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Sharon lets out a shaky breath and lets herself go limp against the wall again.

She's been in this position for the past twenty minutes. Her arms are secured in thick cuffs, pinned to the wall, making her stretch to keep her posture. She rests her weight on her knees, trying and failing to ignore the wet mess on her trembling thighs.

There's a wand taped to her thigh, just high enough that she has to go stiff and move forcefully for it to stop vibrating against her clit. It's tiring, and so fucking uncomfortable, and Nat took that work call twenty minutes ago and still hasn't returned.

Sharon isn't sure if it's the edging that's killing her, or the impatience. To have that constant stimulant and a direct order not to come, it's hell, and she moans weekly as another orgams starts building up, her hips thrusting down automatically.

She stretches again, her entire weight supported by the cuffs, but the wand is finally vibrating against her thigh again. It feels like her brain has turned off and she barely registers the door to their bedroom opening again.

"-yeah, we'll be there. Saturday at twelve, right?"

Sharon turns her head and yelps when the vibrator brushes against her clit with the movement.

"Sorry, Sharon hit her foot on a shelf."

"Fuck off." She replies weekly and hangs her head down, falling back into the comfortable position.

"Bucky says "hi", by the way." Nat informs her, and sits down on the bed. The call is still on and she's still in a simple bra and underwear only, having picked up the call seconds after she got Sharon strapped in.

She cups Sharon's ass, pushing her to fall down closer to the wall, stretching her back even more. And Sharon would complain if she wasn't busy biting her lip, trying not to scream as the wand dug into her, overstimulating her clit.

"Yeah, I gotta go, James. See you."

She finally hangs up and puts the phone on the night table, her other hand still pushing Sharon's ass down, ignoring her cries.

"You're so dramatic. You should be glad I didn't stick anything up your cunt as well."

She takes the pause and retracts her hand, just to slap her ass and make her yelp and pull away from the sting.

"Am I supposed to be proud? That you didn't come?" She gingerly brushes Sharon's hair out of her face and cups her cheek "That you fulfilled the one task given to you?"

Nat smiles and moves back, taking something from their shelf. She doesn't show it, doesn't even stop for a second before Sharon feels two fingers entering her forcefully and spreading her wetness around.

Not like it could be spread any further with the way she's been dripping all over her thighs.

"You can take more. You're such a slut, it won't even feel like a stretch."

She replaces her fingers with a thick vibrator and Sharon sobs as it enters her, stretching her impossibly. It's base deep in her in seconds and she whines and clenches around it, shaking all over.

And that's before Nat turns it on.

She doesn't think she's ever cried as hard while having sex. Not even with Nat. But she's sobbing, tears streaming down her face, throat hoarse and knees aching. She can't support her own weight anymore, she's hanging by the wall and letting Natasha watch.

"You're so fucking pretty like this. So fucked out." Her voice is low and her hand travels from Sharon's thighs to her hips and spine, stroking her skin gently. Then she reaches back down again, gently pushing the vibrator deeper into her pussy, finger ghosting around it.

"I wish I could fuck you like this." She murmurs and Sharon sobs, shaking her head.

"Nat-" Her breaths are shaky and fast, lip quivering "Fuck me, god, just fuck me already, please."

"Under one condition. You have to come like this first."

Sharon just huffs and buries her head in the covers, muscles burning from exertion. She hisses when Nat reaches and adjusts the wand so that it sits perfectly on her clit and holds her hips steadily as they buckle. Her free hand holds the toy deep inside her and she swiftly turns up the settings, ignoring Sharon's cries.

"You come like this, you get fucked and you can rest, or you don't come at all."

"Please- just- Nat, please."

Her pleading sounds more like crying and she whines, a long, throaty sound as her clit keeps getting stimulated. She can't just stretch to elevate the pressure, all she can do is take it while a vibrator rearranges her insides.

She might be mumbling at this point, she doesn't even know. The sharp pleasure is nearly blinding and she thrusts her hips against Nat's hands lazily, already becoming a brain-dead mess.

And then it hits.

She can feel it building up from a mile away, but when it finally hits she's paralyzed with a scream in her throat, her hips buckling against her will, body shaking and overstimulated, because the wand is still going, it's still vibrating directly on her clit as she comes, painful shocks coursing through her body. Nat manhandles her into her lap and grabs the toy by the base and begins fucking her through it, the sensations too much for her to handle. She thinks she may be actually yelling by the time it subdues enough for her to think, but she can't even get her head off the pillow.

Natasha doesn't turn anything off. She leaves her with both toys working and gets up, opens their closet. Sharon can hear the rustling and the metal fastenings.

She's about to get fucked, again.

She doesn't say anything to make her stop as she turns her around, cuffs digging into the swollen skin. She's forced onto her knees and back against the wall, facing Nat. She's already wearing the strap, their bigger, slightly curved one. The one Sharon loved getting fucked with the most.

Nat slowly helps her raise her knee and turn her leg so she can have full access to her ruined body. She reaches for the vibrator and takes it out, quickly, and Sharon gasps from the sudden feeling. Nat wastes no time in tearing the tape from her bare thigh, a red imprint left behind it, and taking the wand into her own hand. She focuses on her dick and directs it slowly, with focus.

It's bigger than the vibe. It's way bigger and Sharon shudders, gasps and pulls against the cuffs as she's filled out again, pathetic sounds escaping her mouth without her permission. Nat places the wand between them, right at Sharon's clit, again. And then she retracts, the dildo nearly leaving Sharon's pussy, just to thrust in, ball's deep, the impact making Sharon's back hit the wall.

And then she keeps doing it. She keeps fucking her, hips moving with force and speed, chasing Sharon's sobs and moans. Nat places her hand on her hip to stop her from falling down, fucked out, eyes rolling into the back of her head. Then she stops, presses in close and reaches up. She uncuffs her, letting Sharon fall down on her, on her dick. And she throws her back on the mattress like a limp doll.

Gravity does most of the work as her dick plunges into her, wand forgotten, still on next to them. Sharon can't even move as Nat fucks her, never stopping to catch a break. It goes on and on, she ruins Sharon without breaking a sweat and smirks at her every moan.

It feels like it takes two hours for her to finally come again, on Nat's strap. She fucks her through it, deep, fast strokes as Sharon shakes and cries, begging her to fuck her. Once the dam is broken it just doesn't stop coming and it's an eternity before the pounding actually is too much, her body spasming with every thrust, and it hurts, and Nat stops. Sharon can't even look around with intent, utterly destroyed.

She'll be walking funny for another week.

Nat pulls out slowly, stopping whenever Sharon whimpers, until she's finally out. She throws the strap somewhere and gets off the bed, probably to get a wet cloth. Sharon just lays there, unable to move, until she feels something warm on her thighs. Nat cleans her up with practiced ease, stroking her hair whenever she gets a chance and peppering kisses on her hands and hips every minute. She's finally done minutes later and helps Sharon get up so she can drink some water. She lets her rest, covers her in their favorite blanket, and lays down next to her, soft smile on her face.

"I love you."

Sharon sighs happily and nods, already falling asleep. She knows Nat will get it. She knows Nat will never doubt just how much she loves her back.