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An unexpected reunion

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Present time (2007)


Miranda Priestly was sitting in one of her favourite restaurants called Smith & Wollinsky, waiting for Nigel, her art director, nowadays second hand and best friend, who was coming right away from a photoshoot he had led this morning. They wanted to celebrate Miranda's divorce that were finalized since ten o'clock. After Paris, their relationship have become closer then ever before and Miranda treasured this privilege for which she was extremely grateful every day. The events in Paris, especially the departure of her Andrea had hit her hard and made her aware of what was most important in her life. While waiting for Nigel's arrival the Fashion Queen mused about the difficult last year:


After her coup in Paris, Irv repeatedly tried to make Miranda's work much more difficult by reducing the budget month by month. Nevertheless, Runway always managed to set new sales records. After another budget cut for the most important issue of the entire year, the September issue, the silver-haired woman was fed up with the constant battles over the budget. She complained at an emergency meeting with the entire board about the constant cutbacks Runway was suffering. She also threatened to do only what was necessary and at the same time sell all her shares, she held at Elias-Clark. With both steps, the company would have been ruined because, on the one hand, no other magazine generated as much revenue as Runway and the sale of shares by no one else than Miranda Priestly would have resulted in panic sales from other investors, too.             To avoid this, Irv was muzzled by the entire board and Runway's budget was restored to normal. 

Her private life also became difficult. After Stephen sent her the divorce papers by express delivery to Paris, he tried to row back after Fashion Week. Again and again he apologised for his big mistake and tried to get her to try again. But Miranda saw the divorce as the rightest decision she had made in her private life for a long time and stuck to it. When he wouldn't leave her townhouse on his own, she unceremoniously packed his things, put them outside the door and changed the locks. When he came home late at night, completely drunk, and found that he had been thrown out, he insulted her as a cold-hearted bitch and that it was no wonder that everyone left her because she was old and ugly and absolutely cold in bed. Although she had sworn to herself that she would not be hit by Stephen's insults, he was unfortunately right about one thing. In her life so far, she had always been left. She was thrown out by her parents at 16 when she announced that she was going to work in fashion. Her first husband Jackson cheated on her with various women from the time of their wedding. Nevertheless, she stayed with him because she always wanted children and just threw herself more and more into work. When she became pregnant with twins after two years of marriage, Miranda felt an incredible love and joy for her children from the very first moment. And although she thought things would become better in their marriage now, Jackson left her while being fifth month pregnant and passed her all rights regarding their children. His arguments were that he never wanted children and therefore he would never feel like a father. And so, three and a half months later, Miranda found herself in the delivery room with Nigel, who had been an incredible support to her in the last months. When her beautiful daughters Cassidy and Caroline were born, she made Nigel their godfather as a sign of her gratitude. For five years their little family were very happy together, spending time with only the three of them or on many weekends with Nigel. Eventhough, the silver-haired woman started to feel more and more guilty about not giving the girls a father figure and asking herself if she was really good enough for her Bobbseys. So, she started meeting Stephen Tomilson. On paper, he was everything she was looking for in a partner. He was charming and was a good listener. Miranda thought she had finally arrived, found the partner for life and a father for her daugters. But already after the wedding he showed more and more his true personality, which was no longer charming at all. He came home drunk more and more often, demanded that she give up her position at Runway and stay at home. He also demanded sex, always telling her that "a man has his needs". When he became sexually abusive late one night and did not stop touching her despite Miranda pushing him away and saying NO several times, she could only save herself with a well-aimed kick to his soft parts, threw him out of their bedroom and locked the door. This night she cried herself to sleep, wondering if she didn't actually deserve exactly that. After that night, Stephen slept only in the guest room and his insults began. Again and again he badmouthed her, told her that she was not good enough and that she was old and ugly without her make-up and high-priced clothes. And with every new insult about her lacking and coldness in bed as well as her uglyness without make-up and couture, she started believing it. He also made the divorce incredibly difficult for her. He demanded huge sums of money for the fact that she had not fulfilled her marital duties and that this had hurt his manhood. However, after she presented the court with ample evidence of his cheating with a 19-year-old girl, his claims were found to be baseless. Nevertheless, the whole procedure dragged on for just over a year.

The only bright spot during this difficult time were her Bobbseys with whom she spent more and more time. On three out of five and a half days she came home for dinner and spent the evenings together with them. When her twins were in bed, she continued to do tasks that still needed to be done in her home office while waiting for the book. She also made Nigel her second hand, handing over more and more of her tasks to him in order to compensate him for Paris and at the same time have more time with her twins. Their collaboration went hand in hand and better than ever before. Their improved working relationship also improved their friendship, which had rusted over the years. They now met every other week for dinner in the privacy of their respective homes and Nigel soon introduced her to the love of his life, Douglas.

Miranda was genuely happy for him and could clearly see that Nigel and Douglas were made for one another. Nevertheless, she was sad and griefing that she wasn't with the love of her life, eventhough she has already found her person. Andrea. Her Andrea. Not a day went by that she didn't think of the beautiful brunette. For Miranda she wasn't only a former second assistant. From the very first moment they met, Miranda was drawn towards the younger woman. She couldn't quite understand it herself. First of all, she has never been attracted to a woman before, despite the fact that she had seen hundres of beautiful models in beautiful couture or several states of dressing because of being the Editor in Chief of the best sold and world wide known fashion magazin Runway. Secondly, during that time she was, even if not very happy, still married and Andrea weren't fashiobable at all. But in matters of love there are no rules.

When Andrea stood in her office nearly two years ago, full of confidence and vying for the job as her second assistant, she felt such a strong flutter in her chest and stomach that she had never felt before. She liked the fact that her Andrea didn't know who she was and didn't fall to her knees and literally beg her, as so many others had done before. She liked the honesty in Andrea's appearance. The brunette gave her an unexpected good and safe feeling that the EIC did not want to miss from her life. All these reasons made her doing something, she never did before: Demand Emily to follow Andrea and give her the job. With every day more of having Andera as her second assistant the butterflies in her stomage increased. But after the infamous makeover, when Miranda walked into her office and couldn't continue her call with Demarchier, because she was utterly flabbergasted by the breathtakingly beauty of the brunette, she realized that she was madly in love with her Andrea. This realization didn't make her daily life easier. During the nights she dreamt of her gorgeous second assistant, waking up with a clenching heart, because she knew nothing could or even would happen, because she was just the old, ugly and unlovable dragon lady with a heart made of ice. Stephen's insults definetily worked when thinking about herself.

Eventhough, she had to bring Andrea with her to Paris. She didn't want to spend one week away from her megawatt smile that could illumate a room. At this thought she had to laugh bitterly. During that time, the older woman didn't want to be without the younger woman for a week and yet she had been without her for over a year. Even her Andrea had left her. That night in Paris, after having recieved the divorce papers and cried about her girls, was the turning point in their relationship. And Miranda ruined it by sending her Andrea, who only wanted to comfort her, away. Not even a day later her second assistant was gone.


But now Miranda's time had come. She had waited patiently for over a year now. She endured Stephen's insults and the terrible names and disgusting news about herself and her acting in bed, made up by Page Six. She had improved her life, taking time for the people she loves the most and payed back Nigel. The Fashion Queen had done everything to be good enough for her Andrea and her love. And since this morning she was finally free and could act on her feelings. The thoughts what could possible go wrong, what other people or the press would say were gone. There were still some self-doubts about the age differece and especially her aging body. But the silver-haired woman woulld worry about this later on. For now, Miranda just wanted to be happy for the first time in her life. She finally wanted to feel loved and safe and have home in an other person. Because, after the years of unhappyness with Stephen and the difficult divorce, she really deserved happiness. So, she had made up her mind. She would contact the younger woman, in fact still today, and even would go to New York's Mirrow to talk to her Andrea if this was necessary. She would do her very best to proof the brunette that she was worthy enough.


After all she had hope. She lived on it.