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Lady of the Lake: Behind the Scenes

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"She's trying to kill me!"

The door had just opened to allow Mags into the District 4 control room, leaving the reception hall where Sponsors of the District 4 Tributes could gather, eat fine food and wine and discuss the Tributes they were sponsoring. She had seen up on the screens, situated throughout the opulent room that Sky had managed to drag Cato all the way back to her Cave.

Darrien was in the lake at the moment, slathering mud on his stingers and listening to the girl from 2 growling about all the disembowelling she would do when she got her hands on the girl from 12.

Mags discreetly excused herself from the reception and headed back into the actual control room, where Finnick was pacing up and down, raking his fingers through his bronze hair.

"Do you see?" he pointed dramatically at the screen before him, where Sky got Cato settled before heading back out into the world, "She took him HOME with her? Like he was an injured puppy! HE IS NOT AN INJURED PUPPY!"

He threw himself down into his chair and let his head fall on his arms, cushioned on the desk with a thump. A dramatic fake sob left him and Mags rolled her eyes.

"Stop that." She scolded him, "You knew she didn't have the killer instinct."

"There is killer instinct and then there is taking the killer instinct personified home with you," Finnick wails, one hand coming up to flail wildly once more. Mags discreetly removed the mug of coffee from next to him. He'd go crazier if he spilt coffee all over his controls and wasn't able to do anything.

"She's safe for the moment." Mags soothed, patting his head lightly, "Besides, the boy fancies her. He won't kill her now."

"But she'll have given away her hideout!" Finnick moaned, "Do you know how perfect that cave is for her? Seriously?"

"I know Finnick, but she's being Sky. You can't expect her to act like someone else now."

"I was hoping that red head would rub off on her." Finnick sat up, glaring at the screen again where his Tribute was listening in on the Careers talking about Cato, "She's so practical it hurts."

"Stop that." Mags flicked his ear gently, "You did not think that. Sky is who she is and you love that about her. You'd be sad if she became all mercenary."

"She's killing me Mags…" Finnick turned his best puppy eyes on her, "I'm going to go grey like you, before my time."

"You're a overgrown child Finnick Odair." She flicked him once more, "And a bratty one at that. Now…go away and find some sponsors to help your Tribute. I think her move got quite a bit of attention…people were entering the hall when I was leaving."

"You're so mean to me." Finnick stood and moved away as Mags took her seat in front of Darrien's panel, watching her Tribute and the one from 1 kissing gently. Finnick watched for a moment too and then he kissed the top of Mags head, "Call me if anything happens."

And then he headed out to the reception hall.

You're killing me here sweet cheeks. If he kills you I'm never talking to you again. Keep him warm – F

"She's right," Mags informed him, amused despite herself, "You are still a complete ass."

"I hate you both." Finnick drawled back, watching Sky gently wrap Cato up in her blanket, "But I hope she knows what she's doing…"

The two mentors sit in silence, just watching their Tributes, waiting for something to unfold.