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A Tale of Sisterly Love

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“Hey, Azusa, I need you to help me with something.”
“Sure, Nanaka. You know you could always rely on me for anything.”
“I can’t wait any longer. I want Chisa. I NEED Chisa. I need her to love me in the same way I love her: not as a sister, but as a lover.”
“You know that’s incest, right?”
“I don’t care. You have to help me. I’d rather die than live this life the way it is any longer. I’m desperate, Azusa. Please, help me.”
“I never said I wouldn’t help you, just that it isn’t necessarily right. Ok, so how are we going to do this?”
“I was thinking of moving on her while we were diving.”
“That’s the most probable course of action that would work. Hmmm… I have a plan...”
A few days have passed since that talk. Nanaka has been trying to find the courage to ask Chisa whether or not she would go with her diving, just the two of them. Well, at last, she found the right opportunity. Chisa is helping Nanaka with cleaning the shop. Nanaka is shaking at the thought of finally being able to get her hands on her sister. She inhales deeply and wants to ask it, when Chisa starts talking:
“Do you want to go diving after we finish?”
Nanaka is so shocked she almost fell.
“Yeah, sure. Who else is coming?”
“I wanted to be just the two of us. We haven’t gone diving between sisters in such a long time.”
Nanaka is as red as a tomato. Her pussy feels piping hot. She is so excited she wants to cry, but she knows that she has to hide her feelings from Chisa.
“Yeah, that would be great! I missed going diving with you alone.”
“Ok, we’ll meet by the shore. Now go finish cleaning in your part of the shop.”
It is now afternoon. They are both in their wetsuits, but Nanaka tries her hardest not to stare at Chisa’s butt and chest.
“Let’s go.”
The ocean is as clear as the summer sky. The fish are swimming in the water like sperm trying to find the egg. Chisa is admiring the aquatic wildlife and Nanaka is trying to find the right opportunity to approach her sister. Fortunately for her, luck would be by her side.
Chisa gets scared by a blowfish and backs, hitting Nanaka’s front with her back. Nanaka feels her boobs getting squeezed by her sister’s soft back. That was her chance. She gets her hands on Chisa’s tits, feeling them and massaging the nipples. Chisa is terrified and jumps from her sister’s hands, asking in sign language what she wanted to do. But Nanaka can’t wait any longer. She thrusts herself to her little sister and starts rubbing her pussy. Chisa wants to escape again, but she cannot move her muscles. The pleasuring made her weak. Her only advantage is that the wetsuit is pretty thick and the feeling she gets is weakened.
Nanaka is so happy she is out of her mind, but that would be to her detriment. In a moment of distraction, Chisa managed to free herself from her sister’s grip. As soon as she was free, she started swimming back to the shore with a speed which broke records. Nanaka is scared shitless. She can’t process what horrific thing she has done. She just has to hope that everything will be fine.
Nanaka stayed a bit longer in the water before she decided to go back home. She arrives. Going into her room, Nanaka sees the door open. In the room is Chisa, laying in bed with the Chisa body pillow under the Chisa posters that are in Nanaka’s room.
“W-w-wait, I can explain!”
“What is the meaning of all this?”
“I can’t hide it any longer,” says Nanaka in her mind. “I have to tell her the truth.”
“I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU! There. I said it.”
Nanaka wants to cry and jump off a building. To her surprise, though, her little sister said:
“If you had said this from the start, we could have avoided this awkwardness.”
Chisa slowly comes to her sister, grabs Nanaka’s face between her palms and kisses her. Their tongues meet and begin to dance like a passionate couple in a tango competition. Nanaka has tiers in her eyes. Her dream finally came true.
“Isn’t this what you wanted?”
“Yes, it is. I have been waiting for far too long. You don’t know how many times I’ve cried at the possibility of never doing this with you. You mean ZA WARUDO to me.”
“Then that means this was the right choice.”
Chisa pulls Nanaka into the bed. Her tender hand undresses her bigger sister with a never before seen gentleness. The bra comes off and Nanaka’s rock hard nipples come into the picture.
“So you like it.”
“A lot!”
Chisa starts sucking Nanaka’s left nipple, so she could be closer to the rapid beating heart. The huge boobs bounce everywhere alongside the sound of moaning coming from Nanaka’s mouth. She is screaming so loudly tha-
“I’ve heard some screaming and came in to see if you ar- oh… uhm… uhh… Thanks for the show.”
It was Iori. He came in, saw what was happening, bowed and left.
“Sooo… where were we?” asks Chis nonchalantly.
“I… want to see you naked. And to feel you. I want to taste you.”
“If this is what you want.”
Chisa gets up and drops her dress. Under the dress was the pure nude body of a young woman. Her round boobs would make the jaw of anyone drop. Her shy pussy just waits for the right person to open it and satisfy her needs. Nanaka started instantly to salivate. She literally jumps to that juicy vulva. Her tongue starts playing with the clit like a child who plays with a ball for the first time. Her passionate licking is making Chisa go mad. The hormones circulate between the two of them like crazy.
“Nanaka, wait! If you don’t stop, I’m gonna cum!”
“Then do it.”
Chisa can’t hold it another second. She came so hard she filled Nanaka’s mouth.
“It tastes so good! Now it’s my turn.”
Nanaka grabbes Chisa’s legs. They start scissoring. The two pussies met like in the moment when Uranus and Gaia made the Earth. They are both in complete ecstasy. They moaned and came like they never did before.
They are laying in bed.
“Nanaka, just so you know, we are never doing this again. Even this time, I only did it so you could get your mind off of me.”
“NO! You can’t do this to me! I love you!”
“You need to understand that this is wrong.”
“No buts. This is my decision and you have to respect it.”
“I-I… understand...”
“Thank you.”
The two sisters never spoke of this day again, even though they will always remember it. Now they are living a normal life. Nanaka found a boyfriend, Chisa continued with her studies and Iori to this day masturbates at the memory of his two cousins fucking.