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The Night After

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He knew something was different today, and the sleep was a little comfortable than the nights he usually spent. His body felt better, and surprisingly, the scent in the room was making his muscles relax. And his eyes still closed, unwilling to open and face the day ahead of him.


A bit of a stretch made him moan involuntarily.

The bed was soft, and Kyunhoon was already feeling better after a night filled with drinks and light banter with his friends.

Drinks and light banter with friends.

His mind was slowly registering what happened last night.

After the shoot, the crew went to grab a drink at the request of Ho Dong. It was something that everyone immediately agreed on. Shooting of Knowing Brothers was fun, but the boys had more freedom to joke with each other when they are out having a drink, when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Kyunhoon remembered how happy he was when Heechul took the seat next to him at the bar and how careful he was when he poured drinks to Kyunhoon’s glass, adding a cube of ice while slowly eying Kyunhoon and passing him a soft smile.

One of those smiles that made the butterflies in Kyunhoon’s tummy to do a frantic dance.


“Enjoy your drink, I will keep an eye on you”

Kyunghoon remembered these words, and he remembered how careful Heechul was every time they went out for drinks. It was like Heechul was protecting him from all the harm in the world. And this protection, this care, this closeness, Kyunghoon only experienced when they were out for drink.


On the set, when cameras were rolling, Heechul was Heechul, a little crazy, a little wild.

When they were out with others, Heechul was respectful, knowing his place as an idol.

But when they were out for a drink, Heechul was different. When they were out for drinks Heechul’s attention was fully on Kyunghoon.

He was being Kyunghoon’s Heechul.

And knowing this, Kyunghoon always ended up drinking more when he was out with Heechul.

And last night was the same, except that Kyunghoon knew something else happened too. He was sipping his 3rd glass when he noticed Heechul looking at him differently.

“Why?” Kyunghoon remembers mouthing why to the boy.

“Nothing, it’s just, your face is a little red today… I think you are already drunk.” Heechul said these words while looking at Kyunghoon, concern clearly visible in his voice.

“Just a little tipsy, not drunk” Kyunghoon was being playful tonight; he remembers squinting his eyes cutely at the man before him as if it would convince the other party that he was still not drunk.

“Oh, I think you are” Heechul was leaning towards the boy, and Kyunhoon’s mind registered that floral scent coming from Heechul. It was a unique smell, unique to Heechul only.


This smell was the same smell that he was getting in the room, the same scent that made him body relax.


Kyunghoon opened his eyes at once, only to find the bed that he was so comfortably settled in was not his. This was definitely not his bed, and definitely not his room either, but still, it felt almost familiar. As if he belonged there.


He couldn’t anything about last night after the point where Heechul was leaning towards him. And this made a wave of uneasiness go through Kyunhoon’s boy.

Something has happened, and he had no idea what.

What made the whole thing even worse is to realize that he was covered in a black blanket and was naked underneath it.

And he had no idea how he ended up in this wide bed, alone.. naked.

This cannot be happening.

Kyunghoon’s mind was in chaos, and he almost felt a rush of emotions breaking out. Tears were already forming in his eyes, and he was seconds away from releasing them when he heard the familiar voice of Heechul.

“Kyunghoon ah, you are up?”

Kyunhoon have already sensed that this was Heechul’s room. And hearing the voice of the singer, he confirmed all the unanswered pieces in the puzzle.


This was Heechul’s house, Hecehul’s bed and Kyunghoon was naked on it.


And he had zero recollection of the last night.


“what’s wrong” Heechul was slowly making way to the bed. He was in his comfortable clothes, a black T-shirt and shorts.

“What happened last night?”

“You don’t remember…” Heechul’s eyes hinted a devious intention. Which ofcourse went unnoticed by the other boy.

Kyunhoon was silent. Waiting for Heehul to explain.

“You really don’t remember… Ooh this is awkward


Why why is it awkward? Did we do something.. why don’t I remember… why don’t I remember anything. Kyunghoon’s mind was in chaos.


“Are you really telling me that you don’t remember?” Heechul slowly sat on the corner of the bed, keeping a reasonable distance from the naked boy.

“Hyung, please.” Tell me what happened.


“You were a little drunk last night, and you didn’t want to go home” Heechul was dragging his words.

“I didn’t..?” Kyunghoon voice was getting lower now.

“Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here, right.”

Kyunhoon was silent.

“And I had to take you to the car with the help of Junghoon, well he was the one to handle you fully, and once we were in the car, you started acting a little weird.”

“You started removing your tie and unbuttoned your shirt, saying it’s hot.”

Ok, he remembered something like that. Vaguely, very vaguely, and he knew Heechul wasn’t lying.


“And we came to my place, and we sort of… well you know... enjoyed the night together.”

Heechul was giving a very suggestive look now, and hearing the words, all the tears Kyunghooon was holding broke free.

“Oh, Kyunghoon ah.”

Heechul slowly collected the boy who was sobbing hard on the bed, his whole body shaking with each sob, and Heechul knew that this joke went too far.

“yah. I was kidding Kyunghoon ah, nothing happened... nothing happened between us last night, I promise.”




“Nothing happened between us. I was joking because you looked so innocent, and I just couldn’t let go of a perfect chance to tease you.”

“hyungggg” sobs were getting louder, and Heechul was hugging the

“I am sorry Kyunghoon ah. Nothing happened between us, well you got drunk, and you were clinging to me the whole time I drove you here, and you ended throwing up in both our clothes, and I had to sort of clean you, if you wonder why you are naked. That is the reason. I gave you a sponge bath and put you to sleep. That’s it. No touching other than

Kyunhoon was still crying, a pout on his face. You gave me a sponge bath, and I don’t remember that.


“Aaaah… I am kind of lost here now. Why are you still crying? I mean it nothing happened.”

“I thought we did something and.. and I completely forgot it.”

“What?” now it was Heechul’s time to get surprised.

“I thought we finally slept together, and I couldn’t remember any of it.” Kyunhoon’s cries got even louder at this point.

“Is that why you are crying because you are afraid that you don’t remember what we did?”

Nodding to the boy, Kyunhoon continued. “I always wanted to sleep with you, and I thought it finally happened and.. and I don’t remember any of it.

“Wait, Kyunhoon ah, what are you saying.” Heechul’s voice was serious now.

Kyunhoon was mumbling how much he wanted Heechul between the sobs now, and Heechul was utterly lost with the boy’s words.

“You aren’t teasing me right.”

“Why would I tease you hyung. I always liked you, I always wanted you, but you kept the distance.” He complained, and that made Heechul tighten his hug around the crying boy further, his lips stretching to a smile.



“Don’t tease like that hyung. I was miserable thinking that I didn’t remember my first time with you. You are cruel hyung. “

“Do you really want to do it with me.” Heechul’s voice was soft, and this was the tone Kyunghoon loved the most, the caring tone of Heechul.

“I want more than that hyung.. I want more than sex with you. I want everything with you.”


His name sounded oddly comfortable in Heechul’s mouth.

“I am sorry I made a stupid joke and made you cry. I didn’t realize you wanted me too.”

This made Kyunghoon shift his attention to the boy before him completely.

“you want me too?” his babyish tone of confusion made Heechul’s smile more.

“More than you ever know, how many times I took care of you when you are drunk, worring that you will kiss another man all drunk, or make a mistake with them…and not with me. I was always with you, but still, you never made a mistake with me.”


“But I wanted to.” His pout was back and Heechul couldn’t stop but to smile back at the boy. This felt nice.


“Yes yes, I can see that after seeing how you reacted to my stupid joke.” Heechul’s teasing voice was still there.

“Hyung. “

“So, you really wanna make a mistake with me.” Heechul was not asking a question. He was saying these words out loud for confirmation. His lips were touching the crown of Kyunghoon’s head as if it was a familiar move to him.


“If I’m not drunk, it wouldn’t be a mistake hyung.”


“This I do, because I am sober, and because I want you, and hyung… this is not a mistake. You are never a mistake.”


Kyunghoon was the first to make a move this time, catching the lips of Heechul in a swift motion and drawing a moan from the elder boy when he bit into them. And his hands roaming on Heechul’s body, trying his best to remove the black t-shirt because they were finally in a wide bed. And it would only be fair if both of them are naked.


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