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Harlequin angst fluff & more

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As king floats over the tavern he notices ban and meliodas discussing something he flies down to listen into their conversation he presses his body into the wall willing to hear them "So is the plan in motion" ban says in a hushed tone "yeah I have to tell Merlin and it's a go" meliodas says a bit louder than ban "Alright operation truth or dare is a go" they both whisper yell king flies of after hearing that "Don't They know they can just ask us" king thinks as he sweat drops going into the tavern waiting for this fiasco to go down suddenly everyone is in the main hall of the tavern "Alrighty my fellow sins I have decided to do a bonding exercise and your all forced to play" melidas yelled seemingly proud of himself ban grins along with him "Captain you do know that you could've just asked us to play right?" King says after the initial confusion passes "Yes but then you could have declined my offer" meliodas says after whining "Okay I'll be going first" meliodas says "Diane truth or dare" he continues on "mhmm dare" diane says after some hesitation "I dare you to eat a spoon of mayo " he says with a devilish smirk ".....ewwwww" she yells as she gets up to get the mayo

(There are only meliodas ban king Diane Escanor and Merlin)

"Alright king truth or dare" ban asks king shifts nervous he's already done with this game and they haven't been playing for long "truth" king says after a while "Whats your mother like" ban says clearly wanting to know about Elaine's parents. Diane shifts forward interested in the question as does everyone else. King looks visibly confused "You've met my mother ban?" King says very confused. The others look at ban confused "You have?" Meliodas says as ban responds "What no I have not the only fairies I know are you and Elaine?" Ban says equally confused as the rest "Yes you did you literally slept on her with Elaine" king says getting frustrated. The others look over with wide eyes(Except Merlin). "NO I didn't we slept on the Fairy kings tree" Ban yells upset at the thought "YEAH THATS MY MOM" king yells very frustrated everyone else goes quite Merlin quickly intervene "Fairies don't have children they are born from plants and are completely unfertile" Merlin says "How do humans have children" king asks clearly confused at the fact that they are not from plants Diane flushes, ban smirks with meliodas, Merlin and escanor look like they typically do "King humans conseve children from having sex and get pregnant typically babies come out of women" escanor explains as king flushes a intense red "OMG owww ewww I don't know what to say I'm disturbed embaressedand and concerned at the same time is that how babies are made" king says as a multatud of emotion flash on his face "So faires have sex but don't get pregnant" Diane and ban shout (as they both clearly have a crush on a fairy) "Yes fairies have sex for pleasure but are completely unfertile meaning women can't get pregnant and men can't impregnate others" Merlin says as escanor nods by her side clearly uncomfy with this situation "What about women periods do faires not have them" diane asks "All fairys have a week were there more irritable and tired than other times it happens 1 every 2-3 months" Merlin says saving any questionable "Merlin I thought I told you to keep a secret about that" king whines with a flush Finally ban and melidos burst into laughter king looks at them seemingly upset and angry "I Can't Control my heritige so stop fucking laughing at it!" King yells hurt at there laughter Diane frowns" Really guys I thought you were above making fun of other heritages" Diane says clearly displeased "Sorry king we didn't mean it that way it's just strange as other races to hear this kind of stuff" meliodas apologises ban nodding along to whatever he said "Its fine just be mindful of the things you say" king says wiping the unshed tears out of his eyes.