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Voices full of thrones

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It was a Friday afternoon, and students at Our Lady Immaculate College had just been led out of school for the weekend. They were on their way to the local ice cream shop as a reward for making it to the end of the week.

"Want to go see a movie this weekend," Clare says as the conversation moves on from a complaint about school to making plans for the weekend.

"Nah, there's nothing even worthwhile out there," Michelle altered. 
"Unless you can, guys would like to see The Dentist two."

Michelle was the only one of all her friends who enjoyed watching 
The horror genre. She was able to convince only James to watch the movies with her. The two of them live together, so her English cousin didn't get a choice as to what they watched. When the two of them were home alone.

"I can't handle those films. They hurt my stomach," Orla quipped.

"The movie and the snacks would require a lot of money anyway. Ma won't give us that much," Erin emphasized. 

There is no doubt that the girls bought plenty of sweets and two large bags of popcorn every time they went to the cinema, plus four large sodas each for each one. As a result, the girls would need to schedule a week ahead of time to go to the movies.

"Is it really necessary to buy so many sweets?" James added. The decision to stay in Derry had been made a few weeks earlier. James didn't regret staying rather than going back to London, but there was still something he needed to get used to.

In practical unison, the Girls answered their Wee English fellow in "yes," For even daring to suggest he should not eat all the sweets.

As a new conversion was about to begin. As the girls passed by the bar, none of the girls realized that. Just leaving was a local Drunk of Derry. When hearing James speak with his English accent on full effect, the Drunk had yet to comprehend the news of peacefully.

"Hey, Ya English Bastard!" The Drunk yelled to the girls, getting them to turn around and thinking that James must have dropped something from his backpack.

Drunkenly, the man took out a switchblade from inside his pocket. The Drunk man plunged the knife into James' stomach before anyone could react.

While still in complete shock, James swayed before falling backwards.

"James, what do we do?" Erin cried as she placed James's head in her lap.

Clare told her friends, panicking, "We have to stop the bleeding." She removed her school blazer and applied it to James's wound. Despite taking a course on First Aid, she seemed to have forgotten everything she learned. Clare only remembers the bare minimum of stopping the bleeding.

As the girls all but threw themselves onto James to try and stop the bleeding, Michelle screamed for help: "Someone help!" "Someone help!" Michelle cried for help.

Orla ran into the store and grabbed a store phone to call for help in a hurried rush.
With an unfocused eye, he barely managed to keep his friends awake. 
Then, finally, a whisper of "I'm sorry" escaped James' lips.

"Don't speak, idiot!" Michelle told her cousin. The usual touch girl was nearly in tears. 

"Don't go to sleep. Just stay awake." Erin talked to him about the math test he had to take earlier that day to encourage James to stay awake.

Even though Derry had been at the center of conflict for the longest time. Getting an ambulance was still a bit of a wait, as it was a relatively small town. James was being treated by EMTs as the girls were pushed away.

Michelle Faltered, getting into the back of the ambulance while James was being carted into it, "I'm going to the hospital with them.".
In the face of the ambulance driving away, Erin Clare and Orla were left with nothing in their minds but other shocks.

After dropping Clare off at her home, Erin and Orla entered their house. Having the adult resident of the house hurry the two girls to the couch.

As Mary offered sympathy about James, she said, "We heard about him just now.". 
Seeing her friend bleeding out was still fresh in Erin's mind, so she cried, 

"It was just awful, Mammy.".

"All James did was talk," Orla adds. No matter how hard she tried, she could not understand why someone would be so offended by James' accent.

"Some Drunks will be nothing but trouble," Grandpa Joe said. Having been around for so long, he knew a lot about the world. Joe McCool was well aware of how angry some Irishmen could become about English people. Although James spoke with an English accent, he was a boy with Irish Blood running through his veins.

"Can I make you all some tea?" Gerry asked. Orla shakes her head as she crawls over to mother Sarah, sitting on the couch.

"No, I need to take a shower," Erin replied. Her hands were still stained with Blood. Her clothes were still smeared with James Blood.

"Alright, Love, we'll be here when you need us," Mary said. But, while she wanted to be there for her daughter, Mary had no idea what to do when a dear friend was stabbed.

After making her way to the upstairs part of her house, Erin entered the bathroom. Seeing the door close behind her, Erin broke down. Her eyes filled with tears as she crumpled to the ground.

In what seemed like a blur, the weekend has passed. Mary had told the girls to wait until they heard from the Mallon about when it was okay for them to come to visit James in the hospital.

Finally, Monday morning arrived, and as Erin Orla and Clare walked into school, they could feel the sadness in the hallway. There was widespread knowledge about what happened on the news among the girls. But, unfortunately, Michelle was nowhere to be found, as she had been granted special permission to be absent.

Erin was surprised when Shauna, a girl in her class, approached her. "I heard what happen; I am sorry," Shauna said to Erin, barely speaking to her at all. Even so, the pair hugged.

Jenny Joyce did not perform during the morning assembly with her acapella group. But, of course, on any other day, that would be a cause for celebration. 
Nevertheless, the girls knew the only reason they weren't allowed to sing upbeat songs was that it wasn't appropriate. Rather, Sister Michael begins to speak immediately.

"Now, I am not going to mince words. Since I know you, girls already know what I am going to say," Sister Michael began speaking to her students. Over the weekend, the news was full of stories about the stabbing. Since James was the only boy in the school, every student at Our Lady Immaculate College knew him.

Sister Micheal continues, "Last Friday, one of your classmates, James Maguire, was attacked. He is currently in the hospital, and I have heard that he will not be able to attend school for a while."

Jenny Joyce, just being herself, decides to speak up. "I'd be willing to take his homework to him." Naturally, this caused most students and even Sister Micheal to scoff at her. But, sure, that's what someone in the hospital needs homework.

"Now, I do expect all of you to keep up your schoolwork, but if you have the chance, please keep Mr. Maguire in your prayers." Sister Micheal finished as the students were led out, making their way to class.

The rest of the day was rather awkward. When it came to class, the teachers seemed hesitant to give Erin Clare and Orla the homework from today. Students kept stopping the girls to ask about James.

Beep Beep

How did it get to be Monday already? In his mind, James pondered.

Beep Beep

How could the alarm clock be so loud?

Beep Beep

Michelle, who prefers to sleep in, has James wake her up for school. But, of course, there wouldn't be a problem if Michelle hadn't tried to hit James every morning when he tried to wake her.

Beep Beep

Upon opening his eyes, James noticed he was lying in a hospital bed encircled by wires. His stomach was filled with dull pain.

Deidre seeing James was awake. She whispered to her nephew, "Take it easy there.".

"Aunt Deidre, what's happening," James asked. His head was a bit loopy from being all hooked up on pain relievers. In her effort to refresh James' memory about last Friday, Deidre took her time.

"I'll call the doctor for you," Deidre says. An entry into the room was made by Michelle as her mother left the room.

As loudly as she could in a hospital, Michelle partially yelled, "Never Do That Again, Idiot.".

The response from James was, "I won't get stabbed again." He was somewhat sarcastic at the time, but he stopped when he saw how worried his cousin looked. "I am truly sorry about what has happened."
James' arm was lightly punched by Michelle as she said, "Stop being sorry Dickwad.".

"Have you spoken to my Mum yet?"?" James asked. Having decided to stay in Derry, James hadn't spoken with Kathy for some time. 

Michelle replied, "Shit, we forgot about that.". Kathy wasn't on the best terms with her family since she left James behind in Derry. Eventually, she showed up about a year later and tried to drag James back to London.

"Please don't. I don't want her to worry about this with her new business.'" James requested.

For once in her life, Michelle decided to say nothing instead of saying something. In contrast to his cousin, James had trouble expressing himself. Growing up with Kathy as his mother, he was used to everything being about her. However, he has been getting better since moving to Derry.

Michelle explained, "The girls are going to be happy to see you out again." The doctor came into the room to examine James. Using the payphone, Michelle called her friends in the hallway.

The rest of the friends made their way to the hospital. Upon hearing the news about James already being there, Clare Erin and Orla were overjoyed. They made their way into the hospital room, keeping in mind the advice Mary gave them not to be too loud.

After entering James's room, Erin hugged him immediately. However, Erin was careful not to press too hard on James's bandage. "You had us worried sick," Erin said.
Clare said, "I almost lost my lunch all weekend." bringing up the subject with the usual worried tone.

"Look, James is wearing a dress," Orla says. As James was wearing a hospital gown, it resembled a dress.

Michelle chuckled, "Your right. So I guess our Wee English Lad finally sparked his feminine side."

James joined in on the joke since he had nothing better to do. "Given that you can see everything when I stand up, I doubt Sister Micheal would allow me to wear this to school."

"Can you imagine Jenny Joyce's face if you showed up like that?" Clare laughed.

"Her face would turn red like a tomato," Erin jokingly said.

"It would be totally Crackers," Orla said, laughing as she imagined Jenny Joyce's facial expression.

There was almost no sense of them being in a hospital room after that. Instead, while visiting hours were still ongoing, the girls talked about school and laughed.