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i'm falling (in love) with you

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Of all the things Lena had been expecting on this -what started out as a normal- evening, opening the door the find her cute neighbour standing there was not one of them. And she definitely didn’t expect said cute neighbour to be clearly hiding something underneath her jacket.

“Hi,” the blonde says, quickly, before Lena can get a word out.

(Okay, she knows the blonde’s name is Kara, but admitting she remembers her name from their brief interaction the first day they met means she also has to remember the fact that she’d embarrassed herself in front of her literal Greek God neighbour and she’s been desperately trying to forget that part).

Lena doesn’t get a chance to respond before more words are rushing out of Kara’s mouth.

“Please, you’ve got to help me. I don’t know who else to ask. Alex disapproves because she thinks I’m going to get evicted and Mr. Bridges is on his way to inspect my apartment now and we’re not allowed pets so I think Alex might be right -though don’t tell her I said that- but he’s already given me two warnings because I broke the door and put a hole in the wall and luckily he hasn’t noticed the dent in the floor yet but if he sees the cat I’ll be homeless and Cinnamon will be homeless. So please, can you help us?”

Lena doesn’t even have time to register half the words, Kara talking at a mile a minute, but she does pick up on one word. “Cat?”

As if summoned, a cat’s head pokes through the collar of Kara’s jacket, looking as skittish as Kara does.

“Cinnamon,” Kara nods. “Can she hide here until Mr. Bridges leaves? He’s on his was up for a surprise inspection now.”

There’s no way that Lena can say no to the wide, pleading eyes Kara sends her, so despite the fact that she knows nothing about cats, or anything about the woman standing in front of her, she finds herself nodding anyway.

Kara’s whole body visibly relaxes as she steps into Lena’s apartment, unzipping her jacket as she does to reveal a cat tucked against her chest. Despite the odd occasion, it’s cute.

“Are all your windows closed?”

When Lena nods again, Kara crouches down and places the cat gently on the ground.

“Be good, Lena’s not scary, okay?” Kara says quietly, hand scratching the top of Cinnamon’s head. “I’ll be back soon.”

Two new things Lena learns about Kara in that moment is that she is kind, that’s clear in the gentle tone she uses. The other thing is that Kara clearly has a good memory because she remembers her name too.

(And Lena learns about herself that she apparently has a thing for blondes now because there’s no doubt that Kara is the prettiest woman she’s ever seen).

“She was a stray, and she’s pretty scared of people,” Kara says, addressing Lena this time. “She might hide once I’m gone but she’ll be fine. I’ll be as quick as possible, thank you so much.”

Lena doesn’t get a chance to respond more than another nod before Kara is back out her door and suddenly Lena finds herself face to face with a cat she has no idea how to deal with. It’s not just this cat, Lena’s had limited interactions with pets of any kind. As much as she’d wanted one as a kid, Lillian had never let her and then it had just been impractical for her to get one so now she’s alone in a situation she never thought she’d find herself in.

True to Kara’s word, Cinnamon immediately dashes under her dining table as soon as Lena makes a move, even if that move was away from the cat. Which is honestly for the best because Lena really does know nothing about cats.

Lena takes a seat on her couch, watching the cat with unease, as the cat watches her back. Cinnamon looks scared, and Lena feels bad, so she just picks up her tablet, and leaves the cat be. Hopefully Kara will be back soon.

Movement catches her eye not long later, and Lena finds Cinnamon slowly creeping out from under the table, sniffing around, clearly still hesitant. Not wanting to scare her, Lena turns back to her tablet and lets the cat explore. She prefers it this way actually, little interaction of both their parts works best because she has no idea what to do. Maybe she should google it.

Lena’s so absorbed in her research, because apparently there’s a lot of stuff online about cats, that she physically jumps when something soft brushes her ankle, so used to being alone in her apartment. She’s not the only one that gets a fright, Cinnamon dashing across the room faster than she thought possible as she returns to her hiding spot beneath the table.

It takes a little while, and Lena’s back to her research, but she sees movement from the corner of her eye not long later. She keeps her eyes trained down, and keeps any movements slow, as Cinnamon inches closer to her.

This time, when fur brushes against her leg, Lena doesn’t jump even if she is surprised. Lena almost preferred when Cinnamon was across the room because now she’s close and Lena has no idea what to do. She really hopes Kara will be back soon.

She does get another fright when the cat jumps up on the couch beside her. She puts down her tablet and ever so slowly, reaches out to run her hand across Cinnamon’s head, just like Kara did. The cat freezes at the first touch and so does Lena, but then Cinnamon moves again, paws pressing into Lena’s thigh and Lena stills again, unsure what she should do now as Cinnamon sits down and curls up in her lap.

Lena’s hand falls back to Cinnamon’s head as the cat starts to purr.

Whenever Lena has been asked whether she’s a ‘cat or a dog person’ she always just says dog because people like it when you have an answer, but she thinks she’s going to have to start saying “cat” because the cat curled up in her lap is unbelievably cute.

Lena might not know much about cats, but she does know one thing, if a cat sits on you, you can’t move until it moves. Which is why when there’s a knock on her door not long later, Lena stays seated and calls a “come in,” across her apartment.

There’s clear surprise on Kara’s face when she opens the door and spots Lena sitting on the couch, Cinnamon still curled up in Lena’s lap.

“Was everything okay?” Kara asks as she makes her way towards Lena.

“It started a little rocky but we worked things out,” Lena smiles, surprised how much she has enjoyed the last twenty minutes. Maybe she should get a cat of her own, her apartment already feels less lonely. But that could just be because of Kara’s smile.

“Hey,” Kara says quietly, taking the seat next to Lena, hand outstretched to pat Cinnamon’s head.

Lena is not used to having other people in her apartment. In fact, this might be the first person who’s visited her since Sam helped her move in a month ago. But maybe she should start inviting Sam to come and stay with her more often, she quite likes the idea of sharing her space with others.

“You must be some kind of cat whisperer or something, she still won’t go near my sister or friends even though she’s been living with me for a few weeks now. She’s still a little nervous around people, aren’t you?” Kara says, her last words directed at the cat again, hand still stroking her head.

“You said she was a stray?” Lena asks, curious about the cat’s story, and why Kara would risk her apartment just for a cat.

“Yeah. Some guys had cornered her in an alley, throwing things at her, and I uh…scared them away but Cinnamon was clearly hurt and scared so I took her to the vet and they bandaged her leg but she still gets scared around people, besides me that is. And apparently you. I don’t know what you’ve done but she clearly likes you too.”

“I like her too,” Lena smiles, and Kara’s responding grin has Lena’s heart beating too fast in her chest. It’s a little unfair how attractive her neighbour is.

“So,” Lena clears her throat, glancing away from what is bordering on staring. “You get to keep your apartment, then?

“For now, yes, thank you again so much. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.”

“Anytime,” Lena smiles. She’s surprised to find that she means it.

Turns out ‘anytime’ is a week later, not that Kara asks this time, but when Lena gets home from work late one evening, she finds Cinnamon wandering the hallway outside her apartment. A quick glance around show no clear sign of how or why Cinnamon is out.

“Stay,” she says quietly to Cinnamon and though she considers picking the cat up so it won’t run away, Lena’s not entirely sure how to pick up a cat and doesn’t want to hurt her. Running away seems to be the last thing on Cinnamon’s mind though as the cat winds herself through Lena’s legs, almost tripping her as she walks over to Kara’s door.

After several unanswered knocks, Lena considers her options. Those options being leaving Cinnamon out here and hoping she doesn’t get discovered, or taking Cinnamon back to her apartment so she’s safe until Kara gets home.

Turns out there’s only one option to consider, because she’s not going to risk Kara losing her apartment or Cinnamon losing her home just because she’s a little out of her comfort zone.

Lucky for her, Cinnamon is smart and follows her when Lena calls her name, and she gets her safely into her apartment with no hassle at all.

Lena has no food, for herself or a cat actually, and she makes a mental note that when she goes shopping tomorrow, she’ll pick up a little bit of cat food too, just in case this ever happens again.

Lena is in her pyjamas, book in one hand, other hand buried in the light brown fur atop Cinnamon’s head, when there’s a knock at her door. She’d been listening out for Kara to get home but apparently missed it judging by the urgent knocking on her door.

“Come in!” She calls, belatedly realising she should’ve asked who it was first but it doesn’t matter because it’s Kara that steps into her apartment.

“Lena, I don’t know what to do, I can’t find Cinnamon anywhere, I-“ She stops herself short when Lena tries to cut in and Kara’s eyes fall on them “Oh, thank Rao.”

“I’m sorry, I should’ve left a note or something, she was in the hallway and I didn’t want you to get caught so I brought her here instead.”

“Thank you so much, again.” Kara smiles. “That’s the second time you’ve saved us now.” Kara crouches down in front of the couch, a crinkle between her eyes that’s unreasonably cute. “How did you get out?” she asks Cinnamon, the cat immediately standing to brush herself against Kara. “I can’t be mad at you because you’re too cute but don’t do it again, okay?” Kara says, scooping the cat into her arms.

Lena can’t be mad about any of this either, even though it’s nearly 1am, because Kara is pretty cute too.

The next night, Kara turns up at her apartment, with a tub of ice cream and two spoons in hand, surprising Lena once again. She sort of thought that that would be it, after last night, she’d never see Kara again unless it was Cinnamon related, but here Kara is, a friendly smile on her face, asking if she can come in and thank her properly for looking after Cinnamon yesterday.

Lena’s not going to say no to an invitation like that.

“I hope you like mint chocolate chip,” Kara says, as she enters Lena’s apartment. “My sister hates it so I always buy it so she doesn’t eat it all by herself.”

“It’s my favourite,” Lena admits, feeling unbalanced and off guard at the surprise intrusion into her space once again. She’s not complaining about Kara’s presence, she just wasn’t expecting it.

She wasn’t expecting anyone like Kara to enter her life at all.

“I knew we were going to be friends,” Kara grins.

Friends. The word bounces around Lena’s mind as Kara takes a seat, as she opens the ice cream and offers Lena a spoon.


Lena can’t remember the last time she made a new friend.

But apparently making new friends isn’t as hard as she remembers, or maybe it’s just because it’s Kara. She’s so easy to talk to, that as Kara asks her questions, she answers honestly, and she listens with great interest as Kara tells her about herself too.

She finds out Kara was adopted, she grew up in Midvale, she’s a journalist and she has a sister called Alex who likes to tease her but she loves more than anything. She finds out less serious things like her favourite colour is red and her favourite food is potstickers and that she loves to bake but can’t cook to save herself.

In turn Lena tells her things about herself she wouldn’t usually share, like she’s adopted too, her new favourite colour is blue and that she got her PhD before she was 20. 

(Most things someone could find with a quick google, but it’s nice to be able to say it herself, to choose which information to share).

It’s when she admits where she works, after talking around the subject for a while, that she knows she’s made a mistake.

“You’re Lena Luthor!” Kara’s palm hits her own forehead. “Of course, I knew you looked familiar! How did I not realise that sooner?”

Lena freezes. Is this it? Is this the part where their brand new friendship already breaks because of her family name and what her brother has done?

“Is that a problem?” Lena asks, suddenly guarded, already throwing up walls to protect herself. What does it matter if some random girl she’s just met doesn’t want to be friends with her?

Kara frowns. “A problem? Why would it be a problem?”

“If you know who I am, you must also know my brother and what he’s done.”

“No one deserves to be judged because of what their relatives have done,” Kara says, more serious than Lena is expecting. Lena almost believes her. “I was just reading an article the other day,” Kara continues, excitement filling blue eyes. “About how you’re rebranding your company, about all the new projects you’re funding and how much you do for charity, you’re incredible. I can’t believe you’re my neighbour, this is amazing.”


“So, definitely not a problem at all,” Kara smiles. “And don’t worry, I know I’m a journalist and all, but I won’t tell anyone Lena Luthor is secretly a huge softy who loves cats.”

Lena uses a look she’s mastered with years of practice, a small tilt of her eyebrow, a ‘you wouldn’t dare’ look on her face she usually reserves for board members or men who just won’t listen.

Except this time, it’s paired with a smile, she can’t help it. Kara just makes her happy.

“Though, seriously,” Kara adds. “I hope you know, everything we say is off the record, I promise.”

Lena shouldn’t, because people lie all the time for their own personal gain, but with Kara’s honest smile, Lena finds herself believing her.


Sam huffs. “You’re no fun anymore.”

“Are you saying I used to be fun?” Lena asks, already knowing how Sam is going to answer.

“Good point, you were never fun. So, come on, I’m only in town for one night, let’s go out, have some drinks, hopefully find you a nice girl.”

Sam even wiggles her eyebrows and Lena just rolls her eyes even as one girl in particular pops into her mind. She almost tells Sam about Kara, about the strange friendship that’s started between them (and the feelings she’s developing alarmingly quickly) but that just sounds like a recipe for Sam trying to meddle.

“Or, we could go back to my apartment, have a few drinks there so we can catch up properly?”

Sam shakes her head. “Sounds like less fun, but okay.”

“I’ve even got-“ Lena starts, but the message tone goes off on her phone sitting beside her on her desk and in the past, she’d have just ignored it, the only person she used to text was Sam and if there was anything important, Jess would call her. But Lena finds her eyes instantly drawn to her phone, a giddy rush of anticipation thrumming through her when she sees that the message is from Kara.

That’s a thing they do now, text, which was entirely unexpected but Lena finds herself falling a little bit more with every interaction they have. They’d exchanged numbers, that night Kara had stopped by with ice cream, in case there was another Cinnamon-related emergency. There hasn’t been one of them yet but they still text anyway.

She should just ignore the message, and continue her conversation with Sam, and she would’ve, except for the moment, she’s kind of forgotten Sam is in the room with her too.

It’s a picture, that Kara has sent, which means it’s either of Cinnamon or food. With anyone else, she would’ve been sick of photos like this by now, but not Kara. With every photo, with every little caption, she learns a little bit more about her neighbour and so she welcomes every little interaction.

She wants to know everything about Kara.

Except this time, it’s not a photo of Cinnamon or food. Or, it’s not just a photo of Cinnamon, but it’s a photo of Cinnamon and Kara.

Lena’s pretty sure she stops breathing for a moment as she stares at the photo. Blue eyes are so bright as Kara grins at the camera, pressed cheek to cheek with Cinnamon. The photo is so close, Lena can see the smattering of freckles high across Kara’s cheeks and the tiny scar on her forehead. The whole image is adorable and Lena knows her feelings for Kara have gone way past crush territory now.

It’s the caption that makes Lena smile, her heart skipping in her chest for a different reason.

We miss you!

She’d seen Kara yesterday, when Kara had stopped by with some cake her mom made that Lena “just had to try.” Even if Kara ate most of it, Lena would never complain about the way Kara had tucked her legs up on Lena’s couch, arm resting against the back of the chair as they’d talked long after the cake was gone.

“I know that look.”

Lena startles out of her thoughts, finds a very amused looking Sam watching her with a grin.

This is not good.

Lena places her phone back on her desk, does her best to school her features and appear unaffected even though her heart is still doing stupid flips in her chest.

What is this woman doing to her?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“And I can’t believe you’ve kept this from me. I can see now why you don’t want to go out and find a girl because you’ve already got yourself one.”

“She’s not…she’s just my neighbour. I looked after her cat once.” Or more than once actually. Lena shrugs. “And now we’re just friends.”

“You looked after someone’s cat?” Sam looks surprised and she should be, Lena is still surprised herself that she did. “You must really like this girl.”

She hadn’t then, she’d barely known Kara back then, but she does now. And there’s no point in denying anything, Sam clearly knows.

Lena sighs. “I do.”

“Well, come on then, what’s her name.”


“Last name?”

Lena narrows her eyes. “Why?” Sam responds with a look that Lena knows means she’s not going to give up so she just gives in and adds, “Danvers.”

Sam is on her phone, before Lena can stop her. Not that Lena could, but now she’s worried about what her friend is doing.

Sam’s mouth drops open, staring at the screen in her hand. “Wow, she’s hot.”

Lena knows that already, but she doesn’t exactly like the way Sam is looking at her phone now. “Yeah, and she’s mine, so hands off.”

Sam grins. “Yours, huh? Getting a little jealous there.”

Lena scoffs but before she can defend herself, Sam cuts in.

“Relax, Kara is pretty,” Sam says, spinning her phone to show she’s found Kara’s Instagram page (which Lena knows from experience is mostly Kara’s friends and food), a picture of Kara and Alex on the screen. “But who’s this? She’s gorgeous. And is she single?”

Lena laughs, the ugly green feeling that Lena would never admit to having, seeping from her chest. “That’s Alex, Kara’s sister.”

Sam is back to looking at her phone. “God, what is in the water wherever they grew up? Okay.” Sam stands, slipping her phone into the bag. “Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to go back to your place, have a few drinks, and figure out how you’re going to get yourself a date, and also maybe get me one too because her sister is gorgeous.”

Lena shakes her head but agrees, mostly because it’s better to just go along with Sam’s ideas when she’s like this.

They don’t figure out how Lena is going to get a date, because she shoots down every single one of Sam’s ideas. She is not going to just knock on Kara’s door wearing nothing but a coat, thank you very much. That wasn’t even the craziest of Sam’s ideas. But, it’s still nice to spend time her with best friend.

Lena’s become accustomed to the sound of Kara’s knock on her door, so she’s not surprised when she hears Kara’s distinctive knock not long after she gets home one night.

“Hey, Kara,” Lena greets, feeling totally at ease with her neighbour now. Of course, Kara is still entirely gorgeous and it still takes a moment to adjust to blue eyes and Kara’s smile (and her unbelievable muscles, like holy shit, Kara’s never mentioned going to the gym before but she must because she’s seen Kara’s arms and she definitely must work out) every time she sees her.

“Hi,” Kara replies with a small smile that Lena has some to treasure. It’s all soft around the edges, crinkles at the corner of her eyes and makes Lena fall a little more every time she sees it. “Can I come in?”

Like she even has to ask. “Of course,” Lena says, stepping back and gesturing Kara inside. “Is everything okay?”

“Yes. Well, no, but I’m hoping you can help with that.” Kara bites her lip and adjusts her glasses. She’s nervous, Lena realises. “I have a favour to ask.”

A favour.

Lena freezes at the word.

A favour.

She knows what kind of favours people usually ask of her. Money is a big one, she’s had one too many people try and become her friend just to ask something of her. Lena had learnt that the hard way, but she thought Kara was different.

Turns out maybe she’s not.

“Anything,” Lena says anyway, despite the churning of her stomach. She’s in too deep now with Kara, would give her anything she wants, even if that means their friendship has all been built on something different than what Lena had thought.

“I’m going away to a conference for a couple of days next week, would you be able to feed Cinnamon while I’m gone?”

“Oh.” That stops Lena again. “You just want me to feed Cinnamon?” It’s not what Lena had been expecting but knowing Kara, maybe she should have.

“Yeah.” Kara adjusts her glasses again. It’s stupidly endearing. “I asked Alex but she said no, and I know she’s just worried about me getting caught but I can’t leave Cinnamon alone and she already loves you so I thought you might be able to help.” Kara bites her lip. “If it’s not too much trouble.”

Lena would literally do anything Kara wants, as previously stated. She’s in way too deep.

“It would be no trouble at all.”

A different feeling erupts in Lena’s stomach at Kara’s beaming smile in response.

Lena never thought she’d be the kind of friend that someone would ask to feed their pet, but here she is, in Kara’s apartment, trusted enough with a key, food in hand as Cinnamon nudges at said hand.

“Hold on,” she laughs. “I need to put the food down before you can eat it.”

Cinnamon, of course, doesn’t listen, knocking against Lena’s hand as she places the bowl in front of her.

Lena snaps a photo of Cinnamon, sends it to Kara.

She likes food almost as much as you.

A moment later, Kara replies, with a heart eyes emoji followed by a little red heart and she knows it’s all directed at Cinnamon, but it makes Lena’s own heart flutter in her chest as she imagines Kara sending her a heart instead.

And then Lena’s heart is beating for a different reason as she hears the door click open behind her and she’s suddenly not alone. In the back of her mind, she registers that the person used a key, so she’s not an intruder, even if her first thought is to defend herself. Her second thought is to hide Cinnamon but, again, this woman has a key, so she knows Kara.

By the time all this has gone through her head, which only takes a couple of seconds, she’s recognised the woman who’s frozen in the doorway, staring back at her, not that she’s ever meet her before.


Turns out Lena didn’t need to hide Cinnamon, because she takes off towards the bedroom, poor thing probably scared by the noise because she’s more comfortable around people now, even if still a little cautious at times.

“Lena?” Alex questions. “What are you doing here?”

Lena frowns. “You know who I am?”

“Duh,” Alex smiles, as she finally shuts the front door, clearly over her surprise at finding someone else in Kara’s apartment. “Kara hasn’t stopped talking about you since she met you. You’re feeding her cat?”

“I...yeah, she asked me to,” Lena says, suddenly incredibly nervous. This is Kara’s sister, and she knows how close they are, knows how much Kara values Alex’s opinion, so she wants Alex to like her. It sounds dumb even as she thinks it, but she wants Alex’s approval. “I can leave, though, if there’s something you needed to do,” Lena adds, already making her way towards the door. It would be weird if she just hung around after feeding Cinnamon.

Suddenly, Alex looks guilty. “I should’ve known Kara would ask you. I felt bad after saying no so I just wanted to come and check Cinnamon was okay. I…” Alex starts, hesitates. She looks Lena over, and Lena has the distinct feeling she’s being judged. “I’m just worried about her, she always puts others first, she never stops to think about herself, and I just don’t want her to get kicked out of her apartment. I’m not letting her stay with me,” Alex tacks on the end, all seriousness gone as Alex jokes. “I only have a one-bedroom place and she’ll eat all my food.”

Lena shakes her head with a small laugh. “Your sister certainly loves food.”

Alex is watching her again, but this time there’s a different look in her eyes, one Lena can’t pick. She almost looks amused. “It’s not the only thing my sister loves.”

Lena frowns. “What?”

Alex shakes her head. “Nothing.”

There’s a long pause, Alex still watching her, Lena with no idea what to say.

“I should…” Lena points towards the door.

“You’re not getting away that easily, Luthor,” Alex says. Lena nearly flinches on instinct at being called just her last name. It’s usually said with hatred, spat at her. But there’s none of that in Alex’s voice, none of it in her smile as she crosses the apartment to meet her, hand outstretched. “Alex Danvers, it’s nice to officially meet you.”

Lena tilts her chin, trying to channel her boardroom confidence while also remaining friendly. “Likewise.”

“I’ve been dying to meet my sister’s new best friend, I thought for a while she was making you up, I didn’t believe that one, anyone would just accept hiding a cat when asked by a stranger, and two, that stranger would turn out to be none other than Lena Luthor,” Alex says. Lena likes to think most people would have done what she had, most people are inherently good. And she chose this apartment block for a reason, she didn’t want some big fancy apartment even though she definitely could’ve afforded one, she wanted something a bit smaller, something she could make more into a home.

She thinks of here as home now, both National City and her apartment, but she thinks most of that has nothing to do with the location and all to do with Kara.

“When your pretty neighbour asks you for a favour, you say yes.” Lena clamps her mouth shut as soon as she’s said the words, eyes wide. That was not what was meant to come out of her mouth. It might be true, but Alex, her pretty neighbour’s sister , did not need to know that.

Alex looks far too amused and Lena suddenly regrets every decision that’s brought her to this particular moment as her cheeks burn.

Maybe this isn’t her home after all, maybe she should just cut her losses and move to some other city where know one knows of her embarrassment.

“You think my sister is pretty?”

Lena can’t look a her. “I mean…she’s…”

“Good to know.”

When Lena glances back at Alex, she’s grinning.

“If it helps, she thinks you’re pretty too,” Alex adds, and it doesn’t help, it doesn’t help at all, all it does is make her hands sweat and her heart do this stupid little flip in her chest like it always does when Kara is involved.

“I just have one question for you,” Alex continues, when it’s clear that Lena isn’t going to say more. She’s not sure she wants to know what the question is either. “Do you like my sister?”

Alex smirks when Lena’s mouth drops open and oh, fuck, Alex is on to her. She’s not sure how, but she prays to any god out there that Alex doesn’t tell Kara.

“No,” Lena says, even if it’s futile. “Of course not, we’re just friends.”

“Sure,” Alex says, she still looks amused, far too amused. Lena’s face feels like it’s on fire.

“I should go,” Lena says, she doesn’t need Alex finding out any more of her secrets, like she doesn’t just ‘like’ Kara, it’s definitely a lot more than that.

“It was nice to finally meet you,” Alex says, still with that teasing smile.

Lena’s halfway towards the door when she has an idea, one that will gain her points with Sam and also tilt the conversation back to a bit more of an even footing. She spots a piece of paper and pen on Kara’s coffee table, quickly scribbles down a name and number on it.

Alex is watching her curiously now, and looks confused when Lena holds out the now folded paper towards Alex.

Alex takes the scrap of paper. “What’s this?”

“Sam’s number,” Lena smirks. “I heard you think she’s cute.” Lena had told Kara about her conversation with Sam and Kara may have done some innocent recon to see what Alex thought of Sam. From what Kara has said about Alex, and what Lena knows about Sam, she thinks they’d be perfect together.

The change is instant, Alex’s cheeks turning a similar shade of pink to Lena’s.

“I…uhhh…” Alex stutters before she laughs, slipping the paper into her pocket. “Well played. I like you, I’ll put in a good word with my sister,” Alex winks.

Maybe being a little embarrassed isn’t so bad after all.

It’s been a long day, Lena’s tired, she’s had meeting after meeting, and she had to cancel dinner plans with Kara, which is honestly the thing she’s most upset about.

Lena stifles a yawn as she stares at her computer screen, wondering if she should just call it a night and start fresh in the morning. At least if she leaves now, she could maybe salvage some of her evening with Kara.

There’s a noise at the door, and Lena looks up, ready to tell her assistant to go home because she clearly didn’t listen when she told her the same thing half an hour ago.  Except it’s not Jess at the door, it’s two men she doesn’t recognise, and she instantly knows she’s in trouble.

She reaches of her panic button, but the gun that’s now pointing her way stops her.

“Step away from the desk, don’t make this harder than it needs to be.” He motions towards the balcony door with the gun. “Go on.”

Lena raises her arms in surrender, even as she’s looking around for a weapon. She’s more than disappointed when she finds nothing.

“What do you want?” Lena asks, trying to prolong the conversation. Hopefully her security team is on their way but it’s not looking great if these two men got up here in the first place. She’s glad she sent Jess home early.

“You, dead.”

This isn’t the first attempt on Lena’s life, and it’s a little sad she’s so used to it now, but it doesn’t mean she’s not absolutely terrified as she backs onto her balcony, the two men advancing on her.

“I’m assuming my brother is behind this, then?”

She doesn’t get an answer, but that doesn’t matter, she knows it’s true, so she’s not going to give him the satisfaction of knowing how scared she is, glaring at the men instead.

“Is that what you want your last words to be?” assassin number two asks.

Lena lunges, clearly taking them both by surprise and she knows she has no chance, but she isn’t going to go down without a fight. Said fight, doesn’t last very long, Lena gets in one good knee to the groin of the second man before the first one shoves her, right over the edge of the balcony.

Lena doesn’t scream, the breath stolen from her lungs as she falls. They say your life is meant to flash in front of your eyes, and it does, in a way, her last thought of Kara as she plummets to her death. Kara has made the last six months of her life better, and her one regret now is not getting to spend more time with her.

Lena thinks she might have died for a moment because suddenly Kara’s there and she could definitely be an angel because no one could blame her for confusing the two.

But no, Kara is there and warm and solid, the cool night air surrounding them. She’s close enough to see the freckles smattered across Kara’s cheeks, the tiny scar on her eyebrow, eyes she’d know anywhere even if they’re no longer behind glasses and have a fire in them she’s never seen before.

“Kara?” Lena chokes out, the word getting caught in the relief in her throat. 

Blue eyes widen and Lena finally takes in their surroundings. They’re not on the ground, they’re floating, and Lena definitely recognises the blue and red symbol emblazoned on Kara’s chest.

“Supergirl,” Lena corrects, her own eyes growing wide. How had she not realised this before? They literally look the same.

“Are you okay?” Kara asks as she lowers them to the ground, eyes darting across Lena’s face.

“I’m fine,” Lena nods, even though Kara has to steady her when they’re back on solid ground because her legs are shaky. She did nearly die after all. Though, right now, that’s not in the forefront of her mind.

“I-“ Kara starts, but her eyes flash upwards, a look Lena’s never seen before settling on Kara’s face.

She’s angry.

“I’ll be right back,” Kara all but growls before shoots back into the air, leaving a rush of wind in her wake.

And true to her word, just as Lena’s own security is exiting her building, Supergirl lands back on the pavement, this time holding two men, who look absolutely terrified.

Good, Lena thinks, they deserve it after trying to kill her.

Lena’s security take custody of the men, before the police arrive. Lena can already hear the sirens in the distant, see the public gathering to see what’s going on, but all she can see is Supergirl.

It’s Kara, there’s no doubt in Lena’s mind now. The way she holds herself is different, she stands taller, has a confidence that Lena hasn’t seen before, but it’s definitely Kara.

Blue eyes glance over at her, like Kara knows she’s on her mind. She turns back, says something to Lena’s security and then Supergirl is walking towards her and, it’s pretty bad because she did just almost die, but all Lena can think is how hot she looks in that outfit.

“Miss Luthor,” Supergirl greets, more formal than Lena expects, but she can see the worry in Kara’s eyes as she watches Lena, anxious in their gaze.

Lena knows Kara has a secret to keep.

“Supergirl,” Lena nods. “Thank you for saving me.”

“It was- shoot,” Kara cuts herself off, hand rising to her ear. “I’m sorry, I have to go, there’s an emergency. I-“ Kara stops again, hesitates. Whatever she was going to say, she doesn’t as she gives Lena a smile. “Stay away from balconies or open windows while I’m gone?”

Lena doesn’t get a chance to respond before Supergirl launches herself into the air again, leaving Lena with a pile of questions that she knows she wouldn’t get an answer to until they’re alone.

Lena’s pacing, she’s not sure what to do. Because now she knows Kara’s secret, something big, something that she’s definitely not meant to know, and the more Lena thinks about it, the more she realises it’s something she shouldn’t know.

It’s Kara’s secret, a pretty big one too, something that she only should’ve found out when Kara had made the decision to tell her.

It hurts, a little, because Kara has technically been lying to her this whole time. Lena has been so honest with her, told her things she’s never told anyone else, opened up to her like she never has before, even to Sam. But, also, she can’t blame Kara for not telling her either, it’s not something Lena ever needed to know, and it’s something huge, something you just don’t tell your neighbour you’ve known for less than a year. This is the kind of secret Lena thinks requires at least a year of friendship first.

But how does she bring it up? Will Kara? Will Kara be upset she knows? She wants to talk to Kara, wants to tell her her secret is safe with her, wants to tell her she’s not going to go running to Lex with the identity of Superman’s cousin.

It’s nearly midnight, when there’s a knock on her door.

At least she knows why Kara keeps such odd hours now.


Lena’s pretty sure that’s the least she’s ever heard Kara say.

“Hi.” She feels as equally off balance as Kara looks. “Come in.” Lena steps back, gestures Kara inside. This probably isn’t a conversation they should have in the hallway.

They stand there for a moment, and it’s awkward, unlike it ever has been before between them.

Kara’s the one to break silence.

“You know.”

Lena nods. “I know.”

“I thought maybe I’d just imagined hearing you say my name,” Kara smiles.

Lena didn’t realise how tense she was until she sees Kara’s smile, until she feels her entire body relax with the idea that Kara isn’t mad, she’s not upset, she’s smiling, this won’t ruin them even if it changes things.

“Sorry I had to leave so quickly,” Kara continues. “Are you okay?” Anxious eyes are on Lena once again, the very same she saw earlier, just behind glasses now.

With everything that’s happened since, she’d almost forgotten that she nearly died earlier. “I am, all thanks to you. Thank you, again, for saving me.”

“Anytime. Except I hope I never have to do that again, I was so scared, I’m so glad you’re okay.”

“Me too,” Lena laughs, trying to make light of the situation, though the laugh is more breathless than anything, caught in her chest under the look Kara is giving her, she can see genuine fear in Kara’s eyes, can see how much she cares. Lena wills herself not to cry, she hasn’t felt this loved in a long time.

Of course, Lena changes the subject. Or at least sort of.

“I won’t tell anyone, I promise, your secret is safe with me, you can trust me.”

“Of course, I know that,” Kara nods. “I’d been planning to tell you anyway, even though we haven’t known each other that long. This just,” Kara waves her hand between the two of them. “I don’t know exactly how to explain it but it sort of feels like we were always meant to meet, like we were always meant to be friends.” Kara’s cheeks tinge pink and it would be distracting if Kara’s words hadn’t already thrown Lena for a loop. “You’re my best friend.”

Lena swallows. “You’re my best friend too.” She won’t tell Sam, though this friendship is definitely different to the one she has with Sam.

Kara takes off her glasses, slips them into her pocket. It’s jarring, seeing Kara without her glasses, seeing Supergirl standing in her apartment with her hair tied back in an intricate Kara hairstyle.

“Do you not actually need glasses?” Lena asks. She knows Supergirl doesn’t wear them, but she’s seen younger Kara wearing them in photos, knows it’s more than just a disguise.

“They’re lead-lined, Jeremiah gave them to me when I was younger, to help control my powers. I don’t need them anymore but they’re more of a comfort thing now. And also became a bit more of a disguise when I became Supergirl.”

“Can you tell me more, about your past, about your home?”

Kara’s eyes widen. “You want to know more about Krypton?”

“Of course, I want to know everything about you.”

Lena’s worried she’s revealed too much, especially since Kara literally said they are just friends, but Kara’s bright smile says otherwise as Lena leads her over to the couch and they take a seat.

Kara talks and Lena listens. Kara talks about her past, about her family, about what her younger self was like, what her family was like, what growing up with the Danvers on a new planet was like.

Lena’s heart breaks over and over again as she hears everything Kara has been through. There’s a lot of good, she talks about what her parents had been like, about her childhood and the mischief she got up to, she talks about the family she gained here, but she also talks about the tragedy in her past and everything she’s lost.

“Sorry,” Kara says, wiping stubbornly at her eyes as tears fall. “It was a long time ago.”

“Hey,” Lena says, arm reaching out to rest on Kara’s forearm. She doesn’t even have time to worry that she’s overstepped any boundaries because Kara’s other hand immediately covers hers, holding it in place. “Don’t apologise for crying, everyone is allowed to cry, even Supergirl. I know it was a long time ago but hurt like that, loss like what you’ve been through, doesn’t just go away with time. You’ve been through so much, there’s been so much tragedy in your life and yet you’re here, you’re still living your life. You’re so strong to carry all that with you, stronger than a lot of people would be. You’re…you’re incredible.”

“Than-“ Kara’s eyes widen in horror. “Are you crying?”

Lena gives a self-deprecating laugh as she wipes at her own eyes. “I can’t help it, when other people cry, I cry too.”

Kara laughs too, releasing Lena’s hand and Lena only feels the loss of warmth for a moment before arms wrap around her and she’s being pulled into a hug. Lena wraps her arms around Kara as Kara tucks her face into Lena’s neck. Kara takes a big, shuddering breath, before she relaxes completely into Lena, Lena tightening her hold, can tell Kara needs the comfort right now and, as we all know, Lena would give Kara absolutely anything.

Lena doesn’t overthink it, actually, she doesn’t really think about it at all as she tilts her head, presses a kiss to blonde hair, her lips lingering when she feels Kara’s arms tighten. She’s never been that affectionate, in her friendships or her relationships, but it feels almost natural as she holds Kara.

She’s not sure how long they sit there, but eventually Kara pulls away. Her cheeks are red again, but her lips are curved up in a smile and with them so close, Lena has to make a valiant effort not to look at said smile or else she’ll do something dumb like lean over and kiss her best friend.

“Thank you,” Kara says, quietly.


“I’m kind of sad I didn’t get to tell you myself about who I am, I had a whole speech planned out and everything and even though it’s my secret, it’s not something I’ve actually gotten to tell many people.”

It warms Lena’s heart, to know that Kara really was planning on telling her. “Tell me now.”

“No,” Kara laughs. “There’s no point, you already know.”

“Come on,” Lena prompts with a grin. Kara is smiling, and she wants to keep it that way after the heaviness from before.

Kara tilts her chin up, her shoulders back, and Lena can immediately see Supergirl in her again. “I’m Supergirl.”

Lena’s mouth drops open in fake surprise. “What! That is brand new information.”

“Lena,” Kara giggles, swatting at her arm lightly. Even that, Lena realises, is something Kara has to focus on, has to always control her strength to make sure she doesn’t hurt anyone.

“What? That’s totally how I would’ve reacted if you’d told me.”

Kara rolls her eyes but she’s still smiling so Lena counts it as a win. “I never asked, how did you know? Not many people have figured it out on their own either.”

“You don’t wear a mask, Kara, you literally have the same face as Supergirl.”

Kara laughs. “I know, but still, most people just don’t see it.”

“I think most people don’t expect a young CatCo reporter to be Supergirl, they get distracted by the red and blue and don’t see you. When you caught me, all I saw was your face, you have very distinctive blue eyes.” She has a very distinctive jawline too, and freckles, and lips, lips Lena’s definitely spent too long thinking about. She doesn’t say any of that. “And you have this scar.”

Unthinking again, she reaches out, thumb brushing across the small scar on Kara’s forehead. It’s only with Kara’s intake of breath, that Lena realises what she’s doing and immediately drops her hand.

“I only knew because we’re best friends,” Lena finishes lamely, but it’s true, for the most part, she recognised her because they’re so close.

“I should’ve known you’d figure it out sooner or later, you’re too smart,” Kara says after a long moment where Lena’s worried she’s overstepped.

Lena’s pretty sure she’s not that smart, she’s just gay and hopelessly in love.

“At least now it makes sense how you can eat so much.”

“Speaking of food, do you have any snacks?”

It’s Lena’s turn to roll her eyes. Despite the late hour, Lena finds a bag of popcorn and some M&M’s in her cupboard (both bought with Kara in mind) and they settle back on the couch together, blanket thrown over them.

Neither of them manages to stay awake for long after that, and despite the sore neck Lena has in the morning, she definitely isn’t going to complain about waking up with Kara’s head pillowed on her shoulder.

Lena looks down at the sweater in her hand, one she knows is not hers. She knows who it belongs to, she’s just debating whether she should secretly keep it because it still smells like Kara, or give it back, because that’s what a normal friend would do.

She walks next door to Kara’s apartment, worried if she doesn’t give it back right now, she’ll talk herself into keeping it.

The door swings open with more enthusiasm than Lena is expecting after she knocks.

“Lena, you came!”

Kara’s smile is so bright, it literally knocks the air from Lena’s lungs, leaves her brain stuck on that brilliant smile for an extended moment before she realises that Kara’s not alone.

“I…” Lena starts, suddenly realising her mistake, suddenly realising that it’s Wednesday night and Kara is having her friends over for dinner, a dinner invitation Lena also received but turned down because meeting Kara’s friends sounds entirely too terrifying.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” Kara continues, either ignoring Lena’s sudden stillness or not noticing it as she sweeps Lena into a hug. Despite herself, Lena relaxes into the embrace, some of the fear leaking away, replaced by Kara’s warmth.

“I wasn’t going to…you left this at my apartment, I was just bringing it back,” Lena says, once Kara’s arms have slipped from a hug that was definitely verging on lingering.

“Oh.” Kara’s entire face falls. “You’re not planning on staying?”

Lena glances past Kara, into the apartment full of Kara’s friends, all of whom Lena can tell are trying to pretend they’re not paying attention to them even though they definitely are. “No but,” Lena steels herself, she’s a business woman, meeting a few of Kara’s friends should be a piece of cake compared to the some of the people she’s had to deal with before. “The food does smell delicious.”

“You’ll stay?” Kara asks, looking so damn hopeful that Lena knows there’s no way she can say no.

Lena nods. “Yes, just give me a minute, I’ll be right back.”

Kara’s brow furrows in confusion but she doesn’t let that distract her as she heads back to her apartment, Kara’s sweater still in hand.

You don’t turn up to a dinner party empty handed, Lena knows that, and the sweater doesn’t count. The only thing she can think of taking is a bottle of wine. Lena’s just swapped the sweater for a bottle when there’s a voice from her doorway.

“You don’t have to come, if you don’t want to. I want you to meet my friends, I know they’ll love you and I know you’ll like them too, but I don’t want you to be uncomfortable or do something you don’t want to do."

Lena smiles. “I want to meet them too.” It seems a little less scary, with Kara by her side.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” If Lena had known Kara would smile like this at her, she would’ve agreed to an invitation to meet the superfriends (Kara’s words) a long time ago. She’s surprised she’s managed to go this long without meeting them actually. “It’s probably about time, we’ve been friends for months now.”

Kara laughs. “Yeah, Alex and Nia thought I made you up. And you’ve meet Alex, she’s definitely the scariest of the lot so it’ll be fine. So,” Kara holds out her hand. “You ready?”

Lena’s aware that Kara can probably hear how fast her heart is beating as she slips her hand into Kara’s, she just hopes Kara chalks it up to her nerves.

Lena definitely notices a few looks down at their joined hands when they return to Kara’s apartment, but she ignores them in favour of being introduced to Kara’s friends.

The night goes much more smoothly than Lena could’ve ever imagined. She meets all of Kara’s friends, and sees Alex again.

Winn is smart and all he wants to do is talk science, when Lena invites him to visit the L-Corp laboratory sometime, he looks like he might faint.

Nia is funny and exactly like the little sister that Kara described her as. She teases her almost as much as Alex does.

Brainy is smart too, but a bit more socially awkward than the rest. He reminds her a bit of herself actually, especially with the way she can clearly see how much he cares for Nia.

James is quiet, he’s the one that seems to be sizing her up the most, but he surprisingly warms to her eventually, though it looked like Kara might have had a word with him about it.

Alex is exactly the same as last time, her quick wit coming through even more now. Lena gives back as good as she gets and by the end of dinner, Lena can see herself becoming friends with these people, Alex included. She’d like to invite her to see L-Corp sometime too.

She also catches Alex texting Sam, which she definitely teases Alex about too.

Lena knows they’re all heroes too, all help Kara out with her secret identity, but it’s hard to imagine that all now, hard to see them as anything but a group of friends who affectionately tease each other all evening.

Cinnamon is there too, curled up on the couch, at ease with Kara and her friends now, she even jumps into Lena’s lap at one point which she knows makes Nia jealous.

The best part of the evening though, by far, is the second hug Lena receives at the end of the night, once everyone else is gone and it’s just them in Kara’s doorway.

This one definitely lingers.

“Thank you for coming, I’m so glad you’ve finally met everyone.”

“Me too, I had fun, they’re all great.”

“Really? Does that mean you’ll come to game night next week?”

Lena bites her lip. She misses the way Kara’s eyes drop. “I’ll come on one condition.”


“You’ll have to teach me the games beforehand because I’ve never been to a games night before.”

Kara grins. “Deal.”

“Hey, I’ll be two minutes!” Kara calls as Lena enters Kara’s apartment.

“Hi,” Lena calls back, already bending down to pat Cinnamon who has crossed the room to meet her. She needs a bit more coordination than normal to crouch down and pat Cinnamon with the current skirt and heels combo she’s wearing.

They’re going out for dinner, for Alex’s birthday, and maybe she’s a little overdressed but she wants to impress Alex. Despite the fact that they’re friends now, Alex even invited her out for dinner herself, she still feels like she needs to make a good impression with Kara’s sister.

Cinnamon likes the attention as Lena rubs her head, purring as she tries to push closer to Lena. Lena’s definitely a cat person now, there’s no doubt about that.

“She really loves you, it’s not fair.”

Lena looks up, towards the sound of Kara’s voice, and her breath catches in her throat. You’d think that after all this time, she’d be used to Kara and her near Greek God level of beauty, but no, even in jeans and a blouse, she still take’s Lena’s breath away.

She’s definitely overdressed, Lena knows that now, but that’s the least of her problems currently, her main one being trying not to stare at her best friend.

“She loves you too, she just doesn’t get to see me as much so it’s more of a novelty to see me.” Lena thinks that might be a lie, she’s been spending a lot of time at Kara’s recently, to the point where she mostly just uses her apartment to sleep these days.

“Or maybe it’s because you sneak her treats sometimes?”

Lena stands, hand to her chest, but she can’t quite hide her smile. “I would never.”

Kara laughs. “Liar.”

Lena pokes her tongue out in response.

“You ready to go?” Kara asks, slipping on her jacket which somehow makes Kara look even better, which Lena wouldn’t have thought possible.

“Yes, I-“

Everything happens at once, Lena cutting herself off as she falls, Cinnamon having chosen that exact moment to wind herself through Lena’s legs, tripping her as she’d tried to take a step.

She doesn’t even get the chance to worry about the fall, or how to avoid hurting Cinnamon as she does, because suddenly Kara is there, strong arms on her biceps, stopping her before she’d even realised what was happening.

“Are you okay?” Kara asks, so close.

Lena thinks with Kara this close, she might be more than okay.

“I’m okay,” Lena says, breathless, both due to Kara’s sudden proximity and because of the fear that had spiked through her when she’d thought she was going to fall, even if that only lasted a moment.

“You’re not hurt?” Kara asks, still right there, still in Lena’s space. All Lena can smell is Kara’s perfume and it’s making it hard for her to think of much else. She needs to take a step back, needs to clear her head, but she doesn’t, because Kara’s hands are hot on her arms and she doesn’t want to move out of her embrace just yet.

She actually has to think about her answer for a moment. “I’m fine, I’m not hurt.”


Despite the fact that Lena is steady on her feet now and Kara’s checked how she is, Kara still doesn’t let go.

Kara swallows, Lena sees the movement in her peripheral vision, but her eyes are on Kara’s, transfixed.

But then suddenly the spell is broken, only because Kara’s screwed her eyes shut.

Lena would think she looks adorable like this, nose scrunched, the corner of her eyes crinkled, if Kara’s next words didn’t knock everything else from her mind.

“Can I kiss you?”

The words fall from Kara’s mouth so quick, almost on top of each other, as if she wants them out and into the world as fast as possible.

Lena freezes, the words so unexpected, just like her tripping, just like Kara’s hands warm on her arms, that it takes her a moment to really process them, to register what Kara’s just said.

It must take her a long time to make sense of Kara’s words, to realise they’re real and not imagined, or else Kara is just impatient, because Kara peeks open one eye, then the other, like she’s nervous of Lena standing in front of her.

She might be, Lena’s pretty nervous herself right now.

“Lena?” Kara prompts, quiet, unsure, and Lena can tell she’s definitely nervous, she sees fear swirling in blue eyes.

Lena’s nodding before she fully realises what she’s doing, because Kara is standing in front of her, asking for a kiss, and Lena’s standing here like an idiot, like she hasn’t been hoping to hear Kara says those words since day one.

They’re so close already, there’s not much space between them to cross as Lena leans forward. She almost falls over again, despite Kara’s arms on hers, when she sees Kara’s eyes flash down to her lips and Lena’s knees feel weak.

Lena can feel her pulse thudding under her skin in anticipation.

All she can see is Kara, all she can smell is Kara, all she can feel is Kara.

Warm breath on her lips.

Hands still hot as they slip up from her arms, settle on her cheeks instead.

Lena’s own hands gather in the soft material at Kara’s waist, hold her close.

Every single one of her senses is tuned in on Kara, and God, she’s so in love.

A first kiss has never felt like this before and they’re not even kissing yet.

The fur that brushes against Lena’s leg is totally unexpected and she jumps at the contact. She hadn’t shrieked before when she’d tripped, but she does now, her heart leaping in her chest as she gets a fright from Cinnamon trying to wind through her legs again.

This cat might actually be the death of her.

“Cinnamon,” Kara groans, forehead falling to knock against Lena’s. “Come on.” She pulls away, glances down. “We talked about this, you’re meant to be my wing woman, you’re meant to help me get a date, not interrupt our first kiss.”

“She did almost get us to kiss, so she’s not doing such a bad job.”

Almost being they key word here,” Kara pouts.

Lena tugs on the front of Kara’s shirt. “Come here,” she says, Kara’s pout instantly vanishing as Lena releases her shirt to wind her arms around Kara’s neck. “Cinnamon was also the reason for our meeting so we can’t be too mad at her.”

“True,” Kara smiles, her own arms encircling Lena’s back, pulling her close again. “Have dinner with me tomorrow night? Just the two of us?”

Lena doesn’t need to ask, she knows Kara is asking her out on a date. “I’d love to.”

“I’ll pick you up at seven?”

Lena laughs. “You’re going to pick me up? We literally live side by side.”

“It’s the principle of the thing,” Kara grins.

“Okay, you can pick me up.” She doesn’t doubt that Kara will turn up with flowers in hand too.

Kara’s smile only gets bigger. “Then it’s a date!”

“It’s a date,” Lena agrees, Kara’s smile too distracting though as Lena’s finds her eyes dropping again. It’s not her fault Kara has pink, very kissable looking lips, okay?

It also doesn’t help that she knows Kara wants to kiss her now too.

“Can I-“ Lena gets cut off again this time, and not by Cinnamon, but by Kara kissing her.

Kara’s lips press tentatively against her own at first, but they grow surer by the minute, courage building as Lena tangles her hands in Kara’s hair, as Kara’s tongue brushes her bottom lip.

Lena was right, a first kiss, or any kiss for that matter, has never felt like this before.

“We have to go to dinner,” Lena gasps, when lips leave her own to travel along her jaw, down her neck. If they don’t stop soon, Lena’s going to forget the fact that they even had plans in the first place.

“Soon,” Kara hums. “Kissing first.”

Lena could disagree, but then Kara’s mouth is back on hers and she finds that she really doesn’t want to.

(They’re late for Alex’s dinner, Kara looking sheepish, Lena with red cheeks because it’s not possible they all know already, but the knowing looks from the superfriends say they just might know why they were late.

Alex only half forgives them when she finds out they’d been too busy making out).