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Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

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Dean took a deep breath, looking at the specially built and runed box he had made. Michel was growing more insistent in his head to be released. And Dean knew he was weakening, wouldn’t be able to keep the insane Angel contained for much longer. But he would not allow the bastard to destroy the world, to recreate it in what he thought it should be like. Death, carnage, slavery, is the way he envisioned how humanity should be treated. He leaned up against the box, tears in his eyes at what he was about to do. Sam was out on a job, would be back tomorrow, but he wouldn’t be here. No he would be at the bottom of the ocean, living the rest of his life in torture and pain so the world could go on. He loved his brother and he would see him safe at any cost. And if the cost this time was his own life and sanity so be it, it wasn’t like he had any future ahead of him for his own happiness. He knew his life would end without any fanfare or acknowledgment he was even a human worth knowing. In a few years he would be forgotten and his sacrifice stricken from anyone’s memory.


He sobbed as he crawled into the box, spilling his blood to start the sealing spells. Once he laid down and closed the lid the box would seal and he would be forever locked inside.




“Cass take care of Sam for me.” Dean didn’t meet his Angel’s eyes, he couldn’t because it hurt to much to know these would be his last few moments with him.


“Dean don’t do this.” Castiel begged him with all his heart.


Shaking his head voice harsh with keeping in his sobs. “It has to be done, he is breaking down the door in my head a we speak.”


“We can find another way.” Cass knew there had to be another way. One which didn’t take his hunter from him.


“There is no other way. It’s time and I need you to drop me where I asked you to.”


“Please, I don’t want to do this.” And he didn’t, he didn’t want to drop him in cold unfeeling waters, never to see the light of day again.


“I know Cass and I’m sorry but I have no one else I can ask.” He looked up into the tearful blue eyes of the Angel he loved, heart breaking at asking him to do this last favor for him. “So please help me. Help me save the world from a madman.”


Castiel tears coursing down his face unhindered nodded. Dean went limp with relief then finished laying down in the box. Taking his blood, he signed his name, invoking the spell, watching as the edges glowed red. He reached up to pull the lid down when Castiel lunged for him. Saying nothing he pressed his lips to the hunter who he would follow to the ends of the earth and beyond. Demanding entrance, pleased when Dean startled, opened and then tongues were connecting in ways which were positively sinful.


Only when Dean whimpered needing air did Castiel stand back. “Dean, you will not be alone. I won’t let you be alone.”


“Castiel, I… Cass.” He stuttered as he tried to think of something to say.


“Do you still want to be sealed and thrown away?” The Angel glared down at the man he loved.


Closing his eyes Dean gathered his strength to answer him honestly. “No, I don’t. I want to stay, want to be here for you, for Sammy.”


“Then stay.”


Intense green eyes met glowing blue. “I can’t because regardless of what I wish, I need to make sure you’re safe, that Sam is safe, the world is safe. This is what my life has always been about Cass, sacrificing what I want, what I need so that others may have what I’m not allowed.” Tears were now flowing down Dean’s cheeks. “I love you to much to not do this, so please don’t ask me again.”


Castiel watched as with more tears pouring from his eyes, Dean reached up towards the lid. Pulling it down, the edges met and the glow went from enraged maddened red, to sorrowful, soulful green. The casket was signed and sealed never to be opened again.


Pressing his forehead to the top of the lid, his own tears mixing with the last vestiges of the sealing spell, Castiel cried for his love. The man he had raised from hell had just sealed himself, once more to reside in a new kind of hell for all time.


‘Please Castiel, don’t mourn for me, you’re too good to ever be with someone like me. Just please drop me and then forget all about me.’


Those words came into his head suddenly, but when he tried to reach Dean in the same manner, he knew it was useless. Dean had used the last of his power to comfort him one last time. Now he waited unsure if his last wishes would be fulfilled and his sacrifice was in vain. Standing Castiel knew what Dean was doing would not be discarded, it couldn’t be because he loved him to much to ignore what he wanted more than anything. Which was to make sure those he loved was safe from an evil Angel.


Picking up the heavy iron box, he closed his eyes as he prepared to do what his hunter had asked of him. With a flap of his wings, he found himself hovering over the Pacific Ocean. With a sob he placed Dean on the surface of the water, watching as the casket rocked back and forth for a moment before sinking into the water. He watched as it continued to fall, sinking miles into the watery earth, until it was gone from even his impressive sight.


Heart beating in ways he had never felt, he cried as he realized his life no longer had any meaning. For if Dean wasn’t in it, there was no reason for him to be either. But he had to watch over Sam, for his love’s sake he would do what he no longer could. But his heart wasn’t in it. No his heart was miles below the surface, falling still as he sacrificed his life for others.


He looked up towards the heavens, a place which held no joy or even meaning for him now. He would never return, what would be the point? Dean wasn’t there, would never be there for he would live for eternity buried in a sealed box.


He had done his duty to his love, he had delivered him to the location he had asked of him.


But he could not, would not leave Dean to live eternity alone with his insane brother. He would watch over Sam till the boy passed away, then return to Dean and stay by his side forever more.