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no matter how many times the seasons change, I’ll always find you.

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scaramouche, the prince of inazuma is the next in line for the throne. though, to rule over inazuma it’s demanded he must have a wife. a woman to rule over the kingdom with. a man would never be suitable enough for a position like that. scaramouche knew that very well ever since he was born. the standard was that he must only love women, anything else would be considered disgraceful or embarrassing.

even so, he never dared to look at anyone but his beloved friend, kazuha.

kazuha and scaramouche were introduced to eachother when kazuha was born. kaedehara kazuha, meant to serve prince scaramouche for as long as he lived.

the day they saw eachother for the first time.

both of them struggling to even sit right.

when kazuha and scaramouche were 8, kazuha swore to be by scarmouches side forever. even if they came across obstacles in the afterlife, kazuha swore he would be there to protect his master.

ever since then, their relationship has never been the same.


10 years later, fate met them.

scaramouche spotted kazuha near his door. his head peaking into the room.

their eyes connected, and kazuha immediately began walking towards his majesty.

“kazuha?! what are you doing here? shouldn’t you be training?”

“yes, but this is a more important matter. scaramouche, would you come talk with me for a moment?”

“ah- of course.”

scaramouche wasn’t angry at him the slightest bit. he was confused, worried, and scared. what could have been so important to the extent kazuha skipped his training for?

kazuha knew his majesty was anxious, so he carefully grabbed his hand. kazuha never wanted scaramouche to look uneasy, especially about this.

hand in hand they began walking into the garden, and opened the secret door that lead them to two swings.

both of them sat down on a swing, but kazuha quickly got up again. he got on one knee and grabbed his majesty’s hand.

“kazu, what are you doing-“

“im sorry, please just wait for me”

kazuha wouldn’t dare to look at him, and instead he buried his face into scaramocuhes knee. scarmouche began feeling the void in his stomach rise.

“kazu please look at me. please.”

scaramouche caressed kazuhas cheek with his other hand, and tighten his grip on the one holding kazuhas.

when kazuha looked at scaramouche, it appeared he’d been bright red the entire time.

“okay, I think I’m ready now. if that’s okay”

“yes, please go on kazu”

kazuha grabbed the hand holding his cheek and brought it back to scarmouches lap, where his second hand lied.

“scaramouche, I know this is so incredibly selfish, and I know you could get into lots of trouble because of this, even so, I need to say it. I love you, scaramouche. everything’s about you is beautiful. your eyes that twinkle like the stars; the way you smile and how it curls like a ribbon, your little whines when you’re tired or angry, your gracefulness while swinging your sword, your hair as dark as midnight, everything and anything about you is so breathtakingly gorgeous.”


scaramouches built up tears begin to shatter like glass.

“i love you too. im just so shocked. I don’t understand how someone as kind and loving as you could love someone like me. I’m so self centered and selfish, hell I’m already a disgrace to my family. but kazuha, I’m so thankful for you. thank you for sticking by my side this entire time.

kazuha was speechless. scarmouche was in tears, and they wouldn’t stop. he look his hand and caressed his cheek covered in tears. kazuha pulled the boy into an embrace. and shushed him quietly.

“first of all, if I could say thank you to anyone, it would be you. scaramouche, please stop undervaluing yourself. of course I would always stay by your side, that’s why I vowed my entire existence to you when we were eight.”

kazuha giggled. he looked angelic, like if he would disappear if he stopped smiling.

his smile was contagious, and soon enough scarmouche started laughing along with kazuha.

kazuha leaned into scarmouche. he looked into his eyes and slid his hands up his soft jawline.

he hesitated, and soon enough scaramoche leaned in for him.

it began with a peck, but the two boys soon became hungry for more. they kept sharing lips, seducing each other more with each second that passed. they went until they could hardly breathe anymore, and once again met eyes.

scaramouche frowned.

“please don’t get me wrong kazuha. I’m overjoyed that you just kissed me but, how the hell am I gonna tell my parents I’m in love with my samurai of 18 years.”

“you don’t have to tell them, we could just keep it a secret. you know how the rules are and the last thing I want is for you to get hurt, scaramouche.”

scaramouches face begins to heat up. he was angry.

“but kazu! if I don’t say anything they’ll marry me off to a random girl! I don’t want to be with anyone but you! I couldn’t care less what the punishments are!”

“but if you say anything about ill they’ll separate us. that would be even worse than me not getting to marry you.”

scaramouche starts panicking. unsure about what to do. what if they did end up getting separated? he wouldn’t live a day with regret.

“then let’s run away together”



“if you want to run away, I’ll do it with you. you’re wish is my command, my love.”

kazuha leans in once again, scaramouche closes his eyes and pecks the other boys lips.

“let’s do it, kazu.”


they separated ways, and kazuha goes back to his training.

“scaramouche. where the hell do you think you’ve been.”

his mother is…quite the impatient one. and scaramouche knew from the start running off would’ve angered her.

“nowhere worth being important in your agenda.”

“scaramouche, tell me now.”

“fine. I was in the garden talking privately with my samurai. is that really that important for someone like you to be sticking your nose in?”

“silence. now that I’ve got your attention, we can begin discussing important matters. since you’re nearing nineteen, it’s becoming obligated for you to find a fiancé to marry.”

“but mother! I don’t want to get married! I’ve told you this in the past many times!”

“since you’re rather picky, I’ve decided to we’re hosting a ball for you to find a fiancé. stop being a brat, I’m giving you choices before I have to pick for you.”

“but mother!-“

“but nothing! you will get married! im nearing the end of my lifespan, there needs to be a ruler! or else your sister would have to take over for you, a woman ruling over a country would be embarrassing.”

her majesty walks away, and scaramouche breaks down sobbing. he sits on the ground unable to move, with only the comfort of the spring breeze there to comfort him.


no one understands me. kazuha is the only one for me. I don’t want to marry a random person, I want kazuha. kazuha and kazuha only. I want to be the only person that embraces kazuha; to kiss him, to comfort him when he sad, to see him when he’s vulnerable, I want it. no one else can have him.



the boy looks up with tears in his eyes. he was no longer in the garden, but rather on his bed.

“what’s the matter, love?”

kazuha sits on the edge of the bed and begins to wipe his tears off his under eyes, and rubs his thumb back and forth where his tears layer.

“shhh, I don’t want to see you sad scara. please tell me what’s wrong.”

scaramouche sighs.

“mother is hosting a ball for me to find a fiancé.”

kazuha simply smiles.

“that just means we’ll run away sooner. don’t stress about it, i won’t let anyone have you.”

“I don’t ever want to leave you kazu. you’re the only one for me.”

“hehe, i think the exact same about you.”

“mmm, come here.”

“as you wish, darling.”

kazuha lays on top of scaramouche. he rest his head in the crook of scarmouches neck. scaramouche embraces kazuhas back and ruffles through the cloud-like locks in kazuha’s hair.

“your hair smells ravishing, just so you know.”

kazuha laughs. and digs his face deeper into scaramouche.


the day of the ball finally came, and every princess for nearing nations came.

none of them caught scaramouches eyes though. none of them were as beautiful as kazuha.


many women approached the pair, but they only chatted and left. none of them considered scaramouche to be “their type.”

finally, the two were in peace.

scaramocuhe lead kazuha to the balcony.

to their surprise, they found two other people there.

one woman with dark brown hair, almost looking purple. and the other with pearl blonde hair, and a streak of red in the fronts of her hair. the two were kissing under the soft moonlight, in their own world

“y-you’re majesty, we can explain.”

“no need to explain, it’s fine”

“…well then, the names beidou. I’m from liyue, but I’m not the royal one here. ningguang here is the queen of the region liyue. pretty fancy huh?”

“lady ningguang huh, Ive heard about you.”


“your majesty,” ningguang interrupts hesitantly. “if you don’t mind, who’s the boy next to you?”

scaramouche becomes flustered. he completely forgot kazuha was there.

“this is my loyal samurai, kaedehara kazuha. I’ve know him my entire life. he’s very kind and gentle with me.”

“hello!” kazuha greets them.

scaramouche speaks up again.

“I’m not the type to dig into other peoples private lives but, are you two lovers?”

ningguang and beidou look at eachother.

“I suppose we can’t hide it anymore. yes, we’re in a relationship. don’t tell anyone though kid, we could get into big trouble!”

beidou laughs and nigguang just sighs.

“it’s okay. I won’t tell anyone. kazuha and I are uh..”

kazuha connects their hands again and squeezes them.

“we’re the same as you two.”

scaramouche tried to avoid any faces. he is in no way embarrassed of kazuha. he’s just overjoyed that he can finally tell someone, just someone in the world that kazuha belongs to him.

“that’s great!”

beidou smiles genuinely at them, she’s happy she could finally meet someone the same as her and ningguang.

“but your majesty, in inazuma you could get into way bigger trouble for this. plus, isn’t this whole event for you to find a wife?”

“ah yes.. about that…”

“we want to run away together. away from here, away from the castle, away from inazuma, from everything.”

kazuha stated it confindently. he knew, there was the slightest chance of beidou knowing someone or something that could help them.

“want us to help? I know what’s it’s like, and I couldn’t imagine that pressure on some kids. you can come with us on my boat tonight. but your decision has to be made in an hour.”


“we’re going.” scaramouche was determined to leave this hell, to finally be free.

“alright then. follow me.”

beidou and ningguang lead kazuha and scaramouche down a long hallway, and then outside to the doc. the guards were busy chatting in the main hall, so that wasn’t a problem.

they all got on, and left to liyue.


weeks past by, and then months. it had been 3 months since they left inazuma.

inazuma went into a lockdown, the prince and his samurai had been kidnapped. or at least that’s what the news spreading around like wildfire stated.

“kazu! don’t lean that far off! you’ll fall overboard!”

ningguang scolded kazuha, the two had practically become their adoptive mothers.

“I know ningguang! I’ll get back in just a second!”

kazuha used his vision to lift up a maple leaf from the ocean. somehow, it’d flown all the way out here.

he finally grabbed it, and immediately went to go find scaramouche in the cabin.

“scara! you won’t believe what I found!”

kazuha sat down next to scaramoche, and carefully used his vision to make the leaf fly around scaramouche.

scaramouches eyes lit up almost instantly when he saw the fragile maple leaf back in kazuha palm. (mostly because of kazuha, but still.)

“you’re kidding! kazu, where’d you find it?”

“in the ocean. i used my vision to fish it out.”

“you’re so sweet, you know that right? using your vision for the little things that you know will brighten up my day.”

“anything for you, scara.”

kazuha poked at scaramouches pinky with his, and slowly, their hands became entangled. kazuha re-exploring every bump, scar, and fold on his hand.

“kazu! get out here! I need help organizing the next drop!”

“that’s beidou, better get out there before she comes and drags you there herself.”

they both giggle, laughter filling up the room.

“I suppose I should. here, the leaf. you can have it.”

“you sure? you’re the one who found it.”

“of course scara, I don’t mind.”

“kazuuuu! c’mon! these boxes won’t move themselves!”


kazuha gives scara a quick peck, and heads off to help beidou.


later that night, scaramouche comes back to the cabin to find kazuha fast asleep. he smiles lovingly at him and gets into bed with him.

“goodnight kazu, i love you.”

he kisses him on the cheek, and embraces him before falling asleep himself.







i love you


scaramouche wakes up, another nightmare.

it had been 3 years since they’d been separated from eachother. scaramouche had joined the fatui to look for his lover, after waking up on a liyue dock, people telling him he’s lucky to even come out of the shipwreck alive.

no one knows where the remaining survivors went. they were never heard of again.

the only remain scaramouche has of kazuha is the maple leaf he gave him the night before the shipwreck.

“why do I always have the same dream.”

scaramouche starts breaking down. he didn’t know if kazuha was still even alive. a very real possibility was kazuha dying in the shipwreck, but he would never wanted to believe something as horrible as that.

“dude, are you okay? need something?”

childe, the eleventh harbinger, fiancé to a reliable man named zhongli, and a so called “friend.”

“get out. I don’t want to talk to you, or anyone in fact. I’m perfectly fine.”

scaramouche rubs his eyes, fast. hoping childe wouldn’t be an annoying shit and ask him for more information.

“c’mon, no need to be so harsh now? but please scaramouche, you’re clearly not okay. both you and I know that.”

childe wouldn’t stop, and scaramouche knew that.

“fine then. if I tell you you’re gonna march your ass back into your room. deal?”

“yea yea, deal whatever.”

“before I came.. to liyue. I had a lover. he was caring, kind, beautiful, and so sweet to me. I’d known him since I was born, but the day I got to liyue was the day I was separated from him.”

“what do you mean separated?”

“I don’t know where he is. the last time I saw him was on that ship.”

“so you were on beidous ship the day of the crash huh?”


“and what’s his name exactly?”

“none of your fucking buisness, asshole. now get out.”

“c’monnn? just a name? I could help look for him y’know. I could possibly even know him.”

“..kaedehara kazuha.”

“sorry? say that again?”

“kaedehara kazuha.”

“no way, you mean that kaedehara kazuha?”

scaramouche sat frozen. his eyes lit up.

“childe. tell me right now do you know him?”

“yea I’ve seen him once or twice with that honorary knight. they were looking for someone and even asked me if I knew anyone similar to what they were saying.”

scaramouche got up, and broke many fragile vases in the process.

childe looked back, in shock.

“where did you see him, and when was this. also, who is this “honorary knight”and how did he meet them.”

“hmmm, this was about two weeks ago and I saw them in mondstat. I overheard them talking about looking near the borders of dragonspine.”

scaramouche quicly changed into his attire and headed off.

“lovers, huh? even kids with anger issues have lovers hm?”


with the fall breeze in full swing, scaramouche headed off to dragonspine.


it was a four day and night trip, but he had finally made it.



he put on his coat, gifted to him by childe and zhongli, and headed into the icy region.

he began walking up the mountain, until he saw a camp out with a lit fire.


he quickly ran to the camp, and he was too out of breath to look up.

“oh? what brings you here, harbinger?”

a man with a fur scarf said to him. he had dark blue hair, and an eyepatch.

“my apologies. I thought you potentially were someone else.”

“by any chance, are you looking for someone named kaedehara kazuha? he was just here, along with miss honorary knight.”

another man, short and blonde, with blue icy eyes and a white coat embraced the man with the blue hair from behind.

“I’m sorry, this is my husband, albedo. my names kaeya by the way.”

“so uh.. albedo.. did you see where kazu- I mean kazuha went?”

“yes I did actually, he went down the mountain, the opposite way you came from.”

“thank you so much!”

scaramouche quickly headed down the mountain, trying to catch up to his love and this “honorary knight” everyone keeps talking about.


scaramouche hears crying from the left of him, and quickly heads over to the sound.

“i don’t think I’ll ever find him. I’ve searched everywhere. I’m loosing so much hope. it’s been three years, what if he’s not even alive?”

“kazuha, don’t give up! we’ll for sure find this mysterious “scaramouche” !”

“yea don’t give up all hope! paimon thinks he’s out there looking for you too!”

“yea, maybe I won’t give up just yet.”

“kazuha, who is that man looking at you weirdly? paimon’s never seen him before!”

scaramouche looks at him on the verge of tears. he couldn’t believe his eyes right now.

kazuha looks at scaramouche, and begins to break down.

they run, faster and faster until they’re finally in each other’s grasp again. for the first time in three years, they were holding each other again.

how it felt like a dream.

they cried and cried into each other’s shoulders, never letting their grasp slip loose

they both believed if they let go of each other, they might loose one another forever this time.

“kazu, you’re here. you’re actually here.”

“I’m here, scara. im here love.”

the way their names sounded on each other’s tongue felt so, so nice.

“don’t ever leave me like that again, I don’t think my heart could handle another scare like that.”

“this time, I won’t let anything separate us. even if the entire universe is against us. I’ll protect you from anything and everyone.”


“I love you, I love you, I love you.”

kazuha wouldn’t stop. the words wouldn’t stop. he couldn’t stop the flow.

lumine and paimon watched with albedo and kaeya from a distance. the sweet reunion of two young souls that traveled the world to meet each other again.

they finally got up, hand in hand.

scaramouche walked up to lumine, and got on one knee.

“thank you so much for traveling with kazu. you helped him come back to me. please, ask for anything, I’ll do it in return as a thank you.”

“oh please don’t get all fancy! I didn’t expect anything in return! I simply wanted to help out someone who needed help!”

“well then, may I ask for your name?”

“my names lumine. and this is my friend paimon.”

“thank you, lumine and paimon so, so much.”

scaramocuhe bows and goes to thank albedo and kaeya.

“sooo, I didn’t know the person you were looking for was your boyfriend!! you never told us that!”

lumine has a sly smile on, nudging kazuhas side.

kazuha was soon a mess, flustered.

“yea. he’s my lover, and the person I wanna spend the rest of my life with.”

lumine simply smiled at him. envious that she was still out looking for her twin brother.

“that’s so sweet! oh, I think scaramouche is done thanking kaeya and albedo! you should head back with him.”

“thank you again, honorary knight. I owe you a big thanks.”

“c’mon, this was nothing! now go join scaramouche!”

lumine nudged kazuha over in scaramouches direction. kazuha approached behind scaramouche and wrapped his arms around scaramouches chest. he’d taken him into a warm embrace.

“scara, it’s cold. I wanna leave this place.”

“I know kazuha, I know. i have..a place in liyue where we can stay, if that’s alright.”

“yes! that would be lovely.”

in that moment, a maple leaf falls to the ground. it had appeared to come from scaramocuhes pocket.

kazuha releases from the embrace and bends down.

“scara, you still have this!?”

kazuhas eyes lit up. he picked up the leaf, gently and approached scaramouche again.

“of course I do. without it, I don’t think I could’ve gone on..”

kazuha doesn’t hesitate to lean in and kiss scaramouche.

and oh

it felt nostalgic. kazuhas lips on his, almost feeling like a delusion. all his memories from inazuma, the first time they kissed. starved for eachother, they continued. the more time that went on, the more passionate it became.

kazuha moved his lips down to scaramouches neck and began sucking on it, leaving red marks as a sign that scaramouche belonged to him and him only.

they kissed and kissed until they ran out of breath. all this time apart had made them so miserable. maybe, just maybe if they decided to not leave that night with beidou and ningguang, they might have never ended up with each other.

it scares scaramouche so much. even more than being separated for three years, and kazuha was afraid too. kazuha was worried that scaramouche would give up, that he wouldn’t want to live anymore, leave kazuha behind in this cruel world.

all they could do now is hold each other.


“kazuuu, wake up. childe is gonna come barging in on us if we don’t.”

“mmm, five more minutes.”

“…I guess only five more minutes should be fine.”



childe slammed the door open, furious. it’s not his fault though, childe and his husband zhongli had been kind enough to prepare a lot of the ceremony for them.

“fine! we’re up.”

“sorry, that was my fault. I asked scaramouche for five more minutes and looks like we both ended up asleep.”

“yea yea I get it, but you’re already running 25 minutes later so I suppose the two of you should stop embracing each other and actually get up.”


“hey don’t be nervous, this is a happy time!”

“childe, right about now I would tell you to shut the fuck up, but since you kinda helped me prepare my wedding ceremony, I’ll be nice to you today.”

“awww, I’m getting special treatment by the scaramouche! but seriously scaramouche, what is there to be scared of? you’re about to pledge that you’re gonna spend eternity with kazuha?”

scaramouche fidgets with the silver ring on his finger. he doesn’t dare to look at childe.

“it’s not that, kazu deserve the moon and back. I love him infinitely. im just scared. what if my parents find kazuha and I one day, they wouldn’t hesitate to kill him. childe, I’m so fucking scared.”

scaramouche starts crying, looking like a hopeless child.

childe smiles at him.

“I was talking to kazuha today, he had the same concern and ended up looking just like you. trust me, if anyone tries to harm the two of you, just know the man who almost like, destroyed the entirety of liyue is by your side.”

“thank you, childe.”


“scaramouche, you’re my world. I’d sell the stars for you, I’d give the moon to you, I’d do anything for you. when I saw you again in dragonspine, my heart stopped. every crumbled piece of heart repaired in that moment. even if winter never stops, our love wouldn’t. scaramouche, I want to be you in this world, and whatever comes next after we die. our love is eternal, and I believe we could never be separated by any force that comes our way. I love you scaramouche, and always will.”

his heart aches. scaramocuhe wanted to be with kazuha always, and he knows kazuha feels the same way.

“kazuha, you’re always springtime for me. the cherry blossoms I look forward to, the newly filled rivers as the snow melts, the wind breezes, you’re all of that for me. your love is always blooming inside of me. it’s contagious. you’re smile is contagious, so so contagious. and somehow, you always find a way to bring yourself back to me. thank you, for being the spring that melts my snow. thank you for saving me, thank you. I’ll love you even if the seasons keep going, or if we’re stuck in spring time forever. I love you, kazuha.”

the small crowd claps. beidou,ningguang, albedo, kaeya, zhongli, childe, lumine, paimon, and a few other of their companions, like chongyun, xingqiu, keqing, ganyu, hutao, yanfei, tohma, ayaka, Bennett, razor, diluc and klee are there as well.

they kiss, finally sealing the contract. they would officially be with each other eternally in this world, but they had already made this contract years ago without knowing it. the day kazuha swore his life to scaramouche was the day it all began.

the seasons will always change, along with people.

some people leave their loved ones while some stayed.

but kazuha and scaramouche knew, they knew that no one could separate each other. they would always find their way back to each other. no matter how many times they got lost.


“I love you, scaramouche.”
“I love you eternally, kazuha.”