper she wasn’t aware of? She also wasn’t a fan of turning herself into a prune. Needless to say, baths were well and truly overrated.


But now, at 22 Ramsay Street, as the matriarch relaxed in a sea of lavender bubble bath, her thoughts drifted to one fateful evening that had changed her outlook.




Paul Robinson snapped his phone case shut, tossing the offending item onto a stack of fresh linen. He was annoyed and rightfully so – thanks to the incompetence of the staff at Lassiters London, his and Terese’s honeymoon had been ruined. Okay, that was a grand exaggeration and the businessman knew it. It was impossible for anything to be ruined with a wife as incredible as Terese. Paul still couldn’t quite believe they were actually, finally married, after everything they had been through, not just these past few months but over the years.  


With Terese, everything was like a dream – honeymoon included. Days had been spent exploring London, where despite being amidst some of the world’s finest landmarks, she captured his undivided attention. Nights (and mornings … and often afternoons) were spent making love between sheets. Meanwhile, evenings were spent together in steamy showers – an experience he would not have the pleasure of recreating with his lover now, due to an easily preventable issue concerning the hotel shower head’s hot water supply. Paul was convinced this was payback from Lassiters London for the newlyweds’ extravagant midnight Room Service orders – it wasn’t their fault they were jetlagged!


“Sweetie, we’ve been in this situation before at the hotel. You know there’s nothing we can do but wait it out! Hounding the staff is not going to be helpful in the slightest”


The sound of his wife’s voice instantly eased Paul’s annoyance. He let out a sigh, “Why do you always have to be right?”


“You know why”, she teased.


“Hmm, yes. Because you’re exceptional




“You’re never going to let that go, are you?”, Paul circled his arms around Terese’s waist, as their lips collided with love and tantalising passion.  


“We don’t need the shower anyway … Come join me in the bath”, Terese whispered, trailing a hand down his chest.


Disentangling from her husband’s embrace, she walked towards the bathroom, losing her heels along the way.


“But darling, you hate baths”


Paul’s reservations were met by alluring eyes and a tone to match, “Well, maybe they just need the right person”.





“Hey darling, sorry I’m late”, Paul said as he entered the [lavender scented] bathroom, bringing Terese out of her present-day reverie. He lent over the edge of the tub to greet his wife with an affectionate kiss.


Terese had been right that evening in London. Baths weren’t so bad after all … they just needed the right person.


She looked at the glistening, diamond ring that adorned her finger and smiled to herself. Terese Willis had never been a bath person, but Terese Robinson certainly was.