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Two Can Play at That Game

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It was another long case, after a heatwave in Kansas delayed progress for the day; the team headed to their hotel rooms but their was a shortage on rooms causing Spencer and Derek to bunk up as well as Emily and JJ. Emily and Derek stood in the hallway between the two rooms and talked about getting dinner while JJ rushed to get in a shower knowing the cool water would be a small relief from the humidity.


JJ made the shower shorter than she had liked not wanting to make Emily wait too long if she had wanted to shower. JJ wrapped herself in a towel only then realizing that she was in such a rush to get cool that she forgot to bring in a change of clothes, she brushed her teeth and headed to her gym bag.



Emily looked in the direction of the door opening to see her soaking wet coworker. Emily bit her cheek to keep quiet and quickly look away from the sight in front of her. She walked to to the bathroom to start her shower, the whole time staring at the floor to not invade her best friends privacy. As Emily showered, her mind wondered to JJ. How beautiful she is and how much Emily needed her, emotionally and physically.


At that very moment Emily smiled 'what if I tease her until she makes the first move' she smirked. Once Emily was done in the shower, she yelled for JJ and once JJ was in the bathroom, she froze. The blonde was mesmerized, in front of her stood a soaking wet Emily Prentiss, she raked her eyes over the brunette. 'I'm fucked' thought JJ. "Earth to JJ." Emily Smirked. "Yea.... yeah?" JJ tore her eyes away from her best friend's body to stare into her eyes.


"I forgot my towel, would you mind getting me one?" JJ darted out of the room and came back handing Emily the towel. JJ averted her eyes this time and as she went to walk out, she realized Emily already had one on the sink. 'What kind of game is she playing?' the blonde started to smirk. 'Two can play at this game.' JJ headed to her bag. 'What could I wear to dinner that would affect Emily' JJ dug through her go bag, finding a little black scrappy dress that she only wore when she wanted to get laid. She waited until the older FBI agent had left before getting ready. She threw on the dress, curled her hair, and smoky eye shadow to finish off her makeup. 'Emily Prentiss better watch who she's messing with.’