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"You liar."

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She was mumbling in her sleep again. He had found her curled on the sofa, though after the first time, not been the one to carry her in. Just like other places, she had managed to weasel her way in, unseen and unheard.

He never really knew when she got there, it ended up being that one day he happen to notice the small figure covered in newspapers and nestled in his heart.

Gyo Dong had thought he was impervious to her ‘charm’, if it could really be called that. She was incredibly annoying and tiresome, especially when she first joined YGM, as she tried to prove herself. As much as he loathed to admit it, Sunbae was right, she was just like him when he first started – green and keen.

Despite his initial reservations, with her being a sasaeng fan, she had used her stalk- sorry, fact-finding skills to become a valuable member of their team. She had a high accuracy rate and the team’s admiration because of it.

They had all been worked to the bone in recent weeks covering the arraignment and trials of CEO Park Rosa’s manipulation of the media, so he guessed she deserved a break.

“You liar,” broke Gyo Dong out of his thoughts. He glanced at Yoo Rae out of the corner of his eye, watching her shift uncomfortably on the sofa.

She kicked off the newspaper in a seeming fit of anger, though it appeared she was still asleep.

“Why is it never me?”

That made Gyo Dong sigh internally. Having seen her be rejected numerous times by people for whatever reason, he pitied her.

“Why is it never me?” This time it came out as barely a whisper, Gyo Dong would have missed it if he weren’t listening to her. He also would have missed the lone tear that rolled down the side of her face as the petite woman shivered and curled up into a ball. In that moment she had never looked so small and so frail. It was a shocking contrast to the usually opinionated and lively, if occasionally pouty, character of Yoon Yoo Rae.

That was it for him. The man wrapped her in his thick winter coat, picked her up and cradled her to his chest. She stirred a little, but eventually nestled closer to the source of heat and was lulled back to sleep by the gentle rocking of his steps towards the door.

Gyo Dong didn’t care who saw anymore, the thought of leaving her alone in that state, even for a second longer, was unimaginable to him. He walked her down the corridor and into his office, laying her on his teal plush sofa and covering her with a blanket on top of his coat.

He was aware that it was a bit creepy watching her sleep, but it hurt him that she looked so burdened. She was young, supposed to be full of life, unlike him, who was boring and settled in his ways. If he could make things easier for her he would. But what could he do, but watch from the side-lines?

There was no way she would believe him if he confessed, and on the off chance she did, dating or even having some with your sunbae would definitely make things harder for her at work. And the last thing Gyo Dong wanted to do was to make her life harder.

Gyo Dong reached up from his seat on the floor beside her to smooth away the crease in between her eyebrows and brush away some strands of hair at risk of being eaten. No one would know if his fingertips lingered in her hair.

She sighed into that and appeared to relax. Gyo Dong decided to stay like that a little longer, especially since Yoo Rae looked content. He made himself more comfortable with his head in the crook of his arm and slowly drifted off. Before succumbing to slumber, drowsy impulsiveness made him whisper.

“I don’t know when it happened, but it was always you.”