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If You Listen Closely

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There’s a spiky-haired idiot blocking his way, and Sukuna does not like this one bit.

First weeks are pure chaos, he knows that, and with the frenetic flurry of first-year activity occurring around him, Sukuna has spent the better part of the morning moving his things into his designated room, running around submitting forms and documents, and now he just needs to check the updated schedule for tomorrow one last time but this fucker is in his way and won’t budge.

“Oi.” He growls ominously as he taps his foot in impatience. The spiky-haired boy merely shifts his weight and ignores him completely, not even turning around but instead leaning in closer to check the timetable and block his view even further.

Sukuna supposes he could wait, but he is a man of little patience, and so he reaches out to grab the other guy’s shoulder. “Hey, quit blocking the view, you’re not made of glass.”

The stranger jumps a little when Sukuna’s hand lands on their shoulder, and quickly whips around to stare at him. There’s a look in his wide green eyes as if Sukuna has just materialized out of thin air behind him, and Sukuna wonders how oblivious does this fool have to be since he knows he isn’t exactly the quietest person in existence.

He’s kind of cute though; pretty, long lashes, emerald-green eyes, a fair complexion that flushes easily, if the redness on his cheeks right now were any indication. He’s also wearing strange ear-cuffs that might be the latest model of earbuds for all Sukuna knows, which might explain why he hadn’t noticed or heard Sukuna until now.

When the other guy doesn’t say anything, just keeps looking at Sukuna with those shiny green eyes, Sukuna sighs and repeats himself. “Quit blocking the way, I need to check the schedule.”

“Oh.” The other guy finally speaks. “Sorry.” He mumbles and saunters off to the side, not even giving Sukuna another glance as he hurries away.

Sukuna rolls his eyes. Cute as that guy may be, that was really rude, and that’s coming from Sukuna himself.

There are way too many people filing into the hall for his liking, and Megumi does not like this one bit.

At least it’s only this one course. Unfortunately it’s also the one course that’s mandatory for all freshmen, but Megumi hopes that his other classes will at least be of a decent size for him to make the most out of. And avoid mingling with too many people, if possible.

It’s not that he hates people in general, but they’re a constant source of stress and incomprehensible noises and if you left it up to him, Megumi would much prefer the company of animals. He’s not shy, per se, but he’s never been the best at making friends and has been perfectly fine doing things on his own.

He’s already had the most awkward run-in yesterday with a guy who quite frankly looks like he belongs in a gang (those tattoos were hot, but the rude snarl tossed his way was not), and Megumi is determined to just cruise through his first day with minimal conflict by keeping his head down.

A gaggle of chattering girls bump into him as he stands there trying to gain his bearings and he’s not sure if any of them apologizes because there’s just too much noise to figure out from all directions. Megumi tries not to let any of that bother him and begins walking down the aisle to look for a decent seat, or perhaps someone he recognizes.

He’s learnt to cope with it ever since he can remember, but huge classes and crowded places have never been his forte. There were always too many distractions, sometimes he’d miss a word or two yet the speaker would be standing too far for him to read their lips, and do you know how annoying it was to have to focus on more than one conversation at once?

Megumi pushes his ugly thoughts down and steels himself. He’ll make it through the first day, with minimal conflict, remember?

He spots a familiar shock of pink hair through the sea of people, and feels a slight calm wash over him. He’s only known Yuuji for a couple days, but already he’s taken a liking to his roommate. Yuuji is kind, friendly, and they get along pretty well, and Megumi feels like they could really become good friends.

Yuuji had been the one to suggest they sit together for the freshman seminar so that he could help Megumi take notes or repeat anything that he’d missed, and Megumi had been really appreciative of it. He hadn’t dared to ask his new roommate at first because he wasn’t sure if it would be a burden to the other, so when Yuuji had been the one to suggest it Megumi had been really grateful.

He makes his way to his pink-haired roommate, and taps him on the shoulder as a greeting while simultaneously dumping his bag on the space beside him. Settling himself onto the bench, Megumi rummages in the bag for his notebook and pulls it out. It’s only then that he feels that the person next to him is just staring, so he turns to ask Yuuji if there’s a problem, only to lock eyes with the tattooed bastard from the day before.

Megumi’s jaw drops and he wants to bury himself in a hole right now. He can feel his face burning up, he thought this was Yuuji, what the fuck, how did he mistake this idiot for his sweet, kind, and friendly roommate, they don’t exactly look alike do they but actually they do what in the world is going on-

The bastard even has the audacity to leer at him as he smirks. “Well, well, if it isn’t Mister Block-My-Way from yesterday.”

Megumi flushes furiously and is already stuffing his notebook back into his bag while muttering. “Sorry, I thought you were-”

“Megumi! Hey! Sorry, ran a little late trying to find the place. These room numbers don’t make sense!” The actual Yuuji runs up upon spotting Megumi, and then pauses and stares at the both of them. “Hang on, you know Sukuna?”

Megumi shakes his head. “I… thought he was you.” He mutters in a huffed tone, feeling slightly annoyed with himself.

How many faux pas was he going to make before the week was over? That bastard, Sukuna, is apparently finding this absolutely hilarious the way he’s still smirking at him. Yuuji scratches the back of his neck apologetically.

“Ahh, yeah, I should’ve mentioned we’re twins. I was planning on introducing you guys yesterday, but this idiot here said he was busy or something.” He squints at Sukuna suspiciously. “Are you taking up an entire bench on your own, Sukuna?”

Yuuji’s twin rolls his eyes. “What can I say? Looks like everyone thinks I’ll bite them if they come too close. Everyone else but this kid over here.” He smirks pointedly at Megumi.

Did he just say ‘kid’? The nerve of him… Megumi’s pretty sure they’re the same age and it’s not like he would’ve voluntarily sat beside Sukuna if he’d known who he was to begin with. How were they twins again? They’re nothing like each other.

“Right, we’ll leave you to it then. Come on, Megumi, let’s go find somewhere else to sit.”

Sukuna waves at the empty space around him. “There’s plenty of room for everyone, brat. Make yourself at home. It’s not like you’ll find decent seats now; the hall is nearly full.”

Yuuji struggles internally for a moment, before sighing and taking a seat beside Megumi, who has to scoot closer to Sukuna to make room for Yuuji. He feels Sukuna tense up for a moment and wonders if he’s intentionally staying put to see if he could make Megumi any more uncomfortable than he already is, but then Sukuna moves to the side a little and leaves a good amount of room for Megumi to get comfy.

Megumi blinks twice, and considers him for a moment. Sukuna glares back at him, an eyebrow raised as he asks, “What?”

Maybe, just maybe, the twins have something in common after all. Megumi blinks again, and then mutters a small “Thanks” in return, before opening his notebook to get ready for the seminar.

He can feel Sukuna’s eyes on him throughout the entire lecture, and it’s making him blush all the way to the tips of his ears.

Fushiguro Megumi is deaf.

Or has hearing difficulties. That much he’s figured out.

He watched his brother interact with his roommate during the freshman seminar, and noticed how Yuuji tapped on Megumi’s forearm a few times to get his attention instead of calling his name. Noticed how Megumi leans over sometimes and asks if Yuuji could repeat or confirm something the speaker had said. How he focused intently on the slides and the speaker’s face and realized that their lip movements were as much of a social cue for the black-haired boy to rely on.

Sukuna doesn’t know why it didn’t hit him sooner, but everything makes sense now, and he feels a little uncomfortable at having blown up at him irrationally the first time they met.

He doesn’t really know what to do about it though. Sukuna’s not the type to apologize, ever, and even if he did, it’s awkward as fuck to waltz up to his brother’s roommate and go, “Hey, sorry I was an ass the first time we met, I didn’t know you couldn’t hear me.”

Especially if Megumi himself didn’t seem to bother. They pass each other occasionally in the common room, and although Sukuna avoids Yuuji like the plague, the sight of spiky black hair and green eyes always, always catches his attention.

So he ends up running into Megumi a lot (doesn’t help that their rooms are down the hall from each other), and his brother’s roommate always gives him a bored-looking stare and a nod which Sukuna always returns with a shrug of his shoulder and a grunt.

Maybe if they were friends, or if Sukuna actually cared, he’d brave the awkwardness to make amends and make sure Megumi wasn’t offended.

But the thing is, they’re not friends, they’re never going to be friends, Sukuna doesn’t owe him shit, so he’s not going to do anything about it.

The throbbing music brings him back to the moment, and Sukuna has a sudden thought that he’s really tired of this freshman welcome party.

His roommate insisted they come (it would be fun, he said), but promptly fucked off to goodness knows where the second they stepped into the room, and Sukuna couldn’t care less about his current whereabouts.

He knocks back shot after shot, and is beginning to feel a slight buzz. He knows he can hold his liquor, but the music’s lame and everyone’s boring (except maybe that one kid with white hair and red highlights) and Sukuna really doesn’t see a point in staying any further so he pushes his way through the throngs of inebriated bodies and incoherent idiots who try to hit on him and grumbles every step of the way.

College is already shaping up to be the most boring thing he’ll need to go through, and Sukuna wonders briefly if there’ll ever be anything that can hold his interest for the next four years.

He manages to make it to the makeshift bar that’s been set up at the side for drinks and then stops as he recognizes a certain spiky-haired guy with an expression mirroring his own bored look leaning against a nearby wall.

Sukuna smirks. Maybe tonight will be interesting after all.

Grabbing a couple of shots, he heads over to Megumi, who actually notices his presence this time.

"Hey there. Drink?"

Megumi glances at the cups in Sukuna's hands, then back at him, and shakes his head.

Fair enough. Sukuna simply smirks and then downs both shots, before turning around and chucking, with perfect aim, the empty cups into the plastic bag tied next to the makeshift bar to hold trash.

When he turns back, Megumi has a slight smile with a raised eyebrow, which then quickly gets hidden by his usual scowl.

“Seems like you’re not here to get wasted.” He raises his volume and looks straight at Megumi, who holds his stare with equal determination. “What about a dance?"

"I'll pass. Not really my thing."

“So why are you even here?”

Megumi leans in closer to Sukuna with furrowed eyebrows. “Why am I what?” He asks loudly, trying to make himself heard over the sound of the deafening music.

“Why are you even here, Megumi?” Sukuna repeats, a quizzical look on his face. Megumi huffs in exasperation and slinks back against the wall, an adorable pout on his face.

“Took a dare from Yuuji’s friend, he called me boring, I ended up here. Now they're all over there making a fool of themselves by getting drunk silly, and I'm here questioning my life choices.”

Sukuna catches most of that, and grins at the sight of his sulking face. “Wanna get out of here?”

Megumi’s eyes grow wide and then narrow suspiciously. He does a quick glance around the room, and then sighs. Sukuna can’t actually hear his response over the deafening music, but it seems like Megumi says “Let’s go.” as he brushes past Sukuna and heads towards the exit.

The second they’re outside, the cool night air hits his skin and it feels so good. Sukuna takes a deep breath of fresh air to hopefully purge the stale drunk fumes from his lungs, and beside him, Megumi does the same. Sukuna glances at him sideways, and then chuckles. Megumi turns to look at him with a frown.

“Why were you at the party?”

“I thought it’d be interesting. Turns out everyone else is boring as fuck, so I was ready to call it a night till I spotted your cute little face.”

Megumi blushes at that, and turns away quickly. “Not interested in a hook-up, in case that wasn’t clear. I was gonna go back to my room.”

“Woah, easy now.” Sukuna jogs after him and catches up, leaning forward to catch Megumi’s attention again as he strides beside him. “That wasn’t my intention. I meant everything I said, about them being boring, you being cute, but trust me, if I wanted to fuck I’d come right out and say it.”

Megumi slows down his steps and then stops to glance at Sukuna. “I didn’t mean to assume. Sorry.” He takes a deep breath and crosses his arms before offering further explanation. “I’ve just had some awkward misunderstandings before, so I didn’t want to give you the wrong impression by mistake.”

Like the first time they met, perhaps? That guilt is coming back to gnaw at Sukuna again. He’ll admit, he definitely had a less-than-stellar impression of Megumi on that first encounter, but the more attention he pays to the unassuming boy, the more Sukuna thinks Megumi’s not too bad after all.

He still won’t apologize, but maybe they could start from a clean slate.

“That’s fine. I get my fair share of wrong impressions too; not that I give a damn about what other people think of me. But it happens.”

Megumi holds his gaze for a while, as if studying his features. Then he places one hand on the back of his neck and glances to the side awkwardly.

"Yeah I suppose. We've never actually been properly introduced, right? I'm Fushiguro Megumi."

"You already know my last name, but I'm Sukuna. Pleased to meet you, Megumi."

There's another pause, in which Megumi seems to glance at him shyly, and then they both burst out chuckling at the same time.

"You wanna actually head back to the dorms?" Megumi suggests.

"Yeah, probably. Maybe I can actually get some sleep before that roommate of mine returns and makes an infernal racket."

“Makes a what?”

“An infernal racket. He’s a nightmare, I swear.” Sukuna complains as Megumi smirks at his annoyance.

Conversation comes easily as they walk, and Sukuna will take this over any dumb party any day of the week.

“So what’s your deal?” He prompts Megumi for more details on his course.

“I'm doing law.”

The bar is notoriously hard to pass in Japan. Sukuna cannot resist a low whistle.

“Damn, pretty and smart huh? Thought you’d be in Mass Comms like my brother, considering how well the two of you get along.”

“Yuuji’s really easy to get along with.” Megumi thinks a little before adding his next comment. “He’s been really patient with me as well. I feel like I hit the jackpot of roommates sometimes.”

Sukuna cannot deny that. Yuuji is amazingly understanding, and the polar opposite of himself. They’ve never really seen eye-to-eye, but his brother is a cinnamon roll if he ever saw one, and Sukuna would corner anyone in a dark alley after sundown if they dared take advantage of his brother’s kindness.

Not that he’ll ever admit that to anyone.

He’s not sure how, but suddenly they’re right outside the student dorms and Megumi seems to have realized this too. Yet they both stand outside, neither of them indicating that they want to go in, and continue with their conversation. Time does fly when he’s with Megumi, and Sukuna feels like he might have found something that could make college life interesting for the next four years.

But they can’t go on talking forever, and eventually it’s Megumi who presses pause on their discussion.

“Right, don’t let me keep you up. You said you wanted to get some sleep earlier.”

Sukuna thinks he could probably stay up all night if it means he gets to continue talking to Megumi, but he doesn’t want to overstay his welcome either.

“Sure. See you around?” He opens the door for the other boy to go in first.

Megumi brushes past him with a small smile on his face. “Thanks. Good night, Sukuna.”

He watches his brother’s roommate disappear down the hall. Despite his quiet appearance, Fushiguro Megumi is interesting. Beneath that calm exterior lies an undercurrent of thoughts, opinions, and lots of sass (if you could catch it), and Sukuna secretly feels that it’s Yuuji who’s hit the jackpot of roommates as well.

The skies rumble, and the downpour continues. Megumi pokes his head out slightly to check if it's still heavy and yep. There is no way he isn't getting wet in that.

He fishes into his satchel and then curses. His umbrella was still with Yuuji, he'd completely forgotten he had lent it to him yesterday.

Sighing, Megumi leans against the wall, tilting his head towards the awning and closing his eyes. He'll just wait for the rain to stop then. Of all the days to forget...

Someone's saying something beside him and it sounds like his name so Megumi jolts and turns and voila, it's his roommate’s brother.

“Waiting for someone, Megumi?”

“No, not really.” Megumi mumbles, and a thought hits him. “Uhm, Sukuna, do you have an umbrella?”

Sukuna shakes his head, and gestures to his hoodie. “Was just gonna hurl myself across the quad in this. A little rain won’t hurt me.”

A slight pained expression flashes across Megumi’s face. A little rain wouldn't hurt him either, but the moisture might get into his hearing aids and damage them. It's not a hassle he's willing to risk, so Megumi just nods. “Alright then, I won’t stop you. See you around, Sukuna.”

Sukuna pauses for a moment. Megumi was staring off forlornly into the space before him, as if wishing his gaze could force the rain to stop with just willpower alone. His sight falls upon the small device snuggled in his ear, and it dawns upon Sukuna that Megumi isn’t risking it because he cannot get his hearing aids wet.

“Well,” He says slowly. “I’m not exactly in a hurry.”

Megumi glances back at Sukuna. “Sorry, could you repeat that?”

“I said I’m not in a hurry. You wanna head back inside and see if we can find a bench somewhere while the rain stops?”

Megumi blinks, eyes round and wide. “Oh, okay, sure.”

He follows Sukuna back indoors, and resists the urge to smile as a couple of girls get up from the nearest bench at the sight of Sukuna approaching and flee as quickly as they can. Sukuna either doesn’t seem to notice or care and he drops his bag on one side of the now-empty bench, leaving the other side for Megumi.

Megumi places his satchel on the other side, but instead of taking a seat beside Sukuna, he walks over to the vending machine nearby.

“Want something to drink?”

“Coffee. Black.”

He grabs two of the same drink, the hot version since it’s cold today, and dangles one of the cans in front of Sukuna, who accepts it wordlessly with a nod of thanks. As Megumi settles down beside him and gets comfortable, a warm feeling spreads through his chest as he sips his coffee.

They haven’t had much chance to talk since the party, and honestly, Megumi has no idea how to go about it, even if he might want to get to know Sukuna a little better. They didn’t have any other classes in common, their circles of friends don’t seem to overlap (to be fair, he doesn’t even know if Sukuna has friends), and there’s only so much he can wheedle out of Yuuji before his roommate starts wondering why he’s so interested in his twin brother.

Megumi frowns to himself. It’s not that he’s interested, alright? But Sukuna’s… interesting, to say the least. Perhaps if they could talk a little bit more, he could figure out what kind of person Sukuna was, and satisfy that bit of curiosity.

He sneaks a glance at Sukuna, and finds the latter already watching him with a smirk on his stupidly handsome face.

“Do you always stare at people like that?”

“Only the pretty ones.” Sukuna teases. And then his smirk fades into a serious expression. “I’ll stop if you’re uncomfortable though.”

Megumi blushes and tries to shrug it off. It’s not exactly uncomfortable, but he doesn’t need Sukuna to know that it sets off butterflies in his stomach whenever he looks at him like that.

“It’s… fine. Am I taking up your time, by the way?”

“Nah, got nowhere to be. What class did you have earlier?”

And just like that, they slip into casual conversation. Megumi doesn't think he's the most talkative of people, but with Sukuna, he doesn't feel like he has to hold back. It’s as if he can talk about anything in the world, and Sukuna would just watch him and smirk, listening intently to everything he’s saying.

Megumi tells Sukuna about this one professor he has who seems to have a rep for being insanely strict, but he patiently explained part of his lesson to Megumi after class and Megumi suspects he might actually be a softie.

They discuss roommates, again, and Megumi learns that Sukuna’s roommate is a year older than them, having taken a year off to do stuff before enrolling in college. Sukuna apparently doesn’t want to know what’s ‘stuff’, but from his stories, it sounds like his roommate’s a bit of a genius. Or insane. Or both.

He sorta ends up gushing about his love for animals, and how he misses his two dogs at home. When he catches himself going off on a tangent, Megumi looks up at Sukuna, worried that he might have been talking the other’s ear off, but Sukuna just encourages him to go on, asking him what breed his dogs were, and Megumi cracks a smile.

The way Sukuna talks is abrasive, direct, with no holds barred. Megumi still has no idea how he’s twins with Yuuji, considering that they’re about the same as fire and ice, but strangely, he enjoys how straightforward Sukuna is about his likes and dislikes, and how he doesn’t seem to make a big show about Megumi missing some of the words he says sometimes.

Also, Sukuna has never once said “never mind” the entire time Megumi asks him to repeat anything.

It’s two words, but they sting more than they should. Megumi hates the feeling of being dismissed, as if he’s not important enough to warrant a simple repetition, or that it’s too much of a hassle to say the words again in order to keep him in the conversation.

But Sukuna never takes his eyes off him, looks at him as if he’s the most interesting person in the room, and for once, Megumi feels heard.

He doesn’t realize that the rain has stopped until he remembers why they’re stuck here in the first place, and glances outside in shock. Time seems to fly when they’re deep in conversation, and Megumi feels a little bad for having taken up a couple hours of Sukuna’s time. It makes him feel better when Sukuna laughs and says that talking to Megumi was preferable to studying in the library.

When they step out into the cool evening air, Megumi glances at the skies above and mouths a silent ‘thank you’.

There’s an infernal ringing in his ears, and Sukuna swears if Satoru’s forgotten to turn off his alarm again he’s going to hurl his phone from the balcony. He groans and shuts his eyes again, but the sound goes on and on and it doesn’t actually sound like one of those annoying ringtones his roommate uses.

He turns around and folds his pillow around his head to try and drown it out but it’s still going and-

Sukuna opens his eyes, takes in his surroundings, and confirms that yes, it is indeed the fire alarm going off in the halls.

He swears he’s going to kill the bastard who set it off, but someone’s banging on his door and calling them to evacuate and Sukuna wants to strangle someone already.

He gets up and pulls on a shirt before wrenching open his door with as much malice as he can put into it, slamming it shut before storming down the corridor along with a few other panicking students. Really, he has no idea why they’re so worried, it’s most likely someone burning their breakfast again but resident services is really anal about following proper safety protocol so they can make the students’ lives a living hellhole.

As he passes his brother’s room, a sudden thought occurs to him.

Did Megumi catch the alarm?

Sukuna frowns. Megumi’s a grown man and he should be able to hear a loud sound like a fire alarm with his hearing aids on so Sukuna really doesn’t need to be worrying but...

He slows down his steps and throws a glance over his shoulder down to their room door. Really, he shouldn’t be worrying. But he has a feeling that Megumi doesn’t sleep with his hearing aids on, and there's a nagging thought that the other boy might've missed all the commotion that’s going on outside.

Before he knows it, Sukuna’s feet are already taking him quickly to Megumi’s room. He bangs on the door and hollers.

“Megumi, I don’t know if you can hear me but the fire alarm’s gone off.”

There’s no reply, but Sukuna can hear the shuffling of footsteps so clearly someone’s still inside. He knocks on the door again, this time calling for Yuuji.

"Oi brat, you in there? Get your ass and Megumi out or something, I won't ask twice."

Still no answer, and Yuuji's not the type to ignore him, so it's probably only Megumi in there for some reason.

Dread settles in his stomach. Sukuna tries the door, but it’s locked, and his heart beats faster. What if the fire alarm turns out to be the real deal? What if Megumi ends up being trapped inside, having missed it? What if-

And Sukuna doesn’t want to think about it anymore, he’s already forming a triangle with his shoulder and upper body and aims at the door, he’s going to break it down if it’s the last thing he does, to hell with the repair fees because he’s not going to let Megumi die on his conscience.

He charges at the door just as it swings open, and cannot stop in time. He sees emerald eyes widen, the shocked expression mirroring his own as he fails to stop and crashes right into the chest of the spiky-haired boy.

Megumi goes down like a bowling pin, with Sukuna on top of him, trying frantically not to crush him with all his weight. They remain like that for a moment, Megumi staring up at him with his pretty eyelashes fluttering and Sukuna breathing heavily, trying to recover, amidst the constant ringing of the fire alarm around them.

And then a grin spreads across Megumi's face and he starts laughing as he realizes what Sukuna was trying to do.

Sukuna sits up straight with a huff. “Shut up, it’s not funny. Can we get the hell outta here now ‘cause the infernal noise is driving me nuts.”

Yuuji gave him hell for the door, but that was the least of Sukuna’s troubles right now.

In fact, to say that Sukuna’s been in a sour mood for the past week was a bit of an understatement.

He’s intentionally avoiding his brother’s roommate, he knows it. But the fire alarm incident was such an embarrassment that Sukuna really doesn’t think he can face Megumi again so he dodges the issue entirely and takes it out on the library printer that is stubbornly refusing to spit out his paper for him.

“Why won’t you work, you stupid piece of-” He growls as he crouches over to one side to check if the machine is malfunctioning or something. Seriously, it's like the universe is conspiring against him.

When he straightens up, he comes face-to-face with the one person he’s been avoiding all week.

A person who has a very amused look on his stupidly cute face and is eyeing his interactions with the printer with interest.

“Need help?” Megumi asks quietly.

“I don’t need help, I need my darn paper and I need this stupid machine to stop being an idiot.” Sukuna says in a voice that’s a little too loud and gains some shushes in return but he ignores it completely in favour of trying to shake the printer roughly. Megumi rolls his eyes.

“Move. Please.” He says as he walks to stand beside Sukuna and nudge him out of the way.

Sukuna has no idea what Megumi does, but he bends down and flips open a hatch, sticks his slender arm into the bowels of the printer and rummages around a little, and then carefully pulls out a wedge of crumpled paper. He closes everything properly, stands up and walks over to the dashboard, presses a button or two, and the machine beeps to life and starts printing Sukuna’s paper like it should’ve done eons ago.

He stares dumbly at the printer, and then begrudgingly mumbles, “Thank you.”

Megumi smiles, and it makes his heart skip a beat.

“You’re welcome.” He replies and turns to leave.

Sukuna doesn’t know what to say to make him stay, so he ends up blurting out the first thing on his mind as Megumi is walking away.

“Hey, do you want to grab coffee?”

It comes out a bit loud in the silence of the library, and Sukuna can hear a fresh wave of voices shushing him, but he ignores it as his focus is on the snarky law student who places a finger on his lips in amusement and asks, “You were saying?”

Sukuna mouths his question again. Do you want to grab coffee? Megumi’s eyes go wide, and Sukuna hopes he didn’t read his lips wrongly and think that Sukuna was asking him to do something weird, but relief floods him when Megumi gives a single nod.

“Coffee sounds good.” He says quietly, and Sukuna almost forgets to grab his paper as he dashes after Megumi to follow him out of the library.

“I just don’t like owing people anything.” Sukuna grumbles later as he pays for Megumi’s coffee and a couple of pastries.

Somehow he thinks Megumi can see right through him, as he accepts the coffee and takes a sip, humming in quiet satisfaction.

Coffee becomes a thing, which somehow morphs into waiting for the other’s class to finish before walking to the library or the dorms together and having casual chats. Now they’re even hanging out on the weekends, and Megumi’s frankly surprised that Yuuji hasn’t noticed how much time he’s been spending with his twin brother of all people.

Actually, Megumi’s pretty surprised himself at how much time he’s spending with Sukuna.

Their interests are quite different, as are their personalities, and Megumi always has a small fear that Sukuna might find him boring someday. But Sukuna always gives him his full attention and Megumi really likes that.

His entire life has been a constant struggle to carve a spot for himself in a sea of voices that drown him out. Yet slowly, but surely, he’s finding himself settling into a comfort zone with his roommate’s brother, and he suspects it feels so natural because Sukuna has already cleared enough room for him in his world.

Maybe that’s why he enjoys the other’s company so much. Sukuna looks at him directly when he’s speaking; he never breaks eye contact, always gets his attention through a tap or touch first, and makes sure that he's facing Megumi completely so he can read his lips if he needs to.

With Sukuna, it never feels like he needs to fight much to get his attention, because it’s always already on him.

But the fear is still there, having dogged him for most of his life and his relationships with people, and Megumi wonders briefly if he dares to take the next step with Sukuna.

He realizes bitterly that he still doesn’t have the courage to do so.

Someday, he's sure, the novelty of it will wear off, and Sukuna will find him a hassle. If they remain friends, it might not hurt as much when Sukuna inevitably grows bored, so Megumi feels it might be better to take things slow for now.

It'll also give him some time to sort out these feelings that he's spiralling into.

He’ll have to be honest with Sukuna sooner or later though, but as he watches the growing frown on the other’s face, Megumi has a small panic that it might have been too soon to introduce Sukuna to more of his world.

They take turns suggesting the activity they’ll do on the weekends, and this time Megumi invited Sukuna to something he’s been invested in for a while now, but never suggested earlier for fear that the hard truth would start scaring Sukuna away. But it's something close to his heart, and he'd been meaning to ask Sukuna along because he wanted to see how Sukuna would react to it.

Every first and third Saturdays, Megumi volunteers at an association for the deaf nearby, where they’ll run activities and learning programs for children. When he asked Sukuna to join this time, the latter had agreed with his usual smirk, saying something about not minding because he still gets to spend the afternoon with Megumi.

But now, as they help run an activity for a local school for the deaf, Sukuna doesn’t look too thrilled at the prospect of having to share Megumi with anyone, especially not with eleven other kids.

Kids who are no less terrifying for their inability to hear his frustrated commands for them to stop clambering all over him.

Megumi feels a tap on his shoulder, and turns to find Toge, a sophomore from the same university who also volunteers at the activities. Toge casts a sympathetic glance over to where Sukuna’s being swamped by a few children who seem overly interested in his tattoos, and signs a question to Megumi.

“Your friend doing okay?”

Megumi signs in return. “Don’t know. Should probably go help him out.”

He’s about to go over and rescue Sukuna from a child who’s pulling at his arm as if she wants to tear it off when he feels Toge hold him back, and Megumi glances at his friend curiously.

“Wait.” Toge signs. “It’s getting interesting.”

Megumi furrows his brows in worry. Sukuna hasn’t really said a word to him since they got here, and he’s been watching what seems to be frustration building on the other’s expression as he navigated a situation which was clearly out of his element. Megumi’s concerned that if he doesn’t try to smooth things over, Sukuna might toss a child out a window or something.

He’s even more concerned that this would be a stark foreshadowing of the inevitable moment when Sukuna’s patience would run out permanently.

But he forces himself to wait, and watches as Sukuna sighs and repeats something to the kids who are now sitting in a circle around him. Watches as they reach for his hands and pull his fingers into different positions. As Sukuna squints his eyes, observing the signs made by one of the kids and tries to repeat the same hand movements.

And then it dawns on him that Sukuna’s trying to learn something from them.

Toge smirks knowingly beside him. “Quite a catch you’ve got there.” He signs, and Megumi takes that as his cue to leave Toge behind before he can start teasing him further.

He approaches Sukuna and the children, and a few of them jump up immediately to crowd around him, already familiar with his presence. Sukuna turns and the frustration on his face immediately vanishes when he lays eyes on Megumi.

“Everything okay?” Megumi asks.

Sukuna stares at him, not saying a word, and then he lifts his little finger and taps it twice on his chin.

“It’s okay.”

Megumi’s heart wells up with emotion, as the kids cheer and Sukuna grins at having gotten the sign correct. He continues to form a symbol like a ‘three’, but Megumi can’t understand the next few movements that Sukuna tries to perform. Sukuna frowns again, when he notices that Megumi’s lost, so Megumi reaches for his hand and makes him stop.

“I’m sorry, could you repeat that?” He says, smiling slightly.

“Ah fuck, I think I got that wrong. Was trying to get them to teach me simple things like ‘sorry’. It’s fine, there’s always next time.”

Megumi’s a little relieved the children cannot hear Sukuna’s swearing, but then what Sukuna said hit him and he looks at Sukuna in surprise.

“You’ll come next time?”

Sukuna blinks. “Of course. Do you not want me to come next time?”

And Megumi feels like his heart is going to burst, as he cannot hide his smile any longer. “I do. I just thought you wouldn’t.”

“Nonsense.” Sukuna stares down at where their hands are still linked, and Megumi feels his grip tightening a little. “Why wouldn’t I want to spend more time with you?”

There’s a bout of giggles from the children, and Megumi quickly lets go of Sukuna’s hand as he notices the small crowd gathered around them. A young girl signs ‘boyfriend?’ to him, and Megumi frantically signs back a ‘no’.

He’s hyper aware of Sukuna beside him watching the entire exchange with interest, and he can only hope that the kids did not teach him any of those signs yet.

Sukuna realizes, one day, that he doesn't want to lose what he has with Megumi.

They're hanging out at the library to study, and he watches as Megumi tucks a stray strand of hair behind his ear and thinks he's the most beautiful person he's ever met.

Megumi was also one of the brightest minds Sukuna has ever seen; witty and sharp with his comebacks, and far too observant than he let on. Most people simply assume that just because he’s quiet, reserved, and didn’t speak much, he wasn’t clever, but Sukuna knows that Fushiguro Megumi has potential, and he'd fight anyone who dared to think otherwise.

He's also kind, and good, and he mellows out Sukuna's temperament just by being there. And it frustrates Sukuna that there's the slight chance he may not be good enough for Megumi.

It's not that he's not confident. Sukuna's well-aware of his fortes, slightly prideful, even. But he wants to be everything Megumi needs and more, and he knows there are parts of him that fall short of those needs.

And Sukuna's not the type to settle for anything less than perfection.

There’s obviously a growing attraction between them, and they’re spending so much time together now, one would think they were a couple or something. Sukuna’s got Megumi’s entire schedule memorized, and he’s pretty sure Megumi did the same for him. They study together in comfortable silence, grab coffee afterwards (Sukuna knows his order like the back of his palm), and stay up some nights just to spend more time with each other.

If not for the fact that he’s the type of person to make his feelings extremely clear, Sukuna might have believed that they were already dating, the way a lovestruck fool would let another lead them on.

But he knows that Megumi’s not the type to do that, and neither is Sukuna, as he’s made clear to Megumi early on. If he wanted to make things official, he’d come right out and say it, but he hasn’t, so there’s nothing to be confused about.

And Megumi certainly didn’t think of him that way either.

He remembers the little exchange Megumi had with one of the kids at the deaf association’s activities. Sukuna had gone home that day, and spent hours searching through sign language resources and videos, to finally figure out what the little girl had asked Megumi.

From Megumi’s answer, he clearly knows what Megumi thinks of their relationship.

Still, Sukuna’s not a quitter, and the first thing he does is think about all the possible reasons why Megumi wouldn’t want to date him. Much of his conclusions come to the fact that there’s something Megumi’s concerned about, and Sukuna can only conclude that those concerns lie with him.

Megumi’s a fiercely independent soul who can take care of himself perfectly. That’s how Sukuna knows that he’s the one who needs to step up his game, if he wants to ask Megumi out.

So he makes up his mind, right there, as he watches Megumi pore over the pages of his book with the most adorable frown ever, that he won't give Megumi up to anyone else.

But first, he'll need to give his best to Megumi.

"I'm oddly proud of him." Megumi comments to another sophomore, Yuuta, as he watches Sukuna sign his own name perfectly to some of the kids from the association, and smirk as they squeal in glee.

"Not gonna lie, the first time I saw him, I was quite ready to throw him out in case he was with the yakuza." Yuuta says. "Funny how he's actually getting along with the kids, huh?"

Megumi thinks it's really sweet, honestly, but he's refrained from telling Sukuna that. He feels like Sukuna might not want to be associated with that word.

“He’s really making an effort, isn’t he? Even on the days you’re not here, he’ll still make time to come in, like on weekdays.”

Now that’s a surprise. Megumi had no idea that Sukuna had been coming here without him, and even less of a clue when Sukuna was finding the time to do that amidst his busy schedule. Just when he thought he couldn’t find more things to admire about Sukuna, that stupid tattooed bastard had to blow his expectations out of water, didn’t he?

His heart aches the more he thinks about it, and Megumi dares to wonder what it would be like if they actually started dating. If he could make Sukuna as happy as Sukuna always makes him happy.

“Okkotsu-senpai. Do you think you’d ever get tired of Inumaki-senpai?” He asks quietly.

Yuuta’s eyes narrowed. “Are you implying I’d find Toge boring someday?”

“Sorry, that came out insensitive. I just meant…” Megumi glances at Sukuna, and Yuuta recognizes that look of longing in his eyes. “How do you know you’ll stay?”

He turns to look at Yuuta. “How do I know he’ll stay?”

Yuuta sighs. “Honestly, I don’t.” Then he looks back at Megumi and smiles.

“But here’s the thing, I try. And I know I’ll keep trying, even if it gets hard sometimes. Because I love him too much to want to give him up.”

He reaches over and places his hand on Megumi’s shoulder. The touch is reassuring, and Megumi feels a bit of relief wash over him.

“Here’s the thing, I think he’s trying too.” Yuuta tosses a glance down Sukuna’s direction. “Tattoos and all.”

Megumi almost smiles at that, but he turns to look at Sukuna too and to his shock, Sukuna’s suddenly storming towards them with a glare that makes Yuuta drop his hand out of survival instinct.

“How’s it going with the kids today?” Megumi quickly asks. Sukuna glares at Yuuta for a few more seconds before answering.

“I think we’re done for today. Can we go, Megumi?”

“Sure.” Megumi signs a goodbye to Yuuta. He’ll probably drop the sophomore a text later to check if things were okay.

As he turns to follow Sukuna out, Sukuna reaches for his hand and pulls him along, Megumi’s eyes going wide.

He lets Sukuna hold his hand as they leave the association building, but Megumi’s heart is racing and he keeps glancing down to where their hands are linked. Sukuna doesn’t look back, keeps walking, and Megumi realizes they’re not going back to campus at all.

“Sukuna, where are we going?”

Sukuna pauses and looks back for a moment as he mumbles. “Bear with me, Megumi.”

So Megumi lets him lead them to wherever they’re going, his face blushing red, his heart beating fast, his entire focus centered on the warmth of Sukuna’s hand enveloping his fingers.

They stop at a small park nearby, and Sukuna brings them both to a bench (where a young couple immediately vacates and flees upon the sight of Sukuna bearing down on them), and gently leads Megumi to sit down.

His hand is still holding onto Megumi’s, and Sukuna pulls Megumi’s other hand onto his lap as well so he can grasp both of them in his palms.

“Is something the matter, Sukuna?”

“I just wanted some place where we could be alone for a while.” Sukuna brushes his thumbs across Megumi’s fingers as he takes a deep breath. “Can I talk to you about something?”

Megumi chances a glance at him. “Is this about Okkotsu-senpai? You know he’s seeing Inumaki-senpai, right?”

Sukuna snorts. “I know that. Still shouldn’t be touching you though.” He grumbles, and Megumi chuckles a bit at his annoyance.

“Sukuna, I’m not yours.”

“I know that too. And I want that to change.”

Everything freezes, and Megumi stares at Sukuna, his green eyes blown wide with uncertainty, and his heart skips a beat.

There’s hardly any background noise, or sounds that could interfere with his hearing. Just the still quiet of the park, and the both of them. But Megumi wonders, for a second, if he had misheard Sukuna, and he doesn’t want to make things awkward by asking him to repeat that.

Because if he’s really misheard things, Megumi doesn’t think he can take hearing the words that will come from Sukuna, words that would crush the hope he’s harboured for the other boy for quite a while now.

Sukuna looks right at him, and releases his hands slowly.

And then he brings his right hand up like a symbol of ‘three’, followed by a sort of slicing motion in front of him, with his fingers splayed out straight, and then sticks out his index, middle, and ring finger in a different symbol like a sideways ‘M’.

And he mouths the word along with every single one of his gestures.


Megumi watches as he does the ‘three’ symbol again, thumb and index finger forming a ring touching his forehead, which he extends into an open palm and then moves forward in a sort of salute.

‘I’m sorry.’

Megumi bursts out laughing. So that was what he had been trying to sign the other day. “What’re you sorry for?”

“The first time we met. I was a dick, okay? Wait, I’m not done yet.” Sukuna huffed, as he brings his hands together for the next phrase he wants to sign.

‘Go out with me?’

There’s no mistaking that, and Megumi has to remind himself to breathe. He can’t stop the smile forming on his face, and he leans forward to pull Sukuna’s hands towards him as he nods.


Sukuna heaves a sigh of relief. "Oh god. I'm glad that came out right. I was worried I might accidentally say ‘go fuck yourself’ or something."

“How long have you been practicing?” Megumi asks.

“Two weeks, I think. That other kid, Toge? Wouldn’t stop judging me, I swear, every time I got a sign wrong he’d squint at me and make me repeat it again and-”

He gasps as Megumi pulls him into a hug. Sukuna freezes, and then brings his arms to wrap around Megumi’s smaller frame.

Megumi holds onto him tightly. He’ll try, he thinks, he wants this as well, he wants Sukuna to stay, and he’s just so happy that Sukuna wants the same thing. He pulls away slowly, and notices Sukuna already watching him with his playful smirk, and he cannot stop himself as he leans in closer to place a kiss on Sukuna’s lips.

They’ll take their time, slowly. All the time in the world. There’s still so much to learn, and there’ll be little mistakes along the way. But he’ll listen to his heart this time, because right now only one person matters, the only person who looks at him like Megumi’s his entire world.

The one person who’s the entire world to Megumi as well.


Yuuji calls out loudly as he steps into his room, “I’m back!”

The lights are on, so Megumi’s clearly back too, and Yuuji catches a glimpse of his spiky-haired roommate lounging on their small sofa with his twin brother as he walks past them to go to the kitchen.

“Hey, Megumi. Hey, Sukuna.” He mutters.

Grabbing a drink from the fridge, Yuuji walks back to his room and then pauses. Something didn’t feel right.

Then he runs back to confirm what he’s just seen.

Megumi and Sukuna look up from the sofa where they’re reclining as Yuuji bursts into sight. Nope, he wasn’t imagining things, that’s definitely his roommate cuddling comfortably into his brother’s arms, tucking his dark hair underneath Sukuna’s chin.

Yuuji’s jaw drops as the realization hits him.

“How long has this been going on?!”

Megumi glances upwards and mouths a question at Sukuna that seems to be, ‘Three?’

To which Sukuna responds back non-verbally, ‘Three.’

And then they both look back at Yuuji, and Megumi finally speaks. “I think it’s been about three months?”


Megumi blinks in confusion. “I thought it was obvious.”

Sukuna places a kiss on Megumi’s hair and the latter looks at him with fondness. “Not your fault that my idiot brother’s an idiot.”

“Don’t call him that.”

“I’ll call him whatever I like.”

Megumi mouths back something that Yuuji cannot follow. And Yuuji watches as an entire conversation begins to unfold with gestures and nods, lips moving, and occasional words sprinkled between them.

It’s like watching some bizarre secret code being exchanged between the two of them, and Yuuji can only vaguely understand some of the lip movements, and catch the random words spoken out loud. And it’s driving him crazy.

It drives him even crazier when Sukuna smirks and then pins Megumi to the sofa to begin kissing him. Not even the panicked cries from Yuuji can break them apart, and he ends up running out of his own room in embarrassment, straight to another room down the hall.

Gojo looks up as Yuuji slams the door behind him, groaning.

“Having a bad day?” He grins.

Yuuji tosses himself onto Sukuna’s empty bed. His head is spinning and he’s going to die from embarrassment and he still cannot believe that his amazing roommate is dating his dick of a brother.

“Satoru,” He complains. “Have you ever thought of swapping roommates?”