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Meeting the new Neighbors

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"Come on Dolly, it's time to meet the new neighbors!"


Ugh. Why does he have to call me now? It's still in the morning and I was just playing tag with some of the pups. I even got Da Vinci to play with us which wasn't easy but now she seems to enjoy it a lot. So that's a win for me.


"Why do we even have to meet them in the first place?" I asked while sliding down the railing. "Well first of all because it's just the kind thing to do. And secondly, since mom and dad are at work most of the time we will probably be the ones who will most often interact with them so we should start off on good footing."


This was a point. Mom and Dad were away for most of the day so all the work in the house came down to me and Dylan. Well mostly Dylan. My job was to make sure that all the pups have a good time and play games with them. At least this is my view on the matter. Dylan disagreed with my view and I agreed to disagree with him. It is a pretty good system.


We went outside. The New Neighbors moved in only a few houses away from us so at least we didn't have to walk far before we saw them. They were still moving in boxes from the haul truck. They also looked like they didn't have a pet. This wasn't too uncommon in London but it wasn't exactly common either. Some Animals have one and some don't. To be honest I'm still not sure if Constantin has one.


There were two  Dogs, a bigger one who was busy moving boxes and seemed to be the mother and a  smaller girl who seemed to be bored. I should probably tell what breed they are but honestly I have no idea. I'm sure Dylan already knows it but I was never really good with this stuff. Sure I know the obvious ones, like I could probably tell what a dalmatian looks like even if I weren't part of a family that includes 101 of them and I know some other breeds as well. But I never really cared about this kind of things.


At this moment the girl seemed to notice us and she immediately took the chance to stop helping her mother with the boxes and started walking toward us. I still have no idea what Breed she is but she was about the same size as me. Her fur was two different shades of cream with a darker, more brownish tone covering most of her body except for a white stripe that started under her chin and went down from there covering most of her bottom side and the lower half of her legs.


Unfortunately I wasn't the only one who noticed her looks. "She is kinda nice looking. Don't you think so sis?" "Mhmm" was my only answer while I was busy rolling my eyes. Not that Dylan was wrong - She was a pretty nice looking girl. It's just I know exactly why he said that. For reasons I will probably never understand, Dylan has a certain type when it came to girls and this type was the kind that meant trouble. Best example: Portia. How anyone could be friends with the goth poodle yet alone have a crush on her is beyond me. Yet my brother managed to do so. Even after they technically got together and it went absolutely horrible, he still looks at her with those eyes that make me want to vomit.


Sure sometimes he has luck like during our Cornwall vacation when we met Summer who actually was pretty nice, but most of the time Dylan has the habit of getting himself involved with troublemakers and one look at the cream colored canine in front of us made it clear to me that she was a troublemaker.


Or though I'm not quite sure what exactly gives me this feeling. Maybe it's hur coat? It doesn't look like it's been taken much care of. Not that I mind. I'm no Tripple-D. Usually the only time I'm taking care of my coat is during Bath-day once a week and even then I'm mostly just doing it to get the pups in the bathtub. Some of them act around the bathwater like little kittens and I'm not just talking about Deepak.


But then again my fur is pretty short, hers has more of a medium length making its uncombed nature much more apparent... And yet I can't say it looks bad. Even though her coat looks like it hasn't been combed once in her life it doesn't look messy or dirty or anything like that. If I had to describe it with one word I would probably say it looks wild or maybe even untamed . Never thought I would describe another girl's coat as untamed but here we are.


No it isn't the coat I concluded. Maybe it is her piercing. Or rather the fact that she has a piercing. It is a small, golden looking ring attached to her left ear. She can't be much older than me and Dylan so the fact that her parents would even allow her to have a piercing is wild to me or maybe she didn't even ask for permission in the first place. I need to ask her about it when I get the chance.


By now we almost met each other. Dylan has moved a few feet ahead of me probably to introduce himself first and try his chances and now that we are so close I can actually tell why I knew from the first moment that the girl ahead of us meant trouble. It's that smirk that is plastered all over her face.


Oh I know this smirk. I know it all too well. It's the same smirk I have when I'm with Fergus and we successfully snatched some food from the humans. It's the smirk I have when I successfully sneaked out and back into the house late at night to go to a party. And it's the same smirk I have when Dylan tells me to do our (technically my) chores so I shout a trigger word and let the problem be washed away by a wave of puppies. Yep, I know this smirk because I wear it all the time.


What? Just because I don't like my brother dating troublemakers doesn't mean I have something against them. I am very much a troublemaker myself and that's why I know this isn't the right type of girl for Dylan. Still something about the dog in front of us fascinates me. I'm not sure why but I can't stop looking at her. Maybe we could become friends.


I forced my thoughts back to reality since it was now time for the introduction. Obviously Dylan starts first. "Hello you must be our new Neighbor. My name is Dylan and..." The girl walked past him not even acknowledging his presence. I would have laughed at the sight if it weren't for the fact that in the very next moment this girl was in front of me, her muzzle just an inch or two away from mine, her eyes staring right at me.


"Hey. I'm Ash. What's your name?" She still had that smirk. "Uh… eh.. D- Dolly." I stuttered. Why did I stutter? "Dolly" She rolled the name over her tongue as if she was trying to taste its flavor. "I like it." "Y- You do?" For some reason I can't stop stuttering.


"Yep. So I guess you live somewhere here." Was this a question? Am I supposed to answer it? She is just staring at me. Wait. I'm just staring at her. Quick Dolly say something.


"Uhm... Yeah... I live here, I mean not right here as in on this boardwalk, I'm not a stray, I live in a house, on this street, Dalmatian Street, which is the name of this street, but you probably already knew that, since you live here now too, but obviously in a different house, because it would be weird if we lived together and... " realizing I need air I took a deep breath before continuing. "101. I live at 101 Dalmatian street." 


Nailed it.


"Sweet. A Dalmatian living on Dalmatian street that's kind of funny." She replied and I couldn't help but giggle "Hehe... Yeah.. I know, right? Cause I'm a dalmatian hehe.. And this is dalmatian street.. Hehehe..." To be honest I've heard this joke about a thousand times by now but it still was funny when she mentioned it so I can't help but giggle like a little schoolgirl. Not that I ever went to school but you get the idea.


Suddenly she moved even closer with her muzzle almost touching mine. "So..." She started while I was feeling the blood rushing towards my head. "I noticed you look rather fit for your age. Are you working out?"


"I.. Uhm.." Did she just compliment how I look? I'm pretty certain that by now there was no more blood left in my body. Instead, all of it fled to my face which is burning unbearably hot right now. Wait, she did just ask me a question didn't she? Come on Brain I know we don't always get along but I need your help right now.


"N- No.. I don't work out.. I.. Uh... I'm just.. athletic, you know? Like I... Uh... I skateboard a lot and then th- there is parkouring which I-"


"Oh you parkour? I love parkouring." Her voice was so soft yet so determined like she seems to know exactly what she wants. "You.. You do?" was all I managed to respond.


Crap. What a stupid question was this? Not only did she just say that but also, I mean, just look at her! Even though her fur is relatively long you can still clearly see the muscles underneath it. I bet she could win a Tug of war against Hanzel with one paw behind her back. I mean this girl lifts, that's for certain! Now that I think about it didn't she mention something about me working out? I never thought about it but maybe I should if the results look this good!


"Yeah it's like my favorite pastime. Of course since I'm new here I don't really know where to go. Maybe you could help me a bit. Show me the best spots and stuff?" Her voice was now deeper and quieter. Like she was inviting me to some secret location. Wait a minute. Did she just ask me out on a date?


Her smirk has grown a lot wider. She can probably see me blushing under my white fur. Why do I have to be a dalmatian? Couldn't I've been born as a black Labrador or something? Now that I think about it, I would probably give away my skateboard right now if I could just trade my coat with Dante. At least then she couldn't spot the pinkish red that by now was clearly covering my entire face.


Ok. Play it cool. Just breathe and answer. "I- I- I-..." JUST ANSWER! "YES! I would love to show you around!"


Ash chuckled a bit. "Nice. How about I come later to your place and then you can show me the area. Maybe a bit of parkouring. A bit of chatting. You know? Girls Stuff."


"I love girls Stuff."


She chuckled again. "I'm sure you do." She gave me a wink before turning around. "So I'll get you at 5?" All I could do was to nod in response.


"Great. So it's a date." she gave me another wink over her shoulder before walking away. "We'll see you then. Bye Dalyn."


"It's actually Dyl.... And she's gone." Dylan then walked up to me. I completely forgot that he was even here in the first place. "Uhm.. What was that?"


I blink at him in confusion. What was that? Wait. What was that? I needed a few more seconds before it finally hit me. Immediately I grab Dylan at his collar and tear him with me while running towards our house.


"Ow.. Dolly this hurts. Can you calm down? Also we still haven't talked to the other-..."


"No time for that! I need you to prepare one of your special bubble baths for me!"


"But I thought you hated the smell of them?"


"I do. But maybe she won't!" Yes I need a bath and then I could maybe ask Tripple-D for help with my makeup. I think they have a gig today, but this is important! There is so much to do and I need to look perfect for later cause I got a date with a hot girl!