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The Flowers of one twisted Wonderland

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Two children with bloody red eyes walked through twisted wonderland around, calling the names of the people they knew and their parents around. They always told themselves, that they shouldn’t stop to hope for a miracle, but when would they finally find a that mentioned miracle?

That was a thought, that one of them - the oldest twin to be specific -, had until he tripped over something big. Landing face first on the grassy ground, the boy shocked his twin sister.

Rather running to her brother, the young girl looked down to see a familiar figure sleeping there. “Silver!” She shouted out the name of the sleeping diasomnia student. “But why does big brother Silver sleeps here? And why is he so young?” Asked her twin brother, while they loomed over the silverhead, watching him dreaming about who knows what. But then Silver’s face changed. It looked grumpy and he made a horrified face. “Maybe he dreams about dad’s food….”

Playing with the thought to wake up the human man or not, they argued back and forth. Many words fell and a few silly insults, which was pretty normal for the siblings. “What are you kids doing here?” Their conversation got immediately interrupted by a soft voice. As their red eyes met Silver’s purple eyes, they apologized faster than light. “Sorry big bro, but we just don’t know what to do and where mom and dad are!” Confusion masked the often sleepy second year student, as he listened carefully to the words the children uttered out. “And who precisely are your parents?”

Upon the answer of that one question, purple eyes widen in shock. He surely knew that there was a spark between those two, but he never had guessed, that you and Lilia really became a couple and parents of children! “H-How many children do they have?” He asked, not knowing if it was alright to know details about your future or not, but he just had to know it. “Mh… There is Aurel, Cyrillus, Hersilia, me… and you. That makes us five.” Lucianus, the twin of Hersilia counted all Vanrouge children, even though Silver was just raised by Lilia, but the blood children of the fae always wanted to have a great big brother and knight, so they called Silver their big bro.

“Dad told us to not play with that really big spell, but we wanted to try it out and boof… Now we are here.” – “It was Silia’s fault, not mine. I just wanted to eat some breakfast until you dragged me out!” – “Oh no! I saved you from dad’s cooking. Mom had no time to cook, because she prepared Aurel’s suitcase!” Bickering at each other like mad puppy’s would do, Silver picket them up from the ground, walking the path to the Diasomnia dorm. Maybe Lilia would know what to do, after all those two loud half-faes were his children! And you surely do not know anything about magic, so Silver had no choice to go to the old man, who had raised him like a great fae dad would do.

After their arrival, Silver put the now silent children back to the ground. Their red eyes glanced around, full of hope that they might catch something familiar in their eyes until the three children heard panicked footsteps, rushing around the dorm. “Please, have mercy! I don’t want to eat that!” The children began to laugh at the greenhead, that fled from the kitchen. Their bloodred eyes shifted to purple as their nodded their heads, agreeing nonvocal that the kitchen was the place the famous old fae had been in.

“Mh… Why doesn’t anybody like my food? I think it tastes great. Even dear (y/n) eats it.” There stood Lilia. He wore an apron with the words “Kiss the great fae” written on it and his sleeves raised, so they won’t get dirty. Wondering why all of the Diasomnia and even other students fled from his cooking, he ignored wandering three people that walked through the kitchen door. “Maybe it’s because mommy loves you and wants you to be happy.” Silia giggled at her dad’s thoughts, before she let her hand fall that used to hold Silver’s during their arrival at the dorm halls. Raising in confusion an eyebrow, Lilia took a glance over his shoulder to see sweet children. Both had pointy ears, bloody red eyes and a smile that looked just like yours! Even their hair seemed to remember him of you. “Let me guess… That mommy of yours is my wife?” Asked the oldest fae the children. “Yes. Mommy loves you sooo much. Even more than she would ever love to help her friends.” – “Well, that cat is a troublemaker.” Sighed her twin brother, who shrugged with his shoulders, ignoring the fact that both children were troublemakers too, like their uncle Grim.

Realizing by the mention of a trouble making cat, Lilia knew that they meant you. The nicest one in whole twisted wonderland. The only magicless student of NRC. “And why are my future children here in the past?”

In the meantime, the Ramshackle dorm boomed and nearly burned into ashes, as screams filled the once silent peace. “What are you talking about, MH!?” Screamed Grim loudly, nearly scratching the teenager’s face off, who sighed at the mad cat. “Just calm down and let me explain to you it again.”

Holding your trouble making friend in your tight embrace, you sat down on the couch, listening to the half-fae, you used him to be. “I am Aurel Vanrouge. Lilia’s and your child from the future. One of four children. In my timeline, you helped me to pack my suitcase, because I will start my first year at NRC next week, while dad was cooking some crap at the kitchen. But my youngest siblings, Silia and Luci tried to use a spell, blah blah blah and they accidently hit me with it and also themselves. They ended up who knows where and I landed on you, mom. Sorry again.” The (h/c) teenager yawned into his fist, as he leaned against the arm of the couch, explaining everything that happened and answered every question you might had. “So, wait… Bad cooking?” Grim asked perplexed, wondering who you might have married. It might be Ace but his cooking wasn’t that bad, right? “The only person who really cooks bad is Lilia, Grim. Not to forget that uhm… Aurel mentioned his last name. Vanrouge. So, I assume that I will marry Lilia…?” Nodding with his head, he fell asleep, like the friend of yours that you cared a lot for. They were truly like siblings.

Deciding to visit the old fae, you harbored a crush, you hear a few screams and words of fear for the cooking and food that the mentioned fae had prepared for. “Yeah, the old man is defiantly cooking. You really wanna go in there, mom?” Asked your oldest son, as he shoved his hands into his pockets, staring at you. With a small nod, you walked in there, knowing that at least one nice person had to eat the food your beloved crush made in the chaotic kitchen. “Silia, Luci. There you are.” Aurel smiled at his younger siblings, who ran to their brother, wrapping their arms around his torso like their lives depends on it. Giggling at how cute those children were, you sat down on one of the chairs, taking a bite from Lilia’s cooking, while the bat-like fae pouted at his future children and Silver. “My cooking isn’t bad. See? (Y/N) is eating it too.”

Hours had passed after the not-so-tasty-dinner and the Vanrouge family were seated at Lilia’s room, as he prepared a spell to bring those red eyed children back to their time, far away from here and their not-yet-parents as you sat patiently on Lilia’s bed. A smile graced your lips as you watched him work. He truly knows what to do and that’s what the pouting Grim knew too. He was the one who wanted to help the children, for he thought of himself as the greatest magic user of all time, but of course it was the oldest student here. “Sorry, Grim.” You chuckled and patted the grey cat’s head happily.

The room shook. Furniture moved around, as you held Grim to your chest and the kids next to their father, held their hands as fear masked their faces. Only Silver’s soft snores were listened until a loud green fire blazed the dark room over their heads. A gasp left many mouths, while Lilia smirked at all of them. “Well, it is time for you to go back. I’m sure that you missed my cooking. You didn’t eat anything, but it’s time to eat it at least in your time, so you three can get big and strong.” Gulping at the idea of eating their father’s food, they waved at the four of you, walking through the flame like portal that had opened for them. Step after step, they went through, leaving you alone.

“So, my lady. Do you want to go on our second date?” Lilia smiled at you, after the portal ceased to exist. “Second? What about the first date?” You asked him, trying to hide the dusted red cheeks, while you shoved your face into Grim’s body, who tried to flee your embrace. “But we already had our first date. That was the first picnic I prepared for you. After that one, you didn’t visit any class for a week…” Which was probably due the food poisoning you had gained after you devoured his food. “Then let us go, my dear.” Placing Grim on Silver’s stomach, you walked out of the room, hand in hand with Lilia, ignoring Grim who yelled at you for forgetting him.

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 Riddle Rosehearts

🌹 Riddle walked through every corridor, just to find you. You were sitting on the ground, staring at your hands. Your face showed one emotion, which let Riddle’s eyes raise up. Sadness. But why?

🌹 So Riddle would sit next to you, hold you in his arms and ask why you’re so upset and when you don’t want to talk about the reason that made you so depressed. He will just stay there and try to cheer you up by talking about some stories that happened in Heartslabyul, while you were gone.

🌹 When you tell him, that you don’t feel so good about your look, then he will gasped at you. Your looks? What’s not good at it? You are wonderful, sweet and great looking and that is what Riddle will tell you, while he will try to hide his rose-red dusted cheeks by shoving your head on his shoulder and holding it there, so you can’t look up.

🌹 If somebody made you upset by insulting you, he will immediately find that student and it will be off with his head! No body should ever make you that sad!


Leona Kingscholar

🦁 Leona is not one who would run around to try to find you, when he can’t see you for a couple of hours. He would take a nap at the botanical garden until he will either hear you or hear another student talking about you. Why were you sad though?

🦁 Leone would stroll to you, put his head on your shoulder and give you a one-armed hug. “Tell me. Why the long face?” He would ask you. Hopefully nobody made you that upset, or else he will hurt that student…

🦁 When you don’t want to talk about it, he will just continue to cuddle with you. After a hour passed by, he would pick you up, bringing you to his room and fall asleep on his comfy bed, never letting you go away from his tight embrace. Hopefully you will understand, that you will always have the lion by your side. Even if you don’t want to talk about your problems.

🦁 If you tell him, it’s because of your body figure, he will remind you why he fell for you, which is why you should never think about that silly reason ever again. You are perfect, just the way you are and there is nothing that can change his mind and if you don’t want to believe him, then he will find a way so you will… By giving you small little marks on your neck, so you will finally forget about that silly thought of yours.


Azul Ashengrotto

🐙 The cecaelia is quite busy with the Monstro Lounge. But when he calls you, to ask you if you wanted to come, he stared at his phone. You weren’t picking up your phone? That’s weird. Usually, you would pick up immediately to talk to your boyfriend, but this time you didn’t. Something was wrong and Azul had to know the reason, which is why he tried to find you.

🐙 With the help of the tweels, he found you fast. You were sitting on the ground next to a tree at school, staring upset at the cloudless blue sky. Slowly and quietly, Azul walks to you, patting your head, before he leans down to glance at your eyes. “What is wrong, my dear?” He asks you.

🐙 His eyes used to not only look turquoise-blue but also full of happiness, when Azul’s eyes meet yours, but this time, they showed you the same feeling that you felt right now. Depressed. Downhearted or maybe even miserable. But that didn’t hinder the cecaelia to swing his arms around you, pulling you into a tight embrace. He doesn’t want to persuade into talking, but if you feel like it, then he will always be there for you.

🐙 You were always there for the young student and this time; he will be there for you. With you in his arms, he might get the answer to his question and when he listened to every word that uttered out of you, he shook his head. Giving you a small kiss on your forehead with blushy red cheeks, Azul tells you how beautiful you truly were. He knows your feelings better than anybody in twisted wonderland, because he used to feel like this too. Thanks to you, his feelings changed and now yours might do it too, if Azul will not leave your side and try to cheer you up. He just wants to see that sweet smile of yours again.


Floyd Leech

🦈 “Where is my sweet shrimpy?~” Asked Floyd around. “Where are you hiding, shrimpy-chaaan?” Every student knew to not bother Floyd whenever he tried to search you. It never ended good of them with his desperate search to find his beloved s/o. But luck was on the Leech’s side and he found you finally near the botanical garden. Good thing that Leona wasn’t here, or else he would get annoyed by the eel.

🦈 Running into your direction, Floyd jumped up, making you two fall onto the hard dirty ground. “Shrimpyyy! I finally found you! Why are you hiding from me?” He grumpily asked you, not letting you go until you finally answered his question.

🦈 But Floyd couldn’t hear any word. Not even you trying to nag at him for not letting you take a breath, whenever he squeezed you. That only meant that you were sad… With a bright smirk on his lips, Floyd continued with his hug, maybe then you might talk about your problem, but until then, he will not leave you, patting you sometimes on the head and giving you sloppy wet kisses on your face. He was to 100% sure, that you will smile again and this time it will be him, making you laugh and not the other way around!

🦈 But then you stammered about your silly problem, making the eel cackle. “That’s what your worrying about? Silly shrimpy!~ I love that about you! It makes squeezing you better! And you are so comfy!~ Now let’s go, I want to play!” He loves you, just the way you are and hopefully you wouldn’t get sad about your thought ever again! Or else expect lots of squeezes and tight bear eel hugs!


Rook Hunt

🏹 Rook was a wonderful hunter. He had no reason to find you like the others, no. He already knew where you are, because he stalked saw you walking around, trying to find a quiet place after your lessons.

🏹 Not only his eyesight and ears were better than anybody else’s, but also his intelligence was higher than some others. He can read you like an open book. The hunter always knew what was on your mind, which is why he pulled out several papers, he had shoved into his pockets out, before he walked to you.

🏹 When he sat himself next to you, the blonde read every poem he wrote about you. It was about your sweet personality, your beautiful look and how dear you were to him. You had no reason to tell him about your sadness or why you felt not good, because he doesn’t care.

🏹 If you tell him the reason or not, he will never change and always tells you, like on every other day, that you are the best and most beautiful person he knows. Sorry Vil, but Rook will always find you much more appearing than the dorm leader. “Give me that magnifique smile of yours, my dear. I want to see it again, my beloved.”

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🌹🦁🐙🐍⚡️ This guys will totally be annoyed by you.

You are loud and making too many problems. Just a chaotic person in a twisted dark world full of magic. What could get wrong? Too much! They always have to either fix your problems, while you hang around with your friends or are annoyed by you and try to avoid you. Not like Idia would, but just like… Walk away, whenever they smell trouble.

Riddle would get angry, Leona will hunt you down like a hungry lion, Azul would try to hex the door so you can’t walk into the Monstro Lounge, Sebek will hate you for you spending your time with the young master and Jamil will be annoyed to have another Kalim 2.0 in the school.

♥️♠️🦈🎉🏹🤺 🐾 Your friends and the only ones who would hang around with you.

You will have a lot of fun with them. Ace, Floyd and Grim will play pranks with you, while they will drag Deuce and Yuuken into it. Kalim is an energetic goodball, just like you and want to party around with you, which will be pretty funny for you two. And clownfish (Floyd’s nickname for you) and Rook will stalk Savanaclaw students and even make your own traps.

♦️🍩👑🗡️ They will tolerate you. Talk to you, but you guys just don’t have so much in common, which is why they won’t interact with you a lot.

Silver is too busy with sleeping around and if you would wake him up, he will just sleep somewhere else. Ruggie is too busy with his work, while Cater will be often on his phone or make some photos of you and him and post them with many hashstags like #chaos, #playingprankonriddle, #riddleisgettingmad, #wearerunningawayfromriddle, #adeuceintrouble, #(y/n)andcay-kun. Vil on the other hand will tolerate you as long as our baby potato is alright and not in any harm.

☘️🐬 They know how to handle you.

Because of his twin, Jade knows how to handle you. You aren’t as problematic as people say. You are just, well… You! Always making problems for others and have a lot of fun, which is why Jade knows how to fix any problem, helping Azul out while he stresses around. Trey has to do so many things and whenever you are there, doing who knows what with your friends, Trey will sigh but help you nonetheless. He tries to calm your energetic self down with some pastries, which is why he bakes more than usual!

🐺🍎💪🏼 Thanks to your agility and all, you are they perfect training partner.

Ashton would probably loves to run and train with you, but will ignore you whenever you talked about somebody else and not about him. Epel wants to get manlier and when he saw you and Jack train together, he tries to learn a lot from you, which results in him being involved in your shenanigans.

🎮🤖 They will avoid you, at least Idia is.

When the Shroud siblings heard of you, Ortho wanted to meet you, so you could be his big brother’s friend, but Idia is too shy. The introvert just doesn’t want to meet one of the biggest extroverts of the school. So, if you really want to meet Idia, you have to bomb his door down and drag him out of the dark room, or else, you will never meet the sweet shy boy.

🐉 🦇 This two will watch you, because you are so different than all the other humans in the school. So chaotic, optimistic, funny. Just… different.

🖤 🐕 🐈 They don’t like it if you’re around a few students, because it gets too chaotic and loud during the lessons and just in general. You can often see them rub their forehead or sigh, whenever you and your friends did something bad… “(Y/N), please, sit down and stop throwing Grim around like a ball.” – “HENCHMAN! LET ME DOWN OR ELSE I WILL BURN YOU!”

🔮 Sam will smile and tries to joke around with you. He will be super happy when you buy some of his mysterious wares and will try to persuade you more and more.

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🍩 You don’t look like it, but you are stronger than you look like. Even stronger than any Savanaclaw student!

🍩 At first, people laughed at you for being so cute, small and adorable, but then they did something they regrated later on. They annoyed Ruggie… And hell no, you won’t let them annoy your boyfriend!

🍩 So you walked to them and BAM! Punched them faster than lightning and stronger than any lion could be, into their faces.

🍩 This surprised the hyaena, like wtf were you always that strong?

🍩 Ruggie knows now, that he shouldn’t be on your bad side… But thankfully, your love for him was so strong, that you would never hurt your hardworking boyfriend!

🍩 This incident happened a few times, because some students tend to do stupid things or they wanted to challenge you. You would never hurt a fly, which is why they tried to bully Ruggie so the students could fight you.

🍩 All of them lost.

🍩 Ruggie tried to figure out why you would always fight them, but couldn’t find the clue until he finally asked you, after you two bought some doughnuts for your hungry beloved boyfriend.

🍩 Munching on a sweet doughnut, you smiled at him cheerfully. “Because I love you, silly.” You chuckled as Ruggie’s lips formed into a grin, trying to hide his dusted red cheeks while he ate his favorite food.

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 Azul Ashengrotto

🐙 Azul was so depressed, just like in his past, when all the mermaids have bullied him. Why did you go back? Sure, he kind of understood it, because you wanted to go back to your family, but you were willing to leave him alone again? After everything you two went through?

🐙 The cecaelian will try to work as much as possible, so he will not think about the one person he fell in love with.

🐙 Sometimes he wonders if you every think about the octavinelle dorm leader as much as he thought of you.

🐙 “Hey, we have a surprise for you!” Azul heard the voice of Floyd behind him, while the silver-blueish haired student continued to write some numbers on a paper, which had in every corner a small drawing of you on it. It was very bad, but Azul couldn’t forget you and even refused it. “I’m busy.” He said, not looking away from the paper.

🐙 “Really? Should I come back later?” His turquoise-eyes widen, as he jumped out of his seat, turning around to see the one he loved so much. It was you! But how was it possible?

🐙 Jumping into your arms, Azul tried to hold the tears of joy, so you won’t think of him as a crybaby, but man, was he happy to see you again.

🐙 “You’re back!” He marveled, not letting you away in fear, that you could disappear when he let you go.

🐙 “I’m back, my dear octopus and I won’t leave you ever again.” You chuckled, kissing his forehead.


Jade Leech

🐬 Just like Azul, Jade tried to overwork himself so he won’t think about the only person who made him truly smile.

🐬 Whenever he saw other students you have befriended, he will remember every story of your small adventures with them, that you told him. It will always make him smile in nostalgia.

🐬 His lips may show a smile, but the people who knew Jade can see the sadness in his yellowish eyes.

🐬 Sighing at the long day, the eel goes to the next table a random customer was sitting at and asked for their order.

🐬 Not looking away from the small notepad he has written every order on, Jade asked what they needed, just to hear a lovely voice he always wanted to hear since the day you left.

🐬 “Could I have two cups of tea? I would love to drink it with my dear boyfriend.”

🐬 Jade’s eyes moved up from the hand that held the pen tightly in his grasp. Shocked to see his beloved sitting in front of him, Jade’s lips changed to a smile.

🐬 “I have a few customers waiting for me, but I’m sure that Floyd can handle them. I will bring the tea, my dear.” Jade smiled, leaning down to give your lips a soft kiss.


Floyd Leech

🦈 “Do you think, (Y/N) would like it?” – “Hey, what do you think? What is (Y/N) in their world right now?” – “Goldfish, you are (y/n)’s friend, right? Do you think that they- Hey! Stop, I didn’t finish my question! Goldfish!~”

🦈 Floyd was one of the people who always talked about their beloved and even after you left, he couldn’t stop himself. He just missed you a lot.

🦈 Due to his sadness, his mood swings were very horrible! Many students tried to avoid the usually cheerful eel.

🦈 Even your friends, who had missed you, will be annoyed by the eel and try to not hear your name anymore…

🦈 Walking around the school, Floyd’s hands were deep in his pockets as his gaze moved around, often looking out of the window until his feet stopped. A familiar person stood there, waving with their arms and calling for the eel.

🦈 Students gasped as Floyd opened the window of the long hall to jump out and land perfectly on his feet just to wrap his arms around the figure he loved to embrace.

🦈 “SHRIMPYYYYY!” Laughing at the eel, you embraced him back, smiling.

🦈 “I missed you too!” – “You won’t leave, right?” – “Never. I missed you too much there.”

🦈 Three hours long, Floyd refused to stop squeezing you until he had one of his famous mood swings and wanted to play basketball as he dragged you with him, laughing cheerfully. “My shrimpy-chan is back!~”


Jamil Viper

🐍 Jamil was too busy with keeping an eye on Kalim, who again made an explosion in alchemy class, only to get scolded by Professor Crewel and the prince’s servant.

🐍 The only times the darkhaired teenager could relax was, if he spend his time with you, but now that you left the twisted magical world, he was all alone. Maybe not so alone, because he was running after Kalim, who again destroyed another pot in the kitchen.

🐍 “JAAAAMIL! I HAVE A SURPRISEEEE!~” A gasp left Jamil’s mouth as he thought about every possible thing that the rich boy could have done. Surprises were never good, when they were involved with the most cheerful person in the entire school.

🐍 A deep sigh came out from Jamil, who walked to Kalim’s room, hopeful that Kalim’s bed wasn’t destroyed again by the whitehaired boy jumping on it.

🐍 “What is it this time, Kalim?” His magical pen already in hand in case something could go wrong again, but Jamil’s small surprise was something good.

🐍 “Here is it!~” You jumped on the bed with Kalim, waving with your hands to greet your hardworking boyfriend. “(Y/N)!”

🐍 For the first time, Kalim’s surprise was truly something good.

🐍 Jamil ran as fast as possible to the bed, pulling you into a hug as you hugged him back. “Never leave me again, (y/n).” He uttered out, dragging you to his room so he could finally relax again.

🐍 “Never planned to do it again. I missed you too much, Jamil.”

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🎮 Idia is totally shy and a total noob when it comes to relationships. But thankfully he has you, the world greatest s/o!

🎮 He loves to spend his time with you, but unfortunately, he is a total mess! A blushing mess…

🎮 Like at the beginning, he would often blush, when you showed him affection and held his hand or even gave him a small kiss… Not only his face got pink, but also his flame-like hair!

🎮 But then, when he was too focused in one of his games, he couldn’t see you behind him and the mischievous grin you had on your lips. Out of the sudden, you picked him up bridal style and the tall Ignihyde dorm leader could be compared with the roses of the Heartslabyul garden that grew there!

🎮 He would stutter out your name and tried to get away from you, but you were too strong for the gamer! “P-P-Please, let me go!”

🎮 Secretly Idia enjoys it, because he loves your affection!

🎮 But when you did that in front of other students, Idia nearly fainting in your arms, like wth why are you carry him bridal style? It’s damn cute but embarrassing at the same time!

🎮 Whenever that happens, he will try to hide his deep red face with his large hands, but you always knew that your boyfriend would blush, thanks to his hair!~

🎮 “P-Please… Don’t stare at me….! I’m not red at all!!”

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Trey Clover

☘️ Trey is very calm and nice. He will make sure that you will feel comfortable around him and some NRC students, so you don’t have to hide or fight students because of your fear of males.

☘️ He will ask you if he may touch your shoulder and other bodyparts so you hopefully won’t scream or punch him.

☘️ If you sit around, trying to hide from many, Trey will come by with a sweet baked pastry for you. There is even a big heart on it! So cute! Want to eat it…

☘️ He will listen to you and will be curious of your fear. Even tries to help you with it, if you let him help you.


Jack Wolf

🐺 Jack might look like a big bad wolf, but he is a sweetheart! His tail wiggles around like crazy, when you hide behind him! He is so cute…

🐺 Totally denies the fact, that he thinks that you are cute and adorable, even when you are scared of males. Just seeing you hiding makes him blush, because he can protect you from now on!

🐺 “Do you want me to leave or should I stay by your side?” Whatever your answer is going to be, Jack will try to protect you, even if he has to stay far away from you. “Hands off of (y/n).” That even scares many students away, so he doesn’t have to defeat them…

🐺 Is someone bullying you, because of your fear? Don’t fear the sweet fluffy wolf for he will be there to protect you and punch every man and student in the face and guts for you!


Azul Ashengrotto

🐙 Cute octopus boy will understand you so much! Like… He has fears too! But he isn’t one to punch people… He will talk them into making contracts with the cecaelian.

🐙 Like the others he will help you with your fear. But rather of fighting them of, talk to them or making them fear either you or your boyfriend, he will let them disappear.

🐙 “Mh? No, sir. I don’t know where that student is. I didn’t saw him for a while. Thanks for visiting Monstro Lounge and have a great day. Thank you.”

🐙 “Hello, my dear. Are you alright? Is that a blue eye I see? Should I do something about your little problem or do you want to handle it?”


Jade Leech

🐬 Jade will be very curious of your fear and will try many things out.

🐬 Mischievous eel will always stand next to you to see how you would react or what you will do.

🐬 If people will annoy you, he will be there to protect you, because nobody is allowed to bully and tease you! Only Jade may tease you!

🐬 If you try to punch him for teasing you, Jade will hold your hands, smile and tease you more. Just seeing your reactions, makes him happy.


Floyd Leech

🦈 Moody eel is just like his twin!~ He loves to tease you so much!

🦈 “F-Floyd, let me go!” – “Naaaah~ I love squeezing you!”

🦈 He loves to drag you around and totally not care for your fear of males, except if you really get angry at him or cry. Then he will stop and be there for you!

🦈 Pokes you to see your reactions. Do you do the same things you usually do around other people as well? Like punch them or hide from them? Well, Floyd doesn’t care…


Malleus Draconia

🐉 “Oh, child of man… You have a fear, right? But why do you fear male?” Curious Malleus is the best Malleus and he hopes to get answers.

🐉 If you’re not comfortable around him, he will apologize and stays far away from you, sighing around, because he wants to stay at his beloved side.

🐉 If something happens to you, Malleus will be there and helps you out.

🐉 “It is quite intimate but… Do you allow me to give you a hug, my child of man?”

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💮 What happens if you have a chaotic gen z person and put them into a cruel, dark world full of magic spells and potions? CHAOS.

💮 Many students think that your second or third name is chaos, because everywhere you go to, ends up with problems the older ones have to fix!

💮 Your best friends Ace and Deuce should actually help you fix your small little problems, but they actually help you doing it! Welp… Not Deuce. He tried to flee from you and the ginger, but you two are fast enough to catch the blue haired ex-delinquent.

💮 “Look at Grim. Doesn‘t he look good in pink?“ Laughed Ace loudly, while Grim insulted the three of you for pranking him. “Yeah, looks like the pink panther.“ With those words, your lips formed into a smirk, making you burst into a laugher, only gaining confused looks from your friends. “Pink Panther?“

💮 Where ever you go, you had so many challenges stuck in your head, you knew from your world. Like the broomstick challenge and many more.

💮 You always did one thing that annoyed Grim. Holding him Lion King-style while sining the unforgettable song of one of the most greatest movies. But when Leona accidentally shrinked due to you and Ace arguing about a small thing that should be inside the potion, he got hit from it and mad at you for doing the same thing, Grim had to go through. “Sorry, Scar. But now you will be our little baby Simba!“ - “Herbivore… If I ever change back, I WILL KILL YOU!!!“

💮 Remember the “Say So“-Dance? Yeah, you danced it once, making Cater film and post it and asking you for more things you know from your world, while in the background Ace keeps trying to dance it too and Deuce tried to learn for the test you had the next period. “We will fail… Riddle-senpai will be so mad…“

💮 “We are totally Gryffindors, guys. Totally brave and all.“ When they asked you what you meant with Gryffindor, you told them about the Harry Potter franchise and many more. “And that Volde-guy has no nose? Weird.“

💮 you tell them about every meme and trend from your world, making Ace drag Deuce with you two and trying them out, while Cater follows you guys and film it and Grim laughing at you whenever you fail!

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Riddle Rosehearts

🌹 This weekend was the famous NRC prom! Some went alone there and others brought a date with them. All in all, everybody was excited!

🌹 But a certain redhead wasn‘t… Why? Because there was that one person he fell for and wanted to ask them out. Maybe they wanted to go ti the prom with Riddle? But what if (y/n) already has a date…? Oh no…

🌹 Nervous like a small feisty kitten, that he usually was around you, Riddle walked through the corridors, watching students pass him by, talking about who knows what until he heard a certain lovely voice around the corner.

🌹 Normally, Riddle would never eavesdrop on conversations, but his fear of being rejected by the person he harbored, he listen carefully.

🌹 With hope deep inside of his heart, the Heartslabyul dorm leader took one step after another until he heard everything.

🌹 “So, (y/n)…. I heard, that you didn‘t wanted to go out with anybody buuut… You wanna go with me to the prom? I mean, everybody is so lame, no wonder that you rejected me, but babe, we both know that I can rock your world.“ Disgusted by the student you had a small conversation with, you opened your mouth. “Of course not!!“ Furiously you turned around, leaving the student all alone until it happened…

🌹 Out of the sudden, Riddle felt himself falling on the ground.

🌹 “Riddle?! Oh my god! I‘m so sorry!! Are you alright?!“ The redhead listend to your worried voice, as your gaze looked over his body, noticing a small scratch on his hand. “I‘m so sorry!“

🌹 Standing up, Riddle shook his head, trying to hide his redden cheeks that anybody could compare to the red roses he had wanted to keep in his room. “Don‘t worry.“ If he wouldn‘t have listen on your conversation, it wouldn‘t have happened anyway… But it was too late.

🌹 Unfortunately, Riddle‘s cheeks got redder and redder by every second that passes by as he thinks about the words he wanted to utter out.

🌹 “PROM!“ He has screeched the word out only gaining a confused look by you.

🌹 “I-I like you… Like… No! I uh…. Prom… Do you want to go to the… prom?“ By every word that has left the flustered student, his face was bloody-red.

🌹 It was his first time to ever ask someone out, so of course he would be flustered! But nobody could ever thought that he would just shout his question out loud, making even the student you rejected, turning around to stare at the both of you.

🌹 Riddle closed his mouth, shutting his bright eyes at the same time and hoped that your rejection would be as nice as you.

🌹 But the redhead never got a rejection, no… He got one thing, that let his heart flutter. Riddle heard you say one of many beautiful words that you could worded.

🌹 “Of course, Riddle. I would love to go to the prom with you. Actually… I waited for you to ask me out, which is why I rejected everyone…“ Giggling with red dusted cheeks, you scratched your cheek, as the other one held the flustered boy, who opened his eyes in disbelieve.

🌹 YOU wanted to go to the prom with HIM?! FOR REAL?!

🌹 “Oh… And I like you too.“ Kissing him on the cheek, you chuckled at the nearly fainting Riddle, who nagged at you for kissing him so suddenly and denying that he actually loved it.


Azul Ashengrotto

🐙 “Do you think that he will finally asks shrimpy-chan out? They could go to the prom together.“ Floyd asked his twin, as the hyperactive eel was sitting on the chair, playing a little bit with a small basketball, while the other eel cleaned up some cups in the Monstro Lounge. “I asked him if he wanted to, but he shrieked around and ran away.“ Jade‘s smile kept on going as he remembered Azul running around and dashing at the end out of the restaurant only to bump into his crush, making him yelp and scared that he will ink around.

🐙 After that one small incident of Azul panicking around and nearly crying his eyes out, after he saw your irritated face when he bumped into you.

🐙 But the tweels tried to convince Azul, that he will be truly happy if you two go out.

🐙 And Azul knew that. He knew that the tweels were right again, but the shy student was too afraid to get a rejection from the only person he would ever show all sides of him.

🐙 Sighing around like a saddened octopus, Azul left the classroom only to see the typical chaotic group of first years nearby and talking about the same thing everyone was talking about! THE DAMN PROM! The prom Azul hated so much, because he knew that many students would ask you out!

🐙 He feared that you already had found someone for the big day… But then, when he passed you by, he listend with his ears closely. “So, when are you going to ask that weird octopus out?“ Epel tried to hide his laugher, as Ace asked you the one question your friends asked you since the teachers announced the prom to the young students.

🐙 Weird octopus…? Like getting hit by one of Sebek‘s thunder, Azul‘s feet led him around the corner, while he took deep breaths. They asked if YOU already asked HIM out?! WHAT?! They probably meant somebody else and not him!! But what if the tweels were right…? What if he should try it out?

🐙 Praying to the gods above, Azul closed his eyes, counting to three so he will go and ask you out, only to get startled by a familiar voice.

🐙 “Hey, Azul.“ You greeted the Octavinelle dorm leader, waving at him before your feet walked off.

🐙 As if time has stopped, Azul clumsily tripped twice over his own feet, for he only wanted to reach you and stop but then his foot stepped on Grim‘s tail, making him scream from the pain he gained thanks to Azul.

🐙 Grim‘s mouth filled with fire as he screamed in pain and hit Ace with his little flame, making the two yell at each other.

🐙 Apologizing for his behavior, you waved it of, telling him that it isn‘t the first time that ever happened.

🐙 The first years walked off, leaving you alone with the one and only Azul Ashengrotto.

🐙 “(Y/N)….“ He stuttered out your name, finally gaining a little bit courage as his cheeks became pink.

🐙 “Mh? What is it?“ You smiled at him. Both of you worried, that the other one would reject the idea of going to the prom.

🐙 “D-Do you… Maybe… Doyouwanttogotothepromwithme?“ Confused by Azul talking so fast and not understanding a word of it, you asked for him to repeat it again.

🐙 His cheeks got redder!

🐙 “D-Do you… Want to go to the prom?“ His eyes shut close in fear to see your face and hearing you reject him.

🐙 “Of course. I always wanted to go to the prom with you, Azul. It will be so much fun!“

🐙 A sigh of relief escaped his throat, as Azul opened his eyes again and stared at you with turquoise-orbs of love and happiness.

🐙 “Good, I would be sad if you wanted to go out with anybody else. Not to forget would‘t I want to see the person I love with anybody else….- UHHHHI MEAN NOOO! I-I-!?“

🐙 Just by his own words, Azul nearly fainted, wishing to find a cave so he could lock himself in there, never coming out.

🐙 Silly octopus just confessed his love BY ACCIDENT!

🐙 “Likewise, Azul!~“ Giving him a small kiss on the nose, made him faint in happiness and you panicking over the fainted Octavinelle dorm leader. “AZUL!? WAKE UP! I DIDN‘T MEAN TO MAKE YOU FAINT?! HELLOOO?! HELP!“

🐙 “Oh man! He really fainted!“ One mischievous eel laughed, as the other one couldn‘t help but smile at the scene they saw behind the bushes. “I‘m sure (y/n) can handle it. Let‘s just stay here and keep an eye on them.“

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Leona Kingscholar

🦁 You were so cute! Just like a sweethearted, gentle and soft angel!

🦁 But what the hell is Leona seeing there? You were on the stage and playing a villainess? Like what hell had everyone involved with this play thought? You shouldn’t play a villainess! That’s not how you were. It wouldn’t fit you!

🦁 And then he saw you playing your role and what…? You were so good at it.

🦁 Leona didn’t notice it, but his lips formed into a smirk, knowing how great you looked there, being as mean as he usually was.

🦁 Even his tail moved around happily, only to get stopped by himself as he heard Ruggie laughing at the lion’s reaction.

🦁 “Unbelievable, but my favorite herbivore is really a great villainess… I mean… Can play a great villainess.”


Jack Wolf

🐺 Jack loved you a lot. You were so gentle, helpful and nice. Just a perfect human being!

🐺 But oh my! When he saw you on the stage during the newest play, you have told him, he thought you played an angel. You would fit that role perfectly! But no! He was wrong!

🐺 You played a villainess!? Jack’s yellowish eyes widen upon seeing you in your costume.

🐺 The wolf’s tail wagged around crazily as he watched you play the role of a brutal and mean villainess.

🐺 He smiled and tried to hide his dusted red cheeks, when the other first years mentioned the color change of his face.

🐺 “(Y/N). You were pretty good. But please, just be mean on stage, when you play a villain and not when you are around me… It is kind of scary but… I liked watching your play.”


Ruggie Bucchi

🍩 Ruggie helped to organize the play, because he got payed by some, which is why he heard of your new role in the play.

🍩 Laughing at the news of who played the villainess in the upcoming play, he asked you if you could really manage it, after all you were too gentle and sweet to play a one!

🍩 When the hyaena was finally relaxing on his chair, watching the play start, he waited for the great entrance of the one and only villainess and wow, was he surprised by your acting!

🍩 You were truly a wonderful actress, playing the villainess so wonderful… Were you sure that you weren’t hiding that side of yours?

🍩 Maybe he should watch more NRC plays, so he can watch you playing more.

🍩 “Shishishi~ You were really good!~ Maybe I shouldn’t annoy you, so you will never be like that around me, (y/n)!~”

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Leona Kingscholar

🦁 Leona would always smirk, whenever he sees someone doing your chores or other work, while you were laying next to him, stroking his ears.

🦁 You would always get everything you wanted to. That‘s a thing, that Leona actually amused.

🦁 You were so damn smart, that you even tricked Ruggie into doing your work. As if he doesn‘t have enough work, because of a lazy lion that you call your boyfriend.

🦁 But thankfully, you weren‘t always using your smart brain all the time. Just when you had problems that other people should fix. You would use some sweet words…

🦁 Of course, you wouldn‘t manipulate the great, big lion. Even if you tried it, he would be too lazy to help you out. (Would help you if it was an emergency or something)


Jamil Viper

🐍 Perfect duo. He was the master of hypnosis and you the one who could manipulate people without using any spells and potions.

🐍 Jamil would feel proud to be your boyfriend. The blackhead is always so busy with babysitting Kamil and helping out the rest of the dorm. Even cleaning the place all alone, after many partys there! But then you were there and used your skills, so he doesn‘t have to do it alone.

🐍 Belongs to the people, who couldn‘t be manipulated, even if you would try it out. He is too stubborn for it.

🐍 Would kiss your cheek, whenever he sees you doing your special skill.

🐍 “Is it alright to do this?“ - “Not illegal. I read it somewhere, Jamil. Don‘t worry. Totally in the gray area and it‘s just a small little task.“


Vil Schoenheit

👑 “My sweet potato is smarter than I thought.“

👑 You would help him out with your great skills, which he appreciates.

👑 Vil would smirk whenever you did it. Yes, that one smirk. The one everyones loves.

👑 “Vil-senpai. We should come by and ask if you needed some help. (Y/N) is too busy with some homework, which is why we are here…“ - “Smart sweet potato did it again, mh?“

👑 “Never use your tricks on me., sweet potato“ - “Could never think about doing it. I love you too much to do this, Vil!~“

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Azul Ashengrotto

🐙 Since Azul was a small chubby child, he wanted to find them. His soulmate. Somebody who would love the dear cecaelia from the bottom of their heart and when Azul will find them, he will give their soulmate the love they deserve!

🐙 Time flew by pretty fast. One second, Azul was all alone and got bullied and the next second, he found friends. Floyd and Jade and during his time in NRC; he found you.

🐙 Friendship turns to something more and without realizing, Azul fell hard. No, not on the hard ground beneath him, more like deeply in love for his dear friend (y/n).

🐙 How could he not? His friend was so wonderful, beautiful and gentle to the secretly shy cecaelian.

🐙 But the Octavinelle dorm leader was insecure. They might reject his feelings, which is why he should prefer the search of his soulmate rather then being utterly in love with his friend and crushing so hard, that it was too obvious for everyone. Azul just hoped that you would never figure his feelings out. It would be embarrassing for the great cecaelian.

🐙 One day had begun like many others with him staring at the tattoo on his left wrist, that showed him a symbol. It looked like a heart. It was his soulmate tattoo or mark, called by many differently and looked different for there are too many living beings.

🐙 But who could have known, that his sly friend and waiter of the Monstro Lounge would find the dear soulmate of Azul. The one person the student was always hoping to find…

🐙 “Just confess your feelings. Maybe they are your soulmate.“ The tweels smiled or more likely smirked at Azul, as they said it twice this morning. “(Y/N) doesn‘t like me like that… And they are not my soulmate. I‘m sure of it.“ He muttered upset, standing up from his comfortable table to finally meet his dear crush, like he has planned it a few days ago.

🐙 “Azul, why the long face? You are so sad. I‘m worried, you know.“ A hand landed on his shoulder as his gaze wandered up to meet his crush‘s eyes. “Don‘t worry.“ He tried to assure (y/n) that everything was alright until he lifted their hand from his shoulder, turning it around for a second before he wanted to let them go, but then his eyes stared at his crush‘s soulmate tattoo. IT WAS AN OCTOPUS WITH AN A ON IT!!

🐙 (Y/N) never truly saw his real form yet, which might be the reason why they never knew that he was their soulmate! Unbelievable!!

🐙 Azul was so deep in his thoughts, that he couldn‘t stop his body from moving. He embraced his crush, nearly crushing them in his thight hug as he happily jumped on the same place. “U-Uh…. Why the sudden mood change?“

🐙 “I found you! Who would have known that it was always my crush?! Unbelievable that Jade and Floyd were right!!“ Like the bright sun up in the clear blue sky, Azul‘s lips formed into the brightest and shiniest smile you could ever have seen.


Jade Leech

🐬 Thanks to his twin brother, Jade got another friend on his small little list of people he could trust and your name was definitely number 3 on it. Under his brother‘s and Azul‘s name. Well… If Jade would have a list.

🐬 You were so interesting for the sly eel. Some might say different, but being different is good. It was one of the reason‘s why Jade felt so drawn to you.

🐬 He knew about soulmates as he saw many different tattoos on bodyparts of sole mermaids and humans. They showed and teased the person of how they soulmate were.

🐬 Jade‘s soulmate mark on his hand showed him a (f/c) heart symbol. It might be, because his soulmate was gentle and nice. The opposite of him and his dear brother.

🐬 Azul‘s and Floyd‘s on the other hand looked different. Who knows, if the staff of Monstro Lounge would ever find their soulmates. But even if Jade would never find his, he will be happy for he has somebody important on his side. You.

🐬 You were not only a dear friend of his, but also his crush. He cared for you deeply and wanted to make you smile, no matter what.

🐬 But every here and there, the smart eel had those negative feelings in his mind and heart. What if you would reject him? What if you already had found your soulmate? Wait, no. That couldn‘t be possible, as he would be the first one to know.

🐬 “Mhh… I would like to have this today.“ You smiled at your friend, pointing at the menu you had in your friends. Nodding with his head, Jade smiled at you the sweet smile he had only around your presence. “Of course, my dear.“

🐬 As he walked away, while his heart fluttered; thinking about you, his crush had peeled of their jacket. It was too warm at the moment and they didn‘t wanted to dirty their sleeves in case they were a messy eater.

🐬 After a few minutes, you could hear soft footsteps coming to your direction. It was Jade, holding the tray with one hand and on his other arm was laying a white towel, to clean the mess some customers and his twin did. But then his yellowish eyes took a small glance at your arm, seeing the symbol he had imagined his soulmate would habe. It was an elegant eel.

🐬 The tray in his hand nearly dropped as he stared at it, not knowing if it was a dream or reality.

🐬 Putting the tray on the table in front of you, his fingertips stopped at your chin. Dropping down to you, Jade‘s lips met yours, kissing you and trying to show you how much he loved you, before he let you go. His tounge traced over his lips, smirking at your blushing face, before saying; “I‘m sorry, but I couldn‘t stop myself from kissing my beloved soulmate.“


Floyd Leech

🦈 “SHRIMPYYYY-CHAAAAN!~“ Giggling loudly, the excited eel sprinted through the Monstro Lounge, embracing you in his tight squeezes that he calls soft hugs. Even tought that don‘t feel like it at all.

🦈 Thanks to the Heartslabyul gang and the first years, Floyd has met you. The oke person, who could always cheer him up, after little goldfish nagged at him for being so careless. Welp, not everyone was a fan of the tweels, especially of Floyd Leech.

🦈 But them you came and changed it all. You cared for your friend deeply and loved him the way he was, which Floyd appreciates a lot!

🦈 Maybe you were his soulmate! You totally fitted to his soulmate mark on his chest. The sweet heart symbol! Yes, definitely! You were his friend and soulmate, but there was one small problem. He had no proof of his theory.

🦈 After days passed, many people claimed that you could never be Floyd‘s soulmate for you were a calm person and he was… Well… Floyd.

🦈 “Floyd, please be careful. We don‘t want to break this chair again, right?“ You laughed at seeing your dear friend‘s pouting face, while his arms were holding you tightly, nearly crushing you by simply sitting on your lap like a small child would do. “FLOYD! DON‘T DESTROY SOMETHING AGAIN TODAY!“ The eel heard Azul‘s loud voice at the end of the room, making Floyd roll with his eyes. “Again…?“ - “It was just some cups. Not so special.“

🦈 Surprisingly, you belonged to the people who could live with his mood swings and tight hugs. They were warm and funny. You could never have any boring days at all, if you were around your dear eel.

🦈 “Saaaay, shrimpy-chan!~ Where is your soulmate mark? Where? Where? Whereee?~“ Asked Floyd as curious as a cat could be, except that he was only as agile and curious as one.

🦈 When you explained, that it was on your neck, which is why you can‘t always see it, he climbed off of you, only to turn you around, nearly throwing you to ground.

🦈 “I want to see it!~“ Smirking at your flustered face, he stared at your neck, finally seeing the symbol that showed the reason why you two had such a great connection.

🦈 “Shrimpy-chan is mine!~“ You heard from the now exciting eel, as he wrapped you in another tight squeezing embrace of his, while you blushed at it. “Mine!~“

🦈 Kissing you on your neck, he smiled until Azul and Jade had to drag him away, so he could continue his work! He wasn‘t allowed to take a break… “Wait for me, my shrimpy-chan!! I will come in a second!~“

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Riddle Rosehearts

🌹 You wanted to dance with him and teach him some dance moves? Well… As long as he won‘t break a rule, it‘s not so bad. Not to forget that he could spend some time with his favorite person, before he has to work and fix A-Deuce‘s problems.

🌹 “C-Come… Let‘s dance there. Bit don‘t go through the door. It‘s not okay to go through doors today. We have to climb through the window. Don‘t forget the rules.“

🌹 At first, Riddle is quite clumsy, even stepping on your feet a couple of times, but then you notice, that he is trying his best to learn it from you, so he can dance more and more.

🌹 “No, my face isn‘t red and I don‘t need a break. Please, j-just show me that other step again…“


Azul Ashengrotto

🐙 Azul might look and sound like a true gentleman, but he is as clumsy as Riddle is. Well, underwater people dance differently.

🐙 “Sorry for stepping on your feet again. I will try my best!“ Then he will fall and grabs you tightly as he falls.

🐙 He tries your best, so if you compliment him, he will get all blushy and smile at you like a happy octopus.

🐙 Shy kiss on your hand for helping him with his dance skills. “I promise you to get better and then we can always dance together.“


Floyd Leech

🦈 Floyd loves to dance a lot! It‘s one of his hobbies and not only does he love to dance around, but also spending some time with his s/o is wonderful!

🦈 When you walk to him, asking the eel to dance with you, he will be super excited and swings you into his arms.

🦈 Buuut… That‘s not how he dances usually. Waltzes and some other simple dances? No, he usually did hip hop and all, but he willingly dances with you, so you two will spend your free time together.

🦈 “Oh, that‘s easy!~ Shrimpy-chan!~ Let‘s dance more! It‘s fun, when we dance together! Show me more!“


Rook Hunt

🏹 He is a pomefiore student! He is pretty good at dancing! But spending some time with his beloved…? Well, Rook wouldn‘t mind at all!

🏹 The blond would even show you a few dances, but shuts his mouth, because he wants to listen to your beautiful voice as you explain him every step he has to take - even though he knows how to dance it.

🏹 Smiled happily, while he dances with you.

🏹 “Mh? No, I don‘t know how to dance it. But my beautiful teacher might explain it to me!~ Oh my, you‘re blushing!~ No no, I‘m not teasing you at all.“


Idia Shroud

🎮 “D-D-DANCE?! NO!“ Idia shrieks as he dashes into his room. It‘s not like he doesn‘t want you how to dance with him. Hell, he actually would love it, but he is so shy and afraid to hurt you for being such a bad dancer.

🎮 He only knows how to dances they did in games and animes… But you wanted to do some other ones! Oh no!

🎮 Totally watches plenty of videos, so he is prepared.

🎮 When you walk into the room of the red blushing Ignihyde student, he will stutter and be so shy to hold your hand. But he will try his best to learn from you, so you could dance together more often. Even if his heart might explode due to him being so nervous!

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♦️ That boy is known to be on his phone for long time periods! Are people really sure that he wasn‘t born with his smartphone…? But then you came to NRC in his life and he learned to out away his phone!

♦️ Whenever you are nearby, he barely touches his phone. Only when he wants to take photos, he will take out his phone out.

♦️There will be so many cute emojis, photos and hashtags! #mylove #relaxingwithmysweetcheeks #caterand(y/n) #(shippingnameofyoutwo) #kissesandlove #sunshine and so on and on

♦️ He loves to kiss your cheeks and nose! Especially when you blush and get all flustered!

♦️ “Can I put my head on your lap?“ He loves to relax like that and talk with you about who knows what!

♦️ Many café dates, which end up with you eating all the things he buys, because he doesn‘t like sweet things and loves to give you small presents and things you love!

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Azul Ashengrotto

💮 You swam around, humming a soft song to yourself, while you tried to find your dear friends, the tweels and octo-friend. Maybe they were bored too, so you could play a little bit!

💮 “Maaan!~ I‘m soooo bored!“ You heard Floyd‘s grumpy voice sigh, as he layed flat on a big rock, while his twin smiled at your approaching form. Azul on the other hand, blushed as he saw you. He was still wondering how he was friends with the three of you! Usually he got bullied and was pretty shy around others!

💮 “Sorry, my mother wanted me to do the chores.“ As you swam to them, you felt familiar arms around your torso. “You are finally heeere!~“ Giggling at the excited eel, you turned around to give him a one sided hug. The calmer eel glanced at your hair, stroking it slightly to assure you, it was alright to be late sometimes.

💮 That’s how your days often went by until that one day came. Your dear friends went to that NRC, which meant that you couldn’t see them anymore, but thankfully, you had a few tricks up your sleeves and could join their sweet school to hang around with them!

🐙 “Hey, Azul. What are you doing?” You asked your childhood friend, as you walked slowly through the door of his office, gaining a sweet smile of the octopus-like boy. “Just counting the money. Do you want to help me?” And like the dear great friend that you were, you helped Azul out, happy that you could spend more time with him.

🐙 “Do you need help with your homework?” You heard a very familiar voice behind you, grinning at the question. “Sure! Please help me out, Azul-senpaaaaai!~” Joking around with the flustered boy was too funny, but he would forgive you in a heartbeat. Why? That’s a thing that Azul still kept asking himself. He always thought it was because you were his friend, but you were so different then the tweels…

🐙 More and more time has passed by since you became a student of one of the most famous magical school. You were spending time with your friends, but made sure to spend more time with your best friend Azul, which made the slightly shy boy the most happiest. How could he not be happy? It was you after all…

🐙 But the more time he spend with you, the more he felt weird. It was like a strange feeling in his stomach as if he would have eaten the weirdest things some students could possibly cook. But it wasn’t that bad. He felt happiness instead of the urge to puke and anger. But it got weirder, when he was around you. How comes that the one and only Azul Ashengrotto felt like this?

🐙 “Azul! Are you free? Do you want to go to that new café?” You asked him sweetly, sending him the most friendliest smile you had in store, making him nearly melt to mud, while he turned around. Hopefully he won’t get a heartattack from your mere smiles. It wasn’t healthy for his heart at all. But then he realized what this strange emotion of his could be. Was it… love? Oh no… It couldn’t happen, right!? He shouldn’t fall for his childhood friend!! That’s impossible!

🐙 “Oh, how comes that you wanted to have a picnic? Wasn’t today your work day?” – “N-No… I… The twins will work today, while I wanted to… You know…” Gulping, Azul stared into the far distance of the field, you two were currently sitting at. He was so nervous. After the day he realized what he felt for you, he tried to confess to you, after assuring himself that nothing bad could happen. You two knew each other for a long time and you would never break his heart that badly, right? …. Right? But the insecure man was still just a mere insecure man. His cheeks got redder and redder by every second you tried to stare into his eyes, while he tried to avoid your beautiful ones. But the small voice inside his mind told him, that he should go with the flow and confess to you or else the tweels would never stop teasing him! Grabbing your hands with his now sweaty ones, he nervously glanced into your eyes. “I-I have to tell you something…” Azul stuttered out. “I-I-I care for you a lot…. More than friends should do… Actually… I… I love you.” Shutting his eyes, his face formed into he scared one. Scared that you would laugh at him. Scared that you would slap him. Scared that you would break your friendship. But then the most unexpected happened… You confessed your feelings to him too, making him smile as bright as the sun.


Jade Leech

💮 You swam around, humming a soft song to yourself, while you tried to find your dear friends, the tweels and octo-friend. Maybe they were bored too, so you could play a little bit!

💮 “Maaan!~ I‘m soooo bored!“ You heard Floyd‘s grumpy voice sigh, as he layed flat on a big rock, while his twin smiled at your approaching form. Azul on the other hand, blushed as he saw you. He was still wondering how he was friends with the three of you! Usually he got bullied and was pretty shy around others!

💮 “Sorry, my mother wanted me to do the chores.“ As you swam to them, you felt familiar arms around your torso. “You are finally heeere!~“ Giggling at the excited eel, you turned around to give him a one sided hug. The calmer eel glanced at your hair, stroking it slightly to assure you, it was alright to be late sometimes.

💮 That’s how your days often went by until that one day came. Your dear friends went to that NRC, which meant that you couldn’t see them anymore, but thankfully, you had a few tricks up your sleeves and could join their sweet school to hang around with them!

🐬 “Jade! Working as hard as usual, mh?” You smiled at one of your dear childhood friends, making him return that same facial expression. “Some people have to.” Getting an apron from the kitchen, you helped him out, without him even asking for it. “When we work together, we can finish everything faster and hang around more.~”

🐬 That’s what you two often did. Even when Azul has told you multiple times, that you can spend your time with some other students and not work so hard at the Monstro Lounge, you would still ditch some classmates to stay by Jade’s side. “Now I feel kind of special thanks to you, my dear.” Jade chuckled, helping you clean the tables at the local.

🐬 Jade would lie, if he ever told people that his heartbeat has not skipped, when you two hang around together. Even when he talked about his hobbies or just about some school subject, you would sit next to him and listen to his ramblings. You truly were a special mermaid to him.

🐬 “I made you something to eat. Do you mayhap have some time to try them out?” Nodding your head, you followed the calmer eel to eat his delicious food he usually cooked for either you, his twin or Azul. It always felt like getting a small gift from Jade.

🐬 Eating Jade’s food, you complimented his skills, making him smile as he cleaned up the cups you two had used a few minutes ago. A small red has reached his cheeks and ears slightly, trying to calm himself down, Jade told you a small story of what Floyd did last week in their room, making you laugh with that beautiful voice of yours. Wait… Beautiful? Smiling around and red cheeks? Something was fishy… Totally wrong because no… No no no. Jade could never have those feelings for his childhood friend! “Don’t tell me that I fell for (Y/N)…” He pleaded his mind to give him an answer and denial, but his stomach already gave him one. The answer to his feelings and how it was called. Love.

🐬 He knows what he should do. Jade has prepared himself in front of the mirror too many times. It was easy. No big deal. But confessing to their childhood friend? That was a little bit too hard. Even for the sly eel, who was holding the hand of the most sweetest mermaid he has ever met. “So, where are we going?” You asked him, only to get no information of the usual friendly eel that told you so many things. But your question got answered as you went into the botanical garden. Immediately after entering the wonderful garden of NRC, Jade turned around. His fingers held your hand tighter as he tried to read the expression on your face. But then Jade shook his head and hoping that everything will turn out alright. “Thank you for always being here, my dear. I just wanted to tell you that… That I want to confess my feelings. I love you.” Assuring him that you feel the same, Jade’s lips formed into a smile of joy. That is what he has hoped for.


Floyd Leech

💮 You swam around, humming a soft song to yourself, while you tried to find your dear friends, the tweels and octo-friend. Maybe they were bored too, so you could play a little bit!

💮 “Maaan!~ I‘m soooo bored!“ You heard Floyd‘s grumpy voice sigh, as he layed flat on a big rock, while his twin smiled at your approaching form. Azul on the other hand, blushed as he saw you. He was still wondering how he was friends with the three of you! Usually he got bullied and was pretty shy around others!

💮 “Sorry, my mother wanted me to do the chores.“ As you swam to them, you felt familiar arms around your torso. “You are finally heeere!~“ Giggling at the excited eel, you turned around to give him a one sided hug. The calmer eel glanced at your hair, stroking it slightly to assure you, it was alright to be late sometimes.

💮 That’s how your days often went by until that one day came. Your dear friends went to that NRC, which meant that you couldn’t see them anymore, but thankfully, you had a few tricks up your sleeves and could join their sweet school to hang around with them!

🦈 “Yeaaah!~ My fish is here!~” Floyd grinned, nearly jumping up and down as he ran to you, embracing you in one of his famous squeezes he had in store. He loves hugs and showing his beloved people his affection, but seeing your reactions always made him smile and giggle like a school girl.

🦈 “- And then watch me play basketball!~ After we did-“ Listening to the excited eel, you nodded your head to his plans that he kind of have made up without for your permission, but that’s how your dear childhood friend was. He was just an adorable cheerful eel, who you wished to always spend your time with.

🦈 Waving with his hands, nearly smacking some other students in the face with his raised up arms, he called you to come over, making you run faster to your dear friend. The near standing students, who insulted Floyd - for hitting them in the face by accident for waving at you – also thanked you for dashing to the eel. They could never get used to his mood swings, except for you. You knew Floyd better than anybody else.

🦈 No matter what emotion Floyd felt, you were there for him. Cheering him up and having fun with him. Every day you two hang around, was a day full of joy and spontaneous activities.

🦈 Maybe this was one of the things Floyd, the eel who hugged you tightly in his strong arms, loved so much about you. You were always there and even liked his hugs! You were perfect but mh… Strange… Love? Did he mention the word love right now? That’s weird. Even his brother has mentioned that word multiple times, when Floyd has talked about you. Was he in love with him? That shouldn’t happen, because you were his friend! Not his lover. Oh no! That was bad! What if he confessed to you and he will never get any hugs from you anymore!!!

🦈 More thought occupied the eel’s mind, as he walked with you through the dorm. He wanted to confess to you! But what if you weren’t interested…? What if- “Floyd… I’m worried. You are so quit today. What’s wrong?” Raising his eyebrows in surprise, the called eel turned his head towards you as his feet stopped moving and yours as well. “Mh? Just thinking a lot about love.” – “Love?” You asked him, confused why he would ever think about that one emotion that you often felt around a certain eel. “Hey… Say… Do you love me, (y/n)?” Your eyes widen in shock. Not only has he said your name and not gave you one of his famous fish-related nicknames, no, he also asked you if you felt this feeling towards him. As your cheeks redden by his question, he continued. “Because I love you. I want you to always be there. I want to play a lot and have so much fun with you!” Smiling at his confession, you nodded your head, confession your feelings that you had hidden from him to Floyd, making him grin. He wrapped his arms around you tightly. “Good!~ Then you will be mine!~”

Chapter Text


🍩 Ruggie strolls through the botanical garden, after he bought a new sandwich for the Savanaclaw dorm leader. The hyaena took one step after another until he bumped into his dear beloved s/o. Gasping a little bit, he stared at them. His gaze wanders from their sweet eyes up to the small stitch on their forehead. Wait. That wasn’t supposed to be there…

🍩 Ruggie raised an eyebrow at you as his teeth clenched at the thought in his mind. Did somebody do something to you? Who would even dare to hurt you? Of all people! His s/o!? That student will defiantly get a sweet and hard punishment from the right hand of the big sleeping lion.

🍩 Kissing his cheeks, you tried to assure him that you were okay. “Don’t worry, Ruggie! I’m fine. I was just a little bit clumsy.”

🍩 The hyaena’s ears twitched the the words that came out of the sweet soft lips of his s/io, while he listened carefully. “What happened?” – “Well… I tripped on a pebble and scrapped myself a little bit… badly…” Trying to tell him, that you were really feeling alright and nobody hurted you, you chuckled a little bit.

🍩 “Great Seven… The person I love is going to be the death of me.” Ruggie sighed, as he crossed his arms. A few seconds passed by and then he finally noticed that he sad it out loud!

🍩 Ruggie’s cheeks got redder and redder, thinking about his small mistake that he did. Embarrassedly, he tries to change the topic, but his mind couldn’t form any word as he stood in front of you, glancing away from your peering eyes.

🍩 It was the first time Ruggie mentioned that he loved you, which is why he was so embarrassed! You knew that he liked you, but love… That was new and it made your heart skip a beat.

🍩 “Ruggie…” Your hands gently grabbed his as you tried to stare into his blueish gray eyes. “I love you too.” You confessed your feelings with that sweet bright smile, that Ruggie loved so much, making him look like the roses in the Heartslabyul garden. “G-Good…” The hyaena stuttered, denying the blush that spread fast on his face. Maybe you truly are the death of him, with your sweet gentle confession of love and that one smile…

Chapter Text

🐉 Many NRC students were afraid of Malleus. It might be of his great skills of magic or because of his appearance. His tail, horns and so many other features that the old fae had, were scary for the young students.

🐉 But then one magicless person appeared at the college. A young woman who met the draconic fae and she was not afraid of him at all.

🐉 This one new student actually surprised the blackhaired tall fae, as he tried to understand why she seemed to be so unfazed.

🐉 After questioning some Diasomnia students, he thought about one thing that many of them suggested. Even Lilia mentioned it a couple of times… “Maybe (Y/N is in love with you and therefor not scared of you.”

🐉 In love? Maybe you had no feelings of affection for the fae, but were just interested in the dragon-like features he had. But how does the curious fae gets answers…? How…? Maybe he should go and ask the oldest person at school about it…

🐉 He even got an answer of the vice-leader! “Just tease (y/n). Mayhap you might get an answer. Fufufu!~”

🐉 And that is what the old fae does! He listened to the guardian of his and tried to tease you…

🐉 When you were nearby and walked into his direction, Malleus would touch his own horns or even ask you to take a look at his wings, for they pained him a little bit and you should tell him if they looked healthy. Sure, you were just a normal human being, but you could help him out with his wings and tail at least, right?

🐉 “(Y/N)… You are staring at my tail again… Mayhap you want to touch it?” His lips formed into a small smirk as he saw you blushing at his question.

🐉 “S-Stop teasing me….” He would have normally stopped by now, but seeing you react so sweet and adorable, made the fae just happy and tease you more and more!

Chapter Text

Leona Kingscholar

🦁 Bad teasing lion! Bad! Stop it! But welp, Leona doesn’t care and will defiantly tease you by wanting to cuddle with you or just pulling you near him.

🦁 Laughs his ass of, when the big bad lions sees you punching students by being to near.

🦁 He has a good nose, which is why he is good in finding you. So whenever you try to hide, he will be there and tries to calm you down.

🦁 “Come on… Nothing will happen. I will be there if something happens to you, (Y/N). Let’s go. I want to take a nap.”


Jamil Viper

🐍 He is not as mean as Leona, but Jamil would tease you once or twice a week. But he knows when to stop, so the blackhead doesn’t have to feel your furious punches!

🐍 Tries to stop the male students to be around you, so you won’t get too scared.

🐍 Like Trey, he will ask you for permission to hold you or take your hands.

🐍 “You are hiding again…? Come, (Y/N)… I made some curry. You are probably hungry, right?”


Vil Schoenheit

👑 He cares for you deeply, even when you might not see it. When people try to get to close to you, Vil will try to scare them of for you.

👑 He knows about your fear, which is why he would never do something impropriate in case of you getting angry at him.

👑 He needs to be careful, because of his makeup…

👑 “Come, I need to apply new makeup on and you, my sweet potato, do not want to be here anyway…”


Rook Hunt

🏹 Rook was the first one to ever see you punching some student and hearing of your fear, before the two of you started dating.

🏹 He will stalk you, which is why he is good at making people disappear, so you don’t have to meet a few of them.

🏹 Compliment you and kisses your hand. The blond hunter is also very good at dodging your punches, if he ever becomes too much with his compliments and showing his deep affection to you…

🏹 “My beloved treasure! You look so great and sweet!~ Just look at you, crouching around like a beautiful rose!”

Chapter Text

Dire Crowley

🖤 Oh no, a troublesome student. Another one. But wait, it wasn’t just a normal troublesome student. It was his troublesome child. Sure, he never wanted to have a child, but when he got to know you better, the masked headmaster took you in and loves you like a father would love their child.

🖤 He promised you on your first day, that he will find a way to bring you back to your world… But maybe he won’t find a way… That’s not too bad, right? I mean… You still have him and he will take you in like a great father would do!

🖤 “- So… Yeah, I have a family.” Crowley listened to you, as he nodded with his head. “You mean two families. One in your world and the other one here.” He smiled sweetly at you, implying that the headmaster was your new family, only to get a confused expression. “Two???”

🖤 “(Y/N), please stop it, my child. I need to do this paperwork. Wait… Why are you staring at me?” – “D-Did you called me your child…?” Cue to him, getting a little bit flustered but nonetheless he nods with his head, patting you like you were a small little five-year old.

🖤 “Ace Trapolla. You are a bad influence for my child, so please step away from them. (Y/N), come over here. Wait- No! Don’t go! I’m your father!! Listen to me!” After you didn’t listen to the headmaster – as he was just talking and wasn’t truly your father, Crowley tried to find a way to adopt you and make it official, so you have to listen to him.


Divus Crewel

🐕 Crewel just has to protect you, no matter what. The only people who he would tolerate to be around his not-official-but-going-to-be-adopted-as-soon-as-possible-child, were maybe Vil and Rook. Why? Because they knew a lot about fashion, like your wonderful father.

🐕 “Why can’t I hang around with my friends?” – “They are troublesome. Maybe they will use a wrong spell and poof, you will be a cat… As you are not gifted of using magic, I advise you to stay by your father’s side.”

🐕 “Hey… Yeah, I need to whisper right now… Dad- Oh, I mean Professor Crewel is sleeping here and will only let me out of my room, when I finish my homework… Sorry, I will call you guys later.”

🐕 “Here are the adoption paper. You are my child now, (Y/N) Crewel.” He smiles at you just the same way, he would smile at sweet dogs.

🐕 Crewel would be a great father. The tall man would buy you plenty of clothes, accessories and more, just to see you smile at him happily!


Mozus Trein

🐈 “Am I allowed to date someone here?” Your nervous voice asked the father figure of yours as Trein’s fingertips stroked Lucius furr. “How many times do I have to tell you, that every student here is not good enough for you, child? No go and do your homework.”

🐈 Please, don’t sneak out or else Lucius might see you and tell it your father immediately! That won’t end up good. “Tell me why you were sneaking out at two in the morning? Don’t tell me that your troublesome friends wanted you to play another stupid prank?”

🐈 Trein will be super nice to you and even help you out, whenever you needed help with your lessons, especially with the history of the dark, twisted wonderland you were stuck in.

🐈 Secretly, Trein will thank Crowley of not finding a way to bring you back, or else he might lose another one dear to him, after his wife died.

🐈 After Trein sees you as his own child, Lucius started to think of you as a sibling and would you even pat him, which was super rare. “Wait, (Y/N)?! Are you patting professor Trein’s cat? What is going on?” – “(Y/N), my child, are they annoying you? Zigvolt, Spade, Howl, mind your own business and stay away from my child.”


Ashton Vargas

💪🏼 “Come on! Faster, (Y/N)! You can do it! I believe in you!” Vargas tried to cheer for you, as you tried to run as many laps Jack currently did. This only resulted in you collapsing and Vargas patting your head.

💪🏼 “Don’t worry. You will get stronger. But at first, let’s go and eat some raw eggs! That will help you with your muscle training!” The PE teacher stood up, dragging you with him to who knows where.

💪🏼 He was a strict father, but still a nice one, who always wanted the best for you and your health.

💪🏼 Vargas even had a few discussions with the other staff members of NRC, because they thought that he might not be a good father figure to you, but you always assured them, that you loved Vargas the way he is and he will always stay a great dad.

💪🏼 “Dad… How many laps? I can’t feel my legs anymore….” You huffed and puffed out the words, trying your best not to stop or else, you might lose the rest of the strength that was left in your legs. “Just thirteen more! You can do it!” – “Maybe I should go and let the other ones adopt me…”



🔮 Oh my, oh my… Sam would be a funny father. He will show you plenty of weird wares he has in his shop.

🔮 You also get everything for free, after he adopted you!

🔮 “My Little Demon, how about this one spell? Do you want to learn about it? I could show you a few things.”

🔮 Sam will bring his friends from the other side over, so you might talk to them. They seem quite… strange, but you will get used to them soon.

🔮 His mysterious friends will keep an eye on you, so you will never get in danger, if Sam won’t be around. He just doesn’t want his child to get hurt.

Chapter Text

Azul Ashengrotto

🐙 At first, it was a little bit hard to get to know you better, but Azul did it and is super happy to be your boyfriend!

🐙 You always seem so tough and reserved, but Azul knows you better. To him, you are like a sweet bear. Near other’s a grizzly bear, but when you two were alone, you were as sweet as a teddy bear could ever be!

🐙 “What are you staring at, idiot?” He heard the familiar voice of his beloved s/o, as he smiled to your direction. You truly were lovely, even when you were a little bit rude, when so many people stared at you.

🐙 Silence occupied the room of his office sometimes, while you snuggled to your boyfriend, whispering words of love and affection into his ear, as he smiles down to you. “I love you, my sweet fish.”


Jade Leech

🐬 Jade loves, loves, LOVES to tease you so much! He often does it by walking to you, grabbing your hand to get your attention and then say;”I love you, (y/n). May you confess your love to me too?” The sly eel knows, that you would have those thick walls around you and that it was hard to make them crumble, when you are around other people.

🐬 Always smiles, when he sees you being all reserved and tough, because he knows the real you. He always did. Even before you two started dating, he had a feeling that you were hiding your true self in front of the others, making him feel very special.

🐬 “We are alone now, my dear. You can show me what’s in there.” He points at your chest, the place in which your heart was beating fast, nearly even skipping some beats, when he places his hand on your cheek.

🐬 The sly eel may be also a teasing eel, but he knows when to stop, so you won’t have to start getting angry or upset, when he might annoy you a little bit.


Floyd Leech

🦈 You were so adorable and just perfecto to hug, at least for the energetic eel!

🦈 Whenever you were reserved, Floyd has the urge to squeeze you, making your cheeks as red as Riddle’s hair! “My sweet shrimpy~ All mine!”

🦈 He is so happy, that you at least are comfortable around him! It was quite hard for him to gain any signs of affection from you, but he knows that you will show them, whenever you two are alone.

🦈 “Hey, I have to steal my shrimpy for a second.” Grinned Floyd, grabbing your wrist to drag you to another room, so you two could be all alone. “Why are we here, Floyd?” – “I want to see my shrimpy’s soft side!~”

Chapter Text

Leona Kingscholar

🦁 Leona couldn’t care less, when people started to flirt with him. Believe it or not, but the sleepy lion is very loyal and loves you a lot.

🦁 But then, out of the sudden, he sees you jealous and man, is he smirking arrogantly at the situation.

🦁 Like… You were jealous and so possessive at the first time, for no reason? Why were you acting like that suddenly?

🦁 Leona enjoyed it a lot! For the first time, he felt like the number one and very special!

🦁 He even wants to make you more jealous, just to get more tight hugs, kisses and cute pouts from you.


Jack Wolf

🐺 Jack’s tail wiggles faster than lightning as he sees you being all jealous, because of those damn flirty students.

🐺 It was the first time he ever saw you all possessive. He even thought that you couldn’t get jealous at all.

🐺 Jack would try to reassure you, that there would be no reason for you to get jealous, because he would never leave you.

🐺 More tail wiggles, when you would pet him on the head or scratch him behind the ears to show the others, that Jack would be yours and yours alone.

🐺 “Don’t worry, (y/n)…” He would try to hide his blushing face.


Ruggie Bucchi

🍩 Just like Leona, Ruggie will enjoy to see you all jealous.

🍩 He might even enjoy it as much as he enjoys eating his favorite doughnuts!

🍩 “Fufufu~ Don’t worry.” He will try to keep you calm, but welp… He can’t help but love to get your sweet kisses, whenever you two were around that person, who tried to flirt with yourRuggie!

🍩 When you even mention the fact that he is only your boyfriend and you would never ever share him, he will joke a little bit and teases you.

🍩 Pet him, scratch him behind his ears, give him kisses and hugs in front of that flirty student, and Ruggie will try to make you a little bit more jealous to get more affection from you!

Chapter Text

Jade Leech

🐬 Jade smiled as you gave him your usual good morning kiss as a sign of greeting. “Good morning, Jade.~” And then his eyes stared at you as you walked to your friends, greeting them and walking off to your class. He truly loved your clinginess. It made his heart nearly jump. Not to forget was he already prepared for any surprise, thanks to his eager twin brother, who was as clingy as you are.

🐬 But you knew that Jade was a true gentleman. He would never tell you, if he actually enjoyed that sweet side of yours, because he cared too much for your happiness.

🐬 Maybe he never liked it…?

🐬 Scared that your sly boyfriend really never liked that, you started to stop being so clingy. His brother was already like that. Maybe he just doesn’t like it… It could be possible, right?

🐬 Jade’s yellowish eyes followed your wandering form, as you waved with your hand to him, greeting him with a sweet smile. But something was wrong. No good morning kiss? Even at night, when Jade walks you to your dorm, he didn’t receive a good night kiss. Even no surprise hugs!

🐬 A sigh left his mouth, as Jade cleaned one of the desks of the Montro Lounge. His eyes wandered to his phone, glancing at the chat and deciding that he had enough of that small game. Throwing the cleaning rag away, he sprinted as fast as possible until his legs stopped and his hands landed on your cheeks, holding them tight in fear of letting you go. “My dear, I think you forgot some kisses last week… Do you maybe want to catch up on it?” The eel smirks, touching your lips with his slim finger.


Vil Schoenheit

👑 It was no secret that you loved to show affection and love to your boyfriend. Vil knew that fact about you. He slightly even liked it, but it made his clothes get wrinkles and made him scared that his makeup will get smudged, whenever you give him small kisses and hugs of love and joy. But when Vil utters out his small fear for his makeup, you respect that and won’t do it, unless he gives you an okay.

👑 Since that day, you often asked Vil if it was alright to kiss him on his beautiful cheeks.

👑 But maybe, Vil doesn’t want those sign of affection from you… So when you think about it a lot later on, you chose to stop being so clingy to the man you loved.

👑 At first, Vil just thought that you were busy with your lessons or the makeup tutorials and skin care routines he gave you.

👑 Day after day passed by and Vil got slightly irritated. Why weren’T you asking him for hugs and kisses? You only greeted him and smiled that sweet smile that Vil loved so much and kept that fact a secret.

👑 Clenching his teeth, Vil made up his mind and walked to you, grasping you by your shoulder to turn around. The blond dorm leader stared into your beautiful eyes as he said:”Kiss me. I miss it, sweet potato.” Surprised by his words and sudden act, you gasped at your boyfriend, who lend down to you and kissed your soft lips.


Malleus Draconia

🐉 Malleus nearly tripped, as he felt arms around his torso and a small kiss on his cheeks. “Good morning, Malleus!~” Cheerfully, you embraced your fae boyfriend. Oh, how sweet his s/o was. Sending you a smile, Malleus greeted you back with a small pet on your head.

🐉 Holding the hand of your boyfriend, you smiled up at him. Your minds went off, thinking about your dear beloved fae to not so great thoughts anymore. What if maybe… Malleus wouldn’t love your hugs and kisses? He smiled, sure, but maybe he just smiled so he won’t upset you! He might even think that you are too clingy!

🐉 Gasping at your thoughts, you immediately let his hand go, assuring him that everything was alright and you just had to tie your shoes.

🐉 But Malleus was smart. Smart enough to see that something was bothering you. Mayhaps it was him? So thinking about what he did to make you so uncomfortable at night, he couldn’t fall asleep.

🐉 Lilia was even shocked to see Malleus that tired. He got more and more tired by every night you wouldn’t show him your sweet affection and hugs and kisses of love.

🐉 Enough was enough. The tall fae knew that something was wrong, which is why he went to you after your lessons finished. Holding your smaller hands in his, he told you about the thoughts that kept him hunting and scared. “Do you no longer love me, my dear child of man?” This only shocked you, making you shake your head in disagreement. “No! Nooo! Malleus, I love you! I-It’s just… I thought that you maybe not like my clinginess… My kisses and hugs… I’m sorry, Malleus…” Pouting at your own dumbness and the fact that you might have upset your sweet boyfriend, Malleus chuckled at you. “My dear… That is one of many things that I cherish, love and never want to miss again. Please, keep it going. I really missed it.”

Chapter Text


💮 Oh boy, that wasn’t good at all. You were so chaotic to many people, except for your friends!

💮 But unfortunately for Vil, you were a pain in his a**. A really big one. Your pranks and your loud behavior. Gosh, it made his head ache!

💮 Thankfully for the Pomefiore dorm leader, he had a right hand, named Rook Hunt. He was basically your babysitter. Always careful to not annoy Vil too much and dragged you away, telling you that he allows you to play with Epel.

💮 And that’s what you two did. You had a lot of fun to annoy man students of NRC! Pranks here and there and so many memes and challenges from your world. He was surprised that there were so many!

💮 One of Epel’s favorite ones are the challenges from your world. Especially the one in which the purplehead may show his manliness and strength! But that poor young first year always got interrupted by the dorm leader and the pomefiore hunter, as if they could smell whenever Epel had fun!

💮 “Fresh potato, come. You are grounded.” – “What!? Why!?” Surprised by the dorm leader, Epel’s eyes widen like yours. “I won’t let you allow to be around him anymore. You are a big bad influence for our potato.” Vil stated, pointing at you with his finger as Rook dragged Epel with them back to his room.

💮 But Epel being Epel, he couldn’t care less what the older students told him. Even if he is grounded, he will still visit his new best friend!

💮 That made him always sneak out, so he could go and have fun with you and your first-year friends.

💮 “Rook, we need to pick some fresh potato and maybe even smash some other ones… This potato and his chaotic friends….”

Chapter Text

Azul Ashengrotto

🐙 Azul will try to be the world greatest gentleman alive in hopes to court you correctly.

🐙 He doesn‘t know how to court humans, but he will read many books to figure a good way out.

🐙 But then it happened… You were maybe too oblivious or just playing with him. Was his flirting bad? Couldn‘t you get it?

🐙 Holding doors open for you, trying to help you whenever he can, complementing you always. Please, get it or else the sweet octopus-like man will get upset as hell!

🐙 When the tweels persuade him to flirt more with you, he will blush and wants to try it out, only to chicken out and storming away with the most reddest face he could possibly have.

🐙 When you try to court him, he will get all blushy and tries to hide his face. “P-Please, don‘t tease me…“ He stutters out.


Jade Leech

🐬 Oh, Jade is a total pro in it! He knows how to do it perfectly and how he can make you fall for him in an instant.

🐬 But at first, he will try to be subtile. Making eye contact, holding your hand, brushing your hair away from your eyes, so he can stare into them.

🐬 If it helps and you blush or feel a small tingle, he will smirk to himself and get out the big guns…

🐬 Kissing your hands, sometimes even your cheeks and holding you close to him in hopes, that those actions might help him to court you.

🐬 But maybe you tried the same things? Could it be possible, that you were trying to do the same thing and that you might have feelings of love towards him too?

🐬 If you will do it, he will smile and accept your feelings in a heart beat. Going to your side and tell many students to walk off, so they could leave him and his great s/o alone.


Floyd Leech

🦈 Is he even trying to court you? He won‘t even realize at first, that he has some feelings for you. Floyd is an energetic eel, full of fun and mischievous!

🦈 Out of the sudden, he realizes that he has those strange feelings deep down and asks his dear brother and best friend about it.

🦈 They tell him that Floyd should court you and then his strange feelings will get stronger and makes him super happy.

🦈 Eager to get what he wants, Floyd will run to you and tries every advice his friends tell him.

🦈 Hell, if that won‘t work, he will be so direct to you and even asks you how you would wanted to get courted. “Shrimpyyyy! I don‘t know how to court you! You don‘t get anything… Tell me how…“ He will pout and grab your wrist to get your attention.

🦈 “You don‘t have to try anything, Floyd. I already like you a lot.“ You giggle, making him smile brightly. He will hug you so tight, that you can‘t even breath properly… “Good! Then I don‘t need to do so many exhausting things!~ Let‘s go, shrimpy! I want to play basketball!!“


Lilia Vanrouge

🦇 Oh Lilia… Smart, mischievous, small Lilia… Emphasis on smart, because hell, does Lilia knows many ways of courting people.

🦇 He is old, like super old and even wrote a book; ‘How To Court The One You Love’, which is laying in Malleus desk, hidden from any person in Diasomnia.

🦇 He will use the advices he wrote down. Show his crush that he is interested, be friendly, nice and try to show every sign that he is courting them and many more…

🦇 The old fae even tries to befriend your friends in order to be closer to you!

🦇 But who would have guessed that his sweet little troublemaker would be interested in him too?

🦇 Smirking at your tries of courting the old fae, he will place his hands on your cheek and kiss your nose. “Good that we both wanted it. Fufufu~“

Chapter Text

♥️♠️🍎🎮🤖⚡️🤺🐾 They would be super scared and shocked to meet your mother.

God bless them. Deep down, they know that they shouldn‘t make any bad jokes or any dumb thing. Lady Dimitrescu und her children were super scary people. Blood-drinking vampire-like people. Who knows… Maybe they would even bath in blood and that‘s what would make this guys super scared. One bad move and it‘s over… Even if you tried to assure them, that you will try to protect them, they know that you aren‘t as strong as your mother… You could never do anything…

If they meet her, they will just carefully listen to everything the older and taller woman will tell them. Gulping, nodding and holding their own necks in fear of getting killed by her…

🌹☘️♦️🐺🍩 🏹🗡️ It is your mother. They have to respect the tall woman and have to be nice. No matter what. They love you more than anything and would even walk through fire for you. But now the time to meet your mother has come… If your mother would even tell them how she would kill them, gosh, your boyfriend would get pale pretty fast, but will sit stiff there and nod their head. “Of course. Nothing will happen to your child. I will protect (y/n). Please, ma‘am. Let me date your child….“

🐙🎉 🐉🦇🔮 They would be interested about your family and asks more. Also very friendly towards your mother. I mean, how couldn’t they? It was just so interesting to see that you have such a strange woman as your mother.

🦁🐬🦈🐍👑🖤🐕🐈💪🏼 Not scared at all. Why should they? They are after all stronger than your mother! They can use magic and have their unique magic. No reason to be scared at all, but they will respect and be nice towards her. They still want to see you at the end of the day. You shouldn‘t get grounded by their own stupid mistakes. Even Floyd will try to stay calm for you!

Chapter Text

💮 They were always wondering, how they ended up to be your friend. You were just so… different. Yeah, different.

💮 Not loud, not troublemaking, not normal.

💮 There were even times, when you wouldn’t utter even one word out and surprise them, when you said random things. At least, it felt like random things, but it wasn’t, right?

💮 At night, when you weren’t wandering around with your first-year friends, they were sitting in a circle and discussing what you meant.

💮 Sometimes… They screamed at each other…


💮 “I am milkman.” You said, before you continued to eat your sandwich as the others stared at you. “Okay… Wait, what?” Jack’s ears twitched at you, irritated by the words you have told them so randomly.

💮 “I give up… Does anybody know what (y/n) meant?” – “No… Let’s asks our senpais…”

💮 But when the first-year gang asked around in school, everybody shook either their heads, shrugged or said that you were too strange for them, which is why they weren’t brave enough to talk to you.

💮 Your cryptic stuff was kind of scary to some of the NRC students, but the first-year gang being stubborn, they couldn’t care at all.

💮 “Vacuum cleaners were originally horse-drawn.” You told them, as you stared at the fluffy clouds above in the deep blue sky. “I-I’m so confused…”

💮 Many days ended up the same. Your friends, sitting on the grass, sighing by not knowing what you meant as you silently watched your friends.

💮 But it was also damn funny, how their faces just showed confusion. You could swear to see many question marks flying around their heads!

💮 “Cheese is all around us.”

💮 “Henchman, stop it please… You are confusing us…”

Chapter Text

🐉 It happened so suddenly! You were talking to Malleus as you walked through the school. Chatting a little bit here and there, while you laughed at a few stories of his about his childhood and all the things that happened to him during the time, Lilia raised the fae. “Really? All of his clothes burned down, because of one small sneeze of yours?” You laughed after you’ve seen his nostalgic smile, which grazed his lips.

🐉 But then when you wanted to tell your dear friend Malleus a small story of what happened during history class, you were interrupted by a loud booming sound nearby.

🐉 Curious by the noises that came from the right direction, you grabbed Malleus hand into yours, walking hand in hand there and ignoring your red dusted cheeks that warmed up by the idea of just taking his hand into yours.

🐉 “JUST GIVE IT BACK, GRIM!” You heard your friends voice scream. “HEY, I FOUND IT!” – “NO, YOU STOLE IT! IT WAS MY SANDWICH!” And like on every other day, you sighed by the scene of Grim and Ace yelling at each other for a silly thing, while Deuce tried to keep them calm. “So, nothing important…” You mumbled and turned around, so you could get your peace and quite with Malleus. “I WILL BURN YOU ALIVE!”

🐉 Malleus eyes widen as the dragon-like fae listened to your cat-friend’s loud voice. Kill them? Nobody should get hurt here on the ground of NRC. No one! Especially not you!

🐉 Furious about the screaming cat, Malleus surprised everyone as he turned into his dragon form. If anything, ever happens to you, he could never forgive himself. You were his first friend and the first person who truly cherished him more than anybody else.

🐉 Dragon Malleus’ wings spread wide open, as he grabbed you and flew away, before anyone could hurt you.

🐉 “W-What the-!? (Y/N)!?” You heard the surprised and screaming voices of your friends as you shrieked on the back of the prince.

🐉 Even if you were flying several feet above the ground, you knew deep down, that you were safe. Malleus would never let anything happen to you. Nothing. He was just the nicest fae on this planet.

🐉 You could swear, you could hear him purr as your hand landed on his head, while your fingertips softly patted him, assuring him that you were in no danger.

🐉 “Don’t worry, Malleus. I’m alright.” But the dragon being stubborn as always, just flew you back to his dorm. He knew out of his instinct, that there were at least no danger or pain.

🐉 As you landed on your feet again, happy to be on the ground and no longer flying as fast as thunder through the sky, you kissed Malleus nose, patting his cheek lovingly. “Thanks.”

Chapter Text

🦁 Damn, you are the most supportive s/o and Leona will always be grateful.

🦁 He trained a lot for the chess championship. Defeated many people with his smart brain of his and clever thinking.

🦁 “Checkmate.” You hear your boyfriend say as a smirk spread on his lips and he looked down on the player in front of him.

🦁 “YES!!!” You cheered loudly, raising a banner with Leona’s name on it and jumped happily on the ground. He won!!! He won the game! Now Leona had a few more in front of him, but he will win for sure.

🦁 As long as you are on his side, the lion knows that he can make it. He will win the championship, now that he entered it, he won’t back down. He will win for his own pride and for the one he loves the most. You.

Chapter Text

Azul Ashengrotto

🐙 There was one thing that you surely didn’t wanted to do. Especially not in front of other people! Handholding… Even hearing it, makes you shudder and a fricking blushing mess!

🐙 But Azul actually loved that sight of yours a lot. This were one of a few moments in which the octopus-like man wouldn’t be the blushing one, but you!

🐙 “Oh, my little tsundere.~ What’s wrong?” He would ask you innocently, as he snatched your hand into his, watching your face turning red.

🐙 “S-S-STOP IT!” You stuttered out, becoming redder than any tomato could ever be.

🐙 “And here runs my s/o away.” He sighs as an amused chuckle left his lips. He truly loves that side of yours. It might be a handful, but he adores it a lot.

🐙 Deep down, you knew that he will eventually find you again to… hold your hand… But you won’t stop yourself and run from him again and again!


Jade Leech

🐬 “Let’s hold hands.” Jade smiled down on you, as you shook your head, denying his request.

🐬 He loves to see you flustered, but you on the other hand wished for him to stop.

🐬 But would a sly eel like him ever stop? No.

🐬 “Forget it!” You turned your back to him, before he chuckled at you. “Oh, right. I have a present.” When you turned around to look at the present, which was probably in his hands, he immediately snatched them.

🐬 “T-T-That’s not a present!” – “I never mentioned a gift for you, my dearest tsundere.”

🐬 He dragged you to the Monstro Lounge as you blushed furiously, trying to hide your face with your free hand so your friends wouldn’t tease you about it.


Floyd Leech

🦈 “Tsun-shrimpy!~” Your eyebrows raised upon hearing the singsong voice of your boyfriend’s.

🦈 You knew better than anybody else, that whenever Floyd called you like that it was time to play that one game… Hide and seek. But not the game that everybody knows of… No… Hide and seek your damn hands or else the energetic eel will catch them!!!

🦈 There were times, people thought of you two dancing together or him, hugging you from behind, not knowing what you two were actually doing.

🦈 Floyd would try to use every trick he thought of to grab your hands in his, while you tried to run away from your boyfriend.

🦈 He knows that you liked him a lot. Hell, you even loved him! But doing all this intimidate things couple do in public…? No, thank you. It would be embarrassing!

🦈 “Give me your hand!~”

Chapter Text

Riddle Rosehearts

🌹 Riddle was depressed. Very depressed. So upset, that he couldn‘t even focus on the students of Heartslabyul and all the rules they have broken already. He will halfhearted yell at them and everyone will be nervous and still scared, that he might explode sooner or later.

🌹 He will try to focus on other things, but it will be so hard to do it. His mind will always switch to one person, that he never wanted to see leave his side… But life could be cruel…

🌹 Were you missing him too? Would you ever think of him? There were so many thoughts he had. So many questions he wanted to ask and love to share with you. But maybe… It was too late. You will never come back.

🌹 He was so upset, that Riddle even got a high fever, making many panic at the sight of their dorm leader so ill and upset. He was just lying in his bed, staring at the wall and pouting that you wouldn‘t nurse him.

🌹 After a week at staying in bed and rubbing his face on a shirt of yours he found in his room, he decided to leave the room and be the best dorm leader he could ever be!

🌹 He stared over the roses, that the students painted as fast as they possibly could, before the unbirthday party would begin.

🌹 Unbirthday party… Oh, by the love of the great seven… You used to attend those parties too. By his side.

🌹 "Roses are so beautiful, when they smile in happiness and not shear tears.“ Riddle‘s eyes widen at the sound of the voice of his beloved, that he missed more than ever.

🌹 The redhead didn‘t notice the tear that left his left eye. He was too surprised to hear that sweet voice. Slowly, he turned around to see you. You were really there! Standing in front of him! "You are late.” He muttered out, wipping away the tear off of his cheek as he embraced you. “Late for the party? That would be new.” A small smile graced his lips, as he hugged you tight.


Leona Kingscholar

🦁 You left him? Of course. Leona knew deep down, that the time would come. The big bad lion knew that he could never be the number one in anything. Not even your first priority… After all… You were gone. Somewhere in your world and probably happy!

🦁 Leona‘s tail furiously moved around, hitting Ruggie‘s cheek several times as the poor hyaena tried to help him with many tasks.

🦁 “Aw come on! I know that you miss (y/n)! Stop pouting around and be the strong dorm leader you used to be.” Leona‘s eyes twitched at Ruggie‘s words. “Pouting? As if I would pout!” Angrily he would go back to his room, wanting to take a nap.

🦁 But Leona knew that Ruggie was right. He was pouting like a sweet little lion. Just like Cheeka. Unbelievable! He would be like him right now. Did he sunk that deep? Was he now too childish?

🦁 His ears twitched as fury took over. Leona was getting so angry that he couldn’t even fall asleep! Only because his little mouse wasn’t here. His herbivore. His living body pillow!

🦁 He threw his pillow to the other end of the room, rolling on his bed left and right. Holding his ears and even tried to knock himself down, just to fall asleep and dream of you… But he had too many thoughts up his mind, that he couldn’t even take a small nap and relax! Maybe you lied… You might not be able to use magic, but you definitely used a spell on him… Leona was so sure about it!

🦁 “Can’t sleep?” He heard a voice ask him as he grunted. “Can’t see? Only because of that damn herbivore.” Leona’s ears twitched as he heard the person giggle. Wait… That’s the what you often did, when you two were alone…

🦁 Fast, Leona stood up from his bed to stare at his beloved human, who waved at him with that damn sweet smile. “Long time no see, right, my lion?”

🦁 “You need a punishment for leaving me…” He growled, biting on your ear as he threw you on his bed to lay his head on your chest. As you tried to tell him, that you missed and love him, he interrupted you immediately. “Shush. I need my nap.” And that’s what you did for the rest of the day. Slept on his bed and cuddle.


Vil Schoenheit

👑 Vil Schoenheit. Or better known as the fanciest of them all. The most beautifulest student of NRC. Known by many people, because of his beauty. His wonderful beauty… The beauty that he couldn’t show anybody at the moment as the one and only Vil Schoenheit refused to leave his room.

👑 “Roi du Poison, please! You have to leave your room.” Rook knocked several times on the door alongside Epel. Both were worried that something happened to the pomefiore dorm leader, as the blonde won’t talk to anybody since the day you left the world to be home again. Home… Funny… Vil always hoped that he would be your home… But how it seems, he was wrong…

👑 “I look like a monster.” Vil glanced into the mirror in front of him. At the make-up that got ruined by the tears that left his beautiful eyes. He tried to ignore his feelings, but it was too hard. You stole his heart and now his happiness too. He couldn’t stay happy, without you by his side!

👑 “My sweet potato just left me. Of all people! Just to be with a potato family and have a great life. Without me.” Vil clenched his teeth as he tried to rub away the make-up. “Now I’m all alone. Just me with those other potatoes…” Vil ignored the pomefiore students, still trying to fix his make-up. He couldn’t even hear the students hushes and whispers on the other side of the door.

👑 “Alright, Roi du Poison, if you don’t want to talk to us, maybe you want to talk to your sweet potato.” Vil laughed at Rook’s words. His beloved wasn’t here anymore. How could he ever talk to-

👑 “Vil? Are you alright? The others told me, that you refuse to leave your room. I’m worried…” That wasn’t possible… That couldn’t be… No…

👑 The door swung open, shocking Rook and Epel, who tried to shove other students away. It was their first time to see Vil looking like a raccoon!

👑 “You! How dare you to leave me?! And what’s with your clothes, sweet potato?! Come in! We have to fix so many things…” A sigh left the blonde’s mouth as he dragged you into his room, locking the door behind him.

👑 Vil’s eyes swung around you. It was so wonderful to have you once again in his arms…

"Uhm… Vil… I missed you too! But… uhm… You are rubbing your make-up on my clothes…” - “You have to throw them away anyway. They look like trash, sweet potato.”


Malleus Draconia

🐉 “Come on!~ Open your mouth. Here comes the dragon. Roar, roar!~” Lilia grinned, as he held a spoon full of… Well, let’s all assume that it might be food, even though that some others would argue about it. “I’m not hungry.” Stated Malleus as he lend his chin on his hand, gazing over the trees of their dorms. “Since that human left, he doesn’t want to eat or sleep…” Sebek’s hands clenches into fists, furious that the prince had so many negative emotions, because of your absence. “Nobody would want to it the old man’s food.” Silver threw in, trying to chew on the mentioned food. “It’s as hard as stones.” He grumbled.

🐉 They were all indeed right. Since you walked away into a place unknown for any of your friends, the dragon fae seemed upset and felt so alone. Usually, he liked to stroll around alone until he met you. The most greatest human being. You were like an angel to him. So sweet, nice and dear. The walks were wonderful and even silence so peaceful and dear to him. But now it changed…

🐉 Day after day, he kept thinking about his child of man. What they did at the moment and if you hoped to come back. If only he would have asked you one question to bind you to him forever, but for humans it might have been strange as you were still young.

🐉 “I will walk out again. Please, don‘t wait for me.” Malleus said, turning around to leave the dorm and his friends behind him. “HOW DARE YOU, (Y/N) TO MAKE HIM SO SAD?!” - “Hey… I‘m trying to sleep here and wish for a better dinner. I mean… What is this?” Lilia laughed at both Diasomnia students until his eyes widen. “Wait? Better dinner?”

🐉 As Malleus walked around, he found his favorite place. The gargoyles he loved to look at with you. A few dates were even at this one special place.

🐉 “It is such a sweet sight.” Malleus smiled. A smile of joy and nostalgia as the old stones reminded him of his beloved human.

🐉 “A sweet sight? If I‘m not wrong, you once said that to me. So… Which sight is better? The gargoyles or me?” The smile that stayed on Malleus lips turned into a grin. “I promised you, my dearest. I shall never lie to you…” Turning around, Malleus walked to you, holding your hand in his. “It will always be you.”

🐉 As you hugged your boyfriend, the tall fae smiled happily. He couldn‘t hide his feelings of joy as you are finally back here by his side. “My dear child of man. I have an important question to ask.” - “Shoot.” A small chuckle left Malleus, as he closed his eyes and hoped that the future will look as wonderful as he always dreamed at night. “Will you marry me? That is the only way to now, that you will never leave me ever again, my dearest.”


Chapter Text

Riddle Rosehearts

🌹 Riddle glanced at you, raising his eyebrow as you told a few Heartlabyul students that they shouldn’t use that red color for the white roses. “What are you doing there, (Y/N)? I’ve told them to use it.” – “But the roses wanted to be pink. And the ones over there wanted to be blue or yellow. Both colors suit them right.”

🌹 “Ace! Deuce! What did you do again!?” Riddle screamed out loud. His face nearly as red as the paint that the students held in their hands. How dare they to mess around with his crush and let his dear be a weird mess!?

🌹 “Don’t worry.~ I’m fine and that’s not weird at all. I can talk to animals and plants, shrink myself, fly around and more. Typical fae thing. Well… Faes of my world, because the faes from this one are a bit different, if I’m not wrong.”

🌹 As you explained the redhaired dorm leader more about your species, your friends thanked you as they ran away to hide. Who knows…? Maybe Riddle see their work and wants to cut their heads off, because of their messy work with the painted plants…

🌹 “That’s how it is… Say, could you maybe talk to the roses in my room? They seem a bit different than the other ones.” How it seemed, Riddle found a way to spend more time with you, which made the dorm leader nearly jump of joy.

🌹 “Riddle, do you want to see my wings? They are red. Just like your hair!” That was a sign that you two belonged together. He was sure of it.


Azul Ashengrotto

🐙 Azul was one who never thought, that he could ever find such a sweet and loving person like you. Not forget the strange warm feeling he gained for you over the time he get to know you better. The cecaelian always thought that he knew everything about you, until he saw you talking to plants. Did another potion messed with your head…?

🐙 “I’m fine, Azul. I just talked to… Sorry, what was your name again? – Ah, right. Herbert. I was talking to Herbert.”

🐙 Cue to him being confused as hell. “Why are you talking to a plant…?” – “Because they are lonely. They told me that nobody cares for their feelings, which is why I tried to cheer them up and- Sorry, Alex, not now. He doesn’t know that faes can do that. Yeah, I know!”

🐙 So you told him more about the fae species of your world and how you were, what you could do and even one more thing… Showed him your form.

🐙 Azul promised himself, that he will always protect you, but after he saw your fae-form, he got overprotective… I mean… You are so damn small! You were like a butterfly!

🐙 “Would faes ever date mermaids…?” Azul asked himself and sometimes, the Monstro Lounge staff would see him asking a few faes of the NRC the question that lingered on his mind after the plant accident.


Idia Shroud

🎮 Idia is shocked and need some minutes to sit down and realize what the hell just happened. A second ago, you were standing next to him and then boof, you were small and had butterfly-like wings and flew around like a picturebook fairy?

🎮 “Idia… I’m a little bit worried… Are you alright? You are staring at the ground for an entire hour now…” Idia nods his head fast. Yeah, yeah. He is alright. He has to be alright.

🎮 Totally laughs loud and hysterically. His crush is not even human? He was scared that you might never wanted to be in a relationship with him, because you are from another world and now also a fae!? His chances to date you was probably as small as you were…

🎮 Out of shock and depression, that you will definitely reject him, he fell face first down, nearly bursting into tears.

🎮 “I will come to you in a few minutes to help you with the boss fight… Just give me a minute…”

🎮 You waited a day for him to come by and wrapped him into a blanket, because of his red dry eyes. “Did you cry?” – “N-No…”


Malleus Draconia

🐉 Malleus is surprised. You are a fae? He always thought that you were a normal human… with pointed ears! But a fae? Especially a fae from another world? That made him very interested in his crush far more than he usually is.

🐉 He will ask you many questions out of curiosity. Are you similar to the faes of the world he lives in or too different?

🐉 He is mesmerized by your beautiful wings and when you use your magic to be in your real fae form, his eyes shine brighter than any star he ever saw in the dark sky at night.

🐉 “You are so small and cute…” – “I see, so your lifespan is longer than humans too. Glad to know. Mh? Why? Just wanted to ask it, my dear child of fae.” He chuckled.

🐉 “Oh, that probably looks strange, right?” You asked Malleus as you talked to the animals who sat on you and Silver, while your fingers stroke a few flowers around you. “I can talk to them. Weird, I know…”

🐉 But to Malleus, you will always be wonderful. No matter what you do, it is incredible and wonderful for him. Especially the fact that you can be as old as him…


Chapter Text

🌸 I’m sure, that if they would have a crush on you, they would all accept the love confession and if they don’t, then they would reject them. Some nicer than others….

But here is the list:

🐉 Malleus would always like you, no matter what. You were his first friend and he is very interested in the child of man. So, accepting their love confession would be a step towards understanding his friend and hanging out more often, which is why he wouldn’t reject immediately. He would only tell you, if he feels the same or not but he still wants to be your friend!

🎉 Kalim is nice. Very nice. He would be one to not even realize that it would be a love confession and will tell you, that he loves you too. In a way that only friends would do. But even if he doesn’t harbor a crush on you, he will tell you that his feelings might change over time but that you will still be one of his friends.

🐙 He would accept it in a heartbeat. But when he doesn’t have any feelings towards you, he might accept your love confession so that he could use you for either the Monstro Lounge or some other useful tasks…

🌹 Poor little Riddle… He would be surprised to get a love confession. Many thinks of him as the strict and fury dorm leader, but in this situation, he would be blushing and flustered. He would thank you for loving him, because that’s something that he barely saw in his life. Love… Wow, it’s strange. But he would be nice enough to reject you in a kind way and still invite you to the parties of the dorm, if he doesn’t harbor the same feelings.

🎮 Idia would never believe that somebody would ever love him. That’s just a joke, right? A very bad joke! And you probably wanted to play with his feelings… Oh gosh, and now he locks himself in his room and refuses to leave it! Of course, he will get out of there one day or another, and tells you what he feels for you…

🦁 Oh, the big lion would totally tease you and continue to take his nap peacefully. Just leave him alone, except if you might want to bring some food to him. Or maybe take a nap with him? He doesn’t mind, as long as you shut your mouth and leave him alone.

👑 Vil would have that one smirk. The “I know, everyone loves me”-smirk. When he would care for you, he would accept it, when not, he will reject you in an easy way. Let’s just hope that he doesn’t hate you, or else it could get ugly…

Chapter Text

🦈 He would be super duper happy to play hide and seek with you!

🦈 No matter which role he takes, he will have fun! Running away so you can’t catch him? He is a total pro in it and will laugh and tease you! Running after you to catch you and squeezes you so tight into him? Hell yes, he is in!

🦈 Many NRC students would roll with their eyes, when they would see you play that childish game, but a few students like Kalim would want to play with you two.

🦈 He has the time of his life.~ Playing with his dear shrimpy a game is so great!

🦈 “Floyd… I can’t breath… Isn’t it my turn to catch y-you…?” – “In a second!~”


Chapter Text

You looked around as you stood in the middle of the botanical garden, drenched in water, because of your clumsy feet. It only happened, because of Grim. If he hadn’t eaten that ingredient you were supposed to put into one blue potion, then you wouldn’t have been here in the first place. Or maybe it was your fault… If you wouldn’t be so focused on a small problem you had, you would have notice Grim’s hungry expression and the drool that left his mouth like a waterfall.

Now that you were wetter than the papers, Grim drooled on, your small problem you had was getting bigger than ever. It was the fact that you were a girl. Well, that surely wasn’t a problem, but more that a girl attended an all-boys school and that all of them, including your dear friends, had no idea of your true gender! How should you ever tell them about it? Would they hate you for lying at them? Would they kick you out of school? Oh god, here comes your fear again.

The fear felt like darkness, absorbing you like a hungry monster as it ate all of your warm, sweet feelings you had and left you in a state of sadness.

You felt so uncomfortable by their side. So alone. It was wrong. You shouldn’t have been there, but your friends were so nice and welcomes you in their arms. But maybe… Maybe it was because they thought of you as a boy. You trust them and they trust you. Well… Trusted. Now it’s going to change forever. A voice whispered to you in your mind.

Your body felt so heavy as you slumped down on the ground, ignoring the cold air around you that bite your skin due to you being all wet. Slowly, as if you saw everything in slow motion, your arms wrapped around yourself. You couldn’t leave the garden now. They would see you and find out the truth. The truth you hide so well until that one mistake. Couldn’t it have happened at your room or nearby? Why the botanical garden? It was too far away from your dorm. You couldn’t just rush over there like a ninja in the dark.

But a small voice came out of the darkness. If you were lucky, no one will notice you and your wet form. They surely can’t see much if they stand far away, while you stormed over to your dorm. It might happen. You could have luck for once in your life! It would be so great…

Trusting yourself and Fortuna, the goddess of luck, you stood up, determined that everything will turn up alright, when you used your legs for that long walk or more likely long run to the dorm. Step after step, you walked out of the flowery garden to the direction of your sweet, homely dorm. Your gaze watched your surrounding here and there. But as your leg moved out of the garden, your hope died faster than Ruggie could have eaten food. Gulping, you stood there frozen, while you felt goosebumps all over your skin and a cold shiver run on your back. No… Please, mighty sevens that everyone in this world loves so much, let it not be them. Couldn’t it have been Crowly or another professor of the NRC? Why was it them?

“Mh? Why are you wet, herbivore?” That nickname. Oh, how you wished at the moment to slap yourself in the face. Of course, Leona and some other Savanaclaw students would have been there.

“Hey, (y/n)! There you are! You really took your time to get that flower, huh?” Ace’s voice was heard behind you, along with a chuckle. “Oh, so you guys are here too, huh? Pomefiore needs some ingredients too for some things Vil-senpai wanted to make.”

No, no, no, no. Savanaclaw, Pomefiore, Heartslabyul? What comes next!?

“Hey, shrimpy!~ We have to find a student, do you maybe know where he is?” Octavinelle. You had to ask, huh…?

“Fufufu.~ It’s as if the whole school is meeting here, right? Oh, Silver fell asleep again.” Diasomnia. “Isn’t he cute, Kalim? Idia? Thanks for the live stream again.” Live stream…? That means Ignihydeand Scarabia saw you too.

Mouthing the question and many “Why?” out, you took another step, trying to ignore the voices around you. Maybe they won’t notice. Your hope shouldn’t die. It shouldn’t leave you alone. You refused it to happen. At the moment, when your eyes nearly started to tear up by the situation you were currently in, you heard one sentence you never ever wanted to hear in this school. “Mh? (Y/N)… There is something black around your chest. Is that-?” You heard a few students gasp shockingly as they finally noticed that black “thing” that you had under your shirt. Your bra.

Mayhap Fortuna hated you on this day. Not only did you forgot your jacket, but you were wet and your friends saw your bra.

Taking a deep breath through your nose in and out, your eyes closed shut as you turned around. Now or never. Well, you hoped it was never but life was harsh. “Hey… Yeah… I-I’m a girl…” You muttered, waving with your hand to greet them as you felt once again uncomfortable at the stares of them. The shock never once left their face as they looked you up and down. “No wonder that you looked so cute and adorable.~” You heard Rook’s laugher as a few of them talked to each other and how blind they were for not realizing it sooner.

“So… Did you find everything? We still have to finish the potion.” Grim asked impatiently as Deuce laid his jacket over your drenched shoulders to protect you from the eyes of some students. “Come, or else we will get a punishment of Riddle-senpai if we won’t finish it in time…” – “Yes, you will!”

It seemed that you were overthinking everything. They were your friends. They will always accept you, no matter what. It was no big problem, right? “Thanks, guys.” You whispered under your breath, smiling at the students of NRC, ignoring the small blushes on the cheeks of a few students and friends, after all they saw your bra and skin through your wet clothes…

Chapter Text

Jade Leech

Everyone was still asking themselves, how in hell the one and only Jade Leech had a crush on you. You, of all people. That one dense girl, that currently talked to her friends as she stood on her toes, trying to keep the tuna can out of Grim’s reach.

“So, why shrimpy?” Asked his dear brother, who rolled the basketball in his hands, never leaving it out of his sight. Jade shrugged with his shoulder, smiling at the scene he watched carefully just like Carter would watches videos on his phone. “She is different than many other women, aren’t she?” Now it was Floyd’s turn to shrug with his shoulder. Shrimpy was shrimpy, he claimed, not understanding what his twin brother meant. You were after all… you.

“Will you tell shrimpy-chan that you are head over tails for her? Uh-“ Floyd eyes left the ball in his hands for a second to look down to see his legs. “- I mean… heels?” The question, threw Jade off guard, as he stared at the smirking eel in disbelieve. He should confess his feelings? Sure, it might make everything easier for him. He might stop pining after you that hard, when he could finally get you out of his mind, but getting rejected by their own crush is too horrible and he wouldn’t wanted to upset his dear friend Azul, by not working due to a heartbreak.

“Just go already, it’s boring to see that every day. Don’t wanna see it again.” The childish eel pouted, leaning on the wall as they continued their discussion and the wants and needs of the pining eel. But then, Jade interrupted himself by hearing one thing, he was scared to hear. You being in pain. “Hey, Grim. That hurts.” Your eyes teared upby the small inflicted wound you gained by the hungry cat monster, that snatched the can of tuna out of your hands. “Your fault for not giving me food.” – “Oh, (y/n). You are bleeding.” Epel noticed the blood on your hand as you flinched for a second. “It burns…”

Rushing to the scene, Jade’s hand fell on your shoulder, turning you around so he could examine your hand. Carefully so he won’t hurt you, he stared at the wound, sending a hateful stare at the cat, who gulped down his tuna, nearly choking on it as he saw Jade’s anger. “My dear, don’t worry, I shall help you.” He smiled at you. Deep in his heart, he hoped that you will finally notice the strong feelings he had for you, but you crushed that hope again…

“I’m fine, don’t worry, Jade. It often happens.” You chuckled, knowing that you will annoy Grim again, once you had a grip on his tuna cans again. “No, I can’t let you get hurt again. I want to be there for you and help you, so nothing can ever harm you again.” For a second, he threw Grim another mean glance, who backed down from the scene in fear to get himself killed by the tall mermaid. “Funny, that’s the same thing I once read in a book. The male lead said it to his beloved princess, before they got married. They loved each other so much.” She smiled at the story. “But you don’t have to worry, really. You are such a sweet friend, thanks, Jade.” You cheerfully thanked him once again, turning around and leave him alone with your friends by your side.

“Gonna give up?” Jade heard behind him. “No. She can’t be that dense, right?” He chuckled, thinking about a new strategy he could use so you will finally be his girlfriend.


Floyd Leech

A long, desperate sigh came out of the tall eel that watched you. You seemed more focused into your homework rather him, your best friend and the man - or likely mermaid – you were supposed to have a crush on. At least, that’s what Floyd wanted. For he shared that feeling of love towards you and wanted to have a similar happy love story, that Jade once told him about, when they lived as children in their hometown, swimming around and having fun, like children should have. It was the love story of one little mermaid and princess, who made a contract to be with the man of her dreams.

“And here we go…” Azul shook his head as a small smile graced his lips, while he looked into his friend’s direction. “Do you think, that shrimpy could be one day my shrimpy?” He was really love struck, but unfortunately the woman he fell for, was as dense as every rock could ever have been.

“Go to her, Floyd.” His twin brother smiled at him, trying to assure him, that everything will be alright and that you liked him anyway. Afterall, it was rare that anybody would be friends with the eager eel. Even the people he would consider as friends, were annoyed by the adorable childish student. He can still hear Riddle’s roaming voice in the back of his mind, screaming at him for playing that little prank on him, when he fell asleep in the library a week ago.

Grumbling a few words, Floyd raised up. His gaze never left your figure as you slurped on your drink, while writing a few sentences here and there. Sometimes you have looked up to wave at your dear friend, who have been ignoring some customers, to Azul’s anger. But the octopus-like student knew his friend and couldn’t get too angry at him.

“Maybe you two are right…” He voiced out his thoughts, walking to you, while his friend and brother cheered for him in silence. “Shrimpy-chan, I have to tell you something.” You send him a smile, waiting for him to continue.

Floyd looked over his shoulder, seeing the staff of Monstro Lounge now all standing around, giving him thumbs up or crossing their fingers in hope, that the unofficial couple, finally becomes one – and that Floyd finally starts working again, rather than being upset and pining after you. “I love you, shrimpy-chan.” Floyd grinned, taking your hand in his, but who would have known, that his sweet grin would disappear so fast…?

“I love you too. You are my best friend, Floyd. I love you all.” Just friend…? Well, best friend, but still… It nearly made Floyd crush the next thing nearby, but he tried to control himself, at least he should do it in front of his crush.

Floyd felt a hand on his shoulder blade. “You tried your best.” He heard his brother whisper into his ear, as he tried to drag the upset eel away from the smiling and confused woman that he pined for. “Don’t worry, one day, she might realize your feelings.” And dear seven, he truly wished for you to do it! But Floyd was never a man to give up. He will try his best until you finally confess your own feelings. He will make sure of it. He will be the mermaid of your love story and you the charming princess.

Chapter Text

“I’m sure, that you will love him dearly, my sweetheart.” Your parents smiled at you, trying to assure you that you will love your future husband. But you on the other hand, were upset. How comes that you had to marry someone that you never met? That you don’t want to get married with? It was horrible. You wanted to be free, just like fishes. They could do whatever they wanted to do in the deep ocean behind your castle. After your marriage, which will be in three years, you should even move away from the kingdom you loved so much.

Everything was wonderful there. The friendly people, who greet you every day, when you sneaked out for a small walk and oh, the fresh baked cookies from the bakery. The smell was just too great to never smell again. But there was one thing that you cared for, more than everything the baker could make. The ocean, the sand between your toes, when you walked on it during sunny mornings and the cold water that splashes your feet. It always felt like heaven.

Even now you were sitting with your bright dress on the beach, rubbing your bare feet through the sand and minding your own business. You should have been in the castle to learn more about the kingdom you should live in your future, but sitting here, smelling the air of the ocean… That was far better than anything on this planet.

Your eyes shut close as you fell onto the warm sand, dirtying your dress and messing your hair as you warmed yourself in the sunshine. The birds chirped during the cloudless, bright blue sky, flying around like the gracefullest animals. “At least there are free and may do what they want.” You said envious, hearing the soft breeze of the winds and singing birds.

Blubber were the next thing you heard as it came near. Did it come from the water? It was too comfortable to open up your eyes right now. It must be just your imagination, you thought, not opening your eyes for the noise. “Floyd, come back. Don’t go over there.” You heard a voice trying to whisper to another one. “I just wanna take a look, Azul.~ Come, Jade.”

Floyd? Azul? Jade? Those names were unfamiliar to you. And from the direction it seemed, that the voices were coming from the ocean… But that couldn’t be possible, right?

“Come on, Floyd!” – “Stop pulling. I want to see a human. Never saw some!~” Wait, that sounded weird… Slowly you opened your eyes, only to see the blue sky in front of you until you rapidly sat up to see three heads in the water. One guy smiled at you like a child in a candy store, while the other one doesn’t seem impressed but smiled nonetheless and last but not least, the third one. He looked surprised, shocked. His face became pale as pale as his hair, as he never broke the eye contact you two shared. It felt wrong to watch him, but also so right. He was like the ocean to you. Mesmerizing and wonderful. Like a sweet prince in picture books you loved to read, when you were a child.

“Hello!~” One waved with his arm, as the pale one tried to drag him away with- Tentacles? Did you see it right? “Floyd, come. Mother said that humans shouldn’t see us! They are dangerous.” He whisper-yelled at his friend, while the twin of the energetic one, pulled on his other arm.

“W-Wait!” Was it true? The stories you heard and read about? It said, that they were mermaids out there, living in the deep ocean in a kingdom far away from any human. They were free and could do what they wanted. No rules, except for one; to never meet with humans. Human-mermaid relationships were forbidden, but there were still curious mermaids out there, who would try to find their luck to live on land and have a normal human live. Would those three mermaids be like them? “I’m not dangerous. I’m just a mere princess from this kingdom. Please, let us talk.” You smiled at them, walking towards the cold water as two out of three looked surprised by your doing. Your beautiful dress would get ruined if you would try to come to them. Why would you do such a thing and might get scolded for your behavior? A princess shouldn’t do this anyway, but you still did. You were maybe different than any other human princess.

“T-Talk?” The prince-looking man stuttered out, trying to hide himself behind his friends as you tried to take more steps in the cold water. “Yeah, let’s talk! Brrr… It’s really cold…” But it was getting harder to walk to them with the pompous dress that you wear. “You have legs! You are a human, right?” One of the twins grinned at you, while the other one told him to shush.

“Yeah, I’m a human and you guys have tails… Well, two of you…” You eyed the third one, who tried to hide his face with his tentacles, a small blush graced his cheeks and ears, trying to ignore your sweet gaze. But this was surely impossible for him. You were after all the first human Azul had ever met.

Only a few more steps and then there was no need to raise your voice so the mermaids could hear you better. “May I touch them?” You asked, your eyes shined as bright as the sun as you were mesmerized by the tentacles of the stranger. He looked different than his friends and cute. You wanted to hug him and spend your time with the stranger, getting to know him, while being in the ocean, rather to stay in the castle and do boring princess-stuff that you never cared for.

“N-No!” He stuttered out, blushing and wondering why you wanted to touch his tentacles. The tentacles that got him bullied day in and out, every day for so many years until he learned about his unique magic and used it so many times. There was not even one mermaid who wanted to touch his tentacle, but a human did. Azul looked over Jade’s shoulder into your eyes, feeling his heart beat increase more and more. “We need to go…” He muttered out now, breaking your eye contact to dive down, back to the town of the mermaids, hearing a loud. “I’m sorry! Please, visit me again!”

But it was against the rules and Azul knew that. If he would ever interact with a human, his family might get angry at him and he would be a disgrace. “Are you sulking, Azul? What happened?” The cecaelian heard the voice of his mother as he swims pass her to his room. “I’m alright, mother. Don’t mind me. Nothing happened.” But here comes the lie. Something happened and now he felt this strange tingling feeling in his heart. It felt like longing for something, something beyond his reach.

“(Y/N)! You dress! Your hair, oh by god’s sake, what happened to you?” You heard your mother’s worried voice as she took a glance at you, seeing you full of sand, salt and drenched in water. “Sorry, mother. I was a little bit clumsy and fell into the ocean.” You chuckled, stretching your cheek as one of many maids walked to you and walked you to your room to take a nice, fresh bath. “This girl… She will never get married, if she-.“ – “Please, honey. I’m sure that she had a reason to lie at us.” The king smiled at his wife, swinging an arm around the queen’s waist, as the woman sighed in disbelieve at how the princess of the kingdom.

Like every good mother and queen, she wanted you to be happy, but having a lonesome life in the kingdom with no husband on your side, would surely be too boring for you and not good for the kingdom. They needed a queen and a king. Only because of that reason, they wanted you to get married or else, they would have never arranged the marriage for you, even if you didn’t share the same opinion your parents had. “In three years, she will get married.” – “If there is not someone else who might catch her eyes.” The king chuckled as his wife punched his shoulder.

“I wonder what mermaids do all day. Probably relaxing, sleeping and having fun…” You mumbled out to yourself, bathing in the fresh water in your bathtub, popping a few bubbles here and there as your mind drifted off to them again. “It must be great to be with the people you like…”

In the meanwhile, Azul was trying to sleep, turning around to his left and right side, his tentacles nearly bumping into multiple objects in his room as a book fell on his head, making him shriek of the impact. “Oh, by the seven-! My head…” Trying to find any bump on his head, Azul sighed in relief to find none, but maybe there was one on his chest or a wound, as it seemed to give him a sort of pain there. Looking at his own body, the silver-haired cacaelian grunted, not knowing why he felt so strange suddenly. He couldn’t sleep and then there was that beautiful girl that occupied his mind since their farewell. Even his friends noticed Azul’s strange behavior!

A week has passed by and like on the first day, you tried to find your new friends at the beach with no luck. They seemed to have disappeared and might never come back. Were you maybe rude? You had no idea if it was something forbidden to ask for touching one’s tentacle, but the handsome stranger only seemed flustered by your question. It was kind of nerve-wrecking to always think about your own behavior. For royals and for mermaids, your behavior wasn’t good enough. Maybe that was why you never had real friends, except for the ones who only wanted to hang around with you, because you were a royal, the princess of the great kingdom. “Do they hate me?”

“Who hates you?” You heard a voice as your closed eyes abruptly opened by the familiar voice you wanted to hear again. “Stranger!” You smiled brightly, rushing to the water only to get interrupted by his voice, telling you to stop and not walk into there, or else you might get wet like last time. “My mother nagged at me back then, but I know that she still loves me.” You chuckled at the mermaid, who tried to hide the lower part of his face in the water, watching you carefully.

Why had he come? Was he really that curious about you? But then his hand raised up to his chest, feeling the loud bumping sound of his heartbeat, screaming at him that he wanted to be here and get to know you better. “It feels right…” Azul mutters out softly to himself until he got interrupted by you and thousands of questions that had lingered on your mind and burst out like a volcano. “Oh, what’s your name?”

She was right, they never had introduced themselves, but that surely was because of his fear of humans. He said his name out loud enough for you and only you to hear, as you introduced yourself. “I’m (y/n). The lonely princess from the kingdom here.” Leaving out the information that you were going to get married and would not be able to see him in three years from now on.

“A princess? So, I was right… Your clothes look like the dresses from the books of humans.” He said, widening his eyes by hearing you talk to him about your life.

For you both it felt like talking to someone important. One person that you lingered for. That you always wanted to talk to. Like a missing piece that fit perfectly together. It was a strange feeling you two shared, but the connection between you was real. More real than anything else that existed in this small world of joy and sadness.


Your mother raised her eyebrow as she watched you walk around the castle, leaving trails of sand and water behind you, humming a sweet song to yourself. Some might say, that they even saw you twirling around like a sweet princess would have do. “Why are you so happy, my dear child?” Your mother asked you confused by your little song. “Mh?~ Oh, I’m just happy that I spent some time with my friend.” You answered her, not stopping your little walk to the bathroom, while the queen folded her arms. “Friend?” Was that friend truly just a friend or mayhap more?

And both knew that the thing connecting each other and the strong feelings in their heart, wasn’t just friendship. It was more. Something that they wanted to deepen, cherish and hold on to forever and ever. As long as they could. But was that even possible with your engagement?

“Tell them that you don’t want it to happen.” Azul said, smiling slightly as your hand rubbed over his tentacle, even tickling him a little bit as your head fell onto his shoulder. One by one, a tentacle held you tight to him as he held your hands. You never had uttered out your feelings towards each other, but you both knew what you felt for the other one. Love. It would be different than any other relationship on land and underwater, but it is something you would always fight for. You loved Azul and would try everything possible, to spend more time with the love of your life. If it would only be that easy.

“I tried to right after they told me about it, but I couldn’t change their mind, Azul.” A deep sigh left you, heartbroken. You painted your future in dreams. With Azul by your side, you would live happily ever after like in dozens of other princess stories you had read, but life could get so cruel. It was possible for Azul to live on land, but there were no potions or magic that could help you in your current situation.

Soft footsteps walked towards you, as you thought that it might be some birds flying around, you kept your hand on Azul’s, watching the sunset, coloring the paint with beautiful colors of orange and yellow. “So, I was right. It wasn’t just a friend.” You knew that voice. You had to hear it your entire life! “Mother, father!” Surprised by seeing your parents, Azul shrieked, jumping into the water to hide himself only to hear the voice of the king; “Boy, please, don’t hide. We just wanted to see the man who made our daughter that happy. Come out, so we can take a look at her boyfriend.” He laughed as his wife tried to tell him, that they aren’t officially a couple yet and that their daughter was still engaged with a prince from a far kingdom.

Raising your eyebrow at them as Azul hide behind your back like a scared little octopus-child, you asked them if they wouldn’t be scared or anything to see a merman, but they told you that they knew of the merfolk. They might have never seen one, but they knew that they lived in a kingdom not so far away from theirs. “Sooo… It’s alright if Azul and I…?” The king chuckled once again, nodding with his head as his wife sighed, telling you that she had to write a your not-so-futre-stepparents to cancel of the engagement to your surprise.

Happy that he finally could be with you, Azul embraced you in his arms, ignoring your smiling parents only his mind to tell him one thing. You had to meet his parents to and that surely won’t be pleasant at all… “Do they like humans…?” – “No, but it will be fine… I hope…”

Chapter Text

Riddle Rosehearts

🌹 Riddle was marveled! You looked so beautiful in your attire, even though you should look scary than beautiful, because they were currently celebrating Halloween! But he couldn’t look away from you.
🌹 “If you open it and see my face, then I will be your wife.” You smiled, trying to hide your chuckle at the flabbergasted dorm leader. “M-My… wife?” With a bright strawberry-like blush, he walked off, trying to cool himself down with cold water, while Trey and Cater tried to persuade their dorm leader to do it! After all, that’s what he wanted, right…?
🌹 At the end of the day, Riddle tries to hide from you, or else he might do something ridiculous. He surely wanted to see your face, but the rule said, that you would get married! You were too young at the moment to do such a thing, so he has to do what everyone would have done in his situation; Avoid everyone so no one could tease him!


Leona Kingscholar

🦁 “Mh? What’s with the scarf, herbivore?” Leona asked confused by it. Why were you trying to hide your face? “Oh, don’t you know? If someone takes off my scarf, then I will become their wife. It’s a tradition in my world.” You snickered a little bit, hoping that someone finally understood the joke!
🦁 “Oh really? Then you wouldn’t mind me doing it?” The sly lion smirked, raising the scarf a little bit with his fingers, making you blush at his question, before he walks off.
🦁 “I know that you were joking, herbivore. Come to me again, if you want me to do it for real.”


Azul Ashengrotto

🐙 Azul walked around with the eels behind him, as he looked around, seeing many students with creative costumes on. But there was one person, whose costume piqued his interest.
🐙 “A bride?” He guessed your costume, as you nodded your head. “Correct!” – “And why the scarf?” You chuckled at his question, joking that you could be his wife if he took it off of you.
🐙 Azul coughed into his fist, mumbling a few words you couldn’t understand. “It sounds tempting, b-but I know that you are joking…” So the octoboy turned around, trying to ignore his teasing friends and the laughing girl.


Kalim Al-Asim

🎉 Kalim was so excited to see your costume for the event, as he dashed around, trying to find you. “(Y/N)! There you are!” He yelled, running to you until his feet slipped. The poor boy tried to brace himself, not falling on his face, but it was too late and so he fell down along with your scarf.
🎉 “Oh no! I’m so sorry!” Kalim apologized a few times, standing up and brushing the dirt off of his costume as you laughed at his little dilemma. “It’s alright, don’t worry. But Kalim… We have to get married now. You took it off, after all.”
🎉 “Wait, really?” Kalim asked like a naïve, sweet child with widen bright eyes. “No, silly. It was just a silly joke.” Like you, Kalim started to laugh, stretching


Vil Schoenheit

👑 Vil groaned. “Unbelievable, were you that lazy to use make-up, potato?” He asked, raising his eyebrow, while you shook your hands. “N-No! I’m wearing a scarf not to hide my face, but more like… You know… When you pull it away, I will marry you and all…” – “I see… Excuses, hm?”
👑 The beautiful pomefiore dorm leader, dragged you to his room, pulling your scarf off you, while you blushed furiously, telling him, that you were just joking as he grasped your chin with his fingertips.
👑 “Sit down, I will do your make-up, potato.”


Idia Shroud

🎮 Idia was relieved! Ortho and the third-year weren’t the only students here, who hide their faces! And he was more than happy to hide his face, when he accidently eavesdropped on your conversation with your friends.
🎮 “W-W-Wife….? She will marry t-that one…?” – “Are you alright? You are stuttering and shuddering again!” Idia heard his little brother ask worried of his wellbeing. “Usually you are like this, when (y/n) is nearby.”
🎮 Idia liked you. A lot, but he was too afraid to see a student pulling your scarf off and have a sweet life with you, rather than him, which is why he immediately dashed of to his room, hoping that you won’t notice his absence.


Malleus Draconia

🐉 The heir of the valley of thorns would lie, if he would tell you that he isn’t interested in those traditions of yours, not knowing that you were joking.
🐉 “Child of man, please tell me more. Do all humans have such a tradition or just people from your world?” He asked you dozens of questions, after your little lie!
🐉 “N-No! I was lying! Sorry, but that’s not true. Mh… Wait, why are you pouting now, Malleus?” – “I just wanted to know if it is true and took off your scarf, child of man… My deepest apologize for being so naïve.”

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Azul Ashengrotto

🐙 Oh dear great seven… Why were you doing this to his heart? Are you doing this on purpose? Do you want him to get jealous?
🐙 “If you keep sighing, your soul might get out.” Jade joked, placing a fresh, hot tea next to the sulking dorm leader, who kept his eyes on the table in the corner of the Monstro Lounge. “Are you throwing knifes with your eyes at them?” Floyd asked, peeking at the now pouting boss. “Just do a little contract with their friends.”
🐙 And Azul really thought about it. Should he do a small little contract with them? But you might get angry or upset at him, if he would do it. Now the silverhead got himself in a catch-22 situation.
🐙 After getting brave for a few seconds, Azul stood next to you, taking a deep breath and wanting to tell you that he had enough, but when you gaze into his eyes, he couldn’t get any words out of mouth and got dragged away. Your friends laughed at the jealous boy, while you were confused by his strange behavior. “Why am I always like this around (y/n)…?”


Jade Leech

🐬 Jade was different than most people. It was rare for him to get even jealous for seeing you with another student. Why should he even get jealous? There was no reason, after all you belonged to him and one day you will notice it.
🐬 But then, the eel had to see something, he hoped to never see. A student gave you a kiss on the back of your hand, while your cheeks got blushy by the action of the student, who held like prince Charming your hand in his.
🐬 This was like the last straw, that made his eye twitch at the sight. He had enough. How dare they to even touch you?
🐬 “I’m really sorry, but I’m not interested in you.” You said to the nice student until an arm swing around your shoulders, smirking at the now nervous getting stranger. “Yes, (y/n) isn’t. Now, if I’m not wrong, your dorm leader called you.”


Floyd Leech

🦈 “Huh? Why is that nasty fish always around my shrimpy?” Floyd’s cheeks puffed up like a blowfish, pouting around with folded arms, while his twin chuckled.
🦈 “If you want shrimpy never leaving your side, you have to change something then, Floyd.” Mh, maybe Jade was right. Floyd had to do something!
🦈 But how can he show other people that you belonged to him and that no one was allowed to steal you from him? How?
🦈 And then it struck him like a ball of lightning! Jumping on you faster than all the times he played hide and seek with you, he shoved his face into your neck, biting it in front of some students, who all gasped at him. “Mine!” This will show them all, that they should never dare to take you away from the sly eel.


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Riddle Rosehearts

🌹 Smiling at the bouquet of roses in your hands, you gulped as you walked to the Heartslabyul dorm. Riddle loved roses, but would he liked your selfmade bouquet?

🌹 “Hey, Riddle.” You greeted your boyfriend, who glanced up from his cup of tea and the book he had to read to understand a specific topic in one of the many lessons they had. “Oh, (y/n). I thought that you were too busy for a date.” Confusion was written all over his face, as he stood up from his chair to properly greet you.

🌹 “No! I’m not busy anymore.” Your smile reassured him. You had to lie to him for a week, because you wanted to make a special present for him.

🌹 “Do you know the meaning of roses, Riddle?” You asked, sitting down next to him, still hiding the roses behind you to surprise him later. “Roses? Yes, of course. I once read a book about flower meanings. Roses mean love.” He explained, gaining a soft smile from you as you held the small present in your hands, showing it after his explanation.

🌹 “I love you a lot and wanted to show it to you by giving you roses. They not only fit you, but are also a sign of my love.” Oh, Riddle’s face was redder than every rose in your bouquet and the stutter in his voice made him so adorable as he took the small gift. “T-Thank you… I love you as well… Sorry that I have no gift for you.” - “Don’t worry, your love is enough. I don’t need any gifts, Riddle. Huh… Wait… Riddle, so you have a fever? Your face is- Wait! Don’t rush away!”


Ruggie Bucchi

🍩 Ruggie was a very hardworking hyaena. Not only is he working to gain more money, but also has he to help the dorm leader all the time. When you two had confessed your feelings to each other, making you two a couple, the hyaena tried his best to be a great boyfriend and work harder and harder. He was basically always exhausted, but he would always take some time to spend it with you.

🍩 “You texted me that you had a small gift for me. Shihishi~ Another self-made doughnut? Because I wouldn’t complain to get them.~” You chuckled at the excited hyaena, who sat himself next to you, getting a soft headpat from you.

🍩 “Oh, that’s why you run to me? Only to get some food and not to see me.” You fake pouted only to break it off to giggle, when Ruggie tried to take a glance over your shoulders. “What are you hiding? Doesn’t smell like food.”

🍩 “Because it isn’t food, silly hyaena. It’s a small gift.” You shoved his face away, as he tried to use his nose and smell to figure out what your gift was. “I really love you and you know…- I read once something interesting about it. To show your love, you gift it to the one you love. So here it is.”

🍩 You showed him the bouquet of red roses, that was as bright in color as anything he had seen. “That’s pretty cute. Thanks.” Ruggie took them out of your hands, smiling at the bouquet before he kissed your cheeks. “Come, I need to buy you a present too. Nooo! I won’t accept any ‘no’.” The hyaena grabbed your hand in his as you two walked away.


Epel Felmier

🍎 You stared at the bouquet of roses for a long time. Would your boyfriend be happy to get them? Would he love them? Or should you give him another gift? Like apple pies or maybe a potion to get stronger! If such potions exist… He would gladly drink them, there you were sure of it.

🍎 But roses meant “I love you” and you wanted to show him your love through a gift. Was it a good choice to give him a bouquet?

🍎 “(y/n)! You won’t guess what just happened!” Epel bursted into your room, nearly tripping over the sleeping Grim, who had another dream of food and tunas. “Sorry, Grim… But (y/n), I-!! Mh… Wait… What’s that?” Epel asked, pointing at the bouquet until his already pale face nearly lost more color. “D-Don’t tell me that somebody gave this to you…”

🍎 Horrible scenarios of you breaking up with him stormed into his mind as he threw daggers with his eyes to the roses. Who dares to give them to you?! He was your boyfriend! No one else should be your boyfriend…

🍎 “Silly boy. It’s a gift.” He gulped, getting angry at himself that he wasn’t manily enough for you and getting his first rejection now until you chuckled at him. “A gift for you. From me.” You stood up, bringing him the roses as his cheeks were dusted red. “F-For me?” - “Yes. I wanted to show you how much I love you, Epel. Do you like them?” Oh, the poor farmerboy embraced you in a heartbeat, hugging you tight as if his life depended on it. “Of course!”


Lilia Vanrouge

🦇 “Oh, this one looks great too.” You smiled, picking the most beautifulest for the bouquet you wanted to gift your dear ancient fae boyfriend. “Thanks, Trey. I really have to thank you for allowing me to pick some roses.” - “No problem. As long as you won’t tell Riddle that I allowed it to you.” He laughed, leaving you alone in the beautiful Heartslabyul garden.

🦇 Since day one of having Lilia as your boyfriend, you wanted to show him how much you loved the mischievous fae. Maybe that is why you decided to gift him roses? Because they had a sweet meaning.

🦇 “Should I maybe get some other roses as well? Yellow means happiness. Purple means enchantment and love at first sight… They would fit too…” You held the roses in one hand as the other held the warming cheek of yours, thinking about your lovely boyfriend.

🦇 Maybe you had thought of him too much this day, for he flew over the garden, seeing you with a dozen of roses in your hand and blushing face. “Oh my!~ What do we have here!~” Lilia smiled, landing gracefully on his feet with a small smirk on his lips.

🦇 Gasping, you turned around seeing your dear boyfriend standing in front of you. “Why the roses, love? Mayhap they are for me?~” You blushed, nodding your head as you raised your hands to give him the roses. “Thank you, my dear. I really love getting them. But do you mind telling me, why you gift them to me?” As you explained your reason, he chuckled at you, patting your head like a mother would pat their child with a lovingly smile. “Then I will gift you something as well… Mh… Let me think… Mayhap a dinner? I could cook you something, my dear!”

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♥️ Ace Trappola: Ace would be very surprised. Maybe as much as Sebek would be! I kind of have a small scene in mind in which Ace would drink some water and spit it on the others, if he would hear more of your not-really-secrets. He would be the first one, who would ask why you have those strange marks on you, only to gain a sweet explanation of you. “Well, it‘s because I have a pact with 7 great demons and those demons are my uncles.“ If you would list their names and some small adventures and stories of them and what you learned, his face would get pale and he would sit down, thinking that you would joke around only to see that you were serious about it. “S-So… You can also use magic and are an apprentice too? O-Of someone calles Solomon…? Old skilled guy? Ohh… Really…? H-How skilled are you…?“

♠️ Deuce Spade: “W-Wait? Like real demons?” Deuce gulped, staring at the ground in slight fear of what he just heard. Real demons? They existed? And you made pacts with them? Either you were crazy or very brave for doing such thing! They could be dangerous, he thought! But you had reassured him, that they would never do something bad, as you are a very skilled magican and they were actually your uncles, making him paler than any Pomefiore student could ever be!

🐺 Jack Wolf: “I was always wondering why you had those tattoos…” Jack muttered, getting more information about you and your past, life and experience you’ve made in devildom and other places. When you tell him about your uncles, he will listen to you, but won’t ask many questions. It was your life and he doesn’t want to intrude it like the other ones.

🍎 Epel Felmier: Oh, when our sweet Epel heard of it, he would gasp loudly asking you plenty of questions until you laughed during one. “I mean it! If that uncle of yours is really that strong, tell him that he should teach me! Mh…? Don’t you think that this Beel guy wouldn’t do it? Oh, I will bring plenty of food and lots of apples if he will do it!” He wasn’t as interested as the other ones. The only thing that Epel truely interested was how strong those demons were and if he could be as strong as them. “No, wait! I have more questions! Ace, shush, I need to get manlier!”

⚡️Sebek Zigvolt: “W-Wait? A human is as powerful as…” Sebek couldn’t and doesn’t want to believe you! As if you could handle powerful demons, even babysit them and learn from a powerful wizard! But when you showed him a few spells and magic tricks, his eyes had widen. You might be as powerful as Malleus! “I-I need to sit down…”

🐾 Grim: Sweet little boy would laugh into your face, not believing what you just had said. “Oh reaaaally? Then prove it, henchman!” Oh boy, had he jumped nearly out of his skin and fur, when you demonstrated a few spells here and there, Solomon once had taught you back in your world.


🤺 Yuuken Enma: Poor magicless human from another world was so excited, when you told him about your uncles being powerful demons, the marks you had on your body and the magic you could use. Like on the day he had seen ghosts, he would ask you multiple questions, wanting to know more about you and the world you were coming from. “So is it the same world as mine or a different one? You surely are super cool! And those demons like Lucifer and all exist? Really?! Wow! And Solomon too? Wait, he taught you everything? Wow!!”

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Riddle Rosehearts

🌹 Two of Riddle’s fingertips rubbed on his forehead, clenching his fist with the other hand, while he shut his eyes. There were days in which it was too hard for him to be calm and silent, whenever his dorm students broke rules, but boy, was not only he glad to have you by his side, but the other students as well.

🌹 “Riddle, sit sown. I have here your favorite tea and cooked you something. Oh, and I have a slice of strawberry tart here too as a desert.” This voice could always calm down the angry redhead, who looked over his shoulder to see you.

🌹 You were like an angel. Always giving him so much love and affection, making him feel so many warm and great emotions.

🌹 “Here, let me feed you. Open your mouth.” You smiled at him, sitting down next to your boyfriend, who looked into every direction rather than you, in fear of getting teased by anybody, seeing him blushing so madly at your action.

🌹 “Y-You don’t have to do it, (y/n)…” Riddle stuttered, still opening his mouth to get feeded by you.


Ruggie Bucchi

🍩 Ruggie sighed, tired of running around for hours until you sat him down and rubbed his shoulders. “You spoil me, (y/n). Not that I mind, shishishi!~” The hyaena grinned, turning around to see some donuts on the kitchen table of Ramshackle dorm and warm meat with potatoes, you cooked for your hardworking boyfriend.

🍩 “You deserve it, Ruggie. Leona is exhausting you!” You pouted, now patting his ears, as his tail wiggles, loving the feeling of your warmth and hands on him.

🍩 “Yeah, but you know how he is. Ooooh, my hand… Could you maybe feed me?~” His little smile turned into a big smirk, as you turned around to take the food in your hands, granting him the wish he longed for.

🍩 “Open your mouth.” You smiled at the hyaena. He deserved to get spoiled! You would always do it!

🍩 “Mhh~ Tastes great. I could get used to it. Can you pat me later again?~”


Azul Ashengrotto

🐙 Azul will be so glad, that his lovely s/o can cook! You are a big help for him!

🐙 While he will get headaches, because of his work in the Monstro Lounge and as dorm leader, while nagging at some students and the mood switching Floyd, he will have you by his side.

🐙 And by the love of the great seven, is he happy to have you spoiling him. A small voice in the back of his head tells him, that he isn‘t good enough for you and he will never get any love, but whenever you cook him something tasty, he will feel so loved and happy.

🐙 “D-Do you mind me feeding you, Azul?” You asked him shyly, holding his favorite food in your hand to feed the blushing boy.

🐙 Azul coughs into his fist, nodding his head slowly and ate the food you wanted to feed him. “You really don’t have to do this… But thank you…” Was Azul in heaven? Getting spoiled and even gets feed by you with your delicious food…? “I don’t deserve it… But thank you so much.” He would lie if he tells you, that he wouldn’t like it.

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Idia took a deep breath, staring at the list of gift ideas that you might like, but a small voice back in his head kept telling him, that you would never like any of those gifts. “I’m sure that (Y/N) (L/N) will like it!” His younger brother always said, but the tall dorm leader of Ignihyde was still pouting at his thoughts. If you would reject any of those, you would also reject his feelings. It would be like a critical hit, getting it from the most greatest SSR character ever. “If you are still unsure, you can watch them. Maybe you will figure out what (Y/N) (L/N) will like.” Ortho advised his big bro, who glanced over his shoulder to the only person he might listen to at this very important situation. “Maybe you are right…” Idia’s gaze wandered from his brother to the list he had on his phone. Headphones, phonecases, games, books and more were listed on it, but would you liked them?

“Owww! My paw!” Grim cursed the ground, after he fell down from the bed, being accidentally pushed down by you. “Sorry, Grim.” Apologizing by petting him on the head and promising to give him a can of tuna later, he halfheartly accepted your apology, walking with you to school for another mayhap exciting school day. “I will only accept it, because it’s your birthday.” The cat-like friend of yours, fummed, watching the Heartslabyul duo walk into your direction to greet you and wish you a happy birthday. “Trey-senpai even baked a cake.” Deuce told you, getting elbowed by Ace, who groaned at him that the birthday party should be a surprise, only to spoil it himself. “A surprise party…? I’m probably not invited…” Idia watched the screen, his eyes never leaving you, hopeful to get any informations of what you might wish for, while his fingers tipped on his keyboard, coding something he always had on mind.

As you wrote on paper everything important professor Crewel told the class, Ace drummed with his finger on the table, while Grim was half sleeping next to you and Deuce tried his best to be a perfect student. “Hey, can you read the list of invited students later on? Did we invite every friend of yours?” Deuce whispered to you, getting harsh words of the professor for interrupting the lesson. But every time Crewel watched away, you read all names of your friends on it, only noticing that one name was missing. The person you wanted to see not only through screen. Idia Shroud. But maybe he couldn’t come over or doesn’t want to for being such a shy and yet adorable being.

Surprisingly the day went on like every other day. You laughed, had fun, talked to your friends and went to the Heartslabyul garden, while wearing shiny bright white clothes to show the whole school that it was indeed your birthday, like many other students had to wear on theirs. It was a bit embarrassing to talk with plenty of students about your birthday, but it still made you happy nonetheless, even when you still hoped to talk on specific student of NRC on this very day. But he didn’t came, so maybe you should get your little present from him by visiting Idia. “That’s a great party, guys. Thank you all so much, but I will be gone for a short time.” You smiled at your friends, watching them having fun, eating delicious food and talking to each other.

Idia yelped as he heard a knock on the door. Wasn’t everyone gone and having fun right now? Who was knocking on the door? Arguing with Ortho with mere stares, the younger Shroud walked to the door, opening it to your delight and Idia’s dismay, as he stared at the door opening more and more and then- oh no, by the great seven, was it truly you?! You were supposed to be at your party, having the time of your life with your dear friends and not be here! Why were you here?!

Like a good child, Ortho greeted you, standing next to the door to give you some space to walk through the door to Idia’s room. While you were smiling at the Shroud brothers, Idia was sitting on his chair, turning around to hide his blushing face that got warmer by every second you stood there and talked to Ortho. The tips of his hair and ears were dusted cheek and he was sure, that some might compare to him to fresh cherries!

“Sorry to disturb you-“ You started, getting interrupted by Ortho, who dragged you into the room, telling you that you would never disturb any of those two. “Oh… Uhm… Alright.” With the same smile that Idia fell for, your eyes stared at his back. Oh, how much you had wishes to hold the introverted boy in your embrace, pat him and give him the love and affection he deserved. “I-I-It’s… alright…” Idia sputtered and stuttered, trying to avoid your gaze in fear that you might tease him for having a crush on you. He just couldn’t help himself. You were such a lovely person. So nice, helpful and that smile. He could babble around, what a great person you were in his boring shut-in life. That you were like the light in his dark life. A total ultra super duper rare card in the gacha games he keeps playing, being frustrated that he couldn’t get those cards, but at least could look at them on photos. “Am I creepy…?” Idia mumbled to himself, forgetting your presence for a second until you asked him to repeat it, after not able to hear it. “N-Nothing!”

Fortunately or mayhap even unfortunately, Ortho knew of Idia’s feelings and how much he had took a liking towards you, which is why he had asked you, why you were in the Ignihyde dorm. “Oh… I wanted to get my present.” The blue-haired tall student turned around, nearly shrieking in fear that you figured out, that he wanted to give you a gift as well like plenty of your friends, who unfortunately had gifted you many presents he had listed a couple weeks ago. “My present would be… to spend more time with you, Idia.” Your gaze wandered to the ground as your cheeks got warmer by your mere words and wish you had, not realizing that Idia’s face was mirroring yours at the same time your words had left your mouth.

That was a gift that he would love to give you every day as long as you wanted to have him by his side. His mouth opened slightly, wanting to talk, before you had asked him what he was programming right now as you took a look at the codes, ignoring the fact that a humming Ortho left the room, so he might not disturb you two love birds. “A g-game… I’m trying to make a small game I had in mind for quite some time.” He answered, staring at it once again.

“Have you finished it already?“ The bluehead nodded. “May I play it?” Mumbling a few words here and there, Idia hoped that his hair hide his flustered face, but he nonetheless let you sit next to him and play his selfmade game, even though he feared that you would reach the end of it and find out about his big secret he never wanted to reveal to you.

“Another level up. Great!~” You cheered, playing the rpg of Idia’s even though your friends might miss you during your birthday party. You should get back, but you couldn’t stop playing the game, after all you has nearly reach the endboss! “Is that a giant cat? He reminds me of Grim.” You chuckled, trying to defeat the endboss with the spells of the protagonist named Hadia. It was a cute game.

The plot of it was like plenty of other rpgs. The protagonist Hadia, a royal guy fell in love with Readi, a sweet princess who got kidnapped by the evil cat-monster Grimopy. Grimopy tried to be the strongest wizard and king and had plenty of henchmen like Dice and Acepo, which were quite strong enemies. Hadia had to train a lot and even gained the help of different wizards like Lio, a sleepy lion, Otto, a cute robot. Then there were Ralice, Tri, Phone-Addicted Rabbit, who still had no name, because Idia couldn’t find a good fitting name for the character. Marteus, Kala, Azure and many other characters and all of them reminded you of your friends. That meant that Hadis was probably Idia and the lovely princess Readi was… you. “Cute game.” You whispered to yourself, using the last spell to defeat the boss, watching the end scene of the rpg.

Hadis was rushing through the castle until he found his beloved princess. When he leaned down to kiss her awake with the kiss of true love, she woke up and they confessed their loves, swearing to each other to be together forever until they lives will end.

“I think I have a new ship.” You giggled, pointing at the protagonists, while you looked at Idia, the blushing mess. “I’m really glad that they are together. They are perfect and cute together. So sweet. I hope that my Hadis likes me as much as he does…” You commented, shutting his computer down, while Idia clenched his fists, knowing that you finally know about his feelings. “Come. We have to go to a party, Idia.” You smiled at the marveled dorm leader. “P-Party?!” Faster than he could expect it, you grabbed his hand in yours, pulling him away from his room towards the garden of the Heartslabyul dorm. “Oh, I like you too, my Hadis.” - “I-I like you too… my Readi.” With the other hand of his, he tried to hide his red face as you chuckled at him, happy that you finally can call him yours.

Chapter Text

Jade Leech

🐬 “And do this.” Were the last words you heard, before you collapsed in your room, due exhaustion and all the work Crowley wanted and needed you to do. As your body fell to the ground, Grim panicked, rushing to the Monstro Lounge to call your boyfriend Jade, who was carrying delicious drinks and food to a few customers, ignoring the cat-like companion of yours at first, until Grim scratched the leg of the tall eel.

🐬 Jade glanced down, thinking that Grim just wanted to eat some food, until the cat hissed at the eel to finally start listening to him. “(Y/N) overworked herself and is lying in bed now! What should I do?! Only because Crowley gave too my henchman those damn paperwork!” Jade’s eyes widen. They were nearly as big as the tuna cans Grim always wished to have.

🐬 The eel immediately left his working place, making Azul and Floyd worried of his behavior, but Jade couldn’t care about this at the moment. He had to do something more important at this very moment.

🐬 Furious by the words he had heard of your friend’s, he couldn’t stop his anger and himself, as he dashed through the door of Crowley’s office. The door nearly fell to the ground as the headmaster jumped out of his seat, staring at the young student, who tried to calm himself.

🐬 If he would try to do anything bad to the headmaster, he would probably kick Jade out of the NRC, making him never see his beloved girlfriend ever again.

🐬 Jade clenched his hands into fists, trying to smile as innocent and nice in front of the older man, as he walked towards the office table. “I think we have to talk about something very important, sir.” - “Can’t it wait? I need to finish this… uh… paper.” Crowley raised his eyebrow underneath his mask, glancing down at the empty desk his legs lied on a few seconds ago. “My apologize, but it is very important to me. I don’t want my girlfriend to get hurt after all.” The smile on his lips turned into a mischievous smirk as Crowley gulped at the sight. Oh no…

🐬 “Mh… Jade…?” Your eyes opened, glancing to your left to see your boyfriend sitting next to you, his hand on yours, grasping it with worry in his eyes. “What happened?” You asked not knowing what has happened after your small task you had gained. “Oh no! I need to finish my work!” Jade’s hand fell to your shoulder, not letting you leave the bed and his side. “Don’t worry. I had an interesting talk with Crowley. You will no longer have to do it.”


Rook Hunt

🏹 Rook was a lovely boyfriend and like every good boyfriend, he wanted you to be safe. That meant that he shall always be there for you and never leave you out of his eyesight. He might sound like a stalker, but he wasn‘t one. He was merely a good boyfriend.

🏹 That is also the reason, why the archer hide behind a bush, no longer staring at the beastmen students of the school but rather his beloved girlfriend, who had a dozens of papers in her arms. The expression on her face was beautiful like on every other day, but what was that? Could the love archer see exhaustion in your eyes? How dare Crowley to give you those amount of work every day and not letting anybody help you!

🏹 As Rook stood up, he walked to you, wanting to be helpful to you, but before the blonde could reached his beloved girlfriend, your legs gave in, making you fall flat on the ground.

🏹 Worried that you might have hurt yourself, Rook rushed to your collapsed side, holding you in his arms until he walked you to your dorm room. You shouldn’t see the side of his now.

🏹 “Incroyable! Why does my magnifique copine always get all those papers? You should be the one working yourself to exhaustion.” Rook stormed to Crowley, clenching his bow in his hands as the headmaster slowley raised himself up from his chair, staring at the mad student in front of him.

🏹 No matter what Crowley would say now, it wouldn’t calm down the blonde archer, which is why the only thing people heard nearby loud shrieks and screams of;”STOP DESTROYING EVERYTHING, HUNT!! NO PLEASE!!! YOU BARELY HIT ME!!! AAAHHHH!!!”

🏹 “What should I say? He listened to every word of mine.” Rook smiled at you like a sweet angel as you raised your eyebrow. “Wow… Thank you, Rook! You are the best!” Hugging your boyfriend tight to your chest, making him gasp at the sudden move until a small chuckle left him. “No need to thank me.~”

Chapter Text

Ruggie Bucchi

🍩 When the hyaena met you, his first thoughts were; “Aw, adorable and super calm.” But oh, was he wrong, well not very wrong…
🍩 You had a tendency to laugh… differently than some others. It wasn’t as sweet as your personality, no, more like… a psychopath, which surprised Ruggie a lot.
🍩 But that laugher of yours was rare and Ruggie hoped that he would never have to hear it ever again, not because it was strange, no, it’s because you always tend to do it whenever you got bullied by the other students.
🍩 Ruggie walked through the school, trying to listen to a nearby conversation until his feet stopped. “Aww, what are you going to do? Gonna use a spell? Oh wait! You can’t use magic!” The hyaena heard laughers of some students, when he walked to the loud direction, seeing your back turned to him.
🍩 But then you started to laugh, making your bullies irritated and Ruggie’s tail flick at the noise of yours. It was so scary…


Azul Ashengrotto

🐙 Azul promised himself one thing. To always protect this sweet, adorable, calm, magicless creature. You. Why? Because you surely needed his protection, if you have to live in this twisted world, full of danger and cruel people.
🐙 Cruel people just like some students of NRC, who started to pick on you. Why? Probably due your sweet personality or maybe because you were different than any other student. Well, teenagers could always find a way to pick on people.
🐙 That’s what he knew best. Back then, when he used to be a chubby child, merpeople bullied him too, which is why he wouldn’t want to see people bully you!
🐙 “Where is-?“ Azul interrupted his own question as he looked down the open window of the school, staring at the four students. Two Savanaclaw students and one was a Pomefiore, poking you, insulting you until they stopped in the middle as they and Azul heard one strange thing of the sweet human being.
🐙 “W-What the hell is wrong with you?” One gulped as he heard your psychopathically laugher, while the other ones seemed to be shocked as well. Even Azul, who stared at the scene got a bit scared of it. That surely was different than your typical laugher…


Jamil Viper

🐍 Jamil was exhausted, like on many other days. Why? Because he had to babysit Kalim and you. It was more like “I have to protect that sweet person no matter what” and not babysit. You were not like Kalim thankfully!
🐍 But because Jamil was often busy with his work, he couldn’t always help you and kick your bullies asses for you.
🐍 When the sly vice-dorm leader heard that some people tried to annoy you again, he rushed to the garden of the school, seeing them insulting you and even shove you around.
🐍 The blackhead stormed to you, trying to stop them but then he heard your laugher. It was so different like wth happened right now? Are you still the sweet (y/n) or someones else? What happened?
🐍 “Oh… Let’s go. Get away from us, psycho!” One shouted, running away as he dragged his friend alongside, while Jamil stared at you, raising in confusion his eyebrow. “Did you do it on purpose…?

Chapter Text

Riddle Rosehearts

🌹 “Don’t forget to color the roses in that corner as well.” Riddle told a student, walking pass them. This was the very same place the first overblot accident has happened and the first time, Riddle feared for your wellbeing. You couldn’t use any magic and were practically a weakling, while this world harbored too many dangerous living beings. Thankfully the redhead was gifted with his magic and swear on the Queen of Hearts that he shall be the one to always protect you. Always. No matter what will happens.
🌹 But never had he thought that he would get so angry again, when the Adeuce plus Grim group run to him, telling them that you, his dear beloved, was in danger. “You idiots!” Riddle clenched his teeth, storming away to the direction Deuce had mentioned with your friends behind the dorm leader.
🌹 His heart nearly left his body as he stood in front of the scene. There stood a monster, holding you in his grasp, claws sharper than a sword and teeth as long as the tallest students at school.
🌹 “What should we do…?” Deuce asked, slightly scared of what they could do at his very dangerous situation, as Riddle stood in front of the first-years, glancing at your unconscious form.
🌹 Everyone could get in danger like during his first overblot, but Riddle couldn’t stop the anger in him and the rush that he felt in his body as he transformed, battling against the giant monster to save you.
🌹 “Riddle, please, open your eyes.” The redhead felt his cheeks getting wet, as he opened his greyish eyes, staring at your face to softly hold your hand in his. You were saved. He saved you, like he had promised it to you the day you finally became his.


Leona Kingscholar

🦁 Leona might be very lazy. But if you were involved in any dangerous situations, then surely this lion will be the first one to be there and protect you. Back then, during his first overblot, he had nearly hurt you - the only human he would ever care and cherish for, but the prince never wanted to go through this phase ever again. 
🦁 Oh, how funny life could get, because one day, Ruggie - like on many other days - had rushed to the Savanaclaw dorm leader, panic on his face as he tried to wake you up.
🦁 "Come on! Wake up!“ Leona’s eyes slowly opened up, thinking that Ruggie just wanted to tell him, that someone was faster than he hyaena and Leona couldn’t get one of the meat sandwiches he had desired, but he was so wrong.
🦁 Hearing what Ruggie had told him, Leona rushed to sour direction, bumping into people but never caring for it, after all he had something important to do. Save you.
🦁 Blood pumped through his body, tail raised up and his eyes showed fury, as Leona stared at the monster that dared to hurt you. He had never wanted to do this. Never. But the day has come and another overblot accident at NRC happened again, with the prince saving you like in all those sweet fairy tail books children loved so much.
🦁 "Hey, lion. Time to wake up. Please... Wake up, for me." Leona’s eyes twitched, refusing to wake up, until the exhausted prince felt familiar soft lips on his. That’s how he always wanted to wake up, with a loving kiss.


Azul Ashengrotto

🐙 After meeting you, falling for you and getting your love, the dear octopus promised himself to always protect you. You were too important for him. Azul would never want to see you getting hurt and feel any pain. 
🐙 ”Azul! Fast! (Y/N) got themself hurt by some strange creature!” His heart nearly stopped be the voice of one student of his dorm. You got hurt? Why would anybody want to hurt you?
🐙 Running into the direction the student claimed you to be, his eyes geared up, his mind full,of rage and worry for you until he saw you on the ground and a strong monster hovering over you, wanting to devour you. 
🐙 Azul clenched his teeth, getting furious by the sight in front of him. He could no longer control his rage until it happened. Another overblot happened. But this time, it was Azul Ashengrotto again, ready to defeat that thing. 
🐙 You will never get hurt ever again. He doesn’t want this to repeat… Being in his overblot form to fight off that thing to protect you… It happened so fast. He couldn‘t control himself. Doesn’t know what is going on but then he heard a familiar voice. Your voice. 
🐙 ”Azul, Open your eyes. I‘m alright. Thanks to you.“ You whispered to him, holding his face in your hands with a smile gracing your lips. 


Jamil Viper

🐍 It was like a nightmare and Jamil never wished to never see this ever again. Every time he closes his eyes and tried to drift off to sleep on his comfortable bed, he will dream of his overblot and what has happened to you, his dear magicless s/o. Never does he want to see his dear to get hurt as long as he lives. He will be there, by your side, even when he would never tell you this, too embarrassed to sound so cringy.
🐍 “Kalim, put this away. I know that you want to help with my cooking duty, but I don’t need help.” He sighed, trying to drag the dorm leader out of the kitchen, who was grabbing the doorframe, trying not to leave the room until a student bumped into Kalim’s back.
🐍 “Sorry about it, but there is a big problem! A monster attacked another student.” He told them. Kalim stared shocked at the other student, as Jamil put the eggs to another place, so Kalim couldn’t break them again. “I’m sure that Crowley and some others can handle it.” The vice dorm leader said.
🐍 “Who got hurt?” Kalim asked, worried for the student, but hopefully someone would help them. “It’s (y/n)!” He answered, making Jamil nearly drop the knife that he held for a second.
🐍 The usually calm student got angry as he run to the place you apparently were. Anger and fear for your wellbeing, were the only emotions he currently had as he stood in front of the monster, ready to fight it, no matter what. “I will kill you, for hurting (y/n).” Clenching his hands into fists, he felt this strange power like on the same day the overblot has happened… Will it happen again…? At least, it was for your safety.
🐍 “I know that sleeping sounds tempting, but please wake up, Jamil. I have to know if you are alright.” The poor vice dorm leader heard your crying voice, but his eyes refused to open up until he heard the next words of yours, that you uttered out. “Kalim accidently blowed up the kitchen.” – “HE DID WHAT!?”


Vil Schoenheit

👑 Vil took the brush, staring at the mirror in front of him as he smiled. Oh, how much he wishes for you to be here, so he could try to use his new make-up on you. You always looked so different with make-up, just like he used to be different back then during his overblot. It even stressed him out so much, that he got a pimple after two weeks after the accident happened. Hopefully it will never happen again!
👑 “Rook, I haven’t seen (y/n) all day by now. How is my sweet potato?” Vil asked his friend and trusted one, who walked through the door to tell the blond dorm leader something very important. “In danger.” Was all Vil has heard, before the brush fell down onto the ground, leaving trails of foundation on it, dirtying the clean place of Vil’s, but the fairiest couldn’t care about it, as something more important came in between.
👑 “What do you mean ‘in danger’, Rook!?” He stood up, turning around to face the archer. “A monster tried to kill the first-years. Some could escape, while others are still there.” And unfortunately, you have been there too, only to get those strange blueish strawberries that apparently grew in the dark forest, making every first-year student to try to taste them.
👑 “I will kill that raccoon for getting my potato in danger.” Thinking that it might be Grim’s fault – like always – he stormed out of the dorm, running to the place the archer had told him.
👑 When Vil arrived, he couldn’t focus on anything anymore. It looked horrible. Students were lying on the ground in pain, while other tried to defeat the monster like your friends, while Grim tried to wake you up, but the monster was standing in front of you, licking his big mouth with his slippy tounge and creepy grin. A mere second passed by and Vil felt those negative and horrible feelings again…
👑 Tears dropped on Vil’s perfect face, as he opened his eyes, lying on the dirty ground as he stared at your tearful eyes. “What’s wrong, sweet potato? Stop crying. You don’t look beautiful with those tears.” He smiled at you, wiping away your salty tears off of your cheek. “Also, you are ruining my make-up…” He mumbled, sighing that he has to re-do it again. “At least my potato is safe.”

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Riddle Rosehearts

🌹 Riddle would lie, if he ever told you that you could never calm him down. The first-year students were always so loud and got on his nerves, except you of course! He loves you dearly! But thank the great seven you were always there for him. Even now at this very moment, when Riddle was sitting on his chair, nagging around how exhausting it could be as dorm leader, while you listened to him, smiling softly at your boyfriend.
🌹 “I know that it can get difficult with them… Don’t forget that they are my friends.” You chuckled, softly tracing your fingertips on his cheeks as you lend down, while the redhead closed his eyes. Your lips neared him until they were nearly on his but then it happened…
🌹 “(Y/N)!” You heard one too overprotective person you really wanted to avoid. Crewel crashed into your room, staring at the scene with fury in his eyes. “Rosehearts, you better disappear or else…” The voice of your overprotective professor got deeper, as Riddle’s eyes widen in slight fear. “I will see you later.” He told you, walking out of the Ramshackle dorm as Crewel stared at you. “Really? Him?” – “You wouldn’t want me to be with anybody… Also Riddle is a great boyfriend!” Crewel rolled his eyes as he folds his arms, still staring at you.


Leona Kingscholar

🦁 Leona might be a lazy lion, but he was also a lovely lion, if you two were alone. He really liked your affection, especially the sweet kisses he gets, whenever you try to wake him up.
🦁 That is also one thing that you tried to do, so he will finally learn for the next test he had to write and Ruggie was too busy with who knows what to actually try to wake up the lion prince. “Wakey wakey, Leona.~” You tried to shake him, maybe it could wake him up, but no. Luck wasn’t on your side this time. Your hands touched his ears softly, hoping that if you touch him here and there, that you could get lucky with your little mission. “Kiss me. Maybe then I will wake up.” His lips turned into a bright smirk, as he opened one green eye and pulled you by the neck to get his little present.
🦁 “Or just kill the lazy lion.” You heard behind you, as you felt goosebumps all over your body. Oh no. It was Crewel! Groaning, Leona stood up as he clenches his teeth, staring at the overprotective professor. “No need to be an ass.” The prince uttered out. “You don’t have to be so overprotective. Nothing will happen to my herbivore.” – “Oh really? (y/n) can’t use any magic, what if you aren’t there to help them?” Crewel’s eyebrow dropped, angry to even have to discuss it with your boyfriend as the fatherlike man pulled you towards him. “Hands off of herbivore.” Leona growled, pulling you back.


Azul Ashengrotto

🐙 Azul had a rough past with bullies always shoving him around, getting multiple insults and just feeling like a sad, chubby octopus, but then you came. The light in his dark life. He was beyond happy, when you showed him your loves and gave him lots of hugs and kisses.
🐙 “Rough day?” You massaged your boyfriend’s shoulders, who sighed in his office. “Yeah, Floyd accidently destroyed a table. I don’t know how he did it, but he did it…” You smiled at him, massaging his scalp until Azul turned around to thank you. “You are always welcome. But you could also thank me by giving me a kiss.~” Chuckling at you, Azul closed his eyes leaning towards you, but gets interrupted by a too overprotective being.
🐙 Or maybe multiple ones? Hushs and groans were heard all around you as dark figures flews around, just being seen on the walls of Azul’s room as you groaned. Sam. “Tell your friends to go away.” You listened carefully, now hearing the laugher of Sam, who walked towards you two. “Oh come on, (y/n), they just want to protect you, just like me. Come, time to go. I’m sure that you haven’t finished your homework.” – “I did!” But Sam and his dear friends have already pulled you to them, leaving Azul alone in his room.


Kalim Al-Asim

🎉 Kalim, oh dear Kalim was so sweet, energetic and a lovable teen. There was nothing that could make him angry or sad. Even that little moment you two were in…
🎉 “K-Kalim, stop t-tickling me!” Tears a re leaving your eyes as you tried to stop your boyfriend, while laughers escaped your mouth, making him grin brightly at you and continuing his little torture. “I-I will give you a kiss, if y-you stop!” The dorm leader’s hands immediately stopped, still smiling at you as he leaned down to your face, awaiting for a sugar like sweet kiss.
🎉 “That’s baaad!~” “Nooo!~ Don’t!~” You heard around you. Kalim looked up, seeing shadowy-like creatures, who looked grumpy just like the man, who walks through the door of your room. “Listen to my friend from the other side. They aren’t the only ones, who think that you two shouldn’t do it.” Sam said, grabbing Kalim by the collar to drag him out. “Come, let’s have a small conversation…” – “Oh no…”


Vil Schoenheit

👑 Vil might not look like that or even acts like it, but getting a kiss from you, while he hasn’t make-up on? They were just as sweet as you were. It always made him happy, to see that grin on your lips, whenever you two kissed. It was lovely.
👑 Not only lovely, but it also suited you, just like the make-up he was using on you to test out the new ones he made himself. “Do you like the lipstick on me, Vil?” You asked him, as he leaned down, smiling at his work and he beautiful color of red on you. “It suits you wonderfully, sweet potato.” As you two smiled and leaned into each other to kiss like on many days you two had, an angry person stormed through Vil’s room, surprising you. “Professor Crewel?”
👑 Crewel liked Vil. He wasn’t like the other students, but hell no, he would never allow you and that blond dorm leader to kiss. Maybe you were right, he might be overprotective, but can you really blame him? You were living in another world and it surely is a dangerous one. Of course, he wanted to save you. “You aren’t (y/n) father.” Vil said, raising up from his seat as you walked to Crewel, trying to calm down the older man, so he will leave you and your boyfriend alone. “I might not be their father, but I am the only one here who actually protect (y/n). Remember all the accidents during the lessons and all the spells’ students do wrong? I am one of the people who actually helps (y/n) out.” The professor explained. “And I will protect my sweet potato as well.” Both are staring at each other furiously as you stood in between, trying to calm them both.


Idia Shroud

🎮 Idia is a shy mess. He loves your love and affection, but he could never give you as much as you gave him. The introvert was just too shy and would rather faint than do it, always thinking that he might do something bad, but thankfully he has you by his side!
🎮 The bluehead sighed. He really wanted to pull that great SSR of one of his favorite characters, but the gacha gods weren’t nice today. Fortunately, you were, as your head dropped to his shoulder, glancing at his phone to see that he only pulled some characters he had already pulled during the event. “Cheer up, Idia.~ You can still get it. The event hasn’t end yet.” You raised your hands, pulling his face towards yours to at least try to cheer him up with a sweet kiss of yours, as Idia stuttered and blushed at the thought of getting another wonderful, heavenly-like kiss of yours.
🎮 “Oh my, what’s this I see?” You hear a familiar voice, as your boyfriend and you shrieked, grabbing him in your hands in fear that something might attack you. “Don’t worry, it is just I and my friends from the other side.” Sam appeared, standing in a dark corner with shadows looming around him staring with bright grins on their mouth at you two love birds. “No kissy, you two.”


Malleus Draconia

🐉 You were everything for Malleus. His treasure, the love of his long life and his soulmate. He would trade everything he had to get a lifetime with you by his side. He was like a sunflower and you the sun; he shall always look at you and only you.
🐉 “My love, are you alright?” the dragonic fae held your hand in his, smiling lovingly at you, as you nodded your head, continuing your small walk in the dark as the light of the stars shined on you. Malleus could swore that you looked like a god with the sweet light on you. If it would be alright, may he even get a sweet kiss of true love then? Leaning down to you, Malleus saw your cheeks turning red, knowing that you both wanted that sweet kiss, but unfortunately one person doesn’t want you to get that little kiss you two love birds wanted.
🐉 “Stars, dark and quite romantic. Wow. But I’m not a big fan of little (y/n) getting a kiss. What do you guys say, my dear friends?” Shadows touched your shoulders, flying around like big monsters, trying to get a small gap between you and your boyfriend. “If I’m not wrong, it isn’t forbidden to kiss their beloved significant other.” Malleus said to Sam, who shrugged his shoulders. “Yeaah, I know, but I still don’t want it to happen… Sooo… Shoo, walk away, prince, (y/n) has to go back to bed.”

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Leona Kingscholar

🦁 You were his and Leona’s alone. Don’t you dare to ever leave him, because he will find you.
🦁 He was the lion and you were the prey. He could smell you, catch you and you could never escape from him, unless he wanted you to do this, but of course, he could never let his herbivore go.
🦁 Whenever he is too lazy to be standing next to you, Leona will send Ruggie after you, so he will be there and chase away all the other students, who might be interested in you or try to get you away from the prince.
🦁 “Herbivore, come, now.” Staring at you, you knew that you had to follow him, whenever he threw that glance at you.
🦁 “Did you try to leave me, right now?” Leona grabbed your wrist, looming over you, while he clenched your wrist, leaving a purple bruise on you. “Don’t. Ever. Leave. Me.”


Jack Wolf

🐺 The big, bad wolf is fast and strong. Be careful to never get on his bad side!
🐺 Jack is protective. Some might say overprotective, always trying to stay by your side so he knows that you are safe and not near the other students, who might kill you or even steal you away from him.
🐺 “You talked to someone… Who was that?” Jack asked you, raising his eyebrow at you.
🐺 “On your left.” Jack said, running to you as you had to run a few laps during Vargas PE lesson. “Don’t you want to run pass me? I mean, I’m slower than you, Jack.” You told your boyfriend, who shook his head. If he would do it, he couldn’t chase away the others who might try something on you…


Ruggie Bucchi

🍩 Ruggie had many jobs, but one of them was to be your boyfriend. He surely knows how to do his jobs fast, after gaining lots of experiences. He was so fast, that he could always follow you, without you even noticing the hyaena.
🍩 “How was your day?” Ruggie asked, knowing any way how it was, but still asking you so you don’t realize that he was following you.
🍩 “Ruggie, I saw something weird last night. It kind of followed me in the dark… I’m scared. Will you bring me to the dorm today? Grim has something to do today.” You told him, grabbing his arm.
🍩 Oh, he will bring you back to your home, like on every other day. He shall always be the shadow, following you and protecting you.

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Dire Crowley

🖤 Crowley might be generous, but not enough to allow the students to flirt with you! For the sake of the great seven, how dare they to flirt with you, his not-really-but-one-day-adopted-child!
🖤 The headmaster of the school walks to you and the who-was-it-again-student, folding his arms over his chests.
🖤 “So, young students, what are you doing?” The student gulped, glancing at Crowley, who had raised his eyebrows under his mask, awaiting a good answer of the student, who run away, thinking that he might have a big problem, if he will stay there.
🖤 “Just look at him. Running away from you, tzzz. He isn’t even good enough for you, if he isn’t brave enough.” Crowley moaned as you shook your head.
🖤 “That’s why I will probably stay single forever in my entire damn life… Just leave me and potential love interests alone.” You nagged at the gasping headmaster and father-like figure. “Wait, what? Leave you alone with them?! W-Wait, (y/n)! Where are you going!”


Divus Crewel

🐕 “Ethan asked me out. He is really nice and sweet.” You told Crewel the good news you had, as he browses through the magazine he had bought. “Who the hell is Ethan?” He had asked. “Oh, Ethan is a really nice and sweet blond, guy from RSA.”
🐕 Who would have known that Crewel could jump that high into the air? “Ethan?! Like in Ethan Verre!?” He knew Ethan too well. He had quite a fan base, who fell in love with the blue eyed, blonde and tall guy of RSA.
🐕 The only time Crewel would ever say yes to you dating someone is, if hell would get frozen or if he will find you a perfect guy.
🐕 “What do you even like about Verre? He isn’t even a prince. Ask Trein, after all he knows him better than all of us.”
🐕 “This is my life! You are not my father! If I want to go on a date with Ethan, then I will go on a date with him!” You pouted, storming away and leaving the nagging Crewel behind. “Come back! We haven’t finished it yet! I won’t allow it, (y/n)!”


Mozus Trein

🐈 “Yeah, (y/n) is reaaally hot. If I, could I would want to date them.” A student grinned as he talked to his friends about you. “What was it?” Trein walked to them, holding his cat in his arms, as he stroked him a little bit.
🐈 “N-Nothing, sir.” – “Oh, nothing? If I’m not wrong, you wanted to date little (y/n) and for your information, you aren’t allowed to date them.”
🐈 The students gasped at him. Why aren’t they allowed if he isn’t surely, aren’t your father!
🐈 Apologizing and promising to never thinking about it ever again, they left Trein, who smiled triumphally and proudly.
🐈 “What the hell? Are you nuts? Come on! Why the hell did you say that!?” He heard behind him, turning around he saw you pouting at him. “Go to him and tell him that I might be interested, or else I won’t sign any adoption papers for you adopting me!”


Ashton Vargas

💪🏼 “Wow, they have to run more laps? Why?” Ace asked you as you kicked a stone from the training field away, groaning at the question that your friends had asked. “Vargas saw them flirting with me…”
💪🏼 They knew immediately what that meant. Sure, you weren’t his child, but your relationship was like any father-child-relationship.
💪🏼 Vargas grinned brightly at the tired students, before he walked to you.
💪🏼 “(y/n), stop being so angry. I am just trying to protect you.”
💪🏼 “I might not know how to use magic, but I totally know how to throw shoes and stones at someone… Better sleep with one eye open.” You stared at him, before turning around to walk away with your friends.



🔮 You were in Sam’s shop, glancing at the wares here and there until a student tapped your shoulder, asking you if you might help him, as you nodded your head.
🔮 You know this place better than anybody, as you spend lots of time with Sam here. “You are very nice, (y/n). Thank you so much for helping me out. I think it would only be fair, if I will invite you to the party of Scarabia… As my partner? You want to?”
🔮 Before you could answer him, a voice had interrupted you. “Oh, how nice. A party? Are my friends allowed to come and accompany (y/n) then? They could always help you.” Sam smiled, walking towards you.
🔮 “My friends are also good at letting people disappear.” Now the student’s eyes widen at Sam’s words, while you rolled your’s. “S-Sorry… I should go now…”
🔮 “You might have friends from the other side, but I have friends from here, who might help me to beat someone up.” You raised your fist at him, shaking it angrily before you left his shop.

Chapter Text

Many moons ago – too many to count, there lived two best friends, that cherished each other a lot. The boy was poor, lived on the street and had no family, while the other child had everything the boy ever wished for, because they were a royal. “I wish that I will be a royal too!” Said the hardworking boy, as he sat himself next to his best friend. “Then I could get lazy.”
His best friend laughed at the boy. “I wish that I will live in another world one day.” Said his best friend, as he stared at them shocked. “But then we won’t see each other ever again!” His best friend shook their head. “Of course! I love you too much to never see you again.” They lips curled into a smile as the best friend held the hand of the surprised and blushing boy. “If I will live in another world, then I want to visit you again, so we will be together forever. At least then… We could be together… as a couple.”
It was forbidden. The lovers shouldn’t be together, as the royal child was engaged with another child, that had no friends. People had feared the best friend’s fiancée, as the boy had been scary and a powerful sorcerer. But he was good enough for the royal child, not like the poor boy – at least, that’s what the family of the child always said, while the best firend always disagreed to their own familiy’s opinion. But when they looked up into the dark and starry sky, they wished on a falling star, their biggest wish, not knowing that their wishes and dreams came true.

Malleus nodded, hoping that the lovers will finally meet again as Lilia grinned at him, finishing the little tail of the lovers. He wasn’t so sure, if they truly existed, but whenever he saw one certain lazy lion with (y/n), the ancient fae believed that the lovers finally found each other.

“Leona, are you here to watch the stars as well?” You smiled at the lazy dorm leader as you walked to him, watching the sky filled with bright and shiny stars. “Just trying to take a nap until you came.” He groaned, turning around so his back was facing you, while you chuckled at him and sat down. “I heard a pretty sad story; do you want to hear it? Lilia told the story Malleus, when he was younger and he told me about it.” Leona groaned as he heard the name of his enemy and rival. Not only hated the lion the other for too many reasons, but one other added as you came into this world and leaving a trace of elegance and sweetness everywhere you walked. You were his herbivore and he will make sure, that this damn fae will understand it. (y/n) decided to tell him it anyway, even if he doesn’t seem to want to, but deep down, (y/n) knew him better than anybody else. He will listen to them.
“So; there was a boy and his best friend and they were so different.” Just like them. “He was poor and his best friend was rich – a royal and had everything. They loved each other deeply, but the best friend was engaged to a powerful sorcerer.” Leona’s tail twitched for a second, grumpy that the best friend would start fall for the other one. Maybe you will start falling for a dark and powerful guy too – like Malleus. His teeth clenched, folding his arms as he continued to listen to you. “But they wished on a passing star, that they will meet again and that their wishes come true. That he will become a royal, with a loving family and that the best friend will live in another world, as they didn’t want to live in a twisted wonderland.” You ended the story as you pointed at the sky above.
“The sky looked as lovely as the current one. Do you think that they wishes came true? That they finally found each other?” You asked him, scratching him behind the ear as he sat himself up, looking up at a bright star. “Maybe? It would suck, if they wouldn’t end up together.” He sighed as his hand gabbed yours, stopping you from scratching him. “They are so different, but they love will always be there and hold them together.” You grinned, holding his hand and never looking away from the starry sky, not knowing that the lovers of the past, had found each other.

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Jack was running another lap, as you were sitting nearby, smiling at your boyfriend and how great he looked, whenever he ran so fast. But he wasn’t only cool to you – no, he was adorable with his fluffy tail that would wiggle around like crazy, whenever he sees you. It reminded you of a sweet, white puppy! Just adorable!

Your thoughts got unfortunately interrupted, as something dropped on your forehead. Looking up, you noticed that the comfortable-looking clouds had darkened. “Uh… Jack! I think it’s going to rain soon!” You yelled over to your wolf boyfriend, whose legs stopped immediately, looking up like you had, until he ran as fast as possible to you, grabbing his jacket to throw it over your head, so you won’t get drenched. Thanking him, you wrapped your arms around him, embracing him with a smile on your lips, as Jack’s tail started to wiggle, loving your affection more than anything. “You are a good boy.” You joked, making him snip with his finger on your forehead, looking away, so you won’t see his red dusted cheeks. “Shut up, idiot. I’m not a puppy.”

More and more raindrops fell down, on the grassy ground, while the sky got darker, hiding the sun behind its clouds. “Let’s get inside.” He suggested, not wanting to get wet as he grabbed your hand, wanting to pull you inside, but then you had pulled him back. A smile of joy was still gracing your lips. “No, I want to stay here.” Jack looked at you, shocked by your words. Why did you wanted to stay outside, while it started to storm now? “Rain is quite romantic, or not?” You chuckled, embracing him again, face nearing his as your lips softly touched his. “We will get sick, if we stay here any longer.” – “At least, we will both get sick together.” The white wolf shook his head, laughing slightly at your silly words. At least you were right and he could get a sweet kiss, while you both spend your time in the rain.

Chapter Text

Never had Azami thought, that he would fall in love with someone, until he met you. It was like love at the first sight and the more he got to know you better, the more his feelings for you grew. There were many moments, in which the young actor would get shy and blush, whenever he interacted with you, but when Muku asked him one certain question, Azami had go a new shade of red on his face, he had never on. It looked like as if he tried out new make-up. “W-What do you mean?” He asked, stuttering at the pink-haired boy, who held a cute manga in his hands, smiling at the younger actor. “I asked you, when you want to confess your feelings! I have many ideas of how you could do it!” Muku repeated, gaze never leaving the black-haired boy, who jumped out of his seat and run off.

“It is just a mere crush… Nothing at all.” Azami sighed, not even believing his own words, as he strolled through the city, staring at the ground and kicking a few rocks here and there. Not noticing a certain someone, who had similar problems.

“Why are my friends so dumb…?” You had mumbled to yourself, walking to the park with the old swing, you often sat down, whenever you were upset. Since the first day you had met Azami Izumida, you fell for him and wanted to confess your feelings, but shyness overtook you and you couldn’t do it. Many times, your friends tried to help you, just like on this day, in which they shoved you so hard into his direction, that you knocked him down on the hard floor, apologizing multiple times and throwing your friends an angry glance.

Maybe you could never confess? Were you even able to do it? Afterall, your mouth always kept shut, whenever you tried to tell him about your feelings and your legs seemed to shake nervously, often making you trip over nothing.

“- Nothing at all.” Confused, you glanced up, bumping into someone. “S-Sorry! Huh… Azami-kun?” Apologizing, Azami looked at you as shocked as you were. Did he maybe thought of you too much, which is why you had ended up here? Or was that some kind of strange prank?

Silence took over the situation, as you both stood there, staring into each other’s eyes, not knowing how to confess now. Was it even a good timing?

“S-Say…” You both started, immediately interrupting your sentence. “Sorry again… What did you wanted to say?” You asked him now, shyly, as Azami looked to the ground again, trying to avoid your beautiful eyes with his greenish ones. “Now or never…” He muttered to himself, glancing up and trying to muster up all the courage he could get. “I-I like you.” He finally confessed to you, no longer glancing somewhere else, in hopes that you feel the same way and by the love of the gods, he was so thankful at this very moment as he listened to your words. “I like you too, Azami-kun.” You both smiled at each other, finally knowing how you two felt for each other.

Chapter Text

You turned around, back and forth, trying to fall asleep, but your eyes never stayed shut. Sometimes your legs even had bumped into Grim, who had decided to fall asleep on your more comfortable and warm bed rather than his own, while he had a great dream of tunas and him ruling the world, you listened his sleep talking, while your eyes rolled by the cat’s words. “Henchmen… Bow down… Hehe… I am the greatest… King Grim… Hehe… Get me more tuna.”

Sitting yourself up, you glanced at the wall in front of you, not knowing what to do to fall asleep. You are supposed to be asleep and relax, before the school day begins, but you couldn’t. Even a glass of milk with honey couldn’t make you drift of to dreamland. But maybe your boyfriend could help you, after all the lazy lion could always find a way to fall asleep.

You grabbed your phone, calling the already asleep lion. After the fourth ringing sound, he finally picked up, groaning as he shoves his head back onto the comfortable pillow beneath himself. “What’s wrong, herbivore? Did something happen again?” He sighed, thinking about all the overblots that happened during your first year here at NRC. “Or did Grim tried to eat you again?” A small chuckle left you, as you shook your head, trying to be as quiet as possible so you won’t wake up your companion, who snored peacefully next to you.

“No, I just couldn’t fall asleep.” You explained. Your eyes glanced at the window of your room, staring out in the dark to see the old trees of the ramshackle dorm leaning back and forth, while the wind blew at them, making a few leaves fall down onto the grassy ground.

“That sucks. I was dreaming a second ago.” Leona uttered, turning his head to stare at the ceiling. “Sorry to wake you up.” You apologized, glancing down at your hand, as Leona’s lips curled up and you could hear a small laugher. “Don’t worry, herbivore. No big deal. Let’s just talk until one of us falls asleep.” He proposed. “You will probably the one, who will fall asleep first.” Your eyes rolled, knowing the lion very well. “Oh, is that a challenge I hear?”

And like always, the lion had won against you, as you fell asleep, listening to his soft voice as he told you multiple stories of his childhood.

Chapter Text

“Ohhh Silveeer.~” Humming to himself, Lilia walked into the young human’s room to check on the young man, who he had raised. “Mh? He is sleeping again. Mayhap this might wake him up.” Chuckling, Lilia grabbed two tickets out of his pocket, while he jumped on the taller man’s bed, next to the sleeping Silver. “Wake up.~ Thanks to me, your dream of going on a date with (y/n) finally comes true.” The ancient fae grinned as he took a glance at Silver’s eyes that immediately opened, by hearing the greatest words he had heard for a long time. A date with the one and only (y/n)? That’s truly a wonderful dream, but maybe he was still dreaming?

Silver’s eyes shut close again, turning around and tried to ignore the fae’s loud voice, hoping to wake up from his dream as soon as possible, but Lilia’s pokes didn’t help him at all. “Leave me alone… It’s just a dream…” Lilia laughed, hearing Silver’s tired voice was sometimes too funny for the fae. “You are awake, Silver! If you will shut your eyes again, you might drift off again and mayhap dream of little (y/n).~”

Groaning and turning back, Silver stared at Lilia and listened to the excited fae, who showed him the two tickets he had won. “Give the other one (y/n)! You two will have a wonderful date! I’m sure of it.”

And that’s what Silver did. Nervously, after all the lessons of the day, he had walked to you before you will meet up with your friends and asked you out. “So… The old man gave those to me and I know that you always wanted to go to an amusement park. -“ Silver scratched his head, glancing nervously at the tickets in his hands, before he continues; “- Do you want to go with me to it…?” You smiled at the usually not nervous man. “As in a date?” He nodded to your question. “I would love to, Silver.”

The date was wonderful. You had so much fun, during the dozens of rides you two went on. Silver even tried not to fall asleep during a few ones, so he can enjoy his sweet time with you and only you. It was after all quite rare to be alone with you and no Grim or another student to be by your side. “Do you like your cotton candy?” Silver asked you, looking at you as you smiled happily, nodding your head. “Yeah… Oh, Silver! Let’s go and ride the Ferris Wheel!” You pointed at the big wheel in which families, friends and couples sat in and stared at the beautiful sight that they could get up there. Sometimes, the Ferris Wheel even stopped, so you could get a better view of the city, which you hoped that it will happen.

Faster than light, you finished your cotton candy and walked hand in hand with the blushing boy to the last ride of the day. Like on every amusement park date that you had read, Silver and yours was just like the sweet ones and will maybe even end the same. “Oh, look over there. In that direction is the NRC.” You had pointed into different directions, commented the view until you two were at the very top of the wheel. “The view looks great up here… Especially the sunset, right, Silver?” Smiling at the view, you never looked away unfortunately, even missing the stare of Silver, who never looked away from you. To him, you were the greatest view he could ever take a look at. “Very beautiful.” He uttered out, lips curling up as his hand slowly took yours into his.

“What are you thinking about?” You asked him, turning towards the usually sleepy Diasomnia student. “That this might be a dream…” – “Mh… No. Not a dream.” And if he will go back to the dorm, Silver will thank Lilia a thousand times for getting him the tickets, because on that day, Silver finally got a greatest present he could ever get. Not only a date with you, but also a sweet kiss of your soft lips on his, was a price he wished to always get.

Chapter Text

Trey Clover

☘️ Trey was tired. Very tired. Riddle got mad at Ace again, for breaking another rule and Trey had to stop their loud dispute. Thankfully, he can go to his room and relax! But his dream ended as he walked through the door, seeing dozens of clothes, jackets and other items lying around with his s/o holding snacks in their hand. “What is this?” The greenhead asked his beloved, who glanced at their own hands. “Snacks.” (y/n) answered - well, thought that they answered – his question, but Trey sighed and stared at the next that his s/o had built. “You will clean this up later, right?” He asked, lying down on the selfmade nest, that you worked on hard.


Azul Ashengrotto

🐙 After a long day at Monstro Lounge, Azul just needed his comfortable bed and the calm vibe of his room, but that’s not what he got. No. He got something he had never expected to see. A nest! “Please tell me that these aren’t my clothes and blankets…” Azul stared at you, pointing at the thing you had built. “Maybeeee…. But do you know what will cheer you up…? Snacks. Wanna have some? I’ve got plenty!” You showed him the snacks you had in your hands, as your boyfriend sighed. “Did Floyd told you to do this….?”


Jade Leech

🐬 Jade knew that he should have texted you. You wanted him to do this, but there was no big problem of him coming early to his own room, right? After all, it was his own room and you couldn’t mess it up- ohh, wait, that’s what you did! “Please don’t do anything that Floyd would do…” Jade sighed. He loved you and his twin a lot, but you two were so messy. Just look at the room! Why did you build a nest?! “Do I even want to know why?” Jade’s eyes glanced at your shocked ones, that nearly had dropped the snacks you had in your hands.


Floyd Leech

🦈 Floyd was bored! There were no club activities today, Azul send him away after he accidently destroyed something and you claimed to be busy with something important. He had nothing to do, which is why he went to his room, sighing around like a bored puppy until he saw the nest. His mood changed immediately. Floyd run to it, jumped a little bit and enjoyed the small nest you had built, only to look at the corner of his room to see you standing there with a bowl in your left hand and some snacks in your right. “Come! Let’s have some fun!” Floyd chirmed, pulling you towards him and embracing you in his strong hold.


Lilia Vanrouge

🦇 Humming to himself, Lilia walked to his room, happy that he has no work to finish right now and could spend some time with his little (y/n). After all you had told him that you have nothing to do. Unfortunately for you, you had forgotten to text your boyfriend, that you had changed your mind as you had built a little nest with Lilia’s stuff inside his room and prevent him from coming in, but it was too late. The ancient fae walked into his room, seeing the nest with surprise gracing his young-looking face. “Wow… There was one quite bored…” He chuckled, as his eyes wandered to yours, seeing you with snacks in your hands and gulping a few down.

Chapter Text

Riddle Rosehearts

🌹 You loved to tease and annoy Riddle so much. Why? Probably because of his blushy face, whenever you did it. Who would have known, that his face would get so many different shades of red?
🌹 “Riddle.~” The mentioned boy gulped, knowing what you might want to do, he started to shiver. There was one thing that he hated… The other Heartslabyul students seeing him as a weak boy…
🌹 He really loves you. After all, you were his s/o, but he doesn’t want to be a shy mess, whenever you had your fun. Thankfully for you, he can’t tease you back. He isn’t as experienced and doesn’t have a clue of to do this.


Jade Leech

🐬 Unfortunately, you are not the only person that loves to tease the other, as Jade enjoyed your sweet little red cheeks, while he pinched them, teasing you more with his words.
🐬 He will only smile sweetly, whenever you try to do it to him. He knows how to push your buttons…
🐬 It will be a rare sight to see him blushing. You have to be a pro in teasing to do it! When you aren’t, then give up, as you will always stay the shy and blushing mess, whenever he will do it.


Malleus Draconia

🐉 At first, Malleus would get quite oblivious to your teasing, until he gained that one book of Lilia, who assured him, that he will understand humans better, once he had read it. And surprisingly he did. But sadly, for him, Malleus understood then, that your little acts were actually just you being teasing and humor.
🐉 Malleus would think, that humans have to do it, which would mayhap be part of their courtship. So the fae prince would try to tease you too, only to see your pink dusted cheeks.
🐉 “Oh… How it seems, you might liked it?” Slightly confused by your reaction, he got more irritated, when you shook shyly your head, not wanting him to tease you more, but he misunderstood it once again. Congratulations, now Malleus will tease you back!


Sebek Zigvolt

⚡️ You drove him crazy with your teasing and your humor.
⚡️ He belongs to the trope that starts to blush fast and thanks to his tsundere personality, it will be quite funny to tease him more and more! “P-Please, stop it…” He will always mutter and try to hide his red face.
⚡️ But be aware of the half-fae! He will read lots of books, so he can see your flustered state too! And Sebek will enjoy it so much! “Oh my, is my human shy now?”

Chapter Text

Riddle Rosehearts

🌹 Riddle’s head nearly exploded. It was so damn loud at the garden of the Heartslabyul and the feeling that you – his crush – will come to visit him, while he has those headache and grumpiness, made him a little bit upset and mad. Could the first-year gang maybe be nice and calm for a day? Maybe it was too much to ask for…
🌹 But then something unexpected happened, that changed Riddle’s current emotion, as his stomach bubbled in joy and happiness.
🌹 You walked to the garden, whistling a sweet tune with Grim walking next to your side. As Grim got excited by the tasty smell of one of Trey’s cakes, his tail swung around, hitting your feet and making you trip over it. Grim hissed in pain, as you fall down before you could have greeted Riddle properly, pulling him down on the ground with you on top of him.
🌹 If Riddle’s lips weren’t occupied with your soft ones, that accidently graces his, by falling on top of the red-haired dorm leader, he would have gasped. His cheeks got redder than the color of the paint, the younger students had to paint the roses in, while you immediately stood up, helping Riddle, who tried to ignore the whispering voices of the nearby students. “D-Don’t apologize… It’s alright…” Riddle tried his very best not to stutter in front of him. The blush on his cheeks spread out, making even his ears blush, as the joyous dorm leader turned around and walking to a table and nagging at the laughing vice-dorm leader.


Leona Kingscholar

🦁 Leona just wanted one thing. To take a nap! It was so calm and relaxing in the botanical garden of the school, but he knew that it will change sooner or later, as you wanted to talk to him. The lion didn’t know what you exactly wanted to talk about, but he didn’t really care, as he always enjoyed your presence.
🦁 Perhaps it was the fact that he had a crush on you or maybe you were not as annoying as some other students. But what has happened, surprised him more than anything that he had seen at the school.
🦁 Grinning, while you had took a look at the video you wanted to share with Leona, you walked towards the sleeping lion, until one of your friends had the most greatest ideas he had in store. To push you to the lion. You always thought that it would end up badly, if you would wake up a sleeping lion, but this time, it shocked you, as Ace pushed you to your crush, making you fall on the lion.
🦁 Leona’s eyes sprung open, staring into yours as he felt your lips on his. Was this truly happening right now? Were you kissing him? Did you do it on purpose? By the shock in your eyes, he knew that it was an accident, but he couldn’t help himself and just wanted to tease you, as you jumped up. “Well, I don’t mind any wake-up kisses. But next time, do it without Trappola’s help.” The lion winked at you, turning on his side with a smirk on his lips and trying to hide side slightly flushed face.


Azul Ashengrotto

🐙 Azul sighed, as he heard the booming voices of your friends, who discussed something not-important in the Monstro Lounge, making the place louder than it usually was. Couldn’t he just have one day, without the students to be so loud? Probably not, but he doesn’t mind the fact that you were there, smiling at your friends before you rose up and walked to Azul.
🐙 But Azul nor you noticed the mischievous smirks of the tweels, who stood near you. They just wanted to help out their dear friend and how could they help? If two sweet people just bumped into each other. Perfect idea! Well, at least it was to them.
🐙 You gasped loudly, feeling hands on your back before you fell down, making Azul try to grasp you as fast as he could, but he was too slow. Falling down with you on top of him was something that he had never even dreamt of, even though he had too many sweet dreams of you.
🐙 And to share his first kiss with you, even ended up unexpected. How would he one day tell his kids of the day, he kissed his crush and their future parent!? Only after a second Azul’s lips had felt yours, his face blushed madly and you could swore that you saw his glasses getting foggy, before Azul babbled; “I-I’m sorry! I have something to do in my office!” Rushing away, he closed the door, leaning on it, having dozens of thoughts of that sweet kiss he wished to have again.


Jamil Viper

🐍 Jamil rubbed his fingertips on his forehead, while he watched the students of Scarabia running around to prepare the next party, even trying to make a bigger and greater party than the previous one! The only good thing of Kamil’s parties was one first-year that happened to go to the parties, as they were a close friend of Kalim’s and Jamil and surprisingly also the vice-dorm leader’s crush. You.
🐍 And like any good friend, Kalim had dozens of ideas for his dear friend Jamil, rambling around how he could finally confess to you, but Jamil would always roll with his eyes, ignoring the white-haired boy. “Or just kiss (y/n)!” Jamil laughed, shaking his head at the newest idea. Just kiss you? He wished to do this, but he knew that you would never wanted to share a kiss with him.
🐍 But during the party, Jamil had thanked the great seven for the current moment, as many people danced around, pushing some other sometimes, which resulted in you getting yourself being pushed towards Jamil, who you wanted to talk with.
🐍 Jamil grabbed your wrist, wanting to help you, but fell down with you. His head bumped onto the ground, making him hiss, but his thoughts got interrupted as he felt something he always wanted to feel, since the day he got a crush on you. Your lips. It was as if two puzzle pieces finally found each other, but maybe you didn’t want to kiss him, which is why Jamil immediately stood up, pushing himself through the big crowd and leave you there, while the dark-haired boy tried to calm down his racing heartbeat.


Malleus Draconia

🐉 Malleus’ smile never left his lips during the entire night, ripping away several flower petals and mumbling to himself words of; “Child of man likes me… Child of man likes me not…” But when the last petal fell down and he had whispered the sad words out loud, he mumbled that the flowers might have lied to him. How would a sweet being like you ever feel the same he did?
🐉 “I’m sure that it’s another lie.” He sighed, turning around to see you running towards him with Grim behind you. “Sorry for being so late! Grim needs another can of tuna and will go to Ace and Deuce now.” You explained the presence of your little friend, who bumped into you, after you stood in front of the fae prince.
🐉 Shocking all of you, Grim bumped so hard into you, that you tripped, making you and Malleus fall down like in all the animes you had watched! Who would have known that the small creature next to you, could be so strong!?
🐉 Malleus lips were under yours, smiling at the feeling of your lips, while Grim stood there shocked, nearly fainting at the sight he had seen. To the tall fae it was like a sweet story written in wonderful fairytales, while it was a big nightmare for Grim. He had wished to never see such a thing, as it was too gross for him. “Ew! I will go, bye, henchman!” The stormed away, leaving you two alone. Flustered by what has happened, you stood up, apologizing to him. “No, my child of man. It was no problem.” He smiled, putting his hand on your cheek, while he smiled at you happily.

Chapter Text

🍎 The day Epel confessed to you, before you two started dating, was quite funny! He was so brave, but shy and nervous at the same time. He really wanted to confess his feelings to you, but that small little voice in his mind told him to stop right there, before you will crush him with your mighty rejection!
🍎 Fortunately, and believe me, Epel thanked the great seven several times that day, you told him that you felt the same way, making Epel flustered and so happy, that he reminded you of a small puppy!
🍎 And like his confession, your relationship was similar. Epel always tried his best to be a brave, strong man and perfect boyfriend, but then there were times you had kissed his cheek or even held his hand, making the purple-haired boy super blushy.
🍎 When Vil heard about your relationship, he tries his best to make Epel into a better gentleman. “Fresh potato, aren’t you afraid of losing fresh potato number two to another one?” Epel gulped. Would you ever leave him for another guy, who is taller and stronger?
🍎 So whenever he isn’t with you, he will train a lot, examining all the guys of Savanaclaw in hopes to get stronger!
🍎 But then he will turn into mush, when you hold his hand, telling him that you like him the way he is…
🍎 He would do everything for you! He loves you so much, that he sometimes can’t sleep, as you occupied his mind all the time.

Chapter Text

🐉 Our beloved butler Malleus loves his mistress a lot. He would do everything for her, even if she won’t utter out a word of what she desires currently, he knows what she wants and is there immediately.
🐉 He will kiss his mistress a dozen of times on her hand and smiles sweetly at her. He just cherishes her so much.
🐉 He is one hell of a butler… Fast, knows what to do, is perfect in everything he does.
🐉 Malleus has plenty of fans, but he will never even glance into their direction. Why? “Why should I do it, my mistress? I have you by my side. The only thing that I need is you.”
🐉 If somebody hurts or upsets you, he will be the one to hurt the one person, after all, he doesn’t want to see you in pain.
🐉 “Please, smile for me. You look so beautifully, whenever you smile.”

Chapter Text

🐙 “Shrimpy… I thought that you couldn’t use any magic.” Floyd puts his chin onto his hands, staring at the sight in front of him. You were currently putting a blanket on your upset boyfriend, making it look like an Azul-Burrito. “Mh? Yeah, I can’t.” The eel-boy raised one eyebrow in confusion, pointing at you and then at Azul. “How comes that you always know when he needs you?”
🐙 Jade laughed at his brother’s question, already knowing that you loved your boyfriend so much, that you just had that strange gut feeling deep in you, telling you whenever Azul needed you by his side. “It’s my Azul Censor.” You proudly smiled at your answer, making Azul’s cheek blush. “S-Stop saying that…”
🐙 Even if it is a little bit embarrassing to get so much love and comfort, the octovinelle dorm leader loved it as much as he loved you.
🐙 Something happened, making him upset? Well, here you are, making him his favorite food and tea, cuddling the octoman and kissing his nose.
🐙 Bullies? Oh hell no. You were there faster than Sebek wished to ever be, when it comes to Malleus, and rush to the bullies to kick them there were the sun never shines on! “Well… They deserved it.” You said grumpily, turning around to your boyfriend to smile at him. “Are you alright, honey? Are you hurt?” – “I-I’m alright…”
🐙 That actually made him a little bit scared of you, knowing that you could just beat up multiple people… Also it was… hot…
🐙 “Your face is red and warm, Azul! Maybe you have a fever!” – “N-No… No fever…” He just couldn’t tell you, that his heartbeat nearly stops, whenever you were so nice to him. So basically… always.
🐙 “Thank you for always being there…” – “Mh? Sorry, what did you say, Azul?” – “Nothing! Have you finished your game now? Let’s go…!”

Chapter Text

💮 You had simps. Too many actually. Nearly the whole entire school simped for you. How could they not? You were nice, sweet and adorable. They just cherished you so much, which is why they started to hate the poor other magicless student of NRC. Yuuken Enma.
💮 The day Yuuken and you had met, was the greatest day, as you two became best buds. You two were just friends, but deep down, your simps and friends had a feelings, that your innocent friendship might change.
💮 Are you truly sure that you were just friends? Kissing each other on your cheeks as good-byes!? WERE YOU SERIOUS!?
💮 Time for the poor simps to get jealous as they have seen your lips touching Yuuken’s cheek, before he went casually to the classroom, while you waved at his direction, walking away too, because Crowley had needed your help again.
💮 “W-Why is (y/n) always kissing Yuuken’s cheek and not mine?” One simp’s eyes got teary, cleaning his runny nose with a tissue, while another simp’s hands clenched into fists. “I will murder that boy…”
💮 “Probably it’s because Yuuken is so strong, tall and manly… Why can’t I be like him?” Epel sighed, turning around to the other first-years, who sighed at the sight they had seen a few seconds ago. “Who would even want to have a kiss on their cheek?” Jack’s cheek were dusted red, as he glanced away, trying to hide his redden cheeks behind his hand. “We just have to find a way to defeat him…” Ace mumbled, as his thoughts got interrupted by the one and only Yuuken Enma. “Hey, guys. What’s up?” – “What’s your weakness, Yuuken? Tell me.”

Chapter Text

Tears left your eyes, as you stared at the food in front of you, which Lilia had placed on the table. The smile that had graced his pale and young-looking face had left, when his eyes widen. The only thing that the old fae wanted to do, was to surprise you with his wonderful new dish he tried out – just for you! But maybe, he had cooked differently than last time he had made it. “I-I’m sure the old man killed (y/n)…” Silver whispered under his breath, staring at the scene in front of him.

Your hands grasp got tighter as you ate more and more of the blackish food. “Please, stop. I don’t want you to die on us… How should I tell him that you have died, because of the old man’s food…?” Even Jade had stood next to the smaller fae, shaking his head in disbelieve and agreeing to the whitehaired student. The Diasomnia dorm leader and a few other students that had you dear in their hearts, would truly not be happy about it.

“Are you alright, (y/n)?” Your friends asked you, while you digged into your food. “You are crying…” You shook your head immediately, sending a small smile into their direction, while you chewed on the dish, that no one would ever want to taste. “It tastes so great.” Your joyous voice irritated everyone in the room, making nearly a few students think that you got crazy by Lilia’s food now. “It tastes just like my mother’s food. I always loved it, when she cooked it for me. It tastes delicious, thank you so much, Lilia.”

The fae grinned by your nice compliment, that you had loved his cooking, suggesting that he could cook more for you, which you had appreciate and thanked him once again. “Isn’t that great, Silver? (y/n) enjoys it! Just like you! Maybe I should cook more often…” The usually sleepy student’s eyes shot open by the fae’s words. “Please, do not. Next time, Sebek and I will take over… You really don’t have to do it… Right, y(n)?” – “Mh? Oh, I would be happy to eat more of his food.” Asking for more and holding the plate up high to Lilia, whose smile never had left.

“… More of the old man’s food…? Please, great seven… Have some mercy…”

Chapter Text

🍎 Your first date was just adorable! Apple was so nervous and didn’t know what he should do, so before he met you, he walked to his friends and asked for their help. Of course, the other first years weren’t that helpful and it only ended up with them teasing and annoying Epel, who tried to punch them, but was too weak to do so…

🍎 He was so scared to mess anything, that it ended up with the poor purple-haired boy asking Rook and Vil for help, who immediately changed his outfit, told him what he should do and so much more.

🍎 The date went wonderful. He was a total gentleman! But unfortunately, Rook stalked made sure everything was fine by following the both of you, while you went to that sweet café and shared an apple cake. He had no reason to be that nervous, after all you loved him the way he was, even if he might do something stupid… You have to assure it to him like a dozen of times!

🍎 That’s why he promised you, that he shall never change for anybody. Maybe that’s why he is still taking notes and following Jack and many other Savanaclaw students, so he can be super manly and make you fall more and more for him.

🍎 “Mh? N-Nothing! I wasn’t writing down anything, (y/n)!” He would always try to hide his notes and hilarious pick-up lines that Ace told him to use on you. “Let’s go! Come on!” Epel took your hand in his, walking to the next lesson, while he tried to hide his blushing cheeks he got by the mere touch you both shared.


Chapter Text

Leona Kingscholar

🦁 Big mistake. You shouldn’t have done this.
🦁 Leone seems to be a calm lion, minding his own business, but that young prince can be too overprotective and damn jealous, after all, you were his and nobody else’s.
🦁 He knows you so well. “Some guys are flirting with (y/n).” He heard Ruggie tell him, knowing that you did it to get his attention. “So exhausting.” His teeth clenched, before he stood up, walking to the direction the hyaena claimed to have seen you.
🦁 “Herbivore.” He had called you by the nickname of yours, noticing that you weren’t running back to him like a sweet puppy. Maybe you didn’t hear him? Or maybe you did it on purpose.
🦁 “That was pretty cute.” One of the students had laughed, scratching the back of his head, before he heard a low growl behind him.
🦁 The students gulped, knowing that the one and only dorm leader of Savanaclaw was standing behind them, throwing daggers with his eyes at them for flirting with his s/o, making them run away.
🦁 “Oh my… Leona, don’t tell me that you are jealous.” You smiled at him, a little nit flustered, when he pulled you into his arms.
🦁 “Do it one more time and I will make sure that your sweet little bite mark will never disappear.” A smirk graced his lips, before he whispered into your ear:”You don’t have to make me jealous. You will always have my attention.” His fingers slowly touched your neck, hovering above the bite mark he had given you last week, the day you tried to make him jealous again.


Jack Wolf

🐺 Jealous Jack was so adorable, just like sleepy Jack, flustered Jack, hungry Jack and… Basically every Version of our sweet Jack Wolf.
🐺 Every day he wishes for you to stop thinking about how adorable or cute he might look like. He needed some space, so you couldn’t tease him for the rest of the day, after you made him blush by kissing his soft ears.
🐺 “(y/n) won’t come over here…” He sighed, feeling a little bit upset and angry at himself for avoiding you, but he doesn’t want to die due to a heart attack you might give him.
🐺 But he made a big mistake. He shouldn’t have come to the botanical garden, because now he had seen something the wolf never wanted to see.
🐺 Were those Heartslabyul students talking to you? Wait one touched your hand… Did you looked down nervously with redden cheeks? You usually did it, when somebody flirted with you!
🐺 Like an alpha wolf, Jack stood up, no longer hiding at his hiding place and storming towards you. When that blonde guy tried to touch your shoulder, his hands grabbed his wrist, slightly turning it away, making him groan at the pain the strong Savanaclaw student gave him. “Leave them alone.”
🐺 Jack looked angry. So mad! His inner wolf wanted to kill them, while his brain tried to calm his pacing heart down. He looked like a beast wanting to drink the blood of his enemies, which made the poor students studder and shiver in fear.
🐺 Your cheeks got redder and redder by every second that passed, when you stared at Jack. “So cute…” You mumbled, when Jack turned towards you, raising his eyebrow. “What was it?”
🐺 “You are so adorable, Jack!” Your voice got higher, as you threw your arms around his neck, nuzzling your nose at his twitching ears. His tail wiggled around crazily by your compliment, while his cheeks blushed. “Please never try to make me jealous ever again…” – “I don’t know what you are talking about. Hehe~”


Ruggie Bucchi

🍩 Ruggie was known as the busy hyaena, the kinda vice-dorm leader, the maybe-butler of Leona, as the part-time working hyaena and not to forget; your busy boyfriend.
🍩 There were times he was working too much. The poor hyaena didn’t even had time for his beloved s/o, who had now one thing on their mind: gaining Ruggie’s attention.
🍩 So poor (y/n) was thinking day in and out about that one thing they desired the most at the very same moment. How could they do it? Until realization in form of a dark colored and always hungry cat hit them across their face. “Are you listening to me!? I told you that I am sooo jealous at this guy for always having so much food…” Grim’s mouth started to water, when you jumped up, raising Grim up like a monkey would hold a lion in their hands. “YOU ARE A GENIUS, GRIM!” You run away, having now a wonderful plan, while Grim screamed at you. “I know, but you could give me some more tuna rather loud compliment!”
🍩 Jealous! You will make Ruggie jealous! “I will talk to some guys and make Ruggie jealous by the sight…. It’s brilliant, brilliant, BRIALLIANT, I TELL YOU!” You stood in front of your mirror, now surprised by your own words. “That was strange…”
🍩 You told Grim that he should call Ruggie over to the Savanaclaw, even giving him a can of tuna for this small afford and stood in front of the building, now talking to some guys, until one flirted with you, only to stop immediately when his back started to shiver. “What are you trying there?~” He heard Ruggie’s voice.
🍩 The hyaena’s grin got wider, when the students apologized and walking away, before he puts his arm around your waist, watching the guys leaving the scene. “Trying to make me jealous?” He asked, now his eyes wandered to you, never stopping to grin, when you started to blush. You had planned it differently.
🍩 “You tried it, right?~ Grim told me you were here and wanted to talk… I guess you just needed my attention, mh?” Why was Ruggie always right?

Chapter Text

Leona Kingscholar

🦁 You weren’t just a cute, adorable herbivore, but a fierce and badass one. Something that Leona hadn’t expected you to be.
🦁 He was so surprised, when he took you alongside him, walking through the kingdom, he was raised in and glanced around. Many servants had greeted you two, while some others like his family were actually surprised by the fact that their dear little Leona was dating you! You were too cute for him!
🦁 The lion clicked his tounge, hands in his pockets, while you talked to him about his sweet family and how nice they were. “Don’t forget annoying, like that one brat.” He mumbled, mentioning his nephew, who adored you so much and even now had started calling you a dear member of their family!
🦁 “Hehe, don’t be so grumpy.” You laughed, but immediately interrupted yourself, to turn around and grabbing the sword an assassin held in their hands a few seconds ago. Your feet kicked them down and planted it in front of their neck.
🦁 Leona’s eyes widen as he saw that moves of yours. Why haven’t you told him that you were good at fighting?
🦁 “Whoaaa! So cool!” You heard behind you. Cheka run towards you alongside some guardians and soldiers, taking the shocked assassin with them. “Oh, no big deal… I learned how to fight with dual swords. It’s easy peasy. ~”
🦁 “So my herbivore can do more then looking pretty?” The tall lion smirked, watching you as if you were his next meal.


Kalim Al-Asim

🎉 He begged and annoys Jamil the entire time, telling him that it would be alright if he were alone with you at his home, that nothing would happen and you assured the poor servant too.
🎉 “Fine, but if something is going to happen, call me immediately. I will go and buy us something to eat.” Jamil said, staring at the chuckling Kalim, who waved at him. “Don’t worry!~ I just want to show (y/n) a few things in my room!”
🎉 Who could have known that one of the things hiding there, was also an assassin? One that creepily was hiding behind the door, prepared for everything, except for one thing. That was you.
🎉 “It’s one of the most sharpest blades! It looks so cool too!” He smiled, grabbing your hand, while he went with you to his room to show you the weapon he had mentioned a couple of times. “It’s next to my door, so I can always see it, whenever I leave my room.”
🎉 When Kalim let go of your hand to open the door, you saw a slight shadow, moving a little bit near the door. Faster than imagined, you shoved Kalim to the side, grabbing the blade your boyfriend had wanted to show you and sliced the air. The sword neared the neck of your enemy, making him tremble and surprised.
🎉 “A-A servant?” He whispered under his breath. “No, Kalim’s s/o.” You smiled, hearing your dear boyfriend gasp and uttering out how cool you were.
🎉 “What the hell is going on?” Jamil bursted into the room, staring at the sight in front of him. The assassin couldn’t move, due to the ropes Kalim had in his messy room. “Uhhh… nothing?”


Malleus Draconia

🐉 Malleus was so happy, never letting his smile leave his lips. He always had wanted you to see the kingdom and hopefully your future home, as he wanted to marry you one day, if you accepted his propose that he is trying to perfectionate before he will ask you the important life-changing question.
🐉 “Your room looks great. And so many souvenirs.” You smiled, a little bit confused, as Malleus had never left his home. “Yes, Lilia had gifted them to me.” He explained, smiling at you with small rosy cheeks, looking like a child in a candy store. Adorable.
🐉 “Your bed seems comfortable too.” – “T-That’s good, my beloved.” His cheeks got redder, trying to hide it by staring somewhere else.
🐉 Your eyes wandered around, finally seeing something that made your eyebrow raise. Two swords were hanging on the wall, looking sharp and ready for any soldier. “May I?” You asked, gaining a nod from your boyfriend.
🐉 You took the dual swords into your hands, turning around immediately and sliced them into the bed, making an assassin jump and fight you, but he was weak and slow enough for you to defeat him with a few kicks, punches and your new swords. The blade nearly hit your opponent’s neck, making him shut his eyes in fear of dying, but got pulled away by Sebek and Silver, who had heard the noises of a fight nearby.
🐉 “That was amazing, my child of man.” Malleus complimented you, holding your hands in his. “That was nothing, dear.~”
🐉 You two stared at each other, feeling calm and happy that none of you were hurt. “Oh my! I’m so sorry! I accidently destroyed your bed!” Panicked by it, Malleus held your cheeks in his hands. “Don’t worry, we will have a new one, love.” – “W-We….?”

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Riddle Rosehearts

🌹 “Is the cake alright? Should I go and fetch another one?” Riddle had asked, setting his cup of tea down, wanting to stand up for you, but your hand grabbed his wrist, stopping him. “I love it, thank you. Just sit down, Riddle. I want to have a relaxing and nice date with my boyfriend. Can’t have it, if you leave my side, right?” You chuckled at the redhead, who sat himself down again, gazing at the strawberry tart in front of him, that Trey had made for their date. “R-Right…”
🌹 You just wanted to calm yourself down. You always had to run after your friends, helping them with their problems and those damn work of Crowley, he had always shoved to you.
🌹 “How was your day?” You asked him sweetly, sending your dear boyfriend a smile, who replied grumpily; “The duo and their dumb pranks… You know… a typical day.” You laughed at the prank, in which the Adeuce duo plus Grim used a spell on Riddle, changing his hair color from red to green.
🌹 But that wasn’t the only surprise you two had for this week, as somebody – mayhap even an enemy of the Rosehearts family or somebody crazy, you weren’t sure about it, jumped out of the bushes of the red roses. He pulled out his sword, running towards you two. Riddle gulped, pulling out his magic pen and ready to fight against him.
🌹 He will do everything for you, so no harm will find you, after all you couldn’t use any magic.
🌹 Running faster than the Savanaclaw students ever could, you twisted the arm of the stranger, grabbing the sword into your hands and point it at him with anger in your eyes.
🌹 The poor stranger got winded up, nearly forgetting how to breath, while Riddle’s face only showed you that he was very irritated. He never thought that you could fight!


Azul Ashengrotto

🐙 Azul was known to foul around and had lied to multiple people, which is why it hadn’t surprised you, that your dear boyfriend had a few new enemies he had gained over the time.
🐙 But fortunately you were by his side, protecting him like a watchdog, without the dear dorm leader knowing about it. He had no idea of your training that you had back in your past and that you could fight with dual swords. You weren’t walking around with them after all. You never had a reason to carry weapons with you, until this day had happened.
🐙 A sigh escaped you, while you were sitting next to Azul, staring at your purple-haired boyfriend that counted the money.
🐙 “You a**hole… How dare you…” Jumping up from your chair, your gaze wandered towards the door of Azul’s, who on the other hand was just staring at the stranger. “What do you want?” Maybe it was just another guy, who would insult Azul and leave him alone again, but oh no…
🐙 The guy had walked to you, grabbing you by your wrist and holding a long knife near your neck, threating you two. “Give me everything back, Ashengrotto and nothing will happen to your sweet lover.”
🐙 Before Azul could do or say anything, you ram your head against that guy, making him tremble by the hit. You turned around in a blink of an eye, swapping the knive out of his hands and holding it at him, smirking at the weak stranger, whose head throbbed at the pain.
🐙 His eyes widen, while he slowly walked away backwards, never leaving your eyesight, while Azul chuckled, standing up. “I never thought that you could do that. I’m kind of impressed, love.”


Vil Schoenheit

👑 Vil is the handsomest and fairiest on the planet. He had a dozens of fans and beautiful clothes. You were still confused, why he had even fell in love with you, as you were so different.
👑 Vil cared for his appearance a lot, while you on the other hand, didn’t even care if your hands got dirty, as you had learned one thing that you haven’t told anybody at NRC. You can fight with dual swords. Not even Vil, who wanted to know everything about you through Rook, haven’t figured it out.
👑 “Let’s go to that shop now.” Vil pointed with his finger towards one, shoving you around from one shop to another. It was a little bit exhausting, but you would do everything for your wonderful boyfriend, even if it meant to hurt your feet from walking all day around.
👑 “A thief! Fast! Catch him!” – “What?” Vil turned towards the screeching voice of an older woman, staring disgusted at the thief, who tried to flee from the scene, not knowing that he had a strong opponent now.
👑 You run towards a shop, grabbing the sword, while the shopkeeper yelled “Hey pay for it! God damnit!” and held it in front of the thief, before he could run pass you. “W-What the-?” He gulped, not knowing what to do at the moment.
👑 “You lost, I guess… Give her the purse back. Now.”
👑 Vil raised his eyebrow at you, clapping for a second, until he sends you one of his rare smiles that he would only give you. “My sweet potato is useful, mh? Let’s find a good outfit that will fit you. You will look wonderful in it, while holding swords, sweet potato.”


Idia Shroud

🎮 “EEEEEEEP!” Had it truly happened? That’s why Idia never left his room. He knew that horrible things might happen here and there. But why did that guy wanted to kill him!? He had never hurt a fly, like the rest of the students! He was like a damn shadow! Like a ninja! Always staying in his room. Why did destiny choose this very moment for him to be alone and in danger?
🎮 “I’m so sorry!! PLEASE DON’T KILL ME! TAKE EVERYTHING EXCEPT FOR MY LIFE!” His voice got higher and higher by every word he uttered out.
🎮 While your beloved boyfriend was threatened in his room, you walked towards his dorm, swinging around the two swords you had bought, wanting to tell him that you could fight with them, only to hear a booming noise. “Another gacha failure?” You asked yourself, now running towards Idia’s room, thinking that the blue flamed boy would cry over another gacha pull.
🎮 Your feet kicked the door open, staring at the stranger, who had shrieked by your sudden appearance, just like Idia did once again.
🎮 Stuttering out your name, Idia crouched down, hiding his face with his arms. “Run! He is dangerous!!” But you swung your swords, fighting the stranger a minute long, until he fell down, groaning and wincing in pain. “You lost.~” You pointed your sword at his neck as the stranger stood up slowly, wanting to dash off. “I-I called Crowley and some others… T-They will catch him…” Idia stuttered, still trembling in fear.
🎮 “You did well, Idia.” You chuckled, putting your swords aside and pulling your tall and lovable boyfriend towards you. “You were so cool… Like a knight.” – “If I’m your knight in shining armor, then you are my damsel in distress.” You grinned at him, kissing his cheek. “W-What’s that?” Idia pointed at the stain on your clothes. “Oh, that… Grim puked on me today. Wait… So I’m like your knight in disgusting and dirty clothes?” – “I don’t mind…”

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💮 “(Y/N) will be in danger. I’m pretty sure, that they will be safe once they live with me.” Ambrose smiled, patting you on your head, while smiling at you like a sweet and lovely father would do.
💮 “Forget it. (y/n) is my child.” The headmaster of NRC clenched his teeth, grabbing you by your wrist and pulling you behind his back, so Ambrose couldn’t take a glance at you. “There is no danger here. No leave my office, right now.” Crowley pointed at the office door, trying to send the stubborn older man away.
💮 “May I say something about it…?” You asked, raising your hand like in most lessons, whenever you wanted to answer a question.
💮 “No!” Your mouth opened, trying to argue back, but the older father-like men interrupted you, before you could even utter out a word. “Hey, you are talking about me! I’m sure that I’m allowed to give you two an answer and my opinion!”
💮 Glances were thrown at you, while both headmasters of different schools threw harsh words around, trying to win the vocal fight they started.
💮 “My goodness… FINE! I will leave! Have fun arguing!” You stormed off, leaving them alone in Crowley’s office. “See! That’s why I don’t want you to adopt (y/n)! You don’t even know how to handle a child!”

Chapter Text

O - OathWhat is something (i.e. a bad habit) they try to stop doing for their s/o?

Many people say that Floyd Leech has too many bad habits and whenever he asks you, you try to assure him that you love him the way he is and he shouldn’t try to change himself. But after hearing so many students opinions, he is actually trying to stop being so annoying and wanting you to do so many things, like staying by his side nonstop or shoving you around like a bag of potatoes and taking you everywhere he wants to go. Especially hugging other students and making you a bit jealous. It surely was fun, but it wasn’t for you, so that was that one habit he really tried to stop!

Q - QuandaryWhat’s the most awkward thing they’ve dealt with since dating their s/o?

There is actually none for Floyd! He never thought of anything as awkward!

R - RuminateHow often do they think or daydream about their s/o?

It actually happens randomly, so sometimes it’s a lot like five times in an hour or less than this. It depends on what he is doing. If he is playing basketball, he doesn’t often think about his s/o, except during important games in which he calls over to you and screams that he will point for you. But during lessons, which are often quite boring to him, during his breaks or whenever he sees something that you might like or even dislike, he will think of you and talks to other students about you. He actually talks often about his dear s/o.

W - WittyWhat was their reaction to making their s/o laugh for the first time?

Floyd was smiling brightly like a small child during Christmas eve. It was like opening a greatest present on earth and he promised himself that he would try to always make you laugh, which is why he always wants you to be by his side, so he could see your smiles and laughers.

Chapter Text

Riddle Rosehearts

🌹 Riddle would be very surprised, but also super happy. You were good friends of the known Adeuce duo and thankfully not as loud or troublesome as them.
🌹 You were always there to stop them and try to calm down the situations.
🌹 Maybe that’s why Riddle was actually respecting you that much. Even with no magical powers, you were powerful enough to stop that duo plus Grim all the time, something that Riddle couldn’t do always.
🌹 As a small thank you, Riddle invites you often to tea parties and the unbirthday parties that Heartslabyul had in their dorm garden.
🌹 “Thank you, at least we have one good student here that can calm down those two idiots.”


Vil Schoenheit

👑 Just like Riddle, Vil was also surprised by your calm and mature personality, especially when he remembered your young age and compared to you with the troublesome first-year students, that you call your friends.
👑 He would send Rook after you, so the blond dorm leader will know for sure that you were as mature as you claimed to be.
👑 “You don’t trust me.” – “Not with your clothes. New ones. Now. Come, little one, we will go shopping.”
👑 That was actually a sign of him, showing you that he carried for you and respected you – a bit.
👑 “Let’s buy those too. What are you waiting for, little potato?” He clicked with his tounge, waiting for you.

Chapter Text

M - MarriageDo they ever think of marriage or how they would propose?

I don’t really think, that Jade would ever think about marriage or proposing to you. He loves you a lot, but it never came up. If you truly wish to marry him and mention it, then he will marry you. But all in all, that topic will never be mentioned by him.

T - TalkHow often do they talk about their s/o in front of others?

If he finds a topic, that reminds him of you, or whenever he remembers something, you said or did, he will talk about you. This will be like three or four times a day.

W - WittyWhat was their reaction to making their s/o laugh for the first time?

Jade will smirk, knowing that it was him who made you laugh and not any of your other friends. So he made sure to figure out many things about you, so he will find a few ways to make you laugh again.


Chapter Text

A - AcceptanceHow long did it take for them to accept that they were in love? What were they like after accepting it?

It actually took him a long time. He doesn’t want to accept it, but when he heard that quite a few people had crushed on you, his teeth started to clench and he knew that he had to do something about it. That’s how he started to realize that he actually fell in love with you and that he also had accepted his own feelings.

B - Best FriendsWhat was it like to be friends with them? Have things changed since you started dating?

Not much had changed. When you two were friends, he sometimes took his naps, with his head laying on your lap and still does it! But the only thing that might have changed is the way he calls you. He still calls you herbivore, which might never change, but he always says “my herbivore”. Also dusted red cheeks and lingering stares.

C - ConfessionHow did their confession go? Was it planned or was it out of the blue?

It was more out of the blue. When three students talked to you, Leona thought that they might actually tried to flirt with you, so he showed about, grabbed you by your hip and carried you like a bag of potatoes and shouted over his shoulder. “That’s my herbivore. Fu** off, you three.” And then he walks away.

He never had confessed his love to you, but you knew that it was kinda a confession.

D - DateWhat was the first date with them like? What is their go-to date? What is their dream date?

His dream date were actually normal dates, with him cuddling you on his bed and not wanting to go out. Many of your dates actually look like this, but your first date was different. He wanted to take his lovely nap in the botanical garden, but when he saw your sweet pouting and grumpy self, he sighed and went to a restaurant with you, hoping that it might make you happy.

E - ElapseHow long can they go being away from their s/o?

He doesn’t want to admit it, but even one day without you, makes him grumpy as hell. He can’t even take a proper nap without you nearby.

F - FightHow often do they fight with their s/o? Do they apologize first or do they wait for an apology?

Leona always wants you to apologize, but when he knows that he screwed up, then he will apologize to you first. He will look away, a bit flustered but will do it.

The big kitten also tries to not fight with you at all, because it means that you won’t be around and he can’t sleep, knowing that you two actually had argued about something silly.

G - GiftWhat is something they would buy as a gift for their s/o?

At first it was food, but the more he heard about your hobbies and interests, he tried to find good gifts for you, or more likely sends Ruggie to buy the gifts for you.

H - HugDo they like to hug their s/o? If so, how often do they hug them? What are their hugs like?

Hell yes! He loves it, which is why he will fall asleep with you in his embrace. The big kitty will always hug you, whenever he wants to sleep. His hugs are actually comfy, except if he is super stressed, there his hugs are very tight, which is why you often have to wake him up.

I - IntroductionHow did you meet them? What was your first impression on them?

You two met each other in the garden, when he took a nap. He actually didn’t care for you. He opened up one eye, glanced at you and turned away to continue his nap.

J - JealousyHow easily do they get jealous? What do they do in that state of jealousy?

At first, before you two started dating, Leona was often jealous, thinking that other students might make you fall in love with them, not knowing that you actually liked him back. He would always growl, clench his teeth and hands and also make the other students fear and threatens them, until you two started dating. There he won’t be so fast jealous, except when it comes to Malleus hanging around with you. Oh boy, the sleepy lion’s eyes will not leave you…

K - KissesWhat are their kisses like?

Rough kisses!

L - LoveWhen did they realize they were truly in love with their s/o?

When you told him, that you love him the way he is and that you don’t care about his title or anything. That he wonderful, no matter what.

M - MarriageDo they ever think of marriage or how they would propose?

Not really. Leona doesn’t think about the future at the moment. He only wants to take great naps on your lap!

N - NicknamesWhat nicknames do they call their s/o? What nicknames do they like being called?

He will call you: my herbivore (and nothing else)

He likes to be called: my prince, the love of my life, strong lion (call him kitty, kitten, cat or anything like that, and he might punish you ;D )

O - OathWhat is something (i.e. a bad habit) they try to stop doing for their s/o?

He will try to stay awake for you and listens to everything you say. Usually, he will fall asleep pretty fast, but if you don’t want him to do it, then he will try to change himself for you!

P - PDAWhat is their outlook on pda? Do they love it or do they hate it? What’s the most affection they’ll give their s/o in public?

He will give you hugs, cuddles and to annoy you, Leona will lick your cheek in front of others, if you annoy him. But he will blush or shoves you away (in a sweet way), if you kiss him, pat him or touch his tail. It will make him blush. He will totally deny that the color of his cheeks changed, but he won’t give up!

Q - QuandaryWhat’s the most awkward thing they’ve dealt with since dating their s/o?

That one time you called him “darling” in front of some savanaclaw students. Since that day, those poor students fear of their heads being ripped off by their dorm leader… It was actually only awkward for him.

R - RuminateHow often do they think or daydream about their s/o?

He will think about you, if he misses you and before he takes his naps, because he wants you to be there with him. Also there were a few dreams he had, like sweet dates or a picnic, where you started feeding him.

S - ScentWhat do they smell like? (i.e. peppermint or cedar wood)

Mh… Maybe like… grass and wood, as he falls often asleep near those?

T - TalkHow often do they talk about their s/o in front of others?

Not often, just if he wants you to be there and tells Ruggie to search for you. He doesn’t talk with many students.

U - UniqueWhat’s something they would do only for their s/o?

I’m pretty sure that are his cuddles and showing you that he cares for you. He would never show it to anybody else.

V - VulnerableWhat’s something their s/o does that makes them weak to their knees?

Patting his head, when he gets tired and then touching his long tail. He will try not to purr out loud, but sometimes it just leaves him. He will be like pudding in your hands.

W - WittyWhat was their reaction to making their s/o laugh for the first time?

His tail wiggled a bit, while his ears twitched. It sounded like a melody for Leona. His lips will curl up and immediately tries to look normal, so you won’t notice how happy your laugher made him.

X - XylophoneWhat is a song that describes the relationship or their feelings towards their s/o?

Miscél - spells to fall asleep

Y - YearnWhat is something they look for or would like to have in a s/o?

Somebody who is not energetic at all and also likes taking naps with him!

Z - ZzzHow are they when it comes to sleeping? Are they a cuddler, a blanket hogger, ect?

Cuddler and he won’t mind sleeping without a blanket at all!

Chapter Text

L - LoveWhen did they realize they were truly in love with their s/o?

Epel realized it the day he felt pretty down. Vil was nagging around, while Epel tried to ignore the blonde dorm leader, not listening to any of his words, thinking that it was just a normal day. A lot has happened and he even got himself hurt. Now thinking that he is useless and a weak boy, he was leaning on a wall, staring at the ground until you came and talked to him. Just hearing you try to assure him, that he is a great man, made him a bit flustered. The more compliments you threw at him, the faster his heart beated, until he had realized it.

Q - QuandaryWhat’s the most awkward thing they’ve dealt with since dating their s/o?

That you were as strong as him. He always wanted to be a cool, tall and strong boyfriend and help you out whenever he could! Epel even wanted to carry you, but thanks to his weak arms, he couldn’t do it… But you did carry the lavender-haired boy longer than he could!

V - VulnerableWhat’s something their s/o does that makes them weak to their knees?

Complimenting him. That’s always making him a flustered mess!

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J - JealousyHow easily do they get jealous? What do they do in that state of jealousy?

Jade being jealous? That is one thing that could never happen. Jade knows that you love him and if he notices that something is wrong, he will talk to you. If anybody tries to do something stupid or even flirts with you, he will just ignore it. If it happens to often, even though they know that you date a Leech, then something bad might happen to them. All of this will happen, while Jade’s smile will never leave his lips and his eyes linger on you.

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B - Best FriendsWhat was it like to be friends with them? Have things changed since you started dating?

Being friends with Sebek was a bit weird. You needed a lot of patience and not to forget hearing him talk about Malleus all day. But he actually liked you, even though you were just a mere human being. But because of your friendship with Malleus, he tried to trust you and even asked for help, so he knows to be better and do more for the horned dorm leader. After you started dating, you can notice that he doesn’t talk loud anymore. He won’t give you strange nicknames, but tries to call you by sweeter ones and now his conversations changed! Now he will actually start talking about you, whenever he talks with his friends and if he has a conversation with his great s/o, he wants to listen to you more and more!