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“Bet you can’t keep up with me!”


Lumine groaned “I know I can’t keep up with you, I’m wiped out after dealing with commissions and helping you clear out hilichurl camps.” 


Amber flexed and moved in front of Lumine. “That was pretty rough, but we handled it together!” She started walking backwards as she talked.


“Your Geo abilities are so cool! I feel like you never usually keep them when you’re back in Mondstadt! But hopping up on that rock made it super easy for me and Baron Bunny to take out all those hilichurls!” Her eyes shone with excitement while she mimed throwing Baron Bunny to the ground.


Lumine revived a bit from her enthusiasm. “Yeah I usually attune with Anemo at the first stature I see, but I haven’t had a chance. Hey, when we get back to the city, I have to check in with the Adventurer’s Guild to get paid. But after that, do you want to grab some dinner at Good Hunter?”


Amber blushed. “Oh dinner together? Just you and me?”


“Yeah! It’ll be just like when we camp out, except you know, sitting down at a table in a restaurant, with someone else cooking and cleaning up. So maybe it’s not like camping at all.” She laughed.


“S-sure, that sounds great!” She gave Lumine a bright smile as they walked through the city gates. “Hey, I’ll head over to Good Hunter now and get us a table, okay?”


“Good call! Hopefully I shouldn’t take too long at the Guild, but I’ll see you there.”


“Okay sounds good!” Amber scampered up the stairs, the ties on her headband fluttering in the wind. Lumine sighed as she watched her go. She hadn’t realized how much she enjoyed Amber’s company until she was traveling without her in Liyue. Besides her incomparable archery skills, she always cheerfully went along with whatever Lumine needed to do. Whether it was just setting up camp for the night or helping her take down a Ruin Guard, Amber was smiling right there beside her.


She was glad to be back in Mondstadt.


- - -


Amber sipped her water and fidgeted, wondering when Lumine would get there. It was a perfect evening for eating outside and she managed to get a great table on the second floor patio.


She probably changed her mind and just went back to Headquarters. She bit her lip and tried not to get pessimistic. Why would I be lucky enough to get to have dinner with her? They had eaten meals together before but somehow eating at a restaurant felt more serious. I can’t get my hopes up.  


The deep orange light of sunset was fading over the wall when it was suddenly blocked out.


“I hope you weren’t waiting long?” Lumine had a bashful, apologetic smile as she sat down.


“Hey! No, I’ve only been sitting for a few minutes. How did it go at the guild?”


“Ugh I got stuck behind Reckless Pallad who wouldn’t stop trying to chat up Katheryne. Again.” She scrunched up her nose in annoyance. Somehow she still managed to look adorable. “I had to step up to the counter before he finally got the hint.”


“Ugh he’s the worst.”


“Yeah he really is. Have you ordered yet?”


“No, I was waiting for you. Do you need to look at the menu?” They went to Good Hunter or used the cooking pot often enough that they more or less had it memorized.


“Nah I’m good. I think I’m going to get a Golden Chicken Burger and…” She trailed off, adjusting her gloves as she thought. “Hmm. I think I’m hungrier than that. Do you want to split a plate of Hash Browns?”


“Yeah, that sounds good! I’m going to get a Sticky Honey Roast.”


They caught up over dinner, with Lumine entertaining Amber with stories about Liyue. 


“There’s an inn that’s along the road to Liyue and it’s built into a giant tree, it’s incredible! You wake up and your room is glowing from the sunlight coming through the leaves. I can’t wait to show it to you!”


Startled, Amber looked up from her food. “What?” What is she saying?


“Well you have to come with me to Liyue sometime, it’s amazing, there are so many domains and monsters to beat, and you can meet everyone I’ve been telling you about!”


“I don’t know, I’m so busy with the Knights, I’m not sure I can take a day off.” 


Lumine flopped her arms on the table. “Amber. When was the last time you had a vacation?” She gave her a very pointed stare.


“Well I’m the only Outrider so there’s a lot of work to do…” She twisted her napkin in her lap, looking down at her plate. 


Lumine continued staring at her, one eyebrow raised. “Mmmhmm. I know how important you are to the Knights, honestly I don’t think they appreciate you enough. But who better to help you take a break than the Honorary Knight?” She briefly propped her chin up with both hands, smiling brightly. “Oh, hold on a second.” She reached across the table towards Amber’s face. 


“What are you doing?” Seeing Lumine’s hand near her face had Amber immediately flustered. She felt a spark in her stomach when her thumb brushed the corner of her mouth. 


“Got it.” She wiped her thumb on her napkin. “You just had a little sauce.”


“I-I-I could have gotten it myself!”


Lumine shrugged and leaned back in her chair. “But now it’s done. Anyway you didn’t answer me, when are you coming to Liyue with me?”


Not if, when. What could I even offer her as a companion? Wouldn’t I just slow her down?


“Do you really want me to come with you?”


“Of course! I wouldn’t have asked otherwise. So what do you say?” Lumine put a pile of Mora on the table and waved Amber off. “I asked you so it’s my treat. But you can get it next time.” She winked at her before getting up. 


“Oh. Okay. Um, well when are you going to Liyue again?”


“Probably in the next week or so, it seems like the best option for somehow getting to Inazuma. At least think about it, and maybe talk to Jean. Please?”


“Fine, I’ll think about it.”


“Great! Now let’s head back to H.Q., I’m just about ready to fall asleep standing up.”


- - -


They walked up the stairs laughing and made their way down the hall to the guest quarters, only to be greeted by the acrid smell of something burning. There was a note on the door, which was currently sealed off with tape.


“Oh no!” Lumine sounded genuinely distressed.


“What’s wrong?”


“There was some type of accident and so the guest quarters are closed for repairs and cleaning. Now where am I going to sleep?” She pouted melodramatically. “I’m so tired.”


“You could stay in my room!” Why did I just say that?I can’t let her sleep in my room! “It’ll be like camping, except clean, warm, indoors, with actual plumbing. So maybe it’s not like camping at all.” She laughed, hoping it hid her nervousness. 


“Really, Amber you’re a lifesaver, that would be amazing!”


Too late now. 


- - -


Lumine walked out of the bathroom rubbing her damp hair with a towel. “I feel like a real person now!” She grinned and hopped up on Amber’s bed, tucking her bare legs under her. She wore bloomers all the time, but it felt different seeing her in the shorts and tank top she was using for pajamas. She looked so cute and soft, Amber almost reached out to touch her but distracted herself by combing her hair.


“Hey, what’s that?”


“Oh it’s something Albedo made, it’s a comb that I can channel a tiny bit of Pyro energy into so it heats up. My hair is so long and thick, it takes forever to dry, but this helps so much.”


“That’s amazing! Do you need to constantly channel it?”


“No, otherwise it can overheat. I do a little bit, then as it cools down, a bit more, until I’m done.”


“Can I help you? It’s the least I can do since you’re letting me stay. I-” Her eyes turned soft and sad. “I used to help my brother with his hair.”


“Oh Lumine.” I should comfort her. But would it be weird to touch her? We’re on my bed so it should be fine? I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable if she’s going to sleep here. Well maybe I can just…


Amber reached over and squeezed her hand. “We’ll find him. I know we will.”


Lumine gave her a sly smile. “We? So I guess you’re coming with me to Liyue?” She was teasing but there was something else in her eyes. Relief? Excitement?


“Oh um I just-I do want to go. But besides that you’re my friend, and I want to help.” Oh Archons, why is my face warm? Why am I blushing right now? Don’t friends help each other? Isn’t that normal?


“Thank you. And I want you to come with me, because you’re my friend and it’s always more fun to travel with a good friend.” Her mood seemed to have perked up, and she took the comb out of Amber’s hand. “Now turn around and let me help you.”


Amber flipped her hair over her shoulders and felt Lumine’s hands move along her back when she reached for a section. She started from the bottom and worked her way up in small sections. Lumine was careful, gently running the comb through Amber’s hair, the strands gliding over her fingers like water. 


Amber let out a small gasp when she reached for a section at the nape of her neck, another spark flaring at Lumine’s fingers against her bare skin. 


“Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”


“N-no, I’m fine, you can keep going.” Amber tried to keep her voice even and friendly. She began to have more than friendly feelings as Lumine continued, getting up on her knees and moving even closer. They were barely a few inches apart, and Amber could smell her apple shampoo and feel the warmth of her skin.


No, I have to focus. This would make her so uncomfortable if she knew. She’s just being nice and helping me with my hair. 


Lumine began to gently work her fingers through the roots of Amber’s hair. Amber felt her scalp tingle in pleasure and the feeling slowly moved through the rest of her body, giving her immediate goosebumps. The heat that had been building in her stomach fluttered and moved lower, becoming a steady, longing ache. She shifted slightly, trying to alleviate the feeling but it only served to make it worse. 


“Hey is everything okay? You’ve been kind of quiet and fidget-y. You’d tell me if I’m hurting you right?”


“Everythings fine, I’m just, oooh” She clapped her hands over her mouth, mortified at herself for actually moaning out loud. Lumine had put the comb down and was running her hands through Amber’s hair, her fingertips softly massaging her scalp and the sensation had sent an overwhelming wave of pleasure across her body. 


Amber quickly scrambled over to the other side of the bed. “I am so sorry. That was so inappropriate of me, I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable!” She hid her face in her hands.


Lumine went over to her and tugged her hands down. “Hey, it’s okay. I’m not uncomfortable.” Her expression was sincere and she smiled when Amber finally looked at her. “It’s really nice getting a scalp massage. I can’t blame you for enjoying it.”


“Really? You don’t think I’m weird?”


She let out a small laugh. “Not at all. If you want I can keep going? It seemed like it was helping you relax, and not to brag but I’m pretty good with my hands.” 


“I mean,” I don’t know if I could be any less relaxed right now. Especially if I keep thinking about what you can do with your hands. “If you don’t mind, it did feel nice.” She blushed.


“Alright, turn around again. And don’t be embarrassed if you make a little noise, that’s how I know I’m doing a good job.” 


She left the comb on the bed and went back to rubbing Amber’s scalp with her fingertips. She moved them in small circles, starting at her forehead and slowly moving backwards. Reaching the nape of her neck, she began to press her thumbs down.


“You have a lot of tension back here, should I keep going? I won’t press too hard.”


“You can keep going.” In the meantime Amber tried to maintain her composure as another sparkling wave moved down her body, leaving goosebumps in its wake. The space between them felt thick, and Amber felt hyper conscious of every breath and movement as Lumine continued.


Pressing her palms down the sides of her neck, Lumine began to knead her thumbs at the base, sweeping them in wider strokes across her back. She paused, “should I stop here? You’re still pretty tense to be honest.” Amber shook her head. 


“Can you unbutton just the first two buttons on your top? That way you can slide it down off your shoulders and keep yourself covered.”


I know she didn’t really ask me to take my shirt off. And we’ve changed around each other before when we’ve travelled together. This is no big deal. 


And yet her fingers fumbled with the buttons, and she needed multiple attempts to undo them. “Sorry, these buttons are small.”


Lumine sat back on her heels, flexing and rubbing her hands. “It’s okay, I’m not going anywhere.”


She finally managed to get her shirt open and slid it down her shoulders. She felt the mattress shift and creak as Lumine kneeled behind her, felt her hair being gathered and brushed over one shoulder. 


“Sorry my hair always gets in the way.”


“I don’t mind, it’s so silky and shiny.”


“Ugh it’s so thick and heavy though. Sometimes I think I’m just going to cut it all off.”


“Please don’t, it’s so pretty!” She laughed a little. “Well it’s your hair and you’re an adult, do whatever you want. But I think it’s really pretty.”


“Thanks.” She bit her lip, secretly pleased with the compliment, even if it was just about her hair. 


Amber was nearly undone before she started, as Lumine’s fingers glided down her neck and along the top of her shoulders. She couldn’t help but shiver, and started to apologize before Lumine cut her off.


“This is meant to relax you and make you feel good. Don’t worry about how you’re reacting to it.” She began to press and roll her palms, kneading and massing her shoulders and neck with steady, even motions. Amber had to admit, she wasn’t kidding about her skill, she felt her muscles slowly relaxing as Lumine continued. 


The rest of her was a different story. She was flushed and barely holding still, the damp heat growing between her legs with each touch. She was so focused on trying to ignore how flustered she was, she missed Lumine’s question the first time. 




“Don’t fall asleep on me yet. I can keep working on your shoulders, or should I keep moving down your back?”


“Um, I guess my back, if you think it needs it.” She managed to unbutton her shirt the rest of the way and slid it off, pulling it around to cover her chest.


Each touch and press against her skin was sweet torture, managing to simultaneously relax and fluster her further. 


“You’ve got a lot of tension in your back too. I know you’re careful but don’t forget to do warm up and cool down stretches, it really does make a difference.”


“Okay.” Her voice was barely a whisper. She jumped, startled as fingers grazed the sides of her ribcage.


“Sorry! I just needed to get to this one spot along your spine, it doesn’t hurt does it?” Amber shook her head, too distracted to speak. 


  If her hand moved forward another inch or two she would be touching my-no! I can’t think about this right now.


The heels of Lumine’s hands firmly moved down her lower back before she switched to the side of her fists, curving them away from her spine just above the waistband of her shorts. 


“Still doing okay? Should I keep going along your waist and hips a bit more?”


“My hips?” She definitely squeaked a little, but was comforted by the fact that Lumine couldn’t see how much she was blushing. 


“Well it’s more your waist, and it’s just along the back half, but that should be the last of it.” 


“Oh, okay then.”


Lumine began to push her hands around her lower back before alternating with dragging the sides of her hands, and then her knuckles along the same path. She wrapped her hands around Amber’s waist to start focusing on a couple of spots with her thumbs when two things happened:


Amber shifted around and lifted her hips slightly to get comfortable.


Lumine went to adjust her hands, moving them towards herself.


Lumine’s hands grabbed onto Amber’s hips, catching her off balance, and before either woman knew what was happening, Amber had fallen back against Lumine, whose arms were now loosely wrapped around her waist.


They sat there startled for a moment, unable to move. Amber felt like she couldn’t think, couldn’t even breath but she managed to start to pull away from Lumine.


“Sorry! I’m so sorry! I lost my balance, let me just get out of your w-” Arms tightened around her waist and pulled her closer. She tried to turn around as best she could, only to have Lumine’s face meet hers. 


Amber’s voice was a panicked whisper. “I didn’t mean to fall against you.” Her gaze dropped to Lumine’s mouth and the way her lips were slightly parted, their pink color matching the flush in her cheeks. 


“It’s okay, I told you that you don’t need to apologize.” She moved in closer. “Hey Amber?” She murmured, “should I keep going?”




Before she realized what she was doing she dropped her shirt and turned around to face Lumine. She was slightly taller as she kneeled in front of her, and it felt like everything slowed down, stopped, as she took Lumine’s face in her hands. Then just as suddenly, nothing was fast enough as she leaned down and pulled her closer, frantic, their lips crashing together in a first, desperate kiss.


- - -


Lumine pulled Amber down on the bed, and quickly wrapped her arms around her, pulling her as close as possible before continuing to kiss her. Her kisses were sweet and excited, quick as rainfall. But then she sighed, and ran her fingers through Amber’s hair, relishing the feeling of it gliding through her fingers. 


She brought her hand up again and held it to the back of Amber’s head as she kissed her more intensely, holding her in place as she traced her bottom lip with her tongue. Amber let out a small whine and Lumine stopped and pulled away, concern in her eyes. 


“This is okay, right? You-I didn’t-I-”


Amber smiled and pressed her finger to Lumine’s lips. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. I just didn’t think you were interested.”


“But you were so hesitant tonight?”


“I really like you and you’re super hot and I was afraid I would either embarrass myself or somehow make you uncomfortable.” She rubbed the back of her neck, but as she looked up she realized Lumine’s eyes were elsewhere, and following her line of site she realized that Lumine was staring at her now naked chest. 


“Oh my gosh!” Amber tried to cover herself but Lumine gently took her hand.


“You don’t have to cover up on my account. I was just thinking about how nice they looked.”




“Mmhmm. They’re so pretty!” She pressed her forehead against Amber’s, and closed her eyes. “ You are so pretty. I want to kiss you and touch you and make you feel good. But I don’t want to rush this either.” She took a deep breath. “If you’re more comfortable with your shirt on, please put it back on. If you only want to kiss or if you want to stop we can.”





Amber dropped her hands and moved her mouth next to Lumine’s ear. “I won’t put my shirt on if you take yours off.” She grabbed the hem of her shirt and leaned back so she could look at her. 


“Ugh all you had to do was ask, but keep biting your lip like that and I’ll drop my panties too.” 


As Lumine sat up, Amber felt a wave of heat wash over her body, leaving her face red and her core throbbing. She tried to play it cool but couldn’t hide the small whimper in the back of her throat. Lumine looked down at her, her shirt halfway up and a sly smile on her face. 


“Don’t think I didn’t hear that Outrider.” She pulled her shirt off and dropped it on the bed before laying back down. She looked Amber up and down. “Archons, you are so gorgeous.”


She grabbed Amber’s face with both hands and pulled her back in, sliding her tongue in Amber’s mouth. Lumine groaned as Amber responded, moving their tongues together and wrapping her arms around Lumine’s waist. 


They continued to kiss each other in long intense intervals, pulling away panting after each one, their expressions hungry. Amber leaned in and softly kissed Lumine’s cheek then traced her jawline and the length of her neck with her lips. 


Lumine let out her own small whimper when Amber began to lick and suck at the crook of her neck, and she paused to look at Lumine. “Don’t think I didn’t hear that Honorary Knight.” 


Her kisses became more intense as she kept her lips pressed to Lumine’s skin, trying to find any and all spots to get a reaction out of her. The spot just below her ear, the hollow above her collar bone, nothing was safe. 


Lumine gripped the sheets and squirmed against her, whining her name. Amber didn’t realize how good it could feel to hear someone say your name until she said it like that. Lumine shifted and ran her fingers through Amber’s hair, trying to hold onto anything she could, feeling warmer and warmer each time she felt Amber’s lips on her skin. 


Calloused fingers skimmed her stomach, stopping just under her breasts. Amber hesitated, “Can I…?”


Lumine propped herself up on her elbows, her eyes hungry and dark. “Amber. You can do whatever you want to me. Please just keep touching me?” 


“Like this?” She began to massage her breasts, the skin soft and plush in her hands. Lumine fell back against the mattress and moaned quietly, which was more than enough permission for her. 


“Or what about this?” She dragged her thumbs back and forth over Lumines’ nipples, pulling more eager sounds from her. 


“Hmmm, I think I’ll try this.” Bringing her mouth down, she swirled her tongue around the now hard nub before gently sucking on it. Keeping her hand on her other breast, Amber started sucking little red marks in her pale skin, leaving a dark bruise on the creamy underside of her breast before moving back to play with her nipple. 


Amber was about to switch sides when she felt fingers skimming the sides of her own breasts. She shivered and looked up at Lumine.


“Please?” Lumine’s voice was a needy whisper that dissolved into a whine when Amber sucked hard on her nipple once more before crawling up so they could lay face to face. Kissing her all over again, she took Lumine’s hand and guided it to her breasts, arching her back into her touch.


I can’t believe we’re really doing this. She feels so good. I’m so turned on right now. It feels like I’m so wet. I wonder if she’s wet too? What she tastes like? I wonder if she’ll let me? Would she want to taste me?


As if reading her mind, Lumine pulled away from Amber and kept playing with her breasts as she looked at her. 


“Mmmn Amber, are you still doing okay?” She nodded, prompting Lumine to continue. “Are you, um, would you like to do more?” She let out a gasp as Amber pinched her nipples before pushing her back on the bed. 


Scrambling on top of Lumine, she slotted their legs together so that each of them had the other’s thigh pressed against her core. She gave an experimental roll of her hips and whined at how good it felt. 


Lumine followed her lead and ground against her own leg until Amber moved to straddle her waist. She propped herself up on top of Lumine and began kissing down her neck and chest, the lines of her stomach. 


She stopped at the waistband of Lumine’s shorts and ran a finger along the edge, back and forth, until she finally slipped it underneath the waistband, but no further. 


“Is there anything you want Lumine?” Her voice was gentle, teasing, just like her hands. Just under her waistband, or under the hem of her shorts, but no further. 


“Fuck!” Lumine dramatically laid her forearm across her eyes. “You are such a tease, you know that?”


Amber laughed. “Well that’s the idea. Now am I going to keep teasing you or are you going to tell me what you want?”


She sighed. “Take them off for me?” Amber raised an eyebrow. “Everything. Please.”


Amber groaned but didn’t hesitate. She leaned down and started to pull Lumine’s shorts and panties down, taking her time to press kisses along the curve of her hip bone and down the top of her thigh. When it finally became a bit awkward to navigate, she sat up and brought Lumine’s legs up with her, pulling the rest of her clothing off in one fell swoop.


Daintily bringing her legs back down on the bed and slowly spreading them, Lumine propped herself up again to look at Amber. 


“I’m all yours.” She bit her lip this time, genuinely needy and desperately turned on. 


Blushing as red as her uniform, Amber looked down and even from this distance, she could see how wet she was, the blonde curls at the top of her core damp from arousal. But seeing wasn’t enough for her.


Maintaining eye contact with Lumine, she dragged a single finger through the slick soaking her folds, letting out a soft gasp as she did.


“Oh Lumi, you’re dripping. Is that, that’s for me?” She sounded a bit incredulous. 


She let out a small laugh before laying back on the bed. “Mmmhmmm. You did that.” She ran her fingers through her hair. “Now what are you going to do about it?” Her voice was low in her throat and Amber felt her cunt throb at the implications. 


She began to trace her finger along Lumine’s cunt, barely touching her. Lumine loved and hated this. Every bit of contact was just enough to build her arousal but it was happening at the slowest possible pace. Still, she couldn’t help but whine and squirm under Amber’s touch. 


Taking her other hand, Amber used both thumbs to gently, carefully spread her open. She looked so pink and pretty, desire glistening all over and her clit just peeking out. She took one finger and teased her entrance briefly before easily sliding it in. The sensation wasn’t unfamiliar; She’d been with other women before and she’d touched herself, desperately quiet in the dorms, only slightly less quiet in her own room. In spite of all that, as she moved inside Lumine, the fluttering wet heat of her cunt threatened to shock her into stillness. 


Lumine’s velvet purr and lithe roll of her hips brought her back. “Mmm that’s perfect Amber.”


“Oh?” Amber blinked a few times, collecting herself and her expression suddenly became sly as Lumine looked up at her, confused. “Because I was going to give you more. But if this is good as it is…?” 


“Fuck yes please, give me more? Please?”


“How can I say no to you?” She slid in her second finger and slowly began moving them in and out while Lumine clenched around her. Taking her other hand, Amber ran her finger through the accumulated slick before grazing it over her clit. Lumine clapped her hands over her mouth to catch the high pitched cry. Amber could see her pulling them down out of the corner of her eye.


“You might want to keep them there.” Slowly, gently she began to tease Lumine’s clit while continuing to pump her fingers at a steady pace. Lumine was becoming more vocal as she did, rolling her hips towards Amber to try and get more friction.


Amber ignored her and concentrated on keeping up her own pace. She switched to moving her finger back and forth across her clit before trying small circles. Lumine whined again before tipping her head up.


“Please I’m getting so close I just need more. I just need it faster. Please.”


“Oh like this?” Amber pulled her two fingers out before thrusting three back in, making Lumine arch her back in pleasure, squeezing her walls around Amber’s fingers. “How about this?” She curled her fingers up only to have Lumine press her hands against her mouth, holding in the very loud moan. 


“Lumi, just let me take care of you okay?” Lumine nodded, but kept her hands in place. 


Amber pounded into Lumine, curling and spreading her fingers, slick dripping down her hand. With her other finger she continued to work her clit, pressing harder and circling it faster. Every thrust had Lumine’s hips meeting her, her cunt pulsing. 


Behind her hands, Lumine was practically screaming, but she pulled them down as she began to tense up, her hips lifting off the bed. In a strained, high-pitched whisper she encouraged Amber as she approached her climax until finally the coil snapped, and she held her body shaking and tense before collapsing on the bed. 


Amber slowly pulled her fingers out, astonished by how much of a mess Lumine made of them. She couldn’t see a tissue nearby, so she opted to lick her fingers clean. She let out a soft moan at the first swipe of her tongue.


“Archons, you taste so good.” Lumine looked up and watched her lick every last drop off of her hand. “Can’t wait to taste you for real.”


Once her hand was clean she laid down next to Lumine, who gave her a sleepy smile. “Wow.”




“Mmmhmm. That was amazing.” 


“Oh. I’m glad.”


“But what about you?”


“Oh! Um, what about me?”


Lumine gave her a look. “What do you think?” She kept laying on her side but pushed Amber onto her back, her fingers quickly gliding down her stomach and slipping under the waistband of her shorts. Pressing her finger against her clothed core she groaned softly into Amber’s ear.


“I can already feel how wet you are.” Lumine moved down the bed and began to pull down her shorts and panties. “I want you so bad.” 


The heat of Lumine’s mouth along her hips and abs pulled shaky whines from her. Amber’s hands fluttered as she grabbed for the sheets, Lumine’s hand, something to ground her as her feelings overwhelmed her. 


“Doing okay?” Lumine purred from in between her thighs. 


“Y-yeah. I am.” She relaxed and ran her fingers through Lumine’s hair. She nuzzled into Amber’s hand and gave her a look that would have set her on fire if she wasn’t burning up already. 


A kiss against the inside of her thigh. “Just okay?”


Her voice shook. “Mmmhmm.”


Lumine laid her cheek on Amber’s thigh, close enough to her core that she could feel the warmth of her breath against her sex. “Guess I better fix that.”


Sticking out her tongue, Lumine dragged the tip over Amber, barely touching in some places, not at all in others. This whisper of pleasure was enough to pull a shuddered whine from her as she rolled her hips. 




She looked up at Amber, her cheeks pink, plush bottom lip pressed between her teeth, and couldn’t hold back any more. Lumine groaned as she ran her tongue against Amber’s slit, lapping up the slick that was all hers, that was because of her. 


Amber’s brain short circuited. If Lumine’s hands and fingers had her overwhelmed, her tongue was going to make her pass out. White hot sparks flared out from her core as Lumine dragged her tongue against her before more delicately teasing her folds. She was patient as she explored Amber, testing new touches and sensations, drowning in the pleasure of discovery. 


Patience is a virtue. Amber has never been virtuous.


Moving away to kiss the tenderest spots on her inner thighs, Lumine sighed as Amber squirmed.


“I’ll take care of you, don’t worry.”


“I’m not worried I’m frustrated!”


“Oh? And what would you like me to do about it? What do you want, lovely?”


Embarrassed all over again, Amber bit her lip. Lumine gave her the faintest shake of her head and grinned, that’s not enough. Let me hear you. Demand what you want.


Another gentle kiss. “Well?”






“I want...your mouth. Your tongue. Please. Taste me. M-make me come. Make me come all over your face. Please!”


Lumine leaned in, and pressed the tip of her tongue against her entrance, briefly teasing before pressing it in as far as it would go. She could feel Amber’s slick dripping down and with each small thrust she drank her up. 


Compared to the silence of her room, the slurping sounds between her legs felt like the loudest things she’d ever heard, but it was taking all her effort not to add to the noise with her own whines and groans as Lumine’s tongue moved inside her. She ended up grabbing her pillow and shoving it over her face as Lumine pressed inside of her, mouth flush with her cunt, letting out a low moan that rumbled against her.


Lumine pulled her tongue out and distracted Amber from her emptiness with finally finally taking her mouth and moving it over her clit, making her moan again as she began to gently suck and lick, watching with delight as Amber bucked her hips and arched her back in pleasure. 


Each swirl and flick of her tongue sent waves of heat across Amber’s body, making her legs scramble to get purchse, her knuckles white as she gripped the pillow and her sheets. Lumine’s tongue was quick and delicate, keeping Amber needy and throbbing until a switch was flicked and she was suddenly there, at the edge. 


“Lumi, please, oh archons, please don’t stop, I’m-” the next part of the sentence was muffled as she pressed the pillow to her face, her back arching hard as she came, holding herself in a tense, shaking arch until the pleasure dropped, and she fell back onto her bed, boneless and hazy. 


Lumine padded off to the bathroom and Amber could hear the water running. She came back with a damp cloth and gently cleaned her thighs and sex. 




“Good.” Lumine kissed her knee, the nearest part of her, before heading back to the bathroom. Returning just as quickly, she began to pick up their shed clothing, pulling on her own and placing Amber’s on the bed next to her. 


Dragging herself up enough to get dressed, Amber glanced sideways at Lumine. Still managing to be thoughtful even when tired, she burrowed herself into the bed on the side next to the wall so Amber wouldn’t have any trouble. 


She stretched once and plopped down on the bed, quickly curling up next to Lumine’s sleepy? sleeping? form.


A hand shot out and pulled her arm around her waist. Sleepy. Not sleeping.


But not for long. Between the post sex haze, their shared warmth, and steady breaths, both women soon drifted off to sleep.