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My Lupical

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The view from a mountain was always something Bennett loved. Something about being so high up, seeing the world around him shrink into nothing but mere specks, watching the unobscured sky, the passing clouds, the setting sun. It was an absolute delight for him.

“Lupical would like this,” Razor whispered wistfully.

“Yeah, this view sure is-” Bennett started but stopped, his friend’s tone sinking in. He turned and saw a single tear rolling down his cheek. “You’re… crying?”

“Crying… yes, that is what you call it.”

“Razor, bud, what’s wrong?” he tried to put his hand on his shoulder, but it was shrugged off.

“Razor is fine,” he shook his head, mulling over the right words. “I am… fine. Not hurt outside.”

“Are you hurt inside?” Bennett asked.

Razor didn’t answer for a while. They sat in silence. Mt. Tianheng’s peak was truly a gorgeous sight, especially at sunset. In the distance, Liyue Harbor sat nestled in a low valley between mountains, its street lights just starting to glow. Just east of that lay Morax’s stone spears, according to tales of locals. Bennett wasn’t sure how much of that he believed; The mountains that rose out of the sea were each large enough to form islands. Regardless they were very interesting to Bennett, who was largely accustomed to Mondstadt’s geography. Just beyond that he could faintly make out the outline of a large ship, much bigger than any he’d seen before.


Razor’s sudden speaking snapped Bennett out of thought with a small yelp. He looked back to Razor, who was pointing at his chest.

“Right here… hurts,” he said, a few more tears falling down his face.

“Your heart hurts?”

Razor nodded. Bennett’s eyes softened. He wasn’t the best at comforting people. He barely knew how to comfort himself. Physical injuries he could treat, but anything other than that was outside his area of expertise. He sure as hell was going to try, though.

“Why does it hurt?” he tried to ask but Razor fell silent again, with the exception of a few small sniffles.

He’s not making this easy.

“It’s not too late to make it back to the harbor before it gets too dark. We can get some warm food and find-”

The silver-haired boy shook his head, his long waves swaying like the leaves on the trees in the evening breeze. “Can we… camp here? See stars.”

“You want to see the stars? Sure! Help me with the tent?” Bennett offered a hand to help him stand up.

The tent took a bit of work to get up. Every time Bennett touched it, something would fall out of place, followed by groans from the both of them. Eventually, Razor lightly pushed Bennett a few yards away from the tent . Bennett protested, but gave in as Razor ushered him away. He stopped by the edge of the mountain and motioned for him to sit while he pitched the tent. Bennett crossed his legs and carefully sat down, being sure not to position himself too close to the ledge.

He was grateful it was a clear night. No clouds meant no chance of rain. He never liked to burden others with his bad luck, least of all his best friend. Though he never complained about it, Bennett still felt awful anytime Razor got stuck up in anything from surprise rainstorms and “deactivated” ruin guards. But tonight, the skies were clear. Not a cloud in sight.

Maybe tonight is a lucky one... Maybe I can help Razor feel better?

On this side of the mountain, Bennett spied Dragonspine. It was easy to spot, especially with that massive pillar the Traveler had raised floating beside it, letting off an eerie glow behind the mountain’s thick fog. Further west of that was a massive dome, a beam of bright blue light spilling out from its cracked top. That was most likely Stormterror’s Lair. He’d never been. Anytime he asked the Traveler, all he got was a sorry smile and a shake of the head. He wasn’t too disappointed though- the travel alone took several days much of it was over hills and mountains, neither of which were fun to traverse. And then, perfectly split between the two monuments, Bennett could just make out a familiar city, its tall windmills towers rising up from its walls. It was-

“Mondstadt!” he cried, pointing out into the night. “Razor, look!”

Razor joined him by the edge, eyes following to where his finger lead. Bennett watched as his face fell back into the sorrow from before. His eyes watered again, none spilling over.

“Razor… what’s wrong?”

The boy had no answer for him, instead grabbing his hand and squeezing tightly, his claws lightly pinching his partner’s hand. Bennett squeezed back for a moment before releasing their hands and instead pulling him into a tight hug.

“Do you miss your home?” he whispered. He felt Razor’s rough hair against the side of his face as he nodded. After another moment, Razor pulled away.

“Is there word for that?” he stammered out.

“Yeah,” Bennett responded, “homesick.”

“Home… sick. Homesick,” Razor repeated the word a few times, letting its unfamiliarity roll over his tongue. His eyes watered again, more tears threatening to fall.

“Is that why,” he pointed to his chest like Razor had, “In here hurts?”

“Yes…” he said, but his tone then dropped. “But Razor no have… home.”

“Then I guess,” Bennett pondered for a moment, “You’re lupical sick?”

Razor and Bennett both laughed at the word. It didn’t sound right to either of them, though it did fit their particular predicament.

“Home isn’t just where you live,” he said. “It’s who you’re with that makes it a home. I’ve got my dads at home. You have your lupical.”

“Then… home is when Razor- when I am with you!” Razor said, a sudden brightness in his eyes.

Damn, now I’m gonna cry , he thought, letting a tear fall.

“Why are you… crying?”

“Because,” Bennett sniffled, “I’m glad to be part of your home.”

“Bennett lupical! Bennett feels like home!” Razor beamed, brighter than the moon that shone above them in the clear sky.

They hugged again, both quietly crying into each other’s shoulders. Usually Bennett didn’t like to cry, he felt like he was weak for doing it. With Razor it was different. He didn’t have to put up a facade of false security, no bravado of bravery. He could be himself with no need to act like anything he didn’t want to.

“You’re my home, too.”