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Pearl is my name

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Icy cold pinpricks against my still warm palm, weird thick liquid oozed down the crown of my head, emptiness surrounded me like a dark mass. It blanketed my body, restricting my every move, like being zipped in a bag.

My mind was running at insane speeds, everything was centred on one thing, My mind going into overdrive. I need to rescue her. Why did I do this to her? Where is she now? When did she leave?

Memories came flowing back to me. A blinding light flashed into my face, instinctively the frozen hand rose, blood on my arm eyesight still blurry.

I regret letting my instincts rule my head. My other hand came to clear the heavy fog. My vision was cleared and I read her name aloud. "Pearl"

That moment when everything was taken, I felt myself fall into the abyss, darkness engulfed me taking me away.