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warmth. (short razor x bennett fic)

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"it’s so late.." bennett sighs and looks up at the moon. "it looks like it’s close to midnight, we should sleep now! sleep is very important for an adventurer!"

razor nodded. bennett and razor had started to adventure a lot more and trying to get to a specific spot took a long time. bennett wasn’t surprised if it was late anymore once they arrived, it was a common thing.

bennett went inside of the tent and sighed, he was very tired.

"hey razor, aren’t you gonna come and sleep?" bennett sat up and looked over at razor. "yes, coming."

razor went inside the tent, laying down next to bennett.

"goodnight razor!"

"goodnight bennett."


bennett closed his eyes.

bennett felt a gust of wind hit him from outside the tent. he opened his eyes and looked over at razor who had seemed to already be asleep.

bennett tried to fall asleep again but the cold wasn’t letting him. he let out a small sigh, just his luck..

his heart stopped when he saw that razor had opened his eyes and was looking at bennett.

"uh,, hello.."

"bennett have trouble sleeping?"

bennett’s eyes widened a little, confused on how fast razor figured out.

"wh- how did you?-"


razor put his index finger on bennett’s mouth, trying to silence him. 

"bennett wont be able to sleep if talk."

bennett just nodded, unsure of what to do. he sighed and closed his eyes to try and fall asleep once again. that was, until he felt razors hands around his back.

"w- razor?"

bennett opened his eyes and realized that razor had moved bennett’s head closer to his chest. bennett felt his face start to heat up.

"r-razor why did you..?!"


..razor was right. it did feel warm. it was a very nice feeling. 

"uh, th-thank you razor.." bennett closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around razors waist.

then a comfortable silence fell. bennett smiled softly, he wished that they could do this more.



that night, they both slept comfortably.