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Wasn't it always like that?

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- Jodie, are you sure about what you said? Or is it just a possibility?

- I looked into the matter more than once, and many sources through the cases my father and his old friends worked on, all the results point to him.

- But that's impossible. That Charles is a spy for Rum that we didn't find out for so long!

-  He's been well trained. 

-  Was he the one who revealed me to the BO? And for that, Rum invited me to that warehouse?

-  His man whom you investigated says that he has nothing to do with this matter, but he is the one who told Akemi about the origin of your job……

The place became silent; Jodie couldn't finish the sentence after seeing the sadness and guilt on his face. 

- Sorry, Shu, but... 

- How did he tell her? 

- Have her watching your videos during our secret meetings in America, and you give us some reports. 

- Does James know about it? 

- He does not know anything about this matter. I secretly began investigating it after I told you about my suspicions about the failure of the secret code in our last collision with the organization. 

- Why didn't you tell him? 

- It's essential for you in the first place, Shu. 

- It's for everyone, Jodie... 


She was silent for a moment, then continued her speech, handing him a highly classified file.

- I have prepared a secret plan for you to kill him here in Japan, but... 

- Jodie, if you don't tell James about it, he'll think that I killed that man just for my revenge and that I used you for it... 

- Let him think that's the point. This would be a source of fame for you and a source of oppression for me... Wasn't it always like this in the first place? 


He raised his head to be able to see the look in her eyes, a look full of love, full of loyalty, full of willingness to sacrifice for him, waves of conflicting feelings in her blue eyes...

'What have I done in my whole life for her to love me so much? ' - he asked himself secretly... 


She felt like the whole world stopped for a moment when her eyes met his green eyes...

How badly she wants to tell him not to look at her like that... 

She does not want to fall in love with him for an unknown time.. is this the hundred? Or a thousand? 

The look of amazement in those green eyes captured her heart. 

- Jodie... 

- If this will bring us closer to the true identity of Rum, then it does not matter what will happen to me, maybe it will end with a punishment from the superiors or being fired from the mission, I do not care about all that, most important of all that we make some progress. 

-For once, learn how to not let go, Jodie. 

- I've learned how to let go from you, Shuu...


" I've learned how to let go from you, Shuu."

A shiver went through his body from this sentence...


Jodie got up from the chair she was sitting on and approached Shuichi's side as she continued, saying...

-And life taught me what losing, pain, and longing are…


She reached Shuichi and then bent over to him, and in a tone bearing all the love that she had for him inside, she continued... 


- And I want you to know one thing, that I will do whatever you wish to, whatever its consequences and despite everyone, because you are the man I love from the bottom of my heart, and for whom I will die. 

- Why did you love me this much? - Shuichi suddenly asked her in a tone of exclamation. "

Jodie gave a slight smile as she shrugged...


- I have to go back to the hotel now, waiting for your reply.

- Judy, I'm not going to do what you think.

- Shu don't fool me - She took her bag from the table next to her - James and the others can expect what you are going to do, but I can tell what you won't - She said that as she walked to the door of the Kudo family's house to go out with him

- What is the thing I can't do? -asked her in amazement- 

Jodie turned to him with her usual smile, opened her mouth to say something, but backed away, and just said... 

- You know my answer, magician, give my regards to the Kudu family. Good night. - she opened the door and came out waving her hands. 

- Good night - he said, closing the door behind her.  


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- Okay Camel, whiting for your coming…
- Okay, Akai-san…
- Camel, one last request. Don't tell Jodie about anything we've agreed upon.
- Well, but why...
- Don't just tell her.
- Well, I'll let you know when I come when it turns out.
- Waiting for you…

He rested his head on the chair he was sitting on, thinking "How can I stop her from doing something reckless? If I tell James it will cause problems between them, and problems that may threaten her career... And if I try to convince her, it's like trying to put a camel through a needle. My mother is easier than her to convince..."

He closed his eyes and immersed himself in deep thought, and the imagination of her captivating look of the heart passed between his eyes, making him smile a slight smile..


Resting on the bed of the hotel room, fidgeting while browsing the Instagram accounts that she follows, hung up the phone and got out of bed and headed to the long window that overlooked the city of Tokyo from her luxurious suite

“He will kill him.. the look in his eyes, I cannot misinterpret. He will risk everything and kill him.. I must stop him, not only for the sake of the mission, but for their own sake. I must bring them together with him as soon as possible…”

Her train of thoughts was interrupted by the sound of the bell ringing in her wing, she smiled and went to receive this guest, for whom she had special feelings in her heart..

- Robin!!
- My yellow chrysanthemum! — He opened his arms to embrace her.
- I missed you, brother.
- If you really miss me, why haven't you called me over the past two months?
- You know the nature of my work.
- The nature of the work, which means that curly-headed guy, right? — He said in a joking tone
- Yes he is —with a slight laugh— Please come in..

After they were sitting in the living room, Jodie poured them two cups of coffee.

- Well, what is the urgent matter for which you summoned me? Or rather, the matter that made you ask to move my mission headquarters from our embassy in Korea to our embassy in Japan?
- It's top secret, and in order to need your help and your presence here..
- Is it about that important progress in the case of the organization? Then why don't you discuss it with my father, he is responsible for...
- James doesn't know. Robin, please let me finish —she said this after noticing his desire to speak— We are talking about a spy among FBI agents for an important member of a dangerous criminal organization. It compels us to take a quick and thoughtful step...
- What you say is true, but Jodie... —He looked straight into her eyes— It has other aspects, isn't it?
- Yes, which is why I don't want James to know about it...
- I will not ask you what it is because I know that even if I peel your skin, you will not utter a word, but know that you kept it from my father.
- I will bear the consequences of this recklessness —She handed him a secret file same with the file that she gave Shuuichi last night— Just secure this plan for me.
Robin reads the file quickly, then looked up with his hazel eyes in shock and said in a loud voice..
- Are you crazy?!! You want to draw him that way!!
- Yes, this is the only solution. To lure that person by killing his supporter inside the embassy will make it easier for us legally. The embassy is one of the borders of our land. As for our killing of the master. Phil, his high treason, which he committed, has a strong justification.
- I will not allow it! —He threw the file on the coffee table next to him and got up from the mattress— Jodie, excuse me, but don't you feel scared!!
- I'm afraid Robin, but what am I afraid of, you know? I am afraid that I will pay dearly for my silence.
Robin, whom she had considered as her brother for the past twenty years, held her sad face as he gently stroked it.
- Jodie, you are a sad deer, and he is your skilled hunter, run before he hits you with his bullet.
Jodie smiled painfully…
- I know this, to pour his sad deer and carry it on his back, and walk around in pain, saying he was the one who shot it.
Robin kissed her forehead and said in a low voice.
- This love that you have for him will take your life.
Robin went to the door of her suite, intending to go out, and Jodie accompanied him with a soft smile, and she handed him his coat and went to the door before him, saying..
- I already gave him my life 5 years ago...

Robin smiled at her, understanding what she meant, and kissed her on the cheeks and said goodbye. Jodie closed the door behind him and then started getting ready for bed.


- Akai-san, are you serious about what you're saying!!
- Unfortunately, Conan-kun, but our discovery of him at this time is not a mistake...
- How did you discover it?
A slight silence passed between them, and he took a sip from his cup of coffee.
- To say a hunch I have had since then and then I investigated it..
- Oh, well, if there is something new about it, let me know.
- Conan-kun, I'm going to ask you a simple request...
- Sure, Akai-san.
- I will send you a simple message shortly. I hope you will pass it on to Amuro. I would be grateful if you could pass it on to him today.
- Well, but uh…
- If he does not intervene in this matter, we will receive a painful blow, stronger than the one we received earlier.
- Well, I'll pass it on to him.
- Thank you very much, Conan-kun.

Shuuichi hangs up the call and one thought runs through his mind...
[Forbid Jodie from doing anything reckless, even if it means accepting Scotch's death as a crime that he committed and receiving its punishment after his conflict with the organization ends]

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After his working hours at Café Poirot, his eyes stared in amazement at his phone screen, which showed Shuichi's message to him, and his astonishment reached its peak when he read the last sentence, which was:—
"I will pay for his recklessness by myself but protect her."
- Vermouth was right. That blonde still owns his heart.
He walked out of the café while tapping his phone's keypad to reply to Shuichi. He sent his reply with a sly smile on his lips.


- Jodie-sensei!!
A lively voice called out her name from behind, forcing her to return the product in her hand to the shelf and turn to the source of the sound with a radiant smile.
- Mouri-san!! Cool kid!!
- It's been a while since we last met, sensei. - Conan said in his childish voice.
- Yes, unfortunately - Jodie replied with a sad expression - What's the news with you, Mouri-san?
- I'm fine. Sensei. How about you?
- I'm fine, I'm doing my best.
- How was the United States when you came back to it last time?
- It was usual America, nothing new. I missed Japan from the first days. - Her phone rang interrupted her words. She read the name that appeared on the screen and then smiled a smile of victory - I apologize to you both, it's an important call. Nice to meet you.
Jodie answered the call as she walked away from them. But Conan, with his curious ear, was able to pick up a sentence that caught his attention.
"Okay, Mr. Phil, I'll be at the embassy office at 9:30 tonight."
[ Mr.Phil? Hmm, look that Akai-san will start his move against him tonight] - Conan with a smile


- Robin is coming to visit you today, Akai-kun. He will be the link between us while I am in the United States.
- Well, James.
- Akai-kun, is there anything you're hiding from me?
- I'm the one who should ask you this question. The sudden return of Jodie made me a little suspicious. Is there something wrong, James? - With his usual skill, Shuichi managed to turn the matter on James and divert attention from the anxiety that had became his companion for a week.
- No, there is nothing serious, just Natsuko's birthday is approaching. She wants to go back to Japan to celebrate with her.
[She managed James very well too!! That mad hasn't changed!!] - Shuichi said in his mind.
- Hm, well. I am waiting for Robin this evening over a cup of tea. I hope he likes to drink it as English as you do — Shuichi jokingly with James tried to hide his anxiety.
- Don't be afraid, He is the only one among his brothers whose British identity has not been affected. - James answered with a laugh.

They ended the call. Then Shuichi's fingers quickly tapped the contacts, and the voice came from the other end quickly.

- Things are suspicious so far, Akai-san.
- Well, Camel, I hope you didn't tell anyone about your coming.
- Don't be afraid. No one knows I'm back in Japan. Everyone thinks I'm spending my vacation in Australia.
- Thank you very much, Camel.

Shuichi hung up the call and went to tell the Kudo family about tonight's guest.


- Jodie, you're coming with me tonight to the Kudu family's house.
- Don't try it. If we meet tonight, we will end up with a bullet from one of us to the other. - Jodie referring to Shuichi
- Don't try.
The 15 straight minutes of Robin's failed attempts to persuade Jodi to go with him to meet Shuichi at the Kudo family home ends with Jodi turning off the phone in his face.
Jodi took one last quick look at her appearance in the mirror before the meeting with Mr.Phil that would be an hour from now.
She felt satisfied with her look in the black dress that fell on her charming body to the middle of the leg, with a wide neckline and short sleeves. She put on her beige high-heeled shoes, and took her brown leather bag, and then headed to the car parked in front of the entrance to the hotel where she was staying.

- What is your destination, Agent Jodie?
- Embassy building
- Your order


In the guest room of the Kudo family's home, Shuichi, Robin, and Kudo's couple were quietly sipping their cups, and then Robin turned to Shuichi and said.
- Well, Shuichi, as my dad said, I'll be the link between you this time.
- I'm sure that we'll get on well, apparently you're not as stubborn as Jodie on some subject - Shuichi jokingly said.
- Joking aside, let's try to find a way to get her to give up her crazy idea. - Robin becoming serious.
- Excuse me. - Yusaku’s voice cut off their conversation and drew attention to him - I think the idea of drawing attention to a specific person instead of the entire FBI is good. It will make it easier to spot other weaknesses...
- How could that be? - Robin replied in a questioning tone
- If the matter is published as an act of personal revenge and the directors of the FBI put pressure on Agent Jodie, and the necessary measures are taken. This would make the other party maintain his work style, which we can track through Jodie’s previous investigations about him. But if the procedure is taken formally, this will be lost the important thread because they will hang out for a while the whole thing isn't over.
- I will not allow it. If someone has to be sacrificed, that person would be me.- Shuichi interrupted in a sharp tone.
- It's as if I've heard that sentence somewhere before - Robin said in a sarcastic tone
Shuichi wanted to continue the conversation with him, but his phone was interrupted by ringing.


- If you hear continuous gunfire, call Mr. Robin - Jodie ordered her security team.
- Well, but…
- I don't want any objection!!
Jodie walked down the confident steps towards the American embassy building to find Sam, son of Mr.Phil, greeted and escorted to his father's office.


- Jodie-san!!! What is she doing here!! - Camel's fingers quickly tapped to call Shuichi.
- What happened, Camel?
- Akai-san, I saw Jodie-san entering the embassy building, and Mr.Phil's son Sam was greeting her. Did you...
- What are you saying?!! -Shuichi shouted in a sharp tone and then turned his eyes to Robin - That reckless gone there!
- What?!! Let me call her and try to stop her! - Robin groaned, trying to call Jodie.
— Camel, be behind her and watch the situation and intervene if necessary
- W.. well, Akai-san.


In Mr.Phil's office, after he finished receiving Jodie and her sitting on the leather mattress opposite his desk, the owner was sitting behind him.
- How would you like us to honor you, Miss Jodie?
- I think, dear Sam, two cups of coffee for us would be a great addition to our conversation - answered Jodie in a diplomatic tone.
- as you like - Sam said while he leaving the office.
- What was the urgent matter you wanted to meet me for Agent Jodie - Phil started their conversation with this question.
- Bad things have happened to some of our mission personnel, you know. Some have been killed by a member of the organization which hunting for twenty years by the FBI.
- Yes, I have heard of this unfortunate event.
- Of course, you heard about him, although we kept it a secret, as a spy funded by them your Knowledge is not strange.
- What do you mean, Agent Jodie. - Phil with a nervous tone.
- After my encrypted message, which I made it reveal readily for the organization, deliberately to throw a bait for one of the spies, after observing the progress of my movements, my investigations suddenly encountered some names, the most prominent of which was your name, and suddenly.
- They must have played with the information to mislead you about the main goal, Agent Jodie. They are skilled at misleading the facts as you know.
- No one plays like you, Mr. Phil. Now tell me, what is Rum's identity? What are the goals of this organization that my father approached and it was the cause of his death? speak now! - Jodie with an angry tone
Phil's hand slips lightly to his desk drawer, and Jodie's phone suddenly rings to look at the name on it and decide to answer it.

- Sorry I have to answer, my brother is calling- Jodie answered the call and put the phone to her ear- Yes, Robin?
- Jodie! What are you doing in that place? - Robin with a worried tone.
- Was telling us that difficult? - Shuichi with an angry tone.
- What do you mean by that place? - Jodie in a cautious tone, her hand slipping into her purse
- Don't play dumb! We know where you are now, get out of there now! - Shuichi's and his anger is getting bigger
- Okay, I'll finish my work and go out. - Jodie in calm tome
- What job are you talking about?! Jodie Get out now before disaster strikes - Robin warning.

Meticulously observing her as an FBI agent. Jodie was able to stop Phil from taking his gun from his desk drawer by aiming her gun faster than him, causing him to raise his hands as a sign of his surrender.
- Now we have in hand a man named Charles, serving a member of an alcoholic named called Shuco who works under the order of the second member Rum. Mr. Phil-Judy was telling me about this in a confident tone, aimed his weapon at Phil.
- For James's sake, I won't do anything to you, get out of here now then I'll guarantee your life - Phil in warning tone.
- Jodie! don't make me crazy! Get out of there right now - Shuichi yelled angrily.
- Well, Robin, as you wish.


The sound of a gunshot interrupted the conversation in the middle, followed by the door opening.

- DAAD!! - Sam with a surprised tone after entering the room while Camel aiming a gun on his head.
- JODIE!! ARE YOU OKAY? JODIE!!! - Robin and Shuichi in a trembling tone.

- I'm fine, Mr.Phil has committed suicide - Jodie put down the phone to speak to Camel - What are you doing here, Camel?
- Judy-san. What have you done! - Camel, in a worried, admonishing tone
- Robin, I'll hang up. I'll meet you at home - Jodie quickly hung up.

After she hung up the phone, Robin furiously threw the phone against the wall, and Shuichi whispered some curses.

- If you don't want to die with a shot from Camel, then tell that member Shuco, to confront me with his true identity - Jodie with a confident tone as she confidently walked out of the office while Camel following her to protect her.