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The Art of Courtship and Miscommunication When Your Boyfriend(sort-of) Is A Wolf(sort-of)

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On this fine afternoon, Andrius feels… anxious. He paces the confines of his colosseum. As the wolf spirit paces, sitting on the floor without a care in the world, Barbatos laughs at their old friend’s suffering. “Look at you!” They giggle, “all worked up over giving away your little human son!”

“You are the one responsible for my state of being you miserable pixie!” Andrius snaps. 

Barbatos had flown in a few minutes ago, giggling wildly.

It had been a peaceful morning until Andrius heard the sounds of the winds, and the thrumming notes of a lyre, signifying the anemo archon’s presence, a sure sign that the wind spirit was here to torment him with his annoying tunes and need for alcohol, and constant pining for the Adeptus from Liyue.

However, instead of the usual petulant pouty expression the archon wore when about to complain about their long-suffering crush, or about the Ragvindr boy not giving them any wine, today, Barbatos had a shit-eating grin upon their face.

“Oh Andrius~” they had sung, “your little human pup has a cru-ush on one of my citizens!”

The archon had then proceeded to recount the prayer they had heard from Razor to them. The prayer consisted of letting Razor survive the meal from Bennett because the meal was supposedly some sort of courtship gift.

Andrius felt the sting of slight betrayal.

Razor hadn’t even told him that they were courting a human...

Andrius wondered if that was his fault. He had of course pushed Razor away, but not of his own volition. Razor biologically was human. Spending too much time, alienated him from other humans. Andrius knew being alone was scary, and he would never wish that fate upon anyone.

Not that he cared, Razor wasn’t his pup.

He definitely did not care he did not.

Andrius grunted, he was unaccustomed to humans, but to his knowledge, they held things known as weddings.



“Tell me about the human custom of marriage.”



It wasn’t often that Andrius summoned him to talk. Razor had received a message from one of his lupical, “Lord Andrius wishes to see you immediately! Hurry hurry!” she had ushered him, nosing him in the direction of Andrius’s colosseum.

“Hello,” Razor called, signalling to his fath- Andrius, that they had arrived. Andrius appears, sitting down in front of them, looking rather nervous—well as nervous as a wolf spirit could be.

“Razor why did you not tell me you were in the process of getting mated?” Razor blinked, pulling his legs in as he sat down.

“Razor… did not think you would care. Bennett… human. You do not like human,” Razor admitted. Razor had always chased after Andrius’ approval, but after a while, it became glaringly obvious to him that to Andrius, he was human, not wolf, not Andrius’s lupical.

“Yes but Razor, I-” Anrius cut himself off with a huff, looking away. “Come here,” Anrius tapped the floor in front of him. “Closer.” he repeated. Finally, when Razor was at a satisfactory distance, he dropped something, a flash of teal, from his mouth.

“I heard from Barbatos that in human wedding customs, the family should give a dowry to the other,” Andrius started. “And I heard that your little human needs some of Dvalin’s plume, so I…”

“Fath- Lupic- Andrius…” Razor stuttered out. Andrius was giving them his seal of approval, more than that, he was wishing for the happiness of Razor and Bennett. 

“Invite me to the uh, human wedding,” Andrius grunted. “Now go! Do not bother me any longer!” 

Shoving the plumes into his coat, Razor held his paw over his heart. “Thank you, father!” He called, before rushing out, excited to show Bennett this gift.

Andrius huffed, his pup didn’t even notice the slip-up.



Razor paused on his way back to Mondstadt, suddenly remembering what Andrius had said.

What was a wedding?

Eh, he’d figure it out eventually.