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Camping and Claiming

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The day had gone by uneventfully and you were now sitting in your tent, reading a book by lamp light while surrounded by the smell of your extinguished fire. Your attention was drawn from your book, and towards the pitch black surrounding forest that went for miles in every direction, when the sound of a branch snapping, followed by heavy rhythmic footsteps that were distinctly human, caught your ear. 


Cocking your gun and grabbing your blade, you readied yourself for the intruder when you heard an all too familiar voice complain to himself about his surroundings, “Why would anyone choose to be out here? Dad throws his weird mini-creations into some trees and now everyone thinks the bugs and rodents are cute.”


Shaking your head, you laughed to yourself and set the safety on your gun. “Lucifer, if you wanna sneak up on someone, you might wanna keep the bitching aloud to a minimum.”


He angrily tore open the tent’s zipper and stepped inside, “I wasn’t trying to sneak up on you.” He growled, “Sam told me you were out here and I got worried that you were out here alone, what if some deranged forest hermit or some horny alpha tried to kidnap you and breed you? No one would even know where you were.”


Putting on a fairly sweet tone you placed a hand on his shoulder. “Thank you for being so concerned for my well-being but, I don’t know if you remember this, I am a first and foremost a hunter. If I can handle werewolves and vampires and wendigo, I’m sure that I could handle an alpha or a hermit... Unless you are the horny alpha that you supposedly  wanna protect me from.”


“Don’t flatter yourself.” He scoffed, trying to act like you hadn’t figured him out, “There’s hundreds of omegas in town, which would’ve been way less work... I didn’t wanna see you go missing for the Winchester’s sake.”


“Oh, uh huh, and when has anything you’ve done in the past been for ‘Winchester sake’?”


He stalled, looking at you and taking in your cocked eyebrow and your ‘gotcha’ smirk. “You know, this whole sassy attitude thing is really a turn off.”


You laughed, “Oh and now you have a problem with my attitude. That’s funny, because last time I got sassy with you, you ‘threatened’ to show me who was alpha.” You did the air quotes around the word threatened and nudged him with your shoulder. “Come on, big bad devil who hates daddy’s creations comes out to the one spot that he knows will be full of them just to check up on a sassy little omega? I don’t think so.”


He looked over at you and chuckled when you batted your eyelashes at him. “Fine, I wanted to make sure you were okay because I tolerate you.”


"Only tolerate?”


“I mildly enjoy you.”


“A trip into the woods to hunt me down, while not having your powers, mind you, for just ‘mildly’?”


“Fine dammit, I needed to make sure you were okay because I like you. You make being stuck at the bunker enjoyable. Are we happy now, omega?”


You stalled and he glanced over to see you reared back a little in surprise, “You’ve never called me by just my title before.”


“Is calling you omega a bad thing?”


You shrugged, looking at the ground. “Not necessarily, it’s just, normally an alpha only says it when they’re courting or when they’re trying to show dominance by reducing an omega to just a blood status.”


“Would it help if I confessed it wasn’t the second one.” He gave you a nervous half smile and your heart felt like it might burst. 


“I knew it.” You smirked, trying to play it cool, and letting him scoot closer, wrapping a blanket around his shoulders and snuggling close to his side. 


Lucifer laced an arm around your waist and nuzzled your hair, “You smell good, little ‘mega.”


“I’d smell better if I smelled like you, Alpha.” You purred, submissively offering him your neck, and he nosed at the spot where he wanted to leave his claiming mark. 


“Do you really want this Y/N? Because I will claim you and fuck you and breed you all I want if you let me, and once I get my grace back, you'll really be at my mercy.”


His words sent a thrill of submission through your core and you moaned desperately. “Yes, Alpha, please. You’re the only alpha I’ve ever wanted.”


His fingers dipped below your shirt, pulling it over your head and quickly stripping the rest of you before undressing himself, leaving both of you naked as he pressed you onto your back and started nipping at the curve of your neck, “Is my little omega gonna be good for her alpha?”


“Yes.” You mewled, spreading your legs further and letting him settle between them, his hand coming up to your neck to hold you in place as he lined himself up and slowly filled you with his thick cock. You whined at the feel and he smirked,


“Feel good, Sweetheart?” You nodded, your eyes shut tight and without warning he started a brutal pace, causing you to cry out. Lucifer pounded into you ruthlessly and you dug your fingernails into his shoulders, loving every intense feeling he was giving you. He growled in your ear as his knot began to swell inside you. “Who do you belong to?”


“You, alpha!” 


“Good girl.” He sunk his teeth into your neck, claiming you roughly, and smiling against your skin when he felt you go limp beneath him. 


“Felt so good. I’ll only ever be yours, Alpha.” You panted, submissively pawing at his chest and shoulders, wanting more. "Will you stay with me tonight?" You yawned, nuzzling his jaw submissively.


"I just claimed my omega, I don't plan on leaving her." He kissed you softly, pulling you into his arms, and being careful not to hurt either of you with his still swollen knot. Lucifer felt his heart swell with pride and emotions came over him that he’d never felt before when he looked at you laying spent and sated in his arms. When he had his grace, he felt a possessive pull to you, though he’d likely never admit it, but this was different, he wanted to protect you and please you and dominate you any way you’d let him. Lucifer smiled softly, looking at you laying on your side, pressed against him with your leg over his and his knot still buried deep inside you, and he chuckled. “Grace or no grace, I think you’re gonna make me a softie before this little camping trip or over.” He said, shuttering in fake disgust. “Figures some omega would make me have feelings for the first time.”


Your omega.” You corrected.


“My beautiful little omega... I can’t wait to see the look on Sam and Dean’s faces when you walk in showing off my claiming mark. Castiel will probably be thrilled too.”


“Cas and the boys can deal with it. I’m a big girl and I made my decision years ago that you were the only alpha for me, well technically my biology did, I guess.” You giggled, “Something about your scent just makes me wanna give in to my omega and let you breed me every chance we get. Hell, if it weren’t for Sam and Dean never leaving me alone I probably would’ve given in a lot sooner.”


“But you’re a human, a pretty decent human compared to the others... doesn’t all the killing and maiming and plotting and everything else I’ve done bother you?”


“Lucifer, I know that you are simply you. I can’t change what you’ve done and I can’t judge you for what you’ve done out of pain, the Winchesters and I have both done some things that would be considered pretty fucked up to a normal person. I don’t approve of most things you’ve done, but I know can’t change them, I can only try to help you do better from here on out... but trust me, as much as I wanna be the innocent omega that turns the devil good, that’s not who either of us are. We’re both fucked up in different ways, but we can give each other a little comfort in between it all.” You leaned in to kiss him and he rolled his hips against yours, grinding his cock deep against your cervix and making you whine.


Lucifer pulled out and coaxed you onto your side to be his little spoon, holding you tightly in his arms and trapping your much smaller body between his and the air mattress. “Get some rest, Beautiful, I plan on keeping you out here for at least two more days.”


“Only two?”


“If I had my grace, I’d fuck you out here forever. Whip up a little cottage with a dungeon, someplace I could fuck you until you screamed my name and no one would be able to hear you... make you all feral and addicted to my cock, have you begging me to make that gorgeous little womb all full of my pups:”


“Fuck, Lucifer.” You whined, wiggling your ass against his crotch, and he gripped your hip tight pulling you flush against his crotch and grinding against you roughly. 


“Is that what my little ‘mega wants? Her big bad alpha to keep her all to himself and fuck her until she can’t walk straight.” He smirked, watching you come undone at his words and pulling you in tighter, chuckling and kissing your lips with a gentle roughness. “I can’t wait to play with you once I get my grace back.”