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The sharp stab of an arrow sent waves of agony through Pyrrha’s body as it embedded itself in her chest. Her flesh began to burn as if from the arrow’s touch, gradually spreading from the inside out. Pyrrha gasped, barely registering the ache her lungs gave in protest amongst the invading arrow's torment.
So this is how it ends then? Pyrrha smiled ever so slightly, the expression quickly turning into a wince as the burning sensation increased.
The world was suddenly quiet, the only sound a slight ringing in her ears. The woman in front of her moved her mouth, forming words she could not hear.
Cinder Fall, she was the woman who had orchestrated the fall of Beacon, who had stolen the fall maiden's powers, and who had shot her.
Cinder stood there, her body language suggesting she was gloating to someone.
Pyrrha’s head swam with nausea as a something hard pressed against the right side of her body.
When did the ground get this close?
Pyrrha instinctively tried to lift herself. But the ground seemed to move every time she tried. Her arms struggled under their own weight, as everything seemed to grow heavier by the minute. The pain in her chest was slowly dulling as the world began going out of focus.
Maybe if I close my eyes for a bit…
She heard someone scream before the world turned white.

Time seemed to stand still as Pyrrha drifted dreamlessly through the dark void. Occasionally voices floated through the darkness, distant and muddled. Some sounded familiar in their tone, while others could have been mistaken for sounds her dying mind made to comfort her as she prepared to pass on to whatever came next.
It was strangely peaceful in the darkness. No one expected Pyrrha to be the Invincible Girl or expected her to meet their high expectations.
She was free, and it hurt to be. Not because she was out from under the pressure of Ozpin or her fame, she was quite glad to be rid of those, but because of what it had cost her.
She had lost her friends, family, Beacon, and Jaune, the dorky boy who Pyrrha had a crush on ever since the first term. Pyrrha had kissed him before she shoved the shocked boy into a rocket-locker and sent him flying away from Beacon to somewhere safer. Pyrrha would never know if he felt the same way she felt about him.

Footsteps echoed in the surrounding darkness. At first, she thought it was her mind making noises again, but as they grew closer Pyrrha began looking around her brow furrowing. The sound came from a glowing figure that slowly came into focus as they approached. It was almost as if she was staring in a mirror. If she was still alive, the girl in front of her could have easily passed off as her identical twin sister.
The girl crossed her arms, a scowl forming on her face as she narrowed her emerald eyes at Pyrrha.
Pyrrha blinked at her luminescent clone, still unsure what to make of the situation.
“Who are you?”
The clone rolled her eyes. “I’m your subconscious obviously. Well, what’s left of it.”
“What’s left of it?”
“Yeah if you haven’t noticed we’re kinda dying right now. Speaking of which, what the hell were you thinking?!”
Pyrrha’s eyes widened at the sudden outburst.
“That we could win? That we could keep Cinder busy until help arrived?”
“Zip it, Pyrrha!” Her subconscious shoved a finger in Pyrrha’s face. “You fucked up! You made the idiotic decision to fight a superpowered mad woman after she killed one of the strongest people we knew!”
“But What Pyrrha?! Ozpin is dead, Beacon is in ruins, Cinder has the full power of the fall maiden, and we’re dying on the top of a half destroyed Beacon tower.” Her subconscious before gestured around the void with her arms. “Are you happy now?!”
Pyrrha’s eyes fell as her subconscious glared at her with an all too familiar fury in her eyes. Guilt clawed at her chest with each sentence her subconscious had hurled at her. Because her subconscious was right, had Pyrrha been thinking more clearly they wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. She had been so focused on making sure that they won and that it had clouded her judgment.
Her subconscious sighed, snapping Pyrrha from her thoughts.
“Look. You fucked up and now we’re paying the price.”
Her subconscious crossed the remaining space between them and sat down before motioning for Pyrrha to do the same.
“But that's how life works. You have one really shitty day, and then you pick yourself up only to get punched in the gut by the next one.” Her subconscious wrapped one arm around Pyrrha before continuing.
“Yah we’re probably not going to get back up from this one, and I have no idea what’s gonna happen after this. But I’ll tell you this. Those friends of ours are going to make that bitch pay for everything she did.”
Pyrrha felt a smile creep across her face at her subconscious words as she turned to face her double.
Only to find she was once again alone in the void.

A dull ache seemed to replace the floating sensation that had come with the void. The dull throbbing dragging Pyrrha begrudgingly from the darkness that had enveloped her mind. Pyrrha groaned, It felt like someone had hit her with a truck. Through the pain, Pyrrha became aware of a pressure against her back. Pyrrha hissed in agony as she tried to roll off whatever was pressing against her. To her surprise sensation moved with her as she rolled on to her side. It was soft, and despite its starched texture, was not all that uncomfortable. Pyrrha cracked an eye open. Bright light seared her eyes and she winced at the sudden shift from darkness. Her brow furrowed as she took in her surroundings. The room, if it was a room, was severely out of focus and blurred. Everything around her sounded muddled. She blinked, trying to bring the space into focus. Small white objects flicked by in front of her; Pyrrha strained to bring her vision further into focus.
Is that snow?...
The little white flakes quickly fell outside what she now realized was a window. Beyond the window was a small park surrounded by brick buildings. Pyrrha rolled back on her back and took in her surroundings. A few paintings depicting various landscapes and flowers hung on white walls. A low table sat across the room with flowers in a vase that poked out of a sea of cards on top. Each one was plastered with some form of greeting. The rhythmic beeping of a heart rate monitor that was just out of sight kept pace with her own heart to her left.
I’m… not dead?
Something clenched in Pyrrha’s chest as the realization sank in. What happened to the survivors? Are Jaune and the others alright? Where was she!?
Voices drifted in from outside the door to the room.
“So Sun really just ditched you and your team?”
“Yeah. He did the same thing when we went over for the Vytal Festival. I just wish he told us where he was going this time.”
The door to the room opened as a familiar boy with blue hair and a girl in a black jacket walked in. Neptune Froze as he turned his head to face the hospital bed and made eye contact with P Pyrrha. His abrupt stop caused the woman in the black jacket to collide with him.
“Hey! What-” Her retort died on her lips as she followed Neptune’s Gaze. Shock flooded Pyrrha’s mind.