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cold sweat

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“Well, that’s the last of it,” she sets down the box she’s holding on the floor of Taeyeon’s new apartment. It’s smaller, but much nicer, and definitely no trace of Jessica to remind Taeyeon of their recently-ended relationship. 

Sooyoung, of course, was at Taeyeon’s beck and call, offering her support in ways she could. Not that I’d ever tell anyone that, Sooyoung thinks, but does she even need to when she’s always the first to drive to Taeyeon’s place to put her back together in the meantime? 

“Thanks again,” her best friend tells her, sitting on the newly carpeted floor. “If you need to go back to work, I don’t want to keep you any longer.” 

“Pfft,” she waves it off. They’ll survive without her at the office. “Your tiny ass would not have gotten all of these up here. Anytime. You know that.” 

They’d all been supportive in their own way. Taeyeon rarely needed them like this. Sunny always had food brought to her, Joohyun and Yoona always checking up on her, Hyo always ready to take her out to have fun. 

“I really appreciate it,” Taeyeon says, a small smile taking over her face. Sooyoung hates seeing her cry outside of being teased through hell and back by their friends. 

Her phone pings, and her face drops when she reads out the message.

It’s one thing to support a friend going through a rough breakup, and it’s another to support a friend going through a rough breakup when you’re Kwon Yuri.


“I just think this is a very bad idea, maybe we should go back home,” Taeyeon tells her when Sooyoung shuts off the engine of her car. But she leans against the seat, her palms over her eyes. “But I don’t want to waste Yuri’s gift. Oh god. Oh lordy.” 

Sooyoung can only laugh. It had taken two hours to get Taeyeon ready, and another two hours to finally decide to actually go, driving around the place in a way that would probably count as suspicious any other day. 

“Taeng, relax,” she says, unbuckling her seatbelt. “We’re going to a strip club. Not your execution. It’s not the end of the world that a pretty girl grinds on you because you paid her to.” Well, Yuri paid her to, but she doesn’t really want to remind Taeyeon of that right now. 

Yuri, knowing Taeyeon wouldn’t dare enter a lion’s den alone, had paid another girl for Sooyoung. Take good care of our Taengoo~ , the text message had said, I think you’ll like this girl a lot, Sooyoung-ah. 

“This is so embarrassing.” 

“I mean, we really don’t have to go,” she nudges Taeyeon encouragingly. “You could give me your slot and I’d use both probably in the same night. Or another night. If you don’t want to go, no one will make you.” 

Taeyeon turns to look at her, looking pained. “But I do want to go.” 

“Then what are we waiting for? Come on,” Sooyoung shakes Taeyeon’s shoulder goodnaturedly. “The girls Yuri paid to grind on us are inside. Let’s go.” 


The place is swanky - even though you definitely know it’s a strip club - just as Sooyoung expected, and she gives a small bow to the big-built guy guarding the door. 

There’s a moderate amount of people watching a woman dance on a pole, and the lights are warm, nice to the eyes, unlike most of the ones Sooyoung has been to before. 

One the second floor are the private rooms, where Yuri had instructed them to go, and as they climb up the stairs Sooyoung laughs when she sees Taeyeon holding onto dear life on the rails. 

“Hi,” she tells a uniformed woman, walking around. She has a sense of authority to her, like she’s making sure all of this place is run correctly. “We’re Yuri’s friends?” 

The woman’s eyes flash with recognition, then smiles (somewhat apologetically at Taeyeon, who is a little pale), and leads them to their rooms. 

“Yuri is one of our shareholders,” the woman says, and Yuri investing in a strip club is the least surprising fact of the night. “She’d specifically requested Miss Sunmi for you,” she looks at Taeyeon, and then at Sooyoung. “And Miss Tiffany for you.” 

“Are you Taeyeon?” A skimpily clad girl joins them, leaning into the woman they’re talking to, and Sooyoung deduces that she’s probably the Miss Sunmi they’d been talking about. 

She’s pretty, and her lingerie is a deep purple color, and oh boy, Taeyeon is shaking like a leaf. “You’re cuter than Yuri told me you were,” she drawls, giving Taeyeon a once over. In her head, she gives Taeyeon a fist bump and saves it for later when she isn’t shaking as she walks towards Miss Sunmi, who holds out her hand to lead her into the room. 

“Take care of her, she’s new,” Sooyoung teases, as Miss Sunmi winds an arm around Taeyeon, who is most likely astral projecting already. 

Miss Sunmi laughs, “Oh, I’ll take care of her alright,” she says, and then they’re off. 

Yeeun - she finds out is the manager’s name - turns to her. “Miss Tiffany is inside,” she tilts her head to the room to the left of where Miss Sunmi took Taeyeon. “She doesn’t usually greet them like Sunmi. So you’d have to make your way on your own.” 

“I’m a big girl, I can do that.” 

“Not so new to this kind of thing like your friend over there?” 

“Not really,” Sooyoung says, giving her a small bow as thanks for welcoming them and ignores this odd expression - somehow akin to a ‘ you say that now,’ that crosses Yeeun’s face - then finds her way to the door. 

Then she realizes that maybe she should have heeded Yeeun’s expression when she walks in to see what was probably the most beautiful woman she’d ever laid her eyes on, clad in a complex and pretty baby pink and white number, lounging on the chair with a nice silk kimono draped on her body. 

Well. Yuri was right. 

(Unfortunately, she always is about Sooyoung’s type as she is with a hundred more things.) 

Tiffany looks up when she enters, and a small smile dawns on her face slowly, surely, deliberately. “Oh. Hello,” she drawls, not even making a move to stand up. Sooyoung feels the appreciative once-over that Tiffany gives her in her guts. “Well when Yuri said you were a looker, I didn’t expect that she’d be right,” another up-down look through her lashes. “So, so right.”

“So do I pass your standards?” is the first thing Sooyoung says, walking closer to sit beside Tiffany, and the proximity is making her heart race. She’s even more gorgeous up close. 

“Exceeded it,” she grins, a saccharine sweet smile, and well. It tells Sooyoung that the next hour is going to be both heaven and hell. “So what brings you here, handsome?” 

“Just here to pass time and bridal-carry my friend home.” 

Tiffany lets out a mock-offended gasp. “So I’m just something you could pass your time with, then?” 

Sooyoung leans back, matching her. She’s not about to let this woman know she’s affecting her in ways that no one has, in the first few minutes of meeting. “I guess you could say that.” 

Leaning in, Tiffany stops when their faces are a few inches away, and Sooyoung can’t help but taste her breath, look at her painted lips, and she knows she’s not supposed to kiss Tiffany unless she does it first but the urge to do so is driving her up the wall. “You seem like someone who comes to these places often, Sooyoung.” 

Sooyoung doesn’t move, stays where she is. “I’ve had my fair share of time at strip clubs.” 

“Were you there to pass time, too?”

When Sooyoung says “yes,” Tiffany moves, gripping the edge of the divan’s backrest and straddles Sooyoung in one swift movement that it takes several moments for Sooyoung’s brain to catch up that she has a lap-full of Tiffany, her legs on opposite sides of her hips. 

“I’m not something for you to pass your time with,” Tiffany says into her ear, and Sooyoung resists the urge to shiver, and against her will she has her hands on Tiffany’s thighs, holding her there. 

Tiffany laughs, her hands locked behind Sooyoung’s head as she looks down at her, seemingly pleased that Sooyoung runs her hands up and down her thighs, feeling the smooth skin of it underneath her fingertips. “Yuri didn’t tell you my stage name?”

“Nope,” Sooyoung says, her strength waning. She didn’t know what it was about this girl that sent all of her pretenses out the window as she squeezes, 

“They call me honey thighs ,” Tiffany says into her ear, taking her wrists in a tight grip and pulling them away harshly until her hands fall to the sides. “And you’re not allowed to touch them.” 

She smiles when she looks at Sooyoung, and she’s so fucking gorgeous that she doesn’t know how to process it when she says, “touch me again and this session ends sooner than you’d like.” 

Maybe it’s the way she says it, the way Tiffany has control, but it’s not at all demanding and just the right amount of firmness, as if outside of this transaction she never uses this voice, this tone. 

That almost makes Sooyoung black out in her seat, plus the fact that Tiffany takes off her silk kimono to let it pool on the floor, and then she’s all skin, with Tiffany's tits right in front of her, her bra’s thin material hanging onto dear life. 

God. She and Taeyeon aren’t going to make it out alive.

It gets worse, when Tiffany starts moving her hips, slowly at first, acclimating to the way they fit their bodies together. All Sooyoung can do is look up at Tiffany, who matches her gaze, her eyes glazed and dark. 

The song is a slow beat, and each moment Tiffany’s body makes contact with Sooyoung’s is another dent to her sanity. How come none of the other times she’d done this with other girls make her feel this way? 

She has a vice grip on the back of the divan, and Tiffany is obviously delighted. “So, are you gonna cum in your pants like all my other patrons, hmm?” Tiffany giggles, “is your simple distraction going to make you do that?” 

“I’m better than that,” Sooyoung manages to say, and for all it’s worth, she sounds barely affected even if her eyes and the way she grips the seat and the way her hips meet Tiffany’s tell a whole different story. “I’m not like them.”

“Sure you aren’t,” Tiffany says, giving a particularly evil move against Sooyoung’s torseo, running her hands in Sooyoung’s short hair, and tugs lightly. It makes Sooyoung want to hiss, but not from pain. “I usually like to count how many minutes it takes until they do. You have forty-five minutes remaining.” 

Sooyoung matches the smirk that Tiffany gives her, and she makes sure to remember to leave her a tip if she ever makes it out of this room alive. “You can count to forty-five. I’ll be fine.” 

There’s a challenge in Tiffany’s eyes as she begins to work her hips against Sooyoung’s lap, nipping her ear. 

(Sooyoung only makes it to thirty, because Tiffany touches her through her pants and licks a wet stripe up Sooyoung’s neck. 

“That wasn’t fair,” Sooyoung says, digging some cash from her wallet to give it to Tiffany with shaking hands. 

Tiffany only kisses her on the cheek as she takes the tip and slips her a small piece of paper with her number on it.)


“So that was fun,” Sooyoung says, her voice shaking as she grips the steering wheel while warming up the car. 

Taeyeon, covered in kiss marks (“She liked kissing me, okay?” She’d said, stumbling down the stairs.) only hums. Sunmi had also given Taeyeon her number. 

Yuri was going to get some very good wine as a gift from both of them.