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Rules for angels on Father’s Day

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Dean’s been excited to get home all day while out on a supply run into town. He had been hinting to Jack all week on what he wanted: beer, stuff for Baby, and pie. He was expecting to arrive home to the bunker and see all of these plus more. It was his day after all. 

Besides him Cas was helping him to carry the bulk of the groceries. He had an annoyed look on his face, tired of hearing Dean ramble on and on about how excited he was. He didn’t really understand what the big deal was, it was just Father’s Day after all. 

“Dean, it’s not that big of a deal,” he says as he sets the bags on the kitchen table. 

“It’s Father’s Day, come on,” replied Dean, gloating. 

“I don’t understand what’s the big deal. Also, didn't you just celebrate Mother’s Day? I still don’t understand why.”

Dean pulled a bag of beef jerky out of a bag, ripping it open and stuffing a piece into his mouth. “Yes, and?”

Cas rolled his eyes, “Dean, you’re not a mother.”

“Cas, I’m not going to get into this with you. I celebrate Mother’s and Father’s day, and parents day. More gifts that way too. You should be happy, babe, you get presents today too.”

“Well, why can’t I celebrate Mother’s Day as well?” Cas asked, curious as to why Dean was so special.

Dean paused, thinking for a moment. “You’re not a Mother.”

“Neither are you!” Cas stated, annoyed even more now. 

Dean chuckled as he got another piece of jerky. “Yeah, well the rules are different for parents who are angels,” he says, making it up as he goes along. 

Dean laughs to himself, he likes seeing Cas flustered. He’s cute when he’s confused, the way his head tilts to the side, the way he rolls his eyes and takes a deep breath. In the long run this conversation isn’t a big deal to Dean, he doesn’t care what parental holidays Castiel celebrates or doesn’t. 

“If it’s not a matter of gender then I should be able to celebrate all of them,” Cas says as a matter of fact. 

Dean’s mouth curls downward as he tilts his head to the side nodding, “This is true, but like I said. It’s different for angels.”

Cas breathed out hard, rolling his eyes making Dean laugh softly. “Fine. Then for Mother’s Day I will get a vessel whose gender would fit better.”

The hunter’s brow creased in confusion. “What? Cas, I don’t… what?!”

“Cover your eyes,” states Castiel, bluntly. 

Dean obeys, still laughing to himself. Suddenly there’s a bright flash of light and a loud thumping sound. He peeks out from under his fingers to see Cas laying on the floor. Dean looks around, stumped at why Cas is just laying there. He pushes him with his boot softly in the ribs. Nothing. 


He pushes a few more times, saying Castiel’s name again. Still nothing. He sets the bag of beef jerky on the kitchen island and reaches down to shake Cas. 

“What the?” Dean says to himself under his breath before loudly yelling for Sam. 

Sam comes running into the room, confused and a bit panicked. He looks to Dean then to Cas, and panic sets in more. “Dean!” He yells, racing to his brother’s side. “What the hell happened?”

“I-I don’t know! One minute I was teasing him the next he told me to cover my eyes and he just dropped!” Stammers Dean. 

“Dean, I think he left,” replied Sam, more calm now that he knows what’s going on with Castiel. 

Dean doesn’t reply, he just gives his brother a confused look. Sam rolls his eyes at him and stands up. Dean stands up as well, looking to Sam for answers. 

“I think that’s Jimmy. Cas must have left his vessel,” explained Sam.

Dean nodded once, “Oh.”

Dean once again began poking at Jimmy with his foot, saying his name over and over, like the difference would wake him up. Still nothing. The vessel is still laying there on the floor, unmoving. Panic sets in for Dean again, he looks to Sam for help. 

Sam, now annoyed at Dean, just replied, “Dean, Jimmy’s dead.”

“I knew that,” replied Dean, not wanting to admit that he had forgotten at that moment. 

“Jimmy’s been dead for years. Cas will be back soon probably. What the hell did you tease him about that made him leave his vessel?”

“Father’s Day.”

Sam just rolled his eyes, not wanting to deal with his today. 

“Wait, so since Jimmy is dead…. Does that mean this whole time I’ve been…” Dean says slowly, not wanting to think about the it. 


“I think I’m gonna be sick.”

Suddenly the found of wings fills the room and Claire is standing in front of them. Sam knows immediately what is going on but Dean is slow to realize. He frowns at her, confused. 

“Is this better?” She states, raising her arms and gesturing towards herself. 

“Hey Cas,” says Sam. 

“Wait, Cas?!” Dean exclaims. 

Cas rolls his eyes- Claire's eyes. “Yes, Dean. I got a vessel more fitting for Mother’s Day. Next year if I’m in a fitting vessel would I be able to celebrate?”

Dean chokes back laughter, thinking of how he could change the rules yet again. “Cas, no!”

“Why not Dean?”

Dean laughs harder. Seeing Cas in Claire’s body is hilarious in itself, but hearing her voice try to sound gruff and deep is even funnier. Cas is still Cas no matter the vessel.

Dean finally calms down enough to reply, “You can’t celebrate Mother’s Day using Claire as a vessel.”

“Why not, Dean?”

“She’s our daughter. Now get back in Jimmy please. This is weird.”

“Cover your eyes.”

Sam and Dean cover their eyes. The flash of light seeps in between their fingers. Sam is trying hard not to burst out laughing at the situation. Dean’s long since given up holding back, his stomach and shoulders vibrate from the laughter. 

“Better?” Cas says in his normal voice. 

Dean uncovers his eyes, his husband back in his normal vessel. Claire is standing next to him, her face red with anger. Sam quickly ducks out of the room, no longer wanting to stick around and be in the middle of the argument that’s about to break out. 

“What the hell?!” She barks. 

“I apologize, Claire. I know it can be unpleasant being a vessel at times,” says Cas, his voice is softer now. 

“I was in the middle of a date with Kaia! You just appeared and asked ‘Can I borrow you for a second?’” She says, deepening her voice to mock Castiel. She continues, “I thought you wanted to talk to me in private, not possess me for some dumb argument with Dean!”

Cas frowns, realizing that he should have explained to Claire better. “I’m sorry, Claire.”

Claire’s face softens, she knows he’s genuinely sorry. As much as she is angry, she can’t help herself. “It’s fine. Can I just get back to my date please?”

Cas nodded, placing his hand on her shoulder and they were gone. Moments later Castiel returns alone. Dean’s laughter is gone now, he just looks at Cas, slowly shaking his head. 

Jack came into the kitchen suddenly, he heard from Sam what was happening and was more excited to give his Dad’s their gifts then see an argument. “Dad! Dad!” He says to them both. “Happy Father’s Day!”

Jack hugs them both, grinning widely. Dean asks about his gifts and Jack leads them to the library. On the large table are several wrapped presents for both of them. Two pies sat on the table as well, still hot and steaming. Dean beams at the sight and immediately goes to find his presents. The first one says ‘to Dad from Jack’ but the doodle of wings let’s him know its for Cas. 

Dean hands it to him. “Here, babe. It’s yours.”

Cas takes the gift, the wrapping paper disappears and reappears on the table neatly folded. Dean shakes his head slowly, Cas is such a show off at times. Cas opens the long box and smiles at what’s inside.

“Thank you, Jack. I love it,” he says. 

Curious Dean peaks over the box to see what Jack got him. A new tie, exactly the same as the one he always wears, a simple blue tie. Dean grabbed another gift, this one clearly for him. He tears into the wrapping, not caring to open it carefully. It’s a bottle of brake fluid for the car. He grins, overjoyed at the gift. 

“Sam helped me pick it out,” said Jack with a smile, proud of his choices of gifts. 

“Thanks, kid.”

Dean puts the bottle down and hugs Jack again. He’s proud of his son, proud to be his Dad. As much as Dean loves getting gifts, he knows today isn’t about that. It’s about everything they’ve been through together as a family. Cas comes over and hugs Jack as well, and Dean smiles. 

“I love you winged dicks,” he says softly. He doesn’t mean it in an insulting way, like he used to call angels. These are his angels, his husband and son. 

The two open the rest of their gifts and eat the pie. Even Cas joins in with the pie, it is a special occasion after all. Later on Claire comes back, this time without being used as a vessel, to celebrate with them. Dean can’t wait for parents day and begins making up rules for angels in his head, excited to see how hilariously annoyed Cas gets again.