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On my way home (5 times before a Rendezvous)

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1- Answer

Many times he tried to find an answer to his mind, full of questions without response, all of those letters without an address to send to, leaving him with despair and silent tears becoming nothing but blind rage against the world who hated him. But recently he found out the person he searched turned out to be his captain’s father, the shock written on his face.

Six wondered, why was fate so cruel with him? Maybe if he wasn’t born none of the tragedies occurred and everyone would have a peaceful life, Gran reminds him he’s glad to be in this world by his side, alive and breathing the same air, living under the same sky.

Six then caught the signals from the stars, like his name, that his answer was already there and will fight for it no matter what.


2- Care

It’s hard to shake the disease from a soul howling in lonely nights, crying to be understood but for his own good it must be away from people, due to his fear ot killing someone again, however, the bright smile from his captain plus his delicate care when he’s wounded brings an undoubted peace with honey flavor mixed with reflections of a second opportunity to help the skies to not be engulfed in unnecessary flames of war.


3- Dedication

“Why me? Of all the people, there’s a lot of other options out there and you know more than anyone...that I’m not worthy” said the sixth eternal, gloomy voice under his mask. Gran sighed at the rejected proposal of selection, then tries again “I wish you could understand feelings better…” Those were not the words he wanted to say to him but Six was sure a hard bone to bite so the captain did what was better, to challenge him to a duel, pure fists who talked louder than words. In a vast field in Port Breeze two figures made a respectful stand before the fight, it was intense and none of them yielded, Six recognized that Gran is strong and good-willed but selecting him meant to walk a painful path, kicks, counters, and sweat interchanged words but in the end, the captain was the victor. “Why?” he asked again while his knees tasted the grass, looking down.

Gran approached him and removed his mask, cupping his already blushed cheeks, embarrassment rising up, a short kiss was the reply “Because I know your dedication and it’s important to you to be by my side” those words shocked the heart of the erune, going to such lengths for someone like him, since that day Six stood tall, making the promise to be his shadow and never let harm being on his path.

4- Forgiveness

“How much stronger I have to be in order to dull the pain inside me?” Six muttered to himself while contemplating the stars above, like his name, are shining brightly as a way to bring some comfort, as his star was tarnished by the blood of innocents, true it was against his will but nevertheless what’s done is done and nothing could be done. When the events in Stardust Town and the final fight with Nehan awakened something inside him, a burning passion to live and redeem his acts, with the help of the Eternals and his captain...wait, since when the captain was his? he thought as the silence grew, he was forgiven and with the new opportunity to be useful in life he will accept his fate until the day hell claims his soul.


5- This is the One

Six wished to be like the wind, like a cloud in the sky but, he has no wings...logic says erunes can’t fly, then he reflects that at least his legs are fast enough to run whenever he is needed. It was a tranquil day and he decided to ask the captain to drop off near a place to gather herbs for different reasons, poison probably or some ideas for tea, Gran smiled however with the condition to go with him. They arrived at the forest to start picking plants based on a list Six collected from Karm, a gift from Nehan when he woke up.

“Is there a reason you took interest in this?” Gran asked, curious gaze piercing across them while their hands touched the delicate herbs “Not really...just a thing I started to like” Six said sniffing something close to lavender, calming, and with good properties.

The sound of the river near the trees in the forest made that particular moment special to them, Six knew as the revelation of the one who saved his life turning out to be the captain’s father was a sick joke of fate, but he swore inside of him to take care of him from now on, being the one who saw a light inside the darkness.