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Bennett's treasure

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Razor was glad to be back; as much as he had fun at the Golden Apple Archipelago, nothing was better than to be back at Wolvendom, especially because he was looking forward to seeing someone. Bennett. He had something for him; Bennett always liked bringing him things when he would head out on his adventures and this time Razor had something for the other one. He brought something from his own adventure and he was quite excited to give it to him. He brought something that he overheard Kaeya calling a treasure and he was immediately interested. The cryo user explained everything to him; the treasure in question was a big, green seashell that he managed to find on one of the islands and he just had to bring it with him. He knew that it would make Bennett happy. 

And there he was, on the edge and waiting for the other one to arrive, walking up and down, feeling his heartbeat particularly fast that day. Bennett described that kind of feeling as excitement and, boy, oh boy, was Razor excited. This was for the very first time that he brought something for Bennett and he was beyond excited to give it to him. He wanted to walk over to Mondstadt himself, find Bennett and give the seashell to him. But then again - he liked being in his element. He liked being in Wolvendom. He knew that Bennett was going to show up… right?

Razor was sitting on a rock, sighing a bit and he then looked down the pathway, but Bennett was still nowhere to be seen. Razor layed down onto the rock and then he reached down onto the floor, grabbing the seashell into his hands and he happily giggled. He could already see Bennett’s face upon receiving the seashell. It was really pretty. It was pretty like Bennett and his eyes. Razor laid there for a bit longer, but then he sat up again and looked around, scanning the area.

Still nothing.

“Bennett… not coming?” asked Razor, who was now  talking to himself and then he hopped onto his legs, making sure that he brought the seashell with him and he then carefully made it down the path a little bit and he was humming along as he was trying to think why Bennett wasn’t there. If Razor could write, he could send a letter to the other, telling him that he was waiting for him there. But he didn’t know how to write and he huffed under his breath. “Pretty,” said Razor happily as he glanced down at the seashell and he nodded. “Will make Bennett happy.”

Then Razor heard a loud bang around the corner and he could smell the grass being burnt - that could only mean two things; either Klee was there, or it was Bennett! Razor happily ran around the corner and he indeed saw Bennett, but the other one was in trouble. Bennett was trapped under a Hilichurl, which was trying to take a swing at him and Razor growled under his breath when he saw the other one in distress. Carefully planting the seashell down, Razor didn’t really hesitate too much. 

His claymore materialised in his hands and after a couple of swings, the Hirichurl was sent flying off of Bennett, who was now picking himself off the floor and was laughing awkwardly. “Phew, that was close,” he said, laughing and then he placed his hands on top of his sides. “I was coming up here to ask you to come join me on my new adventure, but I was attacked,” he said and then made a face. “I managed to beat a few of them, but-”

Razor was listening, but then he saw one of the Hirichurls sneaking around the seashell and he let out a loud ‘’no,’’ escape past his lips and he started running towards the Hirichurl. “Bennett’s treasure, stay back,” he growled, slamming his right hand against the floor, the electricity hitting the remaining Hirichurls around them and they ended up leaving them alone. Finally, running away. Razor was growling and he wasn’t happy as he picked up the seashell, spinning it around in his hands to make sure it was okay. 

Bennett, on the other hand, was confused. What did Razor say before - Bennett’s treasure? Bennett felt curiosity kicking in. He knew Razor went on an adventure of his own. Lisa told him so. Bennett was kind of bummed out that Razor didn’t take him with him; it was boring going out on adventures without him. But now Razor was back and so was Bennett’s good mood. And, again, what was that about a… treasure?

“Razor, how was your adventure?” asked Bennett happily and Razor glanced down.

“Beach is fun,” said Razor and then smiled. “I caught fish,” he said and then glanced down a bit. “Wanted to share with Bennett,” he then carried on and Bennett smiled softly. Ah, did that mean that he missed him? That made Bennett happy because he also missed Razor quite a lot and he then happily stepped closer to Razor, feeling his cheeks redden a little bit.

“I missed you too, Razor,” said Bennett and Razor made another step closer to Bennett.

“I found treasure,” said Razor happily and Bennett raised his brow.

“A treasure?” asked Bennett and his eyes lit up. “Did you find a pirate ship? Oh, is it a pirate treasure?!” carried on by saying Bennett and Razor couldn’t bring himself to speak up and tell that it wasn’t a pirate ship nor was it a pirate treasure that he found, but when Bennett got excited it was hard to make him stop talking. “So unfair, I wish I was there too. I’ve always wanted to explore a pirate ship,” he said and Razor shook his head.

“Not a pirate treasure,” said Razor, determined.


“Very pretty,” he said and Bennett cocked his head to the side.

“The treasure?” asked Bennett and Razor nodded. 

“I found,” said Razor proudly. “On beach,” he said and finally showed Bennett what he was talking about all this time and Bennett’s eyes widened when he saw the seashell. It wasn’t like the other seashells he has seen so far and he blinked a few times before he took it into his hands and then he smiled. Razor brought this for him? Bennett’s cheeks were hurting from smiling so much, but he couldn’t help it. He was really happy.

“For me?”

“Yes,” said Razor, nodding. “Bennett likes?’’

“Yes, I like it a lot. Thank you, Razor,” said Bennet, who was pleasantly surprised by Razor’s sweet actions. Bennett always liked bringing something to Razor from his adventures; he always liked seeing the way Razor’s eyes lit up when he gave him something. But it was a totally different feeling to be receiving something from Razor. It made him feel all fuzzy and warm inside. “It’s very pretty,” said Bennett and Razor nodded.

“Pretty like Bennett’s eyes,” said Razor happily and Bennett’s eyes widened. Indeed, the seashell was green, like his eyes, but Bennett would have never really connected the dots on his own and when Razor told him that, his cheeks reddened, quickly looking down and Razor was worried a little bit. “Bennett doesn’t like?” asked the wolf boy and Bennett quickly shook his head.

“N-no, I said I love it, right?”

“Bennett is acting weird,” said Razor, narrowing his eyes and leaning closer to study Bennett’s face. Way. Too. Close. 

“I-I’m not! I’m just embarrassed,” whined Bennett and Razor giggled.

“Bennett is cute,” said Razor happily. Bennett was trying not to blush too much. He was kind of amazed that Razor managed to say all of that with a straight face. Still, he was happy. He was overjoyed that Bennett liked his present. Without really thinking much, Razor then stepped closer to Bennet and then took his free hand and smiled. 


“Wanna search for treasure together?” asked Razor, ready to go on a new adventure with Bennet, who swallowed thickly and quickly nodded. Why, yes, yes he would like that very much!

“Yes!” said Bennett happily, tucking the seashell into his pocket, deciding to treasure it forever.