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The Flowers of one twisted Wonderland

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Riddle Rosehearts

🌹 “Is the cake alright? Should I go and fetch another one?” Riddle had asked, setting his cup of tea down, wanting to stand up for you, but your hand grabbed his wrist, stopping him. “I love it, thank you. Just sit down, Riddle. I want to have a relaxing and nice date with my boyfriend. Can’t have it, if you leave my side, right?” You chuckled at the redhead, who sat himself down again, gazing at the strawberry tart in front of him, that Trey had made for their date. “R-Right…”
🌹 You just wanted to calm yourself down. You always had to run after your friends, helping them with their problems and those damn work of Crowley, he had always shoved to you.
🌹 “How was your day?” You asked him sweetly, sending your dear boyfriend a smile, who replied grumpily; “The duo and their dumb pranks… You know… a typical day.” You laughed at the prank, in which the Adeuce duo plus Grim used a spell on Riddle, changing his hair color from red to green.
🌹 But that wasn’t the only surprise you two had for this week, as somebody – mayhap even an enemy of the Rosehearts family or somebody crazy, you weren’t sure about it, jumped out of the bushes of the red roses. He pulled out his sword, running towards you two. Riddle gulped, pulling out his magic pen and ready to fight against him.
🌹 He will do everything for you, so no harm will find you, after all you couldn’t use any magic.
🌹 Running faster than the Savanaclaw students ever could, you twisted the arm of the stranger, grabbing the sword into your hands and point it at him with anger in your eyes.
🌹 The poor stranger got winded up, nearly forgetting how to breath, while Riddle’s face only showed you that he was very irritated. He never thought that you could fight!


Azul Ashengrotto

🐙 Azul was known to foul around and had lied to multiple people, which is why it hadn’t surprised you, that your dear boyfriend had a few new enemies he had gained over the time.
🐙 But fortunately you were by his side, protecting him like a watchdog, without the dear dorm leader knowing about it. He had no idea of your training that you had back in your past and that you could fight with dual swords. You weren’t walking around with them after all. You never had a reason to carry weapons with you, until this day had happened.
🐙 A sigh escaped you, while you were sitting next to Azul, staring at your purple-haired boyfriend that counted the money.
🐙 “You a**hole… How dare you…” Jumping up from your chair, your gaze wandered towards the door of Azul’s, who on the other hand was just staring at the stranger. “What do you want?” Maybe it was just another guy, who would insult Azul and leave him alone again, but oh no…
🐙 The guy had walked to you, grabbing you by your wrist and holding a long knife near your neck, threating you two. “Give me everything back, Ashengrotto and nothing will happen to your sweet lover.”
🐙 Before Azul could do or say anything, you ram your head against that guy, making him tremble by the hit. You turned around in a blink of an eye, swapping the knive out of his hands and holding it at him, smirking at the weak stranger, whose head throbbed at the pain.
🐙 His eyes widen, while he slowly walked away backwards, never leaving your eyesight, while Azul chuckled, standing up. “I never thought that you could do that. I’m kind of impressed, love.”


Vil Schoenheit

👑 Vil is the handsomest and fairiest on the planet. He had a dozens of fans and beautiful clothes. You were still confused, why he had even fell in love with you, as you were so different.
👑 Vil cared for his appearance a lot, while you on the other hand, didn’t even care if your hands got dirty, as you had learned one thing that you haven’t told anybody at NRC. You can fight with dual swords. Not even Vil, who wanted to know everything about you through Rook, haven’t figured it out.
👑 “Let’s go to that shop now.” Vil pointed with his finger towards one, shoving you around from one shop to another. It was a little bit exhausting, but you would do everything for your wonderful boyfriend, even if it meant to hurt your feet from walking all day around.
👑 “A thief! Fast! Catch him!” – “What?” Vil turned towards the screeching voice of an older woman, staring disgusted at the thief, who tried to flee from the scene, not knowing that he had a strong opponent now.
👑 You run towards a shop, grabbing the sword, while the shopkeeper yelled “Hey pay for it! God damnit!” and held it in front of the thief, before he could run pass you. “W-What the-?” He gulped, not knowing what to do at the moment.
👑 “You lost, I guess… Give her the purse back. Now.”
👑 Vil raised his eyebrow at you, clapping for a second, until he sends you one of his rare smiles that he would only give you. “My sweet potato is useful, mh? Let’s find a good outfit that will fit you. You will look wonderful in it, while holding swords, sweet potato.”


Idia Shroud

🎮 “EEEEEEEP!” Had it truly happened? That’s why Idia never left his room. He knew that horrible things might happen here and there. But why did that guy wanted to kill him!? He had never hurt a fly, like the rest of the students! He was like a damn shadow! Like a ninja! Always staying in his room. Why did destiny choose this very moment for him to be alone and in danger?
🎮 “I’m so sorry!! PLEASE DON’T KILL ME! TAKE EVERYTHING EXCEPT FOR MY LIFE!” His voice got higher and higher by every word he uttered out.
🎮 While your beloved boyfriend was threatened in his room, you walked towards his dorm, swinging around the two swords you had bought, wanting to tell him that you could fight with them, only to hear a booming noise. “Another gacha failure?” You asked yourself, now running towards Idia’s room, thinking that the blue flamed boy would cry over another gacha pull.
🎮 Your feet kicked the door open, staring at the stranger, who had shrieked by your sudden appearance, just like Idia did once again.
🎮 Stuttering out your name, Idia crouched down, hiding his face with his arms. “Run! He is dangerous!!” But you swung your swords, fighting the stranger a minute long, until he fell down, groaning and wincing in pain. “You lost.~” You pointed your sword at his neck as the stranger stood up slowly, wanting to dash off. “I-I called Crowley and some others… T-They will catch him…” Idia stuttered, still trembling in fear.
🎮 “You did well, Idia.” You chuckled, putting your swords aside and pulling your tall and lovable boyfriend towards you. “You were so cool… Like a knight.” – “If I’m your knight in shining armor, then you are my damsel in distress.” You grinned at him, kissing his cheek. “W-What’s that?” Idia pointed at the stain on your clothes. “Oh, that… Grim puked on me today. Wait… So I’m like your knight in disgusting and dirty clothes?” – “I don’t mind…”