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The Art of Courtship and Miscommunication When Your Boyfriend(sort-of) Is A Wolf(sort-of)

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The first time Bennett does it, Razor nearly goes catatonic from the shock.

“Razor! You’ve got some twigs in your hair!” Bennett exclaims before he oh-so-casually gets on his knees behind Razor, running his fingers through his mane, helping Razor groom himself.

Razor nearly falls off the log they were seated on, eyes bugging out. His eyes shoot around, frantically looking for their third and fourth companion, Fischl and her emergency foo- her bird friend Oz, who had gone off to collect some more firewood.

His ears prick up, at the sound of footsteps cracking twigs and wings beating the air. “Bennett,” he turns, shaking his arm, “Fischl and Oz… coming back. I can hear them.”

He doesn’t want this to stop, Bennett’s paws in his hair feel nice, Razor has always enjoyed intimacy, but well for the sake of Fischl and Oz’s eyes.

“There we go, that’s the last leaf out!” Bennett chirps before planting himself down again next to Razor, just as Fischl crashes through the thicket, “Fear not, for I, the Prinzessin der Verurteilung have returned!” She announces, one arm against her chest, the other holding the sack filled with firewood.

“Thanks Princess!” Bennett stands up, reaching out for the bag, only to trip over Razor’s claymore, discarded at their feet, dropped out of shock after Bennett had started grooming his fur. Razor moves before he thinks, grabbing Bennett by the middle before he can fall. There’s silence, and Razor is conscious of every breath of air Bennett breaths, the freckles on his face, how Bennett’s breath is quickening, perhaps from the fall.

“Thank you Razor!” The green-eyed boy squeaks out before wiggling away for the firewood.

As Bennett feeds the fire, Razor steals glances at Fischl and Oz, it appears neither of them was aware that the two had been flirting, that was good, it might make things a little awkward if they did.

“Razor can I get a hashbrown?” Fischl calls.

Razor nods, leaning over to pass the girl and her bird one of his hashbrowns.

“Oh did Bennett help you pull the twigs out of your hair? That had to feel good!” Fischl exclaims. “Uh- Ah-” Razor stutters, “we-”

“Yup I did!” Bennett responds in his stead, sitting down next to him with a smile. Razor gawks, flushing red.

He didn’t think Bennett would have been that bold about their actions. He pulls his shirt up to cover the red of his cheeks before nodding. “Bennett... clean fur for me.”
“That’s nice!” Fischl bites into the hashbrown with a delighted groan.

Oh perhaps humans were more bold about courtship? He sneaks a glance at Bennett, who is happily digging into a meat skewer.

He likes it, Razor decides.