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girl, put your records on (tell me your favorite song)

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“Congratulations on winning this competition, HanGuang-Jun,” a girl shorter than Lan Zhan reached out her hand for a sign of accepting defeat. 

“Mn. Congratulations too, A-Qing,” she accepted and smiled. Then Lan Zhan felt a weight on her shoulders, it was Luo Qingyang. “You’re definitely on the roll today, Miss. What the hell is wrong with you. Back-to-back champion, pfft.”

“Nothing much.” she replied as she took out a white shirt from her athletic bag and put it on to not catch a cold from her wearing a two-piece white with blue clouds embroidered design bikini.

“So are we celebrating or not.” Mianmian asked. 

“I’m going back to Gusu. It has been a week since I visited my uncle.”

“A week is just like a weekend, but with an additional five working days.” 

“That is a week.”

“Just relax for a bit. Oh, you know my cousin Zixuan, right?” Mianmian mentioned.

“Jin Zixuan?” Lan Zhan asked.

“Yeah! That’s him!” she perks up. “My cousin owns a park something like that where skateboarders and roller skaters come and just have some fun! You can skateboard there, he rents skateboards and roller skates there.” 

“Surfing and skateboarding are two different things, Mianmian,” Lan Zhan groaned.

“Oh, come on, HanGuang-Jun, they are definitely the same ,” Mianmian protested. “Wear something casual. I'll message you the place and time. Don’t you dare leave me alone there.”

“I’ll think about it,” Lan Zhan zips her bag and fixes the strap on her shoulder.

“You better be thinking,” Mianmian threatened.


Lan Zhan and Mianmian parted ways as she took her car keys out and hopped on her Mercedes-Benz AMG G65, while Mianmian took the bus home. The ride home was nice, Lan Zhan thought as there was no traffic considering it was a Saturday. A normal 45-minute drive from the beach to her apartment was rather nice. She checked her phone and it shows 2:57 p.m. Lan Zhan opened the door to her apartment and placed her keys by the key holder near the door. She placed her bags on the table and opened the zippers to get her clothes inside them to put away for washing. And her phone lit up. It’s a message from Mianmian.

“hey, u home yet?” 


“xx LanLing Jin near Koi Tower 6 p.m. don’t be late, asshole”

Lan Zhan turned off her phone and just threw it on her bed. If she was being honest with herself, she would really want to just lay in bed all day and read a book or play with her bunnies, Bichen and Wangji, after a long day outside most of the time for the past few days due to practicing for the event earlier. But she can not just bail her “friend” out of jail if things go out in hand, because one , Mianmian’s personality. two, there is no really a two but it’s also Mianmian’s personality that one day they would end up in jail because of her attitude. 

She looked at the clock hanging on her wall and shows 3:12 p.m. Lan Zhan has almost 3 hours before she would go out again. So she took her towel with her to the bathroom and took a shower. 

Twenty minutes later, Lan Zhan got out of the shower with her towel on, hair dripping wet and got her hairdryer in the cabinet by the hairdresser. She plugged it in and started drying her hair that falls just above her shoulder. Ten minutes in, her hair is now dry and she went in by her in-door closet and just mentally notes that she should wear something casual as Mianmian mentioned. Looking in her closet, the amount of office-wear type of clothing outnumbered her stay-at-home clothes. Lan Zhan mentally notes that she should shop a little more for her casual wear sometime soon. So she took out a white bralette, a blue nike oversized windbreaker, high waisted denim shorts for the bottomwear, and a pair of white Dr. Martens shoes. 

She wore the outfit and looked at herself in the mirror, “This looks casual,” Lan Zhan says to herself. She has time to spare so she brewed a cup of tea and read the news on her phone waiting for the tea to cool down a little. 

And a new message came in. It’s Mianmian again.

“i’m already here!”

“It’s 4:17 p.m.”

“u should come here now, there are no teenagers here today, apparently.”

“I’m brewing tea.”

“no shit, also just come here yiling laozu is here omg hsgdhghd”

“I cannot understand what ‘hsgdhghd’ means, Mianmian.”

“it’s a keyboard smash. just come here, asshole you’re gonna miss how cool yiling laozu is!!!”

“Yiling Laozu?”

“yeah!! she is so cool. she does roller skates and she’s famous. i think she’s your type.”

“You’re not my Mom, Mianmian. Stop setting me up.”

“okay okay sheesh just come here”

Lan Zhan took a deep breath and went back to check her tea. The perfect temperature she was looking forward to was now warm—no, it was nowhere near hot, but cool enough for boba than tea itself. So she took the teapot and placed it inside the refrigerator instead with no plans of drinking it now. 


She took her keys and went down to the parking space by the basement of the apartment and got into her wagon. Lan Zhan inputs the address in the GPS to locate where Mianmian invited her to hang out with her. From her apartment to the park, it was an hour car ride. Good thing Mianmian pushed her to go earlier because now she is stuck in the traffic. Great, she did not had her tea earlier, now she’s stuck in the traffic. What else could go wrong?

Lan Zhan parks her car and closes the door, her windbreaker got stuck inside and it ripped apart. This is literally her worst day ever she mentally sighs. She went inside the LanLing Jin park and saw Mianmian waving her hand. 

“Wow, you whore, wearing only bralette and denim shorts when I said ‘wear something casual,’” Mianmian pointed at Lan Zhan’s outfit.

“It ripped apart,” Lan Zhan pointed at her car and it seemed like there’s a blue piece of clothing hanging outside her car door. 

“Shocks,” Mianmian replied. “Anyways, let’s rent out a skateboard first!”

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“Zixuan-ge, can I rent two skateboards? Preferably a new one, my friend here likes something clean,” Mianmian smiled.

“Oh, you’ve brought a friend,” Jin Zixuan said. “You must be Lan Zhan, Lan Xichen’s younger sister, right?”


“Here,” he hands out two skateboards. “Have fun. Don’t you dare get scrapes, Mianmian!”


“So,” Lan Zhan looked at the skateboard she’s holding, then to Mianmian.

“So, what?” Mianmian asked? 

“How does this thing work?”

“It’s the same as your surfboard but with wheels you dumbass. You place one feet to the board and try to use the other to step forward to get it rolling and once you have enough speed, you place your other foot to the board like this.” Mianmian explains.

“It’s not the same as surfing.”

“Come on, trust me,” Mianmian convinced. “Oh, got to go, I see my girlfriend arriving, you know Wen Qing, right? I’m gonna marry her someday.”

“Wait, you’re leaving me here?”

“Of course, I don’t want you to third wheel with us” Mianmian places her skateboard on the ground and starts rushing towards her girlfriend. Lan Zhan is now left alone with her skateboard in her hand. 

Lan Zhan looked around the place and walked to a spot where she could try to practice balancing first before actually trying to play with it. She then hears someone laughing from a distance, she did not bother to look but she heard someone laugh-screaming “Jiang Cheng, why did you bring your bike here? You look idiotic for bringing it here hahahaha,” a girl laughed. 

“What’s wrong bringing it here? If you remember correctly, Shijie is the co-owner here. She married Jin Zixuan.”

“Oh, that damn peacock. I’m still not forgiving him.”

“He basically lets you play with your stupid roller skates here for free.”

“As he should be.”


Lan Zhan stopped minding hearing the banter of those ‘kids’ and focused on what she should do. She tried to imitate what Mianmian showed her for a while but a loud thud was heard. She loses balance and falls, she feels a sting to her bottom and suddenly a hand was in front of her. She mindlessly grabbed the hand and she was pulled towards to stand up from that awkward position. “Thank you,” Lan Zhan replied.

Lan Zhan wipes the dirt off her shorts and suddenly the person in front of her asks a question. 

“Are you okay? You look new here,” the girl asked. Lan Zhan looked from the girl’s shoe to her face. She’s the same girl arguing with her brother earlier , Lan Zhan thought. The girl in front of her is wearing a tight skirt with a pair of Fila Disruptor II, and a vibrant red sleeveless top with a white print that says be gay, do crimes. 

Lan Zhan mindlessly keeps looking at her without answering the question until the person in front of her snaps her sense out.

“Hey, you still there? You didn’t have any concussion, right?” she asked. 

“I’m okay,” Lan Zhan answered. 

“So you new here?” still not letting go of Lan Zhan’s hand.

“Mn,” she replied and nodded, looking at the girl’s hand still.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to hold your hand for so long, your girlfriend might get angry,” she pointed out a girl behind Lan Zhan. Oh, she’s talking about Mianmian.

“Sorry again, are you straight? I’m sorry I assumed you were not, I-” she was on the verge of crying or maybe something else.

“I’m into girls,” Lan Zhan cuts her off. “Her? She’s a friend.”

“Oh, that’s nice. That’s nice. What's your name?” Lan Zhan can see a sparkle in her eyes.

“Lan Zhan,” she replied. “You?”

“My name…” she thinks. “You can call me the girl of your dreams!” she winks at Lan Zhan.

“Ah,” Lan Zhan was not having it, she wanted to pull this girl in front of her and kiss her in her car, but that sounds impolite so Lan Zhan just played along with her and plans a way to kidnap her? or maybe make her bear her child with her and name it A-Yuan or something.

“Okay, ‘the girl of my dreams’, can you teach me how to play with this thing,” Lan Zhan points at the skateboard on the floor.

“Lan Zhan!” she calls. “With that build, how can you not know how to play this like wow your muscles, so firm and I believe you have abs because girl you look so hot I would totally date you!” she teases.

“Do not tease with me”

“What if I’m not teasing with you, Lan Zhan. Can you take the responsibility for that?” she grins.

Lan Zhan just shut his eyes and replied, “ shameless,” and there was a hint of red on her ears from the teasing.

“Aiyo, Lan Zhan! Tell me what do you do for a living?” she asks, holding Lan Zhan’s hands as she guides her to skateboard.

“I do surfing.”

“Like professionally? Like you earn? You’re not kidding with me, are you?”


“Oh, that’s very hot of you.” 

“Do you want to learn?” Lan Zhan asks. She’s not risking this chance of having this shorter girl not to beg for mercy slip away.

“Are you asking me on a date?” she asked. “You don’t even know my name, Lan Zhan!”

“Y-” Lan Zhan was about to reply, but she was cut off when someone suddenly dragged the girl forcefully. 

“Dumbass! The fuck you flirting around, A-Jie said it’s time for dinner. Mom specifically asked me to drag you for you to be there.” 

Lan Zhan wants to push that dude aside for pulling the girl without care.

“Wait! A-Cheng calm down! Give me a minute, I’ll meet you in the parking lot,” she begged. Then the guy lets go of the girl Lan Zhan was talking to. 

“Sorry about my brother,” she apologized. 

“Mn,” was the only thing Lan Zhan could reply to.

“Here!” the girl took out a pen from her pocket then she pulled Lan Zhan’s arm. She started writing down numbers.  

“Call me, and I’ll tell you my name,” she smiles and leaves a peck on Lan Zhan’s check before roller skating towards the exit.


Lan Zhan stopped functioning for a hot minute until Mianmian snapped her senses back.