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Unstoppable. Part 1/36.

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Unstoppable.  36/36.      

Returning from the bathroom, Andrea stretched and stretched her muscles out.  The day after a full moon always had residual effects; however, today felt like a combination of three full moons, an especially athletic marathon of a nighttime variety, and the effects of an appendage that had rarely played a part in her life thus far.  Smiling at the clothes strewn around the room, Andrea gathered them up and threw them in the basket in the closet.  Stepping out, she turned to the side and stopped short--the cyclamen had come out of hibernation and bloomed in the course of their morning.

Glancing away and then back to confirm she had not imagined it, Andrea peeked at her lover, down her body, and then back to the blooming when it should not be blooming cyclamen plant.

Actions in the form of sense memories complete with physical sensations coursing through her body helped Andrea’s waking mind to leave sleepy town.  Details of their words and sense of bonding mate to mate all over again echoed in her mind to build with those sense memories.  The memory of Miranda’s wolf eyes had Andrea sliding into bed with her lover to confirm and affirm.

Fingers under the sheet found Miranda’s skin and then the wet heat of her lover.  Andrea lingered there, letting Miranda’s body tell her she was interested, but still caught in a dream.

“Miranda.”  Andrea murmured before she bent down to catch an exposed nipple in her mouth.

Getting into the sensations, Miranda’s hips thrust against Andrea’s fingers.  Her hands came up to hold Andrea against her breast.  “Andrea.”  Miranda moaned long and loud as she reached awareness and ecstasy at the same time.

Pleased with her wake up call, Andrea snuggled next to her panting lover.

“Good morning.”  Miranda grinned up at her lover after several long moments of finding herself and floating back down to her body in the bed and her awareness of the waking world.  “What was that, Andrea?”  With a full body shiver, Miranda turned to face her mate.

Tracing her fingers over the mark to draw Miranda’s eye, Andrea pointed out.  “I have another mating mark.”

Sitting up to trace her fingers over the new and healed mark, Miranda winced from the action.  Distracted by her own body, Miranda turned this way and that, stretching out one leg and then the other.  With wide eyes turned on her lover, Miranda signalled for a moment and backed off the bed.

Amused, Andrea only nodded and waved her lover away.

Standing Miranda tested her bodily reactions to movement and then disappeared into the bathroom.  Returning several minutes later, she carried the glass kept in the cupboard and a handful of pain relievers.  “I have a second mating mark as well.”  Slipping three tablets into her mouth, Miranda washed them down with water.  “Theories?”  She queried her partner with a raised eyebrow.


Sitting up, Andrea held out her hand for pain tablets and the glass.  Taking them, Andrea answered the question with a question.  “You know those Mooncalled Legends and such, are there any you may have forgotten to tell me?  I feel like I missed a major plot twist.”

Fixing her lover with a look that clearly said do not try to distract me , Miranda began to generate her own theory.  “We engaged in a marathon that has left me invigorated, but my legs are rather sore.”  Glancing around the room, Miranda asked, “Did we get the toys out?”

Finishing the water, Andrea slid out of bed and held her lover from behind.  “No toys, lover.  It was all of you to all of me.  Don’t you remember?  Or did the moonglow go to your head?”  Andrea waited to see if the memories would surface with a bit of prodding like they did for her.

“I thought I dreamed that.”  Miranda whispered.

Nuzzling Miranda’s neck and shoulders, Andrea let the moment stretch a little before adding, “It was dreamy all right, but I was there too and all I can say is that it is a good thing we are mated and I am living here.”

Shocked, Miranda turned in Andrea’s arms.  “What are you talking about, Andrea?”

Grinning, Andrea put Miranda’s hand on her bare stomach.  “Last night there was some mooncalled legendary action going on.”

Startled, Miranda backed away slightly to see where Andrea had placed her hand.  “What?”

Pointing to her new mating bite, Andrea explained.  “If we weren’t already mated, then this would have been a surprise.”  When Miranda nodded her acceptance of that fact, Andrea moved on.  “You took over leadership of the pack and I think the moon approved of that with a round or twenty of marathon mystery sex.  With me so far?”  Andrea stopped again hoping that Miranda was ready to connect the dots now.

With a nod, Miranda bade her to continue.

“The moon gave you a moonbeam, dear.”  Andrea reached to cup Miranda’s sex and make the point.  “Then you put a little moonglow into me.”

Miranda opened and closed her mouth several times in rapid succession.  “You mean to say?”

Tugging Miranda to sit with her on the bed again, Andrea explained in a different way.  “When Cassidy and Caroline graduate in the Spring, I should be able to bring little Moonbeam here to the ceremony.”

Caressing Andrea’s face with gentle fingers, Miranda just stared in awe at her lover for long seconds.  Then seeming to snap out of it, she declared.  “We will not name the baby, Moonbeam.”

Andrea nodded very seriously, “You’re right, Luna would be better.”

Miranda growled at her mate.

Chortling with glee, Andrea warned her.  “Be careful what you wish for, Pack Master.”

Sudden worry flashing in Miranda’s eyes, she pointed out, “Andrea.  You didn’t wish for any of this.”  Her eyes searched Andrea’s for any signs that she was covering feelings she hadn’t made known yet.  

Silencing her with a finger on her lips, Andrea assured her.  “I wished for a strong family.  One that was solid and could weather the changes of time and pack and life.  I love your daughters as my own and I love you more than I can express.  We have that family I wanted.  I kinda wanted to have a child of my own, but it was barely even a concept and not a fully formed thought, dream, or fantasy.  Am I like the First Lady of the Pack now?  Because if that is so, then I cannot imagine a better role to be in, so that I can protect the twins and ensure others are living up to pack standards.”

Kissing Andrea, Miranda poured all the love she could into the embrace.  “You are amazing.”

Waggling her eyebrows, Andrea added, “And if it was just some freaky moony celebration sex?  Then so be it.  It’s not like we need to buy condoms.”  Pulling Miranda toward her as she fell back on the bed, Andrea demonstrated why they would not need such prophylactics.

When they both got their breath back, Miranda slipped out of bed and disappeared into the closet.  

Curious, Andrea sat up on the bed wondering what Miranda was up to.

Still naked, Miranda settled on her knees next to the bed and held up a ring box.  “Andrea, will you be my First Lady of the Pack and my only lady?  Will you marry me?”

Springing forward, Andrea landed on top of Miranda sending them into a heap of limbs on the floor.  “Yes.   Yes.  Yes.  What a time to propose!”  Andrea had sat up and helped Miranda arrange their limbs on the floor.

Rolling her eyes, Miranda huffed out a breath.  “It is anticlimactic now and a bit redundant.  However waiting for a more appropriate time would be even sillier.  So let’s end the story of tonight, the right way.”  Opening the box, she took out the ring and slipped it onto Andrea’s finger.

When Andrea crushed her to the floor with renewed kisses, Miranda groaned, “Thank goodness for werewolf healing and fortitude.”