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Love Me Like You Hate Me

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Bakugo’s heart was thundering in his ears, the tempo matching the beat of each footfall as he ran. His lungs heaved as they pleaded for him to stop for just a moment, just long enough to rest and get a good breath in. But he couldn’t. There was something out here with him, and he knew that if he faltered for even a second, it would descend upon him. So he kept running, no matter how much his feet hurt or his chest burned. He ran.

If he managed to lighten his harsh breaths enough, he could hear the monster giving chase behind him, the telltale crack of brush and branches echoing throughout the otherwise silent forest. It was an ominous warning that made him grab onto the trunk of a tree and use it to throw himself around it, redirecting himself and effectively dodging the creature's eager lunge. He heard it let out a frustrated snarl before tearing after him once again.

He just had to outrun it long enough to get back to Ei.

Unfortunately, the Gods seemed to have a different plan in mind than the one he’d hoped for. This time, when the monster leapt for him, it got its large hands around his waist and dragged him to the ground with it. The two went down in a flurry of flailing limbs and angry cursing, Bakugo landing onto his back with the creature looming above him, saliva dripping from its jaws as it growled. He immediately got his hands up between the two of them, palms out, and let loose a deafening explosion. With a flare of heat and light, the monster got thrown a few feet away, landing on its feet and tearing up ground as it slid back. 

The blonde used the distraction to scramble up, taking up a defensive stance in preparation for a brutal fight. He was going to have to defend himself and hope that Ei realized that something was wrong and got there in time. The creature rose, it’s large frame throwing Bakugo’s smaller figure in shadow, and making his stomach drop to his feet. “Oh fuck.” The blonde hissed watching as it rose to its full height, prowling towards him. The blonde let his palms spark and crackle in warning, hoping that the display would be enough to convince the monster to stay back. 

Instead, it threw itself forward, grabbing Bakugo’s wrist and yanking it to the side as his palm erupted in flames, the fire safely redirected away. His carmine eyes widened as the creature pushed into his space, taking his other wrist into its ironclad grip and wrestling him to the ground. “Shit! Shit!” The blonde snarled as he fought against the bigger predator. “Fuck off!” He yelled out letting out some more useless explosions to the monster’s obvious amusement. 

Its chest was heaving with each excited breath, gleeful now that it had captured its prey. Bakugo could feel something poking into his back, his eyes going wide as he realized that it was the creature’s erect cock that was rutting into his skin. “No. No way.” The blonde felt as if he were in shock, his struggles ceasing as he slowly processed what was happening. Using the blonde’s momentary lapse in control to its advantage, the monster tore his clothing from his body, the cold hitting his skin jolting Bakugo out of his frozen panic. The beast snuffled at his neck and shoulders, letting out a growl upon discovering the scarred bite that was placed upon his fair skin.

Bakugo shivered with the vibration that went through his body at the noise, cursing his body for betraying him by becoming aroused. Every hot breath that fanned across his cool skin made his lower half become wetter and wetter, his thighs slipping together with each shift of his body. With his arms held together above his head, it was going to be impossible to gain the upper hand and escape. He didn’t know why, but the thought had his gut heating up. 

Well, he did know why. He was so used to Ei manhandling him that the feeling of being at someone else’s mercy was intoxicating. Fuck his body for mistaking the hulking beast behind him for his perfect mate. The creature suddenly kicked out the back of his knees, the blonde letting out a surprised yelp before hitting the dirt with a grunt of discomfort. “You fucker! What the hell?!” He bared his teeth at the monster and the fucker repaid in kind, revealing two rows of sharp teeth, the blonde flinching away from the intimidating display. Bakugo grunted when his hands were released before he was kicked down onto his stomach, a heavy foot landing onto his shoulders in order to force him down. 

“You son of a bitch! Get off!” The blonde spat out as he strained against the increasing pressure keeping him down. His arms eventually gave out and he landed onto his belly, the creature immediately following him down, planting a foot on both of his wrists as it settled onto his lower back. Bakugo ignored the dirt coating his face in favor of growling out the most foul insults he knew in both his and Ei’s language. All that his tantrum gained was a deep chuckle and a claw dragging down the center of his back down towards his…

“Hell no! Don’t you dare-” The blonde is cut off by the beast pushing a dry finger into his pussy, the wet squelch of the digit being swallowed up lost to the shriek that Bakugo let out, his entrance burning as the claw dug further into his soft insides. Involuntary tears sprung to his eyes, the salty liquid dripping down his flushed cheeks as he tried to hold back his sobs. Then the finger started to move, the sharp edge scraping against the pink tissue of his hole, the sensation causing him to shake like a leaf. 

“Shit. Hurts.” He managed to cry out between sobs, his body rocking away from every thrust of the creature’s hand in an attempt to get away. The monster ignored his pleas and added a second claw, separating his fingers to stretch the blonde’s rim, his pussy gaping wide and wet with slick. Bakugo kind of lost focus after that, only coming back to his body with each additional finger added to his already stuffed hole. By the time he hit four, the blonde was a wreck, drool and tears streaming down his face turning the dirt underneath him to mud. 

A rough hand tangled into his ruffled locks at the base of his skull and pulled his head back, forcing him to stare forward through blurry vision. The movement forced its feet against his wrists even harder, the fragile bones grinding underneath its weight. “Stop.” Bakugo moaned, his bottom lip splitting from him biting down onto it too hard. The monster just let out a huff of a laugh at his pained demand, leaning forward even harder in order to lick across his bleeding lips, falling back across his lower back after having gotten its fill of his blood.

The creature's claws were thankfully less painful now, the sharp sting being replaced with pleasure every time it accidentally nudged his prostate, his pussy was dripping slick onto the large digits penetrating it and helping the slide as they moved in and out of his limp body. Then a thumb rubbed across his rim, causing him to panic and lash out. He managed to get a hand free, at the expense of a few layers of skin, and pitched it backwards; aiming for his beastly attacker. The resulting detonation was so big and so loud that the ground shook beneath him.

Though the creature didn’t move other than to flip him over onto his back, settling the blonde’s backside into its lap and using its dirty feet to pin his wrists down once again. The fingers returned and its thumb forced it’s way past Bakugo’s fluttering rim. The blonde screamed as the digit passed the ring of muscle, his voice gave out on him as the fingers opened and closed into a fist inside of him. It was a bizarre feeling, his pussy feeling full in a way that he’d never experienced before.

“Out. Take it out!” Bakugo didn’t even care that he was begging, he wanted the odd pressure to just stop. The creature paused its assault and the blonde thought that it was going to show him mercy, but he was wrong. It shifted beneath him, bracing itself before curling its fingers into a tight fist before punching deep into his body. Pulling back only to do it over and over again. Rough whines were forced out of his lungs with every thrust, his body sliding across the dirt. His mouth opened in a silent cry as a knuckle brutally dug into his prostate.

“Oh yeah. Right there!” Bakugo gave into the beast's whims, tongue lolling out of his mouth as he panted, hips rotating in an attempt to get the hand to hit that little bundle of nerves again. The monster indulged him, relentlessly nailing the nub until the blonde was crying, fat tears wetting his overheated cheeks. The creature leaned over him to lick up one of the trails, a low grumble of approval following the action. Then it trailed lower, teeth digging viciously into his pierced nipple, and Bakugo was gone. 

His back arched so hard he was surprised that he didn’t break anything as his pussy squirted, soaking the monster’s thick wrist in clear juices. “Yesssss.” The blonde groaned as he came down, his spine relaxing as he turned into putty, but the beast wasn’t finished yet. He could still feel the heat of its cock against his lower back. Now that the blonde was docile, he was released, the hand in his pussy being gently removed with a lewd sound. The hand was replaced with an eager tongue lapping at his destroyed pussy. 

“Hoooo yeah!” Bakugo’s eyes crossed as the slippery pink muscle slid into his hole, slurping at his throbbing sex. His hands went down to tangle into the thick mane as its head bobbed, the touch causing the monster to growl against his inner thigh. “Get up here.” Bakugo demanded as he pulled at the hair in his grasp, leading the beast back up his body and into a filthy kiss, sharing the taste of himself. Without breaking their lip-lock, the creature lined up and thrusted between the blonde's pale thighs, careful to avoid the swollen lips of his pussy. 

“Come on, fuck me!” Bakugo sneered, the beast above him snapping. It began to rut against his skin, turning the fair complexion red at the dry friction. Lifting the blonde’s leg, the creature used the leftover slick to wet his legs in order to provide a more comfortable glide, the thrusting speeding up with the new development. It only took a couple of minutes for the perfect monster to reach his finish, the man releasing against his thighs with a satisfied rumble. After rolling over to lay next to the blonde, the redhead pulled Bakugo into his arms, cuddling him with a gentle purr.

“You were perfect.” Ei praised as he nuzzled into the blonde’s sweaty locks, huffing happily against the crown of his head. How the redhead could stand sticking to Bakugo was a mystery to him. The blonde was a wrecked mess, covered in all sorts of bodily fluids and unwilling to move a single muscle. “Of course I was. did good too.” Bakugo admitted in a small voice, pushing closer to Ei’s warmth. As close to the mountains as they were, the air now had a chill to it that seemed to seep into bone. 

“Why didn’t you come inside?” Bakugo complained sleepily, blinking lazily at his mate with a yawn. In lieu of an answer, the redhead dipped three fingers between his legs, toying with the blonde’s bright red pussy. Bakugo made an involuntary pained sound and slapped his hand away, trying to relieve the throbbing that started up at the touch. “Yeah, I got it. Now fuck off.” The blonde snarled at his mate, becoming agitated now that he was uncomfortable.

“Sorry, ‘Suki.” Ei’s brows furrowed in concern as he sat up, collecting that bag that they had stashed there for that exact reason, and digging out some different salves and lotions. “Let me take care of you.” His crimson eyes were wide and imploring, Bakugo weak for the redhead’s adorable expressions. He nodded in agreement and Ei came closer with a bright smile, liberally coating his fingers in the mint green substance in order to softly rub it into the affected areas. “Thanks, Ei.” The blonde murmured under his breath as his lips pressed against the other man’s temple, smiling at the concentrated furrow of the redhead’s brows.

“I love you.”