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"I don't like this."

"You have to let loose for once."

Atsumu hesitates at the club entrance. He tugs at the back of Suna's blouse, pinching the material in between his fingers. Suna pretends not to notice, instead opting to focus on styling his hair immaculately. 

His hair is the brown of pure earth, rich and deep. Each strand moves freely, framing Suna's face perfectly. Atsumu is no better, ensuring to adjust his own locks on top of his head. Blonde hair every hue from buttermilk to brown. 

They look good. Almost too good. Atsumu detects those leering eyes as soon as they enter the club.

Immediately, he regrets wearing a skirt of all things.

Atsumu wanted to be a little adventurous for once. It's not his fault. He looks good though, regardless. The skirt shows the best of him. Short and pleated sits upon his skin as soft petals, the hue of a cherry blossom.

He feels pretty.

However, this still is a foreign land to Atsumu. Borderline terrifying. His body grows tighter with each lingering gaze every alpha seems to shoot towards them. He remains silent by Suna's side, glueing himself to the other omega in fear of being left alone somewhere.

He wouldn't be this frightful if his parents hadn't had taught him to be so perfect. The embodiment of a true omega. They had taught him that misbehaving around a potential alpha was a sin. That his only role in life is to please his mate. His future husband.

Granted, a nightclub full of scary alpha's is not how Atsumu thought he would spend the night. They had snuck out on their own accord, with Atsumu protesting and complaining every second of the way.

Now here they are, slipping among the crowd and making a beeline for the bar. The only word he can describe the atmosphere as is electric. Everyone feeds off of the smiles and fast dancing. Nobody can see the dance floor, it's wall to wall people dancing to the club music, a vibrating thrum. 

There's no room for anymore but somehow when Suna and Atsumu move forwards, space magically comes. 

Despite the environment, Atsumu is vigilant and wary, golden pools of brown seeking out any alpha's that stray too close. Suna is nothing but enthusiastic, letting the vibe of the music carry him into the crowd.

"Rin, I'm being serious," Atsumu tries to call over the music, getting his trembling voice under control. Suna pulls him close by the hand and holds it, making Atsumu sigh in relief.

"You're with me, it's fine," Suna chirps, letting his hips follow the beat. "See?"

That doesn't ease Atsumu's anxiety in the slightest. "Can I just wait for you at the bar?"

Suna scoffs. "Really, Atsumu?"

Atsumu pouts and lets Suna's hand go, trudging back to the bar to order a drink. His gaze falls into the cocktail, watching his own glum reflection looking back at him.

He must look too bored. Seeing as plenty of alpha's begin to turn his way, taking an interest, but he pretends to play on his phone instead. One alpha even attempts to strike up a conversation with him, but his endless unenthused responses put them off and they eventually leave him alone.

Great start.

"Why did I agree to this?" he whispers to himself, hiding his face into his palms and hoping time would just go by quicker.

It's seriously no surprise Atsumu is left alone. What did he expect?

He begrudgingly takes a sip of his cocktail and Atsumu watches Suna's traitorous back retreat with an alpha he doesn't recognise.  Honestly, the last place he wants to be right now is a dingy bar covered in sweaty clothes and forced to stand around sweaty people. Here he is regardless, sitting under the pink and blue lights currently illuminating him like the northern lights.

Atsumu side-eyes one particular alpha who is sneaking glances at him now and again, then he immediately shoots his gaze forward, eyes boring into the mass array of glasses in the bar.

His attention flickers to many drunken couples sucking their faces off each other and he visibly grimaces. The bar is hundreds of conversations told in loud voices, all of them competing with the sultry music that dominates the atmosphere. It's difficult to soak in the laughter and the smiles. 

Atsumu's fingers tremble around his cocktail, anxiety-like butterflies blossoming in his gut. 

Much to his dismay, the alpha seems to notice his eyes on him and glances at Atsumu, breaking away from the conversation he appears to be having with another person beside him. Their eyes meet and Atsumu breaks out of his trance to blush and look away. The alpha shifts his arms on the counter in a queer sort of interest, then Atsumu's cheeks flame and he looks away shyly.

The subtle staring resumes. Atsumu feels something in his stomach drop when he shoots him a smirk. It's alluring. Captivating. He can't seem to find it in himself to look away. The alpha turns his body just a little away from the barstool and swivels himself in his direction.


Oh no.

"I'll get a whiskey, thanks."

Atsumu is baffled at the sound of his voice. It's deep and sultry, rough like sandpaper. It's unique enough for Atsumu to turn around to meet the alpha's eyes for the nth time tonight.

He's even more attractive than Atsumu had anticipated. The alpha that looks ever so graciously crafted by the deities stands before him, adorned with a biker jacket and a white vest that hugs his torso, defining just how broad he is compared to Atsumu's slim form.

Up close, he can see inky hair, tousled and curly on his head. Eyes so dark, they look like soulless orbs staring back at him. There are two moles above his right eyebrow. His face is handsome, chiselled jawline, high cheekbones and a slightly pale complexion. 

This is a dominant alpha.

Atsumu immediately looks away, realising he'd been disrespectful, distasteful. Disgusting. He takes another sip of his cocktail, keeping his head down to avoid further contact. 

"I'm sorry, alpha," he squeaks out, and the alpha cocks his head to one side in confusion.

To Atsumu's surprise, a calloused hand slides on the counter in front of him and he follows its trail in confusion. 

"Sorry for what?" he asks after a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, his voice is a little rough and he doesn't miss the way Atsumu flinches a little when he speaks.

"I stared for too long, I was disobedient…" Atsumu's voice is timid as if he's not sure if he's overstepping or not. "I apologise."

"Staring is fine. Besides, I was staring at you too," the man says bluntly, hand now hovering dangerously close to Atsumu's smaller one.

"Oh," Atsumu can only say, cheeks blossoming into a cherry red, eyes widening. "Am I good enough to look at?"

"Yeah. You're pretty," the alpha admits with a teasing smirk. "Too pretty."

Atsumu fumbles slightly, almost choking on the next sip of his cocktail as he desperately tries to find a distraction to avoid the ongoing anxiety.

"T—thank you."

The man leans closer, bringing his face towards Atsumu's. Then his voice is dropping low, the type of voice so easy to fall in love with. Atsumu finds himself hypnotised, eyes glancing at his lips before meeting his gaze again. 

"I've never seen you around here before, what's your name?" 

"Atsumu. Miya Atsumu," he tells the alpha shyly.

"Well, Miya Atsumu, I'm Kiyoomi," he introduces, tilting his head a fraction closer until their faces are practically touching. "You smell sweet. Like peaches."

The anxiety sits below Atsumu's wobbly smile. He supposes this is the downsides of living in blissful ignorance.

"You wanna head out of here? You're too pretty to pass up," Kiyoomi says, causing Atsumu to blush even more, the colour infusing with his look of wonder and the shine of his eyes. "What do you say?"

Thankfully, the rational side of his brain seems to catch up to him but he still fumbles over his next words. "I shouldn't— really— I mean, I'm not allowed… I'm sorry, alpha."

"No, just call me Kiyoomi."


"'Cause, it's my name?" Kiyoomi chuckles, amusement lining his features. "Anything, but 'alpha', it sounds weird."

"But that is forbidden," Atsumu defends, taking another sip. "I must always refer to alphas as 'alpha'. That is the respectful way."

Kiyoomi has a very strange look on his face, eyeing Atsumu up and down as if he'd just grown two heads. Atsumu looks back, blinking rather blankly at him. "Did I say something wrong?"

"Say my name," he demands, and Atsumu shivers at the tone of his voice. His inner omega aching to succumb. "Say it."

He hates himself for feeling this rare sense of hunger simmer in the pit of his stomach while he watches Kiyoomi's large biceps flex under his expensive black leather jacket. The feeling intensifies as his mind conjures pictures of the man above him, panting with a bright flush on his cheeks. 

"Kiyoomi…" Atsumu croaks, biting his lip and Kiyoomi follows the motion with dark, assessing eyes.

Atsumu seems to notice his fascination with his lips and deliberately nibbles on them a little more, smiling to himself proudly. He even dares to cross his legs against each other on the barstool and Kiyoomi's eyes are then drawn to his skirt, fixated on his thick thighs. Atsumu's eyes follow those hands. Heat pools in his gut when he soon imagines them wrapped around his neck.

"Good boy," Kiyoomi replies simply, side-eyeing him from his glass. He tries to hide a smirk when Atsumu blushes. It's hard to see under the bright lights, but Kiyoomi guesses he's easily embarrassed. 


Then Atsumu sees the tattoos.

Amazement doesn't quite cover it. He feels like a spark of wonder has just stirred in his gut. And before he can stop himself he's gawking, "You have a tattoo!"

Kiyoomi's eyes widen at his sudden outburst, but then he's grinning. "Yeah? You like tattoos?" he asks curiously, turning over his hand to expose his knuckles and Atsumu gasps in delight.

"I have always wanted a tattoo," he admits quietly, almost too quiet to hear over the musical vibrations. Atsumu can't take his eyes off of his hand, so Kiyoomi takes that as his chance to turn his palm over.

Atsumu, entranced, places his own hand in Kiyoomi's own. Baby soft meeting calloused and rough. He's baffled to see just how small it fits. Almost perfect. He supposes this is how large dominant alphas are meant to be. Strong and powerful.

"I know a place," Kiyoomi says, not taking his irises off of Atsumu's face. "I'll take you there if you want."

Kiyoomi's gaze maps across Atsumu’s face until they lock eyes again. Atsumu stares into him. Honeyed brown with droplets of gold, the kind that matches the hues of the sun meeting dark, clear nights.

"Really?" Kiyoomi doesn't miss the way Atsumu's hand inches closer to his, thumb scraping across his own delicately. 

"You with anyone?" the alpha asks, his hand not so subtly covering Atsumu's smaller one on the bar. Atsumu would be lying if he said his heart didn't skip a beat because it did. "They really can't be leaving a pretty omega like yourself all alone in a place like this."

Atsumu swallows a lump in his throat. "I'm with my friend… I don't know where he went."

"He left you here?"

"I'm not supposed to be here though, I'm supposed to be resting."

"Huh? It's not that late though, peaches. Who you gotta go home to?" 

Atsumu blinks. "My bed?"

Kiyoomi lets out an ugly snort at that until it eventually digests into laughter. Those soulless orbs shine with light and his face changes to unrestrained mirth. Atsumu remains confused as he watches the alpha chuckles to himself. He gives a snuffle of distress. Did he offend him? Oh no, he's an embarrassment now, isn't he? Just like—

"Sorry, peaches. You're just too cute," he eventually manages to say between giggles. His handsome face creases into a smile, and Atsumu feels his heart stutter inside his chest. His hand begins to sweat in Kiyoomi's own. 

"I'm sorry, alpha," Atsumu repeats.

Kiyoomi gives him another look. It's one of concern and interest. He stays silent and watches Atsumu's fingers tremble around his glass which is now empty. He's having this aching suspicion that Atsumu is one of those omega's. The ones who are trained to be only the best. A cruel upbringing, Kiyoomi thinks. It's easy to tell from the way Atsumu is frantically looking around and the way his scent is going haywire even in the midst of the club.

A pretty omega being taught wrongly is what Kiyoomi thinks.

"You wanna dance?" Kiyoomi asks him, pointing towards the dance floor. "I'm good company, I promise."

Atsumu raises the glass to his lips again, only to find it empty. He flushes a little, embarrassed but looks at him inquisitively. "I don't know how to dance," he admits, ashamed.

"Well, since you're all alone now, maybe you should you know, have some fun," he suggests and speaks again when Atsumu opens his mouth to come up with an excuse. "Dance with me," he breathes into his ear, lips barely brushing against his skin and sending a shudder down Atsumu's spine.

"Wait—" Atsumu begins but Kiyoomi is already downing the remains of his whiskey and tugging his wrist, pulling him towards the dance floor without giving him any time to react. He drags him towards the crowd until they're joining the sweaty, dancing bodies, pulling Atsumu closer to him and his hands finding his slim waist.

In the haze of the moment, Atsumu can feel the back of his blouse start to cling to his skin. He's pushed forward by someone and is forced to hold onto Kiyoomi's arm in shock. He doesn't move, too busy internally panicking over how close they are, how tight their space is.

The confused frown and scrunch of his eyebrows make him look adorable to Kiyoomi's eyes. He chuckles, the smile on his face growing fonder. "Loosen up a little, yeah?"

"I don't know how to dance," Atsumu repeats with a nervous snuffle. He looks up to Kiyoomi's face and his breath hitches at the way the array of purple and blue illuminate onto him and make the alpha look ethereal in the light.

"I'll teach you," Kiyoomi says with so much confidence, that Atsumu's eyes widen. "Just for a few songs? Come on." He says it so softly that Atsumu finds himself giving in, watching the way Kiyoomi's curls fall into his face and make him somehow even more handsome. Unfair.

With trembling fingers, he brings his hands onto Kiyoomi's shoulders and moves a little closer. Their bodies are practically flushed together and now, Atsumu can feel the hard lines of Kiyoomi's abdomen pressed against him.

And then Kiyoomi starts dancing, calloused hands encasing his smaller body with ease. Their hips move in sync as they pull each other impossibly closer. Atsumu can't take his eyes off of the alpha and Kiyoomi is the same way.

Kiyoomi stares at the pink of his lips, and how they redden when Atsumu bites them every few seconds. He can't help but lean down and brush his lips against Atsumu's own, relishing in the small confused mewl he gets in return.

He's so sweet. Kiyoomi can't resist.

So when he sees Atsumu doesn't push him away, he does it again, more firmly this time. Atsumu's lips are shaking against him, as if he doesn't quite know where to place himself. The omega's hand travel to Kiyoomi's neck, deepening the kiss and allowing them both to taste the bitter taste of alcohol in each other's mouth.

They break the kiss, panting for much-needed air, but they don't pull away as they continue dancing. Kiyoomi's nose graces Atsumu's neck glands, inhaling the sweetest scent he's ever smelled. Divine.

"Shit," Kiyoomi rasps, "You're so pretty," he says and suddenly, he's turning him around so that Atsumu's back is pressed against his chest. "Everything about you is pretty."

More mewls fall from Atsumu's lips without his permission and Kiyoomi feels his inner alpha rumbling when Atsumu starts purring. A soft sound that Kiyoomi can't hear at first with how subtle it is. It's a beautiful sound and he yearns to hear more of it.

"You wanna break the rules for once, princess?" he offers and Atsumu jumps up in his hold at what he's implying, clearly not expecting things to go this fast.

"Rules?" Atsumu breathes. "What do you mean?"


Kiyoomi takes the opportunity to lean forward to cup one of his flushed cheeks and finds himself succumbing to those pouty lips. He presses a slow, deliberate teasing kiss, tongue jutting out to lick his bottom lip while he works his hand by his side to entangle his fingers in Atsumu's own. 

He smells good. Warm and musky. Vanilla and something that smells oddly like coconut. 

"Clearly, you've been taught all the wrong things."

"Wrong things?" Atsumu chokes out when Kiyoomi kisses his temple, his free hand flying out to squeeze Kiyoomi's arm to ground himself. He soon snatches his hand away when he realises what he'd done as if the touch merely burned him. "I have been taught the right things, an omega must—"

"Come with me."

He has to be careful.

"Wait—" Atsumu pauses to lean back to face him. "Where are we going? Are you kidnapping me? I can't leave—"

Kiyoomi huffs out a chuckle against his lips while Atsumu tentatively opens them for him, but the alpha continues to tease him. He licks the seam of his lips but doesn't make any move to deepen the kiss. He watches Atsumu try and initiate it again and again, amused at his attempts and his petulant pouts.

"Trust me," he whispers in his ear, breath tickling Atsumu's skin. They both clumsily stumble away from the bar frantically. Atsumu watches out of the corner of his eyes, tracking Kiyoomi as he takes out an impressive wad of cash and sets it on the counter. "I wanna take you places, yeah?"

"Okay," Atsumu says without thinking.



They stand over an old looking motorbike which Kiyoomi claims is his pride and joy. Atsumu hesitates, a little anxious but Kiyoomi insists he'll be fine. He grabs Kiyoomi's offered hand and lets Atsumu mount the bike first before sitting down himself. It wobbles a little, and Atsumu whimpers.

"Hold on to me tight."

Atsumu isn't sure where he's allowed to touch, but all of a sudden, the bike is grumbling with ignition and he can only circle his arms around Kiyoomi's waist in panic. He nuzzles into the back of Kiyoomi's head, his breath stammering a little in anticipation.

What Atsumu doesn't expect, however, is to be driven to the nearest tattoo parlour of all places.

"What do you wanna get?"

Atsumu blinks, clueless.


"A tattoo, what do you wanna get done?"

Atsumu is speechless.

The man with fiery orange hair at the counter looks between them, clearly amused. He's an omega by the smell of it. His scent is surprisingly strong. Honeycomb sharp and brazen. There's an expanse of wings tatted on his back and Atsumu's eyes follow the pattern, enraptured.

There's another person next to him. An alpha. Tall and bulky with an intimidating expression. His hair is blonde, almost the shade of Atsumu's with two black streaks accompanying it. He stays silent, squinting his black indented eyes with a calculating gaze. His entire body is covered with tattoos it seems, aside from his face.

"Nice to see you too, Kiyoomi," the orange-haired omega teases.

This is insane. Atsumu doesn't know these people. Why is he even here? His breath gets stuck in his throat at the sight of the place.

Atsumu's world has officially been turned upside down.

Kiyoomi barely acknowledges him, only with a small grunt and with a cock of his eyebrow. "Yuuji."

"H-hello," Atsumu stutters, palms beginning to sweat by his side. He clears his throat but can't seem to look at Kiyoomi's friends in the eye.

Then Kiyoomi grins, turning back to Atsumu, "Princess, this is Yuuji and the scary-looking one is Kyoutani."

Kyoutani snorts and turns away, shrugging his shoulders and suddenly finding a sponge in a sink the most interesting thing in the world.

This is terrifying.

Atsumu wants a hole to swallow him.

Unfortunately for him, it never comes.

Atsumu trembles like a leaf. "O-Omi— I mean Kiyoomi—"

"Omi? I like that," the alpha grins unashamedly. And then he's pushing his sleeves up eagerly up to his elbows. Atsumu gasps when he turns his forearms towards him. Oh. So, this is why they're here. The black, intricate patterns are nothing but impressive to Atsumu's eyes. His gut is telling him now that he wants one.

Especially now, as Kiyoomi proudly displays all sorts of images that Atsumu doesn't quite understand but is intrigued by. He can make out a pretty looking flower, a date in roman numerals and an anchor. Atsumu's eyes shine with delight, unable to help himself by touching the marked flesh with curiosity.

When he tries to pull his hand away, Kiyoomi keeps it there. Large hand encasing his wrist.

"You like them, princess?" he asks with a gleam of mirth in those dark orbs of his, shouldering his jacket off to then tug at the hem of his white vest. It reveals strong hipbones, a large chest and squarely cut abdominal muscles. "Look," he then orders and turns around and Atsumu gasps when he sees what looks like a huge dragon curling around his impressive back muscles.

"Wow," Atsumu gawks, taking a good long look at it and shaking his head in disbelief. "A dragon? Why did you choose a dragon?" And Kiyoomi just grins again, flopping into an empty chair and giving his head a fond pat.

"Don't know, just looks cool," he responds conversationally, folding his stupidly big arms and looking up at Atsumu expectantly. "Doesn't it?"

Terushima rolls his eyes, playing with something unusual in his mouth. "So, why are you here at this time of night?"

"Remember that favour you owed me?" Kiyoomi queries, cocking his head. "I wanna show princess something."

"Oh?" Terushima's expression goes from confused to interested. He studies Atsumu carefully, looking him up and down. "You want something done? I suppose I could allow it just this once. Only if you're sure."

It takes a second or two for everything to sink in. That this is in fact, not a dream. Then Atsumu feels his lip stretch just slightly into a smile. He made it. He's made it here. He can get a tattoo.

In the second that follows, Kiyoomi seems to detect his happy scent. Atsumu can feel those arms squeezing around him and his own arms reciprocating.

"I want one!" Atsumu says, voice laced with excitement. He jitters in Kiyoomi's hold, causing the alpha to chuckle with amusement.

"I can do it for you," Terushima offers, wiggling his eyebrows. "You don't want Mad Dog over here doing it for you, he'll add weird edgy skulls."

Kyoutani growls at that, giving Terushima a look, eyes narrowing at the omega in a clear warning.

"I'm kidding! Besides, he's the one who did this," Terushima boasts, gesturing his hands towards his back to the feathers.

"You need to stop calling me that," Kyoutani says with a frustrated huff, nostrils flaring in distaste. "Especially in public."

"Mad Dog?" Atsumu queries with a frown. "Why do you call him that?"

"It's his stage name, baby," Kiyoomi reassures as he slides an arm around Atsumu's neck. "His ring name."

Kyoutani's face visibly hardens, making him look even more terrifying than Atsumu once anticipated. Before Atsumu can ask what a ring name even is, the blonde-haired alpha is growling in annoyance.

"Kiyoomi," Kyoutani warns.

Kiyoomi's gaze briefly hovers to the other alpha, and he sighs at his expression. "Fine, fine."

Terushima follows the exchange, still annoyingly nosey as always. He turns his back towards the counter to fetch a sponge and some antiseptic. His hands gesture to an unoccupied bench for Atsumu to follow, and oh, this is really happening isn't it?

He's getting a tattoo.

"Hey, look at me," Kiyoomi says and Atsumu does, nibbling on his bottom lip as he does so. "You don't have to get one. Just wanted to show you."


"I want a tattoo," he says with newfound confidence, but he looks away as he says it. A little embarrassed and overwhelmed. But, Kiyoomi isn't forcing him to get what he doesn't want and his heartstrings pull a little.

"You sure? This is permanent. No going back."

He's being given a choice.

Still, what's mother going to say when she finds out? Atsumu doesn't want to know.

"Don't let him peer pressure into somethin' you don't want," Terushima interjects, eyes twinkling with mirth and sticking his tongue out when Kiyoomi pulls a middle finger at him. It exposes a small metal ball inside his mouth and Atsumu frowns at it, confused. 

"What is that?" he asks.

Terushima turns to him again, "What? This?" he opens his mouth again and Atsumu subconsciously leans over to inspect. "A tongue piercing, you want one of those too? 'Cause I can do that."

But he's an omega? Surely not…

"Um, it looks scary," Atsumu coughs, throat dry. "I just want a tattoo... Like Omi has…"

"Your call," Terushima shrugs, uncapping the antiseptic and soaking the little sponge.

"Princess," Kiyoomi beckons, and Atsumu looks blankly at him.

"You know what my name is," he says and Kiyoomi just laughs at him.

"I'm aware."

"So, you can stop calling me princess."

"Nah," the alpha smirks and Atsumu wishes he could tell him just how stupid this nickname is.

"Okay, lovebirds. Gonna need a vague idea of what you want unless you want a dick tatted on you," Terushima jokes, and Atsumu freezes, eyes suddenly wide open. His expression just makes Terushima laugh loudly. Kyoutani snorts again.

The blonde stays lost in thought for a while, eyebrows creasing as he tries to think of what he wants. It's difficult. What does he want? What does he like? He pulls Kiyoomi's stupidly muscly arm towards him and frowns. Kiyoomi tracks the lines of his face, surprised but finding it incredibly endearing how the omega is taking so much thought into this.

"I want this flower, it's nice," he ends up deciding, pointing to the magnolia on Kiyoomi's arm, happy with his choice. Kiyoomi seems to be too, apparently, since his face softens. "Small and on my hip, not so easy to see, please."

"Like matching tattoos? That's real cute. Let me draw up the stencil. You're gonna have to take your skirt off though," Terushima says.

Atsumu gulps. He can do this.

There's no shame. No guilt. No regrets.

"That okay, princess?" Kiyoomi asks as Atsumu fidgets a little in anticipation on the tattoo bed. "You must like flowers too if you wanted one tatted."

"I want to match," Atsumu says firmly, adamantly. It makes Kiyoomi's eyes widen in surprise. "With you."

Terushima peels the transfer paper off and holds it out to Kiyoomi so he can verify that the size and placement are correct. Kiyoomi gives a nod of confirmation.

"Lie on your stomach," Terushima instructs. Atsumu trembles as he does what he's told. His eyes flutter close and he distinctly feels a warm hand touch his nape.

"Gonna sting a little, alright?" Kiyoomi tells him while rubbing small tender circles into the back of his neck, causing him to purr rather loudly. "Don't be scared. Yuuji's good at this."

Terushima's eyes narrow in concentration, prepping the soon to be tattooed skin with Vaseline and testing his gun before dipping it in the black ink.


Atsumu hesitates.

"Yeah. I'm ready."

As soon as Atsumu hears the machine buzz, he braces himself with a sharp inhale. It's not that painful. It's more mild, like when he would scratch his knee as a kid. 

"Princess, huh?" Terushima says all of a sudden, almost jolting Atsumu out of the bench but Kiyoomi keeps a reassuring hand on him. "That's a new one. I've never actually seen Kiyoomi bring an omega here before."

"My name is Atsumu," he introduces with a small smile, biting into his bottom lip when the mild pain transcends into something more. It hurts. "Nice to meet you."

Terushima snorts. "I like this one, Kiyoomi."

"Yeah, me too," Kiyoomi says rather quietly, making Atsumu's chest bloom with hope. "Surprised he chose a magnolia of all things, it's cute."

"What does it stand for, Omi?" Atsumu asks.


Atsumu wants to ask something else, but then his arms are curling around the backrest of the chair, biting down on his lip until he feels it bleed. The urge to move seriously kicks in when Terushima rubs more Vaseline. He really shouldn't be starting to regret this, but he can't help it when it hurts so much. 

"You're doing good, peaches," Kiyoomi reassures by the side of him and Atsumu has trouble focusing on his voice. "A magnolia also means perseverance, but the actual flower is a sign of innocence. It reminds me of you in a way, princess."

Atsumu swears he feels his heart swoon.

The rest of the hour goes by quickly, mainly thanks to Kiyoomi's voice and his hands. The stories of each of the tattoos he owns, the meanings— Everything seems to blend into the sharp pain. 

He also learns the actual meaning of the dragon— fearlessness, rage, passion. It's what Kiyoomi strives to be. The roman numerals stand for when he was born, and Atsumu tries to frame the date inside his head for reasons he doesn't quite understand himself.

"Okay, we're done here," Terushima announces after he touches up the shading in a couple of places. "Don't move, still gotta clean it up a bit."

Atsumu still moves his head around, taking a deep breath as he shifts awkwardly. "Ow."

"Any regrets?" Kiyoomi queries with a soft chuckle.

"No, Omi."

Within a few minutes, he’s okay to get up. Atsumu staggers a little as he walks to the large mirror Terushima gestures to.

It looks amazing

Breathtaking is what you could call it.

"Omi! Look."

The ink is pink, a pretty contrast to his pale skin. When he turns his hips, the tattoo ripples with it. It still burns, but the sharp pain has vanished.

Kiyoomi stands with him and shares his excitement, planting a kiss onto his hair. He snakes his arms around Atsumu's waist so he can angle him properly. "Looks so pretty on you."

"Remember to wash it at least twice a day," Kyoutani remarks with a grunt. "Don't even think about itching it or it'll be ruined."

Atsumu smiles shyly and nods. "Okay."



An hour later, Atsumu now has a tattoo. A magnolia blossom inked on his skin and he wears it proudly, despite the way his hipbone is still throbbing from the aftermath.

But it's raining now and Atsumu can't find it in himself to regret anything. Especially now with how he's wearing Kiyoomi's jacket.

The rain invites a street of colourful umbrellas to blossom and it conjures a sweet pattern upon his skin. A cooling sensation as he's twirled around and around in the midst of it. 

"Omi!" he shrieks delightfully as he accidentally steps into a puddle in the middle of the pavement. 

Kiyoomi just grins down at him, face illuminated by the dimly lit street lamp as he steers the omega into his chest. His hands are gently in his hair, Atsumu's own are on his arms, eyes never leaving the handsome alpha before him.

Any other moment he would find the rain annoying, but now, it seems magical. Divine. Each droplet washes away his anxieties, his doubt and angst. For the time they've spent together, Atsumu has never felt so alive. 

Their lips lock together in the rush of the rain, nothing else matters, the world turns on its axis. People become meaningless blurs around them. 

This could bring more warmth than any shelter could.

Then they walk hand in hand, droplets beading their hair. 

Kiyoomi turns to him.

"Come home with me?"

And Atsumu can't find it in himself to say no.



It shouldn't come as a surprise that Kiyoomi lives in a fancy apartment. In fact, he can hardly even investigate the interior of the penthouse when the alpha is clinging to him so hopelessly. He's definitely still a little tipsy, and Kiyoomi is no better. A part of the rational side in his brain is telling him he should be stopping this, should be thinking about the consequences. However, Atsumu is clearly far too busy trying to get acquainted with Kiyoomi's lips.

They stumble into his room, kissing and hands wandering desperately. Kiyoomi kicks the door shut and presses Atsumu against the wall. Atsumu lets out a pathetic whimper against his lips, opting to nip at the alpha's lower lip, feeling daring.

Atsumu's nails dig harshly into Kiyoomi's shoulders, inexperienced fingers soon fumbling to take his shirt off while Kiyoomi begins to mouth along his jaw. 

They break apart for a moment to catch their breath. Kiyoomi finds his eyes wandering, rendered speechless for a moment as he takes in the sheer beauty of the man before him. Atsumu really is beautiful.

The most beautiful omega he's ever laid his eyes on.

He smiles fondly and cups the omega's cheek with one hand and pulls at his shirt with the other. Atsumu melts and moves closer, their bodies pressed flushed together. Kiyoomi gives short, chaste pecks against his lips between passionate, proper kisses which Atsumu swoons over. 

He tries to guide Kiyoomi's hand from his shirt to his waist, and Kiyoomi just chuckles.

"Needy little thing, aren't you?" Kiyoomi teases.

"Sorry alph— Omi," Atsumu gasps. "I want more, please."

Kiyoomi grins widely, and before Atsumu can swat his chest, he's being heaved up into his arms and swung over Kiyoomi's shoulders as if he weighs nothing. Atsumu squeals, then giggles as he carries him to the bed. "How's this then, princess?" he asks.

"Put me down!" he huffs, pawing at the alpha's back. 

He obliges, watching the way Atsumu bounces back on the mattress with a disgruntled huff. Kiyoomi is quick to jump on top of him and then leans over him. He makes Atsumu chase for his lips a little, loving the way those annoyed pants come back up for him every time he eases away.

To his surprise though, Atsumu retreats down to his body, nibbling at his neck, watching some bruises bloom prettily against Kiyoomi’s pale skin. 

Kiyoomi raises a brow and leans back in favour of pulling his shirt off. He tries hard to suppress a grin when Atsumu gasps as the hard lines of his body are now exposed. It's thrown to the floor, and then Kiyoomi's attention is back on Atsumu.

He can feel the other's arousal through the expensive flimsy material of his skirt, and he shifts slightly, just to watch the way Atsumu freeze, then gasp out a shudder. Kiyoomi groans, rolling his hips forward causing his own erection to slide deliciously along Atsumu's.

"Okay, baby?" he prompts quickly, eyes flashing to Atsumu's equally flushed expression.

Atsumu just keens, hands moving up in a grabby like motion until Kiyoomi leans down more to greet him. Soft hands come to slide up Kiyoomi's arms before stopping.

"Touch me," he pleads, and with that reassurance, it's all the encouragement Kiyoomi really needs and his hands slide up his arms and across his back. Kiyoomi works with the omega's skirt, pulling them off quickly before slipping his hand under the denim to wrap around Atsumu's omega cock.

Simultaneously, Kiyoomi mouths at Atsumu's neck, feverishly licking over the gland repetitively to induce the production of slick. Atsumu instantly gasps and lifts his hips, allowing Kiyoomi to strip the rest of the garments from his pliant body. 

He lets his eyes slide over Atsumu's body, taking in flushed skin and lust blown, alert eyes. The soft skin of his hips are wide and fat, built for childbirth.

Atsumu's legs open in invitation and Kiyoomi barely manages to bite back a growl when the muscles of his thick thighs tense with the movement.

"So fucking pretty," he murmurs to himself. His hand darts out to squeeze the flesh of his thighs, loving the way it jiggles when he let's go. "Just look at you. Laying with your legs spread open, waiting for me to fuck you."

"Omi!" Atsumu whines back, voice pleading. Kiyoomi just smirks, draping an arm loosely across the blonde's waist. He slides his mouth slowly over the head of his small cock, and instantly Atsumu bucks up to the sensation. Kiyoomi tightens his hold on his waist, amused. He swirls his tongue against the tip before taking Atsumu as deep as he can. His throat barely constricts and he doesn't feel the need to gag. Kiyoomi releases him and looks at Atsumu again, finding his eyes to be snapped shut, tongue lolling out and his hands are fisting the sheets.

He looks wrecked already.

Kiyoomi tries not to grin wickedly at that knowledge.

"Baby, I need to know if you're okay with this," he repeats, his voice dropping lower with arousal. 

"Omi, it's— this is my first time," Atsumu gets out with cheeks the shade of a tomato. He can't bear to see Kiyoomi's reaction so he guards his face with his hands. 

Kiyoomi's brain stutters for a moment and his eyes take in this uncharted territory. An untouched omega. Pure beauty and pure sweetness before him. Every part of him goes on pause while his brain struggles to catch up. He feels a new warmth. He nuzzles into Atsumu's neck, "Your first time?"

"I'm sorry, I'm scared," Atsumu whines while Kiyoomi makes to pull his hands away from his face. "Really scared, OmiOmi."

"There's no need to be scared. It's gonna feel good," Kiyoomi reassures him, giving sweet rumbles to soothe the omega's agitation. "I'm honoured I'll be your first."

Kiyoomi crawls a little, before resuming his position between Atsumu's legs. He catches some of the slick escaping Atsumu's heat in small spurts and pushes his finger in with a generous amount, then moves to press another finger slowly inside. Atsumu mewls wantonly, the sound going straight to Kiyoomi's neglected cock still strained in his jeans. 

"Good boy," he praises while thrusting deeper, twisting his slickened fingers skillfully, trying to graze Atsumu's prostate.

He repeats the motion again and again until Atsumu is nothing but a blubbering, incoherent mess beneath him. Kiyoomi chuckles, before pulling out completely. Atsumu lifts his head immediately, confused and pouting. 

Only to have it wiped off his face when Kiyoomi moves to stand and pull off his jeans, stripping himself free from his boxers. His cock jumps out instantly and Kiyoomi strokes it a few times before his gaze is back on Atsumu. 

"Wait—" Atsumu protests suddenly, eyeing Kiyoomi's cock fearfully. "That won't— that's not going to fit."

"It will," Kiyoomi says while climbing onto the bed again, encasing Atsumu's body with his own. "Look how wet you are, baby."

It's true. Atsumu's hole is twitching in an effort to entice him. An alpha. He's drenched. The pools of slick are endless streams and Kiyoomi's eyes are fixated on the way his rim puckers in anticipation. 

Atsumu angles his head back, breath coming out in stunted, nervous gasps. "It's... wait— be gentle, please."


"Just a little. Please?"

Kiyoomi just trails his mouth along Atsumu's jaw and down his neck, teeth grazing the sensitive skin. "Okay, okay. I'll be gentle. Don't worry."

"Gentle and slowly," Atsumu sighs. "Please…"

"Gentle and slowly," Kiyoomi parrots back in confirmation. "Present for me."

The blonde scrambles to obey, rolling over and presenting his ass to him. Kiyoomi has to bite back a curse at the sight. He moves his hand to grip his hip, thumbing over the skin, takes one last glimpse of Atsumu's shivering form, then holds his erection before slowly guiding himself into Atsumu's tight, wet hole. 

Even with the amount of slick the omega produces, he's still so tight that Kiyoomi has to pause for a second. He holds Atsumu still, grip tightening. 

"Does it hurt?" Kiyoomi queries with worry.

"S'fine..." Atsumu purrs against the pillow and Kiyoomi grunts when he feels his passage tighten around him.

"Good boy," he repeats.

Kiyoomi presses himself in one smooth stroke, burying himself completely in Atsumu's heat. The omega underneath him cries out in pain, causing Kiyoomi to stop instantly. He presses small, soft kisses to the dip of his back, waiting for him to adjust before moving any further. 

"Ah, ah... Omi— hold on."

"I am," Kiyoomi soothes, gritting his teeth. He cages him in from above, arms bracketing his head as he nudges his nose against Atsumu's neck. "Breathe."

"I'm trying— fuck, you're big."

"You've got to relax. Breathe for me."

He keens loudly, holding onto the sheets for dear life as his body tries to follow the command. Kiyoomi curses and cants his hips against him in a fit of desperation and instinct.

"You like it, princess? Tell me," Kiyoomi urges with a growl.

Atsumu tries to respond but is rendered effectively speechless as Kiyoomi pulls out and slams himself back in. He's setting a brutal pace already and Atsumu cries out with every thrust, desperate for more.

"Good, it's good! I like it— ah— yes! More, please—"

There's a tingling sensation that moves from Atsumu's lower back. Slowly spreading to his head. His mouth hangs open, the scent of a dominant alpha making him feel dizzy and stupid from the pheromones. It's overwhelming. He can barely keep up.

Kiyoomi snakes his arms forward to crook them underneath his body and hold his shoulders, pulling his chest to Atsumu's back and his mouth to his unmarked nape. Kiyoomi starts rocking his hips more slowly, pushing into him in sinful, deep thrusts.

"Gonna squirt for me, baby? Answer me," Kiyoomi pants deeply, tongue darting out to lick at his glands again.

Atsumu whimpers in response but continues to try and meet Kiyoomi's thrusts. "Don't— don't come inside, Omi!" he cries, a little fearful. He's not on the pill and who knows what'll happen if Kiyoomi knocks him up. "I'll get pregnant— I can't—"

"But our pups would look so pretty, don't you think?"

A mewl and then Atsumu is arching his back like an omega in heat, panting every time he's mercilessly rocked forward. "Nnnfuck— Omi—!"

"Fuck. You take me so well."

"More, please — alpha! More—"

Kiyoomi chuckles darkly in his ear. "Keep your hips up for me. That's it."

Atsumu resorts to burying his face into the pillow after that, muffling his mewls into the soft material and whining as Kiyoomi fucks him harder. 

The only time he decides to stop is when Atsumu is turning his head to look at him.

His cheeks are undeniably red, puffed out with tears of frustration streaming down his pretty face. The bottom of his lip is swollen and pouty. His eyes are dazed, screwed up into an expression of pure pleasure.

"Holy shit, look at you," Kiyoomi snarls in appreciation and Atsumu wriggles a little underneath him in embarrassment. He stops when Kiyoomi gives a warning growl. "So fucking pretty and all for me."

"Omi— deep, ah ah," Atsumu is babbling now, "Slower—"

"You want my knot, baby?"

Atsumu panics, choking and whipping around to face Kiyoomi again with pleading eyes. "Wait, I've never— I'm scared. Wait—"

"It's gonna feel good, trust me beautiful, yeah?" Kiyoomi gives a reassuring kiss to the back of his neck, then trails down to his shoulder blades. He slowly begins to thrust up into him again, and the rhythmic slapping continues, followed by Atsumu's feathery cries. 

His thighs begin to shake uncontrollably and he cries into the sheets. He wants to come. 

"Knot," he whines frustrated, squeezing his passage. "I wan' it, now… Please."

Atsumu's fists scrunch up a nearby blanket, rolling his hips back weakly and trying to ignore the obscene squelch he gets in return. "Can I come, please? Alpha, please—"

"Gonna come from my cock?" Kiyoomi rasps.

"Yes, alpha!"

Kiyoomi growls then, a low predatory sound that reverberates at the back of his throat. Atsumu starts to babble when the familiar rhythm starts up again. 

But then, the alpha's calloused and tattooed hand falls under his body to stroke his weeping length. Atsumu wails against it desperately, his begging turning into frantic cries of what sounds like Kiyoomi's name. He chokes off and then Kiyoomi can feel the liquid pool down his fingers. 

The noises Atsumu makes combined with the pleasure he's giving to the omega manages to push him over the edge, and before he can warn Atsumu, his cock begins to expand as he buries his entire length inside his hole. Kiyoomi pushes his thighs apart slowly so the stretch is minimal and doesn't hurt the omega so much. Atsumu gasps. His first instinct is to try and escape so he wriggles, but Kiyoomi just grunts and holds him still.

"Stay still. "

To coerce the omega into submission, he clamps his teeth over his neck glands again, not so much to break the skin but to help Atsumu produce more slick. Kiyoomi doesn't want to hurt him, so he breathes a sigh in both relief and satisfaction when he feels his knot finally settle. Atsumu is crying out in yelps of pain at the foreign feeling, but Kiyoomi is there to soothe him. Whispering an endless amount of praise in his ear.

"Shit," Kiyoomi hisses in pleasure, eyes fluttering. "You feel divine. Like you're trying to suck me in and keep me there."

Atsumu feels his nerves sparkle and tingle. He can barely even remember his own name. He's too busy trying to keep his thighs from shivering every second. The whine that comes out from his throat is high and needy, desperate. 

Grunting, Kiyoomi sits up a little so he can witness the perfect view of his knot being pushed inside. When the alpha tries to pull out, the rim is unable to give way anymore. 

"Oh, Omi."

"Yeah, baby?"

He tries not to push and pull too much as though to discomfort the omega. Although, Kiyoomi can't keep his own hips from spasming a little as Atsumu's body tries desperately to milk him. His cock lets out another pulse of come and he growls in ecstasy.

Before he can stop himself, his sharp teeth graze over the omega's neck. He wants to sink his fangs into the unclaimed skin, holding him in place as best as he can. Kiyoomi grinds against Atsumu's prostate which forces another orgasm out of him. The alpha's knot swelling impossibly bigger to the point where the omega fears he may break.

Atsumu feels like he's floating.

He's shaking with oversensitivity, but his body still insists on pushing back on Kiyoomi's knot, aching for more. Tiny noises of broken relief escape from his lips, and Kiyoomi kisses him on the nape as a reward for being so good for him.

"Scared," Atsumu huffs in panic and he starts to struggle. He can't think rationally anymore. Kiyoomi nuzzles him again, taking it as his obligation to order the omega around. To ensure that this omega is safe. With him. "M' scared."

"I've got you," Kiyoomi whispers in his ear, breath ghosting over the sensitive skin of his earlobe. Atsumu stills, and tries to find strength in his arms to reach down to feel where they're tied together. He purrs as he feels his own slick between his fingers, and splays them down carefully to try and touch Kiyoomi's hip. 

Kiyoomi doesn't hesitate to indulge him, taking his outstretched hand and interlacing them delicately. He noses behind Atsumu's ear and grunts when his cock spurts more ribbons of come inside the omega's heat. Atsumu collapses against the sheets, pulling Kiyoomi down with him. His entire body is flushed pink, and once he skims his hand over his stomach, he weeps when he realises it's starting to swell with the seed he's taken in.

It feels like an eternity until Kiyoomi's knot deflates and he's able to pull out, trying to ignore the obscene squelching noise that follows. He keeps crying into the sheets, making scared little noises. Kiyoomi shushes him and pulls Atsumu up to his chest, smoothing a large hand over his mussed hair. The alpha begins to groom him, licking and kissing from his temples to his rosy cheeks and before he can stop himself, Atsumu is purring again.

"Good?" Kiyoomi asks, pressing more kisses to the omega's face. His chest is heaving a little from exertion. Atsumu says nothing, just continues to purr and before Kiyoomi can question him again, he's latching himself onto the alpha's body, clinging onto him like a koala.

The sweet gesture has Kiyoomi smiling to himself and holds Atsumu closer as if he's a fragile and sacred thing. Gentle hands rub down Atsumu's back to help soothe him to sleep, but Atsumu wants to say more. 

There's so much in his silence, but he can't say anything. Exhausted.  Kiyoomi can see in his expression that there's a multitude of thoughts going on in his head, but he simply flashes Atsumu a smile and begins to shush him until he falls into a deep slumber. 

With every passing second, Atsumu grows frustrated with his inability to stay awake and he wonders if it means anything when Kiyoomi lays his hand on his lower back and pulls him in tight. The thoughts consume his mind, jolts his body with hope, but before he can try and speak, the fight for sleep claims him.



When Atsumu awakes, he's met with the blossoming brilliant arcs of the sun rays filtering through the window. It's remarkably warm. Like a child, his hands reach up as if they could bathe in the light. 

He looks down upon himself to find that the sheets have been changed and he's been cleaned. There's a ridiculously oversized shirt on him that sags just below his thighs. The material is warm beneath his fingers, and when the sun floods the room, painting the colours anew, he feels a little of those golden rays soak into his skin. The army of pillows envelope his head and he purrs into them. Smelling that faint musk of alpha. 

So warm.

Snuffling, Atsumu wiggles his toes into the blankets which now pool down his thighs. Where did Kiyoomi go? 

His head turns from his slice of serenity to a dizzy confusion. Muscles straining as he tries to move, thoughts turning into fear. He feels sore all over. So sore that it feels foreign. Atsumu attempts to swing his legs over the bed and stand but his legs wobble and give out. 

With an alarmed mewl, his body hits the floor with a loud thump. Almost instantly, heavy footsteps are heading to the room and Atsumu scrambles to try and get up again.

"Woah, hold on babe. Hey, come here."

In his shirtless glory, Kiyoomi bends down and picks him up into a bridal carry almost too easily. Atsumu can't seem to stop mewling in distress. His inner omega isn't used to waking up to this nest. Kiyoomi rumbles into his throat to try and soothe him. 

"I'm here now. Shhhhh, that's it," Kiyoomi nuzzles into his skin further while gently placing him back down on the bed, as if handling something precious. "Good, there we go."

"Omi?" Atsumu croaks out with a yawn, looking up at the alpha with confusion. 

"Morning sunshine," Kiyoomi murmurs with a grin, turning his head to bury his nose in Atsumu's mussed hair. Atsumu purrs into his chest, burying himself into the makeshift pillows. "You sleep well?" Kiyoomi queries, pressing a lazy kiss to the top of the omega's head. 

His fingers dance over Kiyoomi's tattooed arms. A smile stretches across his face at just how right this feels. "Like a log…"

"You still sore?"

"Mmm… a little." 

He's still dizzy, not quite hungover but his head still protests as he begins to move.

"Come sit on my lap."

Atsumu squirms and situates himself comfortably on Kiyoomi's thigh, tucking his head under the alpha's chin. He presses gentle kisses to the sore spots on Atsumu's neck while continuing to rub small circles into the sore spots on his back, careful to avoid the stinging skin of ink on his side.

"Here's your phone," Kiyoomi says all of a sudden and hands the device to Atsumu who feels his heart stop at the sight of it. "Figured you'd need it."



He practically snatches it out of Kiyoomi's hand and scans the missed calls and unread messages. Dread flooding into his system and guilt like gasoline pouring into his gut.

"Everything okay?" Kiyoomi murmurs, pressing a long gentle kiss to the back of his neck, then to the dark spot between his shoulder and throat. "I made breakfast."

As if on cue, his stomach grumbles. Kiyoomi lets out a huff of amusement.

He doesn't reply, remaining speechless even as Kiyoomi picks him up again in an impressive display of strength that maybe causes his hole to twitch a little. His phone manages to fall out of his grasp to onto the bed. 

Atsumu can't find it in himself to care.

Kiyoomi carries him out of the bedroom, and Atsumu finally has the chance to ogle around the apartment. It's huge. There are posters on the wall of people Atsumu doesn't recognise. People with strange-looking gloves and sweat glistening on their bodies. They look like some kind of fighter, so he assumes Kiyoomi looks up to them in some way. 

If Kiyoomi notices his look of wonder, he doesn't comment on it. 

They come to a stop by the dining table where Kiyoomi delicately places him on one of the many chairs. He sits there patiently, eyes scanning the room. And then his breath hitches when Kiyoomi moves away back to the kitchen and he gets a full view of those back muscles. His tattoos all out on display and a few hickeys Atsumu doesn't remember leaving.

Then he has the audacity to grin at him. One that dares to fight the sun with just how bright it is. It's a beautiful sight and Atsumu can't help but smile back himself. 

"Omi," he calls finally, breaking the silence. "Do you need any help? I can cook for you."

Kiyoomi turns to face him and shakes his head, curls falling into his face as he does so. 

"No, princess. I got it."

Atsumu nods silently and stays that way until Kiyoomi returns. Obedient as ever. He takes Kiyoomi's hand and curls it around his larger one when it's offered to him. A plate of pancakes is placed in front of him. Kiyoomi sits back in his seat and pulls Atsumu back down with him.

Instantly, he begins to fidget on his lap. Kiyoomi steadies him. "Hey, relax."

"Pancakes?" Atsumu questions, confused.

The alpha nuzzles into his hair, letting out a fond huff. "Do you like them? I make killer pancakes by the way."

Atsumu giggles, "Really?" He plays with the fork in his hand, about to plant it into his food to try it.

But then Kiyoomi is grinning mischievously and grabbing his wrists, moving his hands and causing Atsumu to let go in confusion. He's about to complain but then Kiyoomi picks up the pancake by the fork himself and holds it by his mouth.

"I'm not a baby," he pouts.

"Not even my baby?"

Atsumu shakes his head and laughs but Kiyoomi doesn't move his hand away. He opens his mouth expectantly, hears a stunted gasp but then the food is entering his mouth and he purrs as he's being fed.

"Cute," Kiyoomi grins.

It's baffling how much the omega is enjoying this. Having an alpha feed him and dote on him so considerately. Atsumu's purrs are loud and endless, wiggling his toes with each bite. He snuggles back into Kiyoomi's naked torso. 

Like a dream…

"You really like this don't you?" the alpha teases.

"Yes," Atsumu sighs and takes another bite when it's presented to him. 

He lets his eyes sweep across the apartment again, absorbing the marble and grey walls. Even in the warm spring sunshine, there's a coolness to it. It's surprisingly homely for a penthouse. But that's not all that's important. What is important is the punching bag nestled in the corner of the living room. 

Now that he thinks about it, he didn't even ask Kiyoomi what he does for a living. Atsumu supposes it doesn't matter in the end. This is a one night stand, nothing else.

But still, his curiosity gets the best of him.

"Omi," he starts, feet swinging on the chair and pointing to the bag. "What's that for?"

Kiyoomi's gaze follows his finger and he's smiling against the back of his neck. Atsumu lets him readjust in the chair so he can slip out, his bare feet trailing after the alpha like a lost puppy. 

"It's for when I fight," Kiyoomi explains, offering a hand for Atsumu to take.

He's slipping on huge gloves over Atsumu's baby-soft hands before he can protest, and Atsumu can only squint with confusion, a little sceptical. 

"Um," Atsumu hesitates, voice small. "What are you doing?"

"Gonna teach you something."

Atsumu tilts his head, clueless. "Why?"

Kiyoomi lets out a soft chuckle. "You'll see."

So Atsumu says nothing and waits to witness what Kiyoomi has in store for him. He feels out of place and just a little bit awkward just standing there but then Kiyoomi flashes him a wide grin and positions himself correctly. 

"Okay, so whenever you hit a punching bag, you want to position yourself like this—" he pauses momentarily to manhandle Atsumu into the correct stance, "Fists, feet and knees ready. Strengthen your chest and shoulders, yeah? We'll do a basic punch for now."

"Wait," Atsumu whines. "Too many steps, Omi. I can't—"

Kiyoomi shakes his head. "Come on, baby. Give it a try. Here, let me—"

And then Kiyoomi is stepping behind him, and reaching around to grasp Atsumu's arms. It shouldn't affect Atsumu this much, but he feels so small in Kiyoomi's hold. It's insane. Kiyoomi's arms are big, and his chest is packed with solid muscle as he presses up against Atsumu's back. 

"I don't like this," Atsumu finally complains after he hits the punching bag with Kiyoomi's help. "Why do you do this? Who do you need to fight?" Atsumu asks, genuinely curious.

Kiyoomi smiles. "I'm a boxer, that's why."


That's why he's so built. Atsumu can't help but flicker his eyes back to Kiyoomi's biceps, arousal beginning to pool in his gut. As soon as he knows what he's done, he knows he's made a mistake.

"I'm also a good sparring partner," Kiyoomi continues, and his mouth lifts up at the corners into a smirk. Although, his nostrils flare once he detects Atsumu's arousal. "That's when you punch an opponent but without hurting them."

"Could I be your partner?" Atsumu blurts out without thinking, looking up nervously through the fan of his lashes. Oh god. He begins to take off the stupidly large gloves and stutters, "I mean— that's not—"

"Would you like that?" Kiyoomi rumbles, eyes twinkling with mirth. His voice is rougher than usual. "I bet you would."

If Kiyoomi begins to slide his fingers down his bare thighs, Atsumu pretends to not notice it. 

As he tries to fix his stuttering of speech, Kiyoomi's arms encase him and Atsumu mewls in confusion. "Omi, why do you keep—"

He cuts off when the alpha begins to rut against him, jolting in his arms in surprise He squirms as he feels the alpha's length pulse against the swell of his ass. 

"I want you on my cock again, fuck. Your scent is driving me crazy."

Kiyoomi's eyes are heated with arousal, scent wavering and making Atsumu's eyes grow heavy. His face grows red and as if by instinct, Atsumu's body begins to prepare itself again. He lets himself be hauled onto Kiyoomi's lap after the alpha tugs his pants off. Atsumu mewls pitifully as Kiyoomi starts pushing in, cock sliding in so easily with the sheer amount of slick that he's producing. It drips down from his fluttering hole, to stream his thighs.

A thumb rubs small circles into his hip, holding him still. Another cry leaves Atsumu's lips and he shivers when Kiyoomi kisses down his nape again. "So good for me."

"Omi, full— so full."

There's a harsh intake of breath. "That's it, baby."

Kiyoomi begins to circle his hips up against him and one hand moves from his hip to his cock. Atsumu whines and fidgets again, trying to impale himself on Kiyoomi's cock more. "Oh, Omi…"

He starts moving in and out with shallow thrusts, nice and slow just so Kiyoomi can observe his cock being swallowed by Atsumu's wet heat.

It doesn't take long until Atsumu's body locks up and the same white-hot pleasure washes over him. He comes over Kiyoomi's fingers again, but this time the alpha reaches his fingers up to his lips to lick the fluids and he flushes with embarrassment.

"Omi, done now?" 

"Not yet, princess."

Before he has a chance to recover, he's being pushed forward and his hands instinctively fly out to grasp the edges of the punching bag. It swings upon impact and Atsumu struggles to remain upright.  

And then Kiyoomi is pulling out, turning him and picking him up in his arms in a frightening display of speed, hands coming down to crook themselves on his inner thighs for leverage. His muscles bulge, tattoos rippling with every movement and Atsumu can only hold on for dear life onto Kiyoomi's shoulders.

"Wait— oh my god—"

The room smells so good of both of them. Atsumu's peachlike scent and Kiyoomi's deep musk. Atsumu's cheeks flush, a sure sign he's about to come again. "Sensitive, please—" he cries out, and Kiyoomi kisses his swollen lips when Atsumu's forehead collapses against his.

"Such a good omega," Kiyoomi whispers and Atsumu's legs tremble by themselves, body jolting vigorously in his lip, extremely overwhelmed. Kiyoomi doesn't ease, and fucks him faster, stimulating his prostate until tears of frustration are streaming down his cheeks.

"I can't—" he can barely get his words out with how hard he's being pounded. His eyes begin to fog, starting to look a little dazed. "I can't take anymore."

Kiyoomi grunts and shakes his head, "Yes, you can baby," he whispers, pressing a kiss to Atsumu's nape. 

Atsumu can't stop crying, clawing the alpha's broad back in a fit of desperation. 

It's exhilarating.

And then Kiyoomi is gripping him impossibly tighter, blunt nails digging into his pale skin and squishing the fat of his hips to keep him still and steady. 

"Shit, I'm coming," Kiyoomi moans, pressing his forehead into Atsumu's neck. 

The alpha's come spurts inside of him, causing him to tremble like a leaf. His inner omega is preening, crooning at the feeling of Kiyoomi's warm come soaking his insides. 

He slumps against the alpha after that, and Kiyoomi rubs up and down his back, perching his head on his shoulder and whispering meaningful praise. Close and soft. 

"Omi, I don't wanna go…" Atsumu whines, sniffing pitifully into the alpha's embrace. Kiyoomi sighs and lifts Atsumu's chin to press their foreheads together. "I don't wanna leave."

"Shhhhh, it'll be fine."

"No, you don't understand—"

"How about this then?" Kiyoomi says into Atsumu's hair, a fond smile forming on his face. "We can stay in bed and figure things out later, yeah?"

"I don't know…" Atsumu whines, wrapping his arms around Kiyoomi's shoulders to keep him close, smiling contently when Kiyoomi presses his cheek against his head. Kiyoomi presses a final kiss to the top of Atsumu's head and lays back with Atsumu in his arms. "I wanna do more with you, Omi-kun. Please."

"Then, stay with me for a little."

"Okay. Okay, Omi. I'll stay."

He tries not to think about the repercussions of his actions and forgets that he should be at home. Getting ready for more potential suitors or getting a lecture from his parents. He forgets he has an omega twin brother waiting to scold him as soon as he enters the door. 

Atsumu will probably never see Kiyoomi again and that's what upsets him most. He'll probably find another omega, another one night stand so easily. With looks like that, who wouldn't fawn over him? 

Regardless, he stays glued to Kiyoomi's chest and idly runs his fingers through the alpha's messy hair. Basking in the moment.

The only thing he has evident of meeting him is the magnolia inked on his side, still stinging on his skin.

It'll be okay, Atsumu reassures. 

One day he'll see Kiyoomi again.

He can hope.